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    0.79.23 will be releasing relatively soon, and it includes changes that have broken almost all addon compatibility. I would suggest that you start working on updating your addon to work with these changes now, so that players won't have to wait for your addon to update before they can update their game to the newest version of TFC. Your updated addon will obviously not work with the current version of TFC though, so it would be a good idea to not include a download link to the updated version until 0.79.23 has actually released.
    TFC 0.79.22 Changelog
    New Features
    Fire pits and forges will light mobs and players on fire if walked over while they are lit.
    WAILA Support for animals: The word "Baby" appears before the animal's name if it is not an adult.
    The gender of the animal appears after the name with the ♂ or ♀ symbols.
    The expected due date for birth appears if the animal is pregnant.
    The word "Familiarized" is followed by a green check if the animal has been familiarized in the past 24 hours, and a red x if it has not.
    Numerical familiarity percent indicator. Off by default because there is already the heart icon.
    For adult female cows, the word "Milk" is followed by a green check or a red x depending on if the cow is ready to be milked.

    [*]Flowers, reeds, mushrooms and vanilla crops (with the exception of pumpkin & melons) along with any other modded plants/crops that are EnumPlantType.Crop can now be planted on TFC farmland. Plants will behave the same way as they do in vanilla in regards to growth, and the farmland plot will restore nutrients as if it was laying fallow.
    [*]Added a bunch more achievements.

    If interacting with a barrel/large vessel does not result in a transfer of liquid, the GUI will open. Example: Clicking on a liquid-filled barrel with a bucket of another liquid will open the interface, instead of doing nothing.
    Powder kegs can now be lit with a flint and steel, or by there being a fire block nearby.
    Tweaked unshaped unknown ingot to match the new brown ingot texture.
    There is now a 50% chance of getting the bowl back when finishing a salad. However, the clay forming recipe will now only give 2 bowls, instead of the previous 4.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed log duplication exploit.
    Fixed another ClassCastException from Railcraft heat blocks.
    Fixed trees spawning in incorrect climates. Existing worlds will very likely see a change in what saplings naturally respawn, as well as what trees are found in newly generated areas. There may be some odd world gen borders where the tree type suddenly changes between newly explored and already existing areas.
    Fixed empty bottles being deleted if there's no space for them in the inventory when drinking alcohol.
    Fixed NullPointerException crash when trying to break a metal sheet block that doesn't actually exist.
    Fixed snow accumulation to spread a bit more evenly across multiple heights.
    Fixed crop growth taking forever with year lengths of 192 or longer.
    Fixed not being able to switch tabs in barrels and the food prep interface if using a custom mod that alters the player's display name.
    Fixed almost all death messages just saying "Username died."


    I'm retiring as a developer of TFC. It's been great, but it's time for a change. The community and experience has been great and I really enjoyed my time working on the mod.

    As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter or checked the terrafirmacraft subreddit, I'm leaving the development team. I've had a great time here and I really enjoyed interacting with the community and helping develop the mod. I've been working with Bioxx in some capacity since mid-January of 2012 and I'm proud of the progress the mod has made since then. My schedule going forward as I enter my last years of University and my personal life take too much time and I just can't find the time to put towards TFC anymore but I know that the mod will be in good hands with Kittychanley and Bioxx alone. They can give it the attention that it and you guys, the community, deserve. I'll still stop by in the forums from time to time and chat but from now on I'm just an average user like everyone else. I'll still be continuing with my youtube channel and twitch streaming and there may be other mod projects in my future but TFC is done for me.
    Thanks guys, for everything

    79.21 Available

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    Update: If you downloaded this update before midnight EST, please redownload as there was a major client crash when joining SMP which was ninja fixed.
    TFC 0.79.21 Changelog
    WARNING: The formatting of the general config file has changed. The following information is required to prevent your game from experiencing issues or crashing. The file TFCOptions.cfg will be deleted the first time the game is run using the new version. A new file called TFCConfig.cfg will be replacing TFCOptions.cfg and is formatted slightly differently. It is a fresh file, and will not copy over any custom settings you had. If your server or client was using custom config values, you MUST put the new TFCConfig.cfg file in the config folder and edit it with your custom values BEFORE the game is run for the first time using the new version. If you do not, the game will run using the default options, and you will very likely experience issues or even crash when you try to change the config to your custom values. There will also no longer be any record of your custom values as the old config file will have been deleted. A copy of the new default TFCConfig.cfg file can be found here:
    New Features
    Added forge version enforcement so the game will not load if the installed forge version is not at least the version TFC was built on.
    Added WAILA display for timer on log piles while they are part of a lit charcoal pit, although this is only visible if the log pile is exposed with a metal (trap)door or you are quickly looking at it through the flames before the block burns up.
    Added config option for gold pans and sluices overworking chunks.
    Added ability for addons to add custom armors.
    Added custom flower pots to hold TFC plants. Made directly from the clay forming interface, no pit kiln firing necessary. Cannot hold fruit tree saplings, but can hold all other saplings, flowers, and misc plants such as cacti and mushrooms.Clay forming recipe :

    [*]Added tooltip to display durability bonus gained from smithing skill.
    [*]Added animal time multiplier config option that changes both gestation period times and required days until adulthood.
    [*]Added API functionality so addons can add custom chisel modes.
    [*]Added config GUI support for the basic config options. The menu is accessed by clicking on Mods on the title screen, then selecting TerraFirmaCraft (not TFC[coremod]) from the list of mods, and then clicking the Config button.

    Added vanilla iron doors to the whitelist for valid charcoal pit cover blocks.
    Gold pans can no longer be filled from blocks that are underneath flowing water.
    Wooden buckets and ceramic jugs can now be filled from flowing water.
    Peat blocks now look like an item when in inventories or as an item floating on the ground.
    Unknown ingots are now stored in piles. Any unknown ingots currently in chests will not be able to be put back in the chest once removed. Changed texture of unknown ingots to a muddy brown.
    Errors and info displayed in the console are a bit cleaner.
    Quivers and items that would overburden the player will go into the back slot when picked up from the ground if the slot is empty.
    Quivers and items that would overburden the player can now be shift-clicked into the back slot.
    Cleaned up shift-click behavior to be more consistent across containers. Food can now be shift-clicked into and out of the food prep interface. Other items can be shift-clicked into the side storage slots if they will fit.
    Shift-clicking items into the forge will first try to fill the input/fuel slots, and then place the entire rest of the stack in a single available storage slot.

    [*]Added pottery placement help tooltip to large vessels.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed log piles not always burning their invalid cover blocks if the charcoal pit was lit far enough away.
    Fixed Bloomery ClassCastException.
    Fixed food displaying heat color information used for metals, instead of having a maximum temperature of Very Hot.
    Fixed a few rare NullPointerExceptions with the anvil, forge, and knapping interface.
    Fixed crucibles and leather racks being invisible if there are no other solid blocks in the sub-chunk (regular chunk also divided into 16-block sections vertically).
    Fixed stone walls being replaced by leaves.
    Fixed desync of chisel mode between server and client.
    Fixed back slot item being deleted on death when gamerule keepInventory is set to true.
    Fixed using hotbar numbers to remove an item from the crafting output slot not properly transferring any associated NBT data to the newly created item.
    Fixed clay and clay grass in areas with metamorphic surface areas not having the correct dirt background.
    Fixed hunger filling overlay when holding a piece of food not rendering.
    Fixed world generation getting out of control and creating massive tendrils in deep ocean biomes that could crash the game.

    An update has been made to the forum software that will delete any accounts older than 90 days old that were never validated with the email sent to the address on file. This was done to help clear up our database of the thousands of non-validated accounts and allow new members to create accounts using those usernames or email addresses. Unfortunately it appears that this change also deleted 50 accounts that somehow were not validated, but were still able to post and create new topics on the forums. These accounts were not banned, and we are able to restore them if you contact us.
    If you were the owner of one of these accounts, please create a new account and send me a private message, or shoot me an email at [email protected] with a message containing the username of the deleted account. I have a list of the deleted account usernames, so it should be a very quick check to see if that account is one of the ones that were accidentally deleted. All of your old topics and posts are still in our database, and I am able to merge them over to your new account, as well as then change the username of the new account back to the old username if you wish. The only information that is lost is any changes you made to your profile such as avatars or contact information.
    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

    79.20 Released

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    I knew I was forgetting something when I updated the links yesterday. I forgot the homepage post!
    TFC 0.79.20 Changelog
    Upgraded to Forge
    Due to the new fluid mechanics in this version of forge, there may be some unexpected bugs with liquids in this update. If you come across any of these bugs, please report them ASAP.

    Nerfed wrought iron ingot rare drop from zombies.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed IllegalAccessError crash when mounting a horse, donkey, or mule.
    Fixed NullPointerException crash from knapping by locking the slot that contains the item used to open the interface.
    Fixed food prep render while using fast graphics.
    Fixed sheep incorrectly loading the date they were last familiarized from NBT data. This bug only affected sheep that had been completely unloaded due to chunks unloading or world reboots.
    Fixed oil lamps being able to be smelted in a crucible with no heat and providing the incorrect metal. Oil lamps can still be recycled in a crucible for 100 units, but they must contain no fuel and the crucible must be heated to the melting temperature of the lamp's metal.
    Fixed ability to heat up anvils in the forge, which would result in destroying the item. The only way to recycle anvils is in a crucible.

    Kittychanley has been released as a minor bugfix for an issue with the new knapping interface mechanics in SMP. Clients and those playing single player are not required to update, but it is strongly encouraged. Servers must update to this new copy of 79.19 in order to fix the issue.

    79.19 Released

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    TFC 0.79.19 Changelog
    New Features
    Added WAILA config option for displaying ore quality. Config option appears in the TerraFirmaCraft "module" section of the WAILA config screen.
    Added baby pheasant texture so they don't look so weird when the calendar screws up and they spawn as babies.
    Added chat message for failed attempts at using a forge due to an invalid chimney.
    Added localisation support for "Male", "Female", and "Pregnant" chat messages.
    Dog tails rotate according to the animal's health, just like with vanilla dogs.
    Added number overlay to the health bar displayed while riding animals. Fixed the "Press 'sneak' to dismount" message appearing when opening up a horse/donkey inventory. Fixed the experience bar not rendering while riding a boat/pig/minecart/etc, even though they have no jump bar that would replace it.
    Prospector's Pick results now display ore quality for players with a master prospecting skill.

    Tweaked alcohol production so it only works with 4 to 12 oz of food per water bucket, instead of having no upper bounds.Note: Even with the added upper bounds, there are still a few cases where processing sugarcane will result in a barrel with a little fresh water that can convert to rum if left unattended.

    [*]Gold pans have a 1 in 100 chance of breaking on the last of the 5 uses of a filled pan.
    [*]Pheasant textures are now 64x32 like all other small animal textures. This fixes pheasants not rendering properly for players with very old graphics cards.
    [*]Glass and Stained Glass blocks (not panes) are now considered solid blocks when checking for a valid chimney going straight up from the forge block.
    [*]All TFC info messages that appear in chat are now grey and italicized to help distinguish from standard chat.
    [*]Dirt, grass, gravel and sand blocks once again trigger block updates when destroyed by explosion. Should fix flying debris/tall grass/flowers/etc. leftover from surface explosions.
    [*]Chopping down a tree now spawns combined itemstacks of logs instead of an individual log item entity for each block. While breaking from the top down, each time a full stack of 16 logs is reached the full itemstack entity is spawned at that height. Any leftover logs that don't make up a full stack of 16 will be spawned in an itemstack entity at the location of the block broken to trigger felling the tree.
    [*]Switched bow to use four pulling textures instead of three.
    Bow is drawing, but cannot be fired.
    Bow can be fired with the minimum amount of force.
    Bow is a bit more drawn just to help fill the animation gap.
    Bow is fully drawn.

    [*]Crucibles with nothing in them now say "Empty" instead of "Unknown".
    [*]Newly generated swamp biomes will have dirt underneath the water, instead of stone.
    [*]Removed the grain restriction on the food prep slots while it is in sandwich mode, because there is no restriction on those slots while it is in salad mode so it was easy to get around anyways.
    [*]Changed knapping interface to only consume the items from your inventory under specific conditions. Clay is consumed when the first valid recipe is formed. Rocks and leather are consumed when the first piece is removed from the screen.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed clicking on a placed metal sheet with a metal sheet of a different type converting the sheet in the player's hand to be the same type as the one that is placed.
    Fixed support beams being invisible to other players in SMP when placed top-down.
    Fixed lamps consuming fuel while they are turned off.
    Fixed ClassCastExceptions caused by forest generation, fence gates, saplings generating on farmland, debris generation, and biome decoration.
    Fixed NullPointerException in the anvil GUI.
    Hopefully fixed drunk players getting kicked from servers when attempting to type in chat.
    Fixed barrels attempting hide processing when food is sealed in a water barrel and is not a valid alcohol recipe.
    Fixed bloomery block deleting itself without dropping the item if the chimney is no longer valid.
    Hopefully fixed the ceramic break sound not playing for the player who broke the ceramic item.
    Fixed Chalcolithic achievement not triggering if filling the mold completely drains the vessel of liquid metal.
    Fixed loom duplication of string/yarn/jute fiber exploit.
    Fixed the height of a riding player not adjusting with the size of the ridden horse/donkey/mule.
    Fixed blast furnace destroying the ore if the crucible below it doesn't have enough space to hold the molten metal.
    Fixed tamed dogs with a collar becoming fully healed when pet.
    Hopefully fixed the rare case of the fire block being extinguished when the pit kiln timer completes, which resulted in the pit kiln failing to complete its conversion process.
    Fixed pond weed not being able to generate in fresh water.
    Fixed grass spreading to dirt blocks that are underwater.
    Semi-fixed the duplication bug from using NEI to look up a recipe while in the knapping interface. Rocks and leather will properly save the state they were previously in when the player looks up a recipe. Clay will reset, but is still somewhat buggy. If the clay screen is reset before the output item is taken, the interface will look like it has been reset, but in reality all the same spots have still been removed (exit interface to truly reset without losing clay if there was no valid output). If the clay is reset after the output item is taken, the interface properly resets and you are able to form a new item which will consume another 5 clay.

    As some of you may have noticed, the forums and the wiki have been periodically becoming unavailable over the past few days. We have found the cause of the issue, and have even updated some of our forum software after fixing the problem. Hopefully the forums and the wiki will not go down again, and everything should run a bit faster and better as well.
    If the forums or the wiki ever go down, feel free to shoot me a tweet @Kittychanley, or send me an email at [email protected] to notify me of the issue. We'll try our best to make sure everything is back up and running as soon as possible.
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