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    • Crysyn

      Only help if you can be helpful

      Hey All, A topic has come up of late in the IRC channel in regards to the general feel of the forums and the community that supports them. Things have progressed further than I would have liked with out this being addressed more publicly because I would much rather have snubbed this out sooner rather than later.. but I have been busy. Here is the general rule I would like people to follow: Wheaton's Law "Don't be a dick." Those of you from the IRC channel know that this is the only rule I ask people in there to follow and we generally have a good and lively time chatting about all manner of things. This is basic rule that just about everyone understands and I am going to expand it to the forums from here moving forward. If you can not help people in a helpful and polite manner then I simply ask you to stop. Now I generally take a back seat to moderating the forums as I like to participate in the suggestions forum fairly heavily at times and would rather do so as a forums user than a moderator. But I am also fairly well known for being the person who constantly puts their foot down and so I am stepping up and doing so on here. If you find yourself unable to respond to a message politely then I ask that you do not respond. This mostly focuses on the increasing level of hostility found within the Suggestion forum as well as the Server forum. I do not care if this is the 30th some odd time you have seen someone make the same suggestion. Or even if the new post on an older topic is one entry above the old one. I expect the members of this forum to respond politely to the user, new or old, and point to the older topic if it applies and even go the extra step to suggest they either add in new information or to summarize the outcome of the previous discussion based upon the new post's entry into it. That is what we are here for, that is why I close most topics instead of deleting them, so that they can be found and referenced down the road. The next topic is the slew of derailment attempts I have seen as of late. If you want to have fun and joke around that is what the off topic forum is for and pretty much anything goes there. I do not expect to read a suggestion thread and have to go through 3 pages of image memes people have shot back and forth. Quite simply this is a waste of my time to read and then have to clean up. Now for the summary. I am going to start taking a more active role, especially in policing the suggestion forum, and handing out warn levels to people whom I see doing this. These will be indiscriminate and applied not to just the first person who derails or is impolite on a topic or response, but to everyone whom follows the lead of that person. As I do not like doing things with out giving you all warning this post shall serve as that warning. If you have a desire to bring this topic up with me then I invite you to do so on the IRC channel. Lets raise the level of quality and grow the community. Let us not descend into the quality often found on the minecraft or league of legend forums. There is simply no need for that here. Be passionate about things, just do not be abusive.
    • Kittychanley

      Offline Servers

      Recently I've seen a few server listings showing up on the first page of the Servers forum that have been closed for an extended period of time, but have recently gotten a reply from a new member who didn't realize the server is offline. To help prevent this from happening in the future, it would be greatly appreciated if you could use the report function on the original post of any servers that have been confirmed as offline, so that the topic may be locked. If you are the admin of a server and plan on taking the server offline, please use the report function on the original post of your topic to let the TFC Staff know that the topic should be locked. If you are the admin of a server that has a locked topic, and would wish to bring the server back online, please use the report function on the original post of the topic to let the TFC Staff know that the topic should be unlocked. As always, please remember to follow rule #3 of the servers forum and update your topic title to contain the version of TFC that the server is currently running. You can do so by editing the OP, and then clicking on "Use Full Editor."


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  1. Tameable, 'milkable' giant spiders.

    Riding a tamed spider up a cliff would be crazy nice.
  2. Release Date? Soon?

    Thanks for the update! I'm interested in trying out what you've done so far.
  3. Release Date? Soon?

    I follow Dwarf Fortress updates religiously every week, I find it funny and interesting most of the time. However, ToadyOne gets several thousand dollars every month from donations, so its expected of him to make alot of complicated status updates. Keeping the interest in the game is important so he can get donations to work full time on DF. I don't think that's the case here. I suggest the TFC2 devs make a small, tweet sized update once per year, quickly summing up where they are in the development, or what has been done in the year. But really IMO, the loyal fans will come around when its done, no matter if it looked dead for years.
  4. Release Date? Soon?

    I can wait, but I'd like a to have confirmation that tfc2 its still a thing. Maybe a once per year update?
  5. What the Heck is Redstone Ore?

    It is made offairy fossils, compacted inthe earth's crust. Their magical essence turns into the precious yet fragile crystal we know as Redstone.
  6. Wild Crops = Weeds

    Does this mean planted crops will no longer stay alive indefinitly?
  7. [Answered] TFC Fire hazard...

    I think lightning strikes can start a fire.
  8. Dump ability on crucibles

    I would much prefer to empty the crucible with buckets or vessels. I was very disappointed when I found out breaking the crucible did not empty it of its 2400 units of unknown metal.
  9. Boats and Ships

    Portals or a ferry to quickly cross oceans is a great idea imo. As long as I can still explore the coast with my boat, im ok with this.
  10. More Accurate Tastes to TFC2 Foods

    Here's a quick idea on how to dumb the flavor. It could be a flavor profile based on cooking time? Ex: player1 prefers: -Proteins: Medium well -Vegetable: Dark -Grains(Bread): Medium -Fruit: Very light Cooking on a grill or smoking could make food more saturating than on a firepit, etc. It would give an incentive to pay attention when cooking. Figuring out your profile would be easier and worthwhile. I totally agree with Tony's idea for travelling cakes. As long as they give less nutrition per weight and cap out at, say, 80% of maximum nutrition. Don't want it to become a primary food source, just an efficient way to carry your food on long trips, or as an emergency winter ration.
  11. Regional Difficulty

    Speaking of difficulty, I once read about moving unbelievable mobs to caves/lower Y values. Is this planned for TFC2? The way Bioxx speaks of monsters "emanating" from different areas has me intrigued and hopeful to see new mobs. I'm a bit worried about increasing the difficulty on the X axis. It means there will be much less chance of finding the perfect spot to build a super awesome base at a desired temperature range early in the game. However, it could be fun and rewarding to work and aim to conquer THE perfect island for my evil schemes, so I'll wait and see how it goes.
  12. Water damage!

    I think the vanilla damage formulae somewhat looks like this: Fall damage= fall height -4 I wonder how hard it would be to change it to something like this: Fall damage = fall height -4 -((squareroot of fall height ÷2)× water depth) (Omitted TFC damage multiplier) Meaning you would need about twice the squareroot of your fall height in water depth to nullify falling damage. 100 cubes high fall nullified by a little less than 20 cubes of water. Then again, swimming up might prevent you from hitting the sea floor anyway.
  13. [Breaks Rules #1 and #2]Yeast and beans!

    We got bread, green beans, soybeans, peppers, tomatoes, onions and beef. Make a sandwich out of it and call it a burrito. Everybody wants their favorite foodstuff in TFC, but its probably not gonna happen because its redundant. Also we already have ale.
  14. I probably don't have to mention this, but items(chests, barrels) made of kapok,etc no longer match the color of the planks. Also conglomerate is still ugly