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Hi there everyone. As I develop and update a server for my friends and myself, I've been developing some compatibility patches for various mods. I'll be sharing the ones that are based on open source code. There are also a few supporting mods to allow TerraThaumcraft and my other mods to function. TTFCAPI (Taeo's TerraFirmaCraft API) A mod focused on expanding and bugfixing TFC, as TFC is no longer in development.  Its a prerequisite for all my other mods Unfortunately, it will most likely be incompatible with many TFC modpacks that also alter how TFC functions. I've done my best to maintain compatibility with other addons, but there is only so much I can do. I welcome DM's from other addon devs or concerned players to address incompatibilities where they arise Features include Added potential treasure drops from fishing. Included is a registry to add more items. Loot is weighted and changes based on enchantment of fishing rod. Breaks cap on magical damage, balances and fixes enchantments/potions. Config options are available to adjust values Climate based ore generation option for addons (ie only generate your ore in volcanic areas with a pine forest) API for easily adding more wood types (WIP) Moss stone (this probably should go into TTFCMat) Registry for items that should not fit in chests Added an interface for generating surface debris for addon ores Fixed tree generation to properly generate trees (config option available to ignore my fix) SmartMoving AND multiplayer capability for back items. Other players can now see the barrel on your back, and it follow you properly if you have smart moving instead of hovering in one spot Fixed the ProPick to properly report addon ores with multiple metadatas Javelins and arrows can now hold enchantments. Javelins will also retain their enchantment when picked up Added capability for desert plant types fixed some crashes from being in other dimensions. Still working on fixing the inventory desync TTFCMat (Taeo's TerraFirmaCraft Materials) A Mod focused on adding world generation for other mods prerequisite for many of my mods Features include Smeltable redstone dust (for those mods that have redstone alloys) Applied Energistics 2 world generation (Meteors and certus quartz) Big Reactors world generation (Yellorite) Project Red world Generation (Electrotine ore) Tinkers' Construct world generation (cobalt and ardite ore) Tungsten and Bauxite ore generation nether quartz generation in the main world tfc style ingots for all previously mentioned mods (smeltable, stackable) nuggets for all metal types  and nugget moulds (amount of metal per nugget is configurable) fixed a crash when some types of TFC metals were poured into a crucible TerraThaumcraft Spoiler Progress Major Milestones Thaumic Devices Status: 90% Description: Add TFC features to TC, make TC devices work as expected with TFC components Progress Details: Thaumic Anvil Status: COMPLETE Description: A new anvil type that can work thaumium and other magic components. Has a wand slot for recipes that require Vis. Otherwise functions as a Wrought Iron Anvil. Crucible Status : COMPLETE Description : Thaumcraft Crucible capable of being heated by forge/firepit and of being filled by TFC Fresh Water. Also allows player to interact with forge/firepit if they click between the crucible's legs. Does not function as TFC crucible Arcane Furnace Status: COMPLETE Description: Heats metal items (that can be heated) to **Danger** level, Melts unshaped ingots, cooks food random amount and flavour profile. Lamps Status: 50% Description: Lamp of Growth and lamp of Fertility should work as intended with TFC crops/livestock Progress Details: Lamp of Growth now works, but the Lamp of Fertility conceptually doesn't work with TFC. A new purpose for it will have to be imagined. Equipment Status: 20% Description: Thaumcraft weapons/wands/armor ported over to TFC damage system and provided magic anvil recipes Progress Details: Thaumium Equipment: COMPLETE Void Metal Equipment: 0% Elemental Equipment: 0% Wand Caps: COMPLETE Wand Foci : 0% Fortress/Crimson Armors: 0% Mobs Status: 95% Description: Eldritch guardians, cultists and bosses have their armor/damage output adjusted Progress Details: All mobs are implemented to do/recieve TFC typed damage and have adjust HP. Armor ratings and damage output still need to be adjusted. Aspects Status: 90% Description: Scanning TFC blocks/items with Thaumometer or destroying them for essentia  yields proper results Progress Details: Food and unshaped metal now provide aspects based on their mass. All TFC items and blocks have assigned aspects, and weapon aspects have been rebalanced. Still needs aspects for my items/blocks, and some testing Golems Status: 75% Description: Golems that interact properly with various TFC Blocks and entities Progress Details: Alchemy: ALREADY WORKS Butcher: 99% - Requires Balancing Chop: COMPLETE Decanting: 0% Empty: 50% Fill: 50% Fishing: COMPLETE Gather: 50% Guard: 99% - Requires Balancing Harvest: COMPLETE Use: ALREADY WORKS Sorting: 50% Balance Golem HP/attack damage/upgrades: 50% Advanced Golem advanced features: 0% WorldGen Status: 95% Description: Make Thaumcraft biomes/dimensions available (Magic, Taint, Eldritch), and ores/plants/structures spawn Progress Details: Only thing missing is wizard villagers and their houses. No vanilla villages, afterall. Also, elemental ores currently spawn everywhere, until I can devise a good method to test the climate based generation code Minor Milestones Taint Effects - COMPLETE Magic biomes now properly color the grass/foliage. Taint poison damage has been rebalanced, and TFC mobs that die create tainted mobs. Enchantments - COMPLETE All enchantments have been balanced and generally made work with the other tools. Potions - COMPLETE Potions and related magic effects have been balanced.  Status Effects - COMPLETE Damage and healing has been adjusted for various status effects/potions. Both Vanilla and Thaumcraft ones. Alcohol poisoning currently causes wither damage instead of bleeding. Recipes - 50% adjust recipes, both in-game and in-thaumonomicon to require TFC items (ie sheets instead of ingots, full blocks unstead of slabs, etc) Wood - 99% Thaumcraft's Trees, (the silverwood and greatwood) interact like TFC trees. (ie axe can fell the whole thing at once, logs and lumber like TFC wood). Currently cannot bash into sticks or be used as a leather rack, or be used as fuel in a fire. Wood Products - COMPLETE Armor stands, tool racks, doors, looms, lumber, support beams, barrels, chests, fences and fence gates can all be made from silverwood/greatwood. Nether Components - 75% Need to add alternative recipes/items to replace things normally brought from the nether. Nether stars, wither skulls are currently unattainable, quartz can be found in the overworld, soulsand, netherbricks and glowstone can currently be made through alchemy, blaze rods and magma cream can be collected, and netherwart can be grown as a crop Hungry Nodes - COMPLETE Damage has been balanced Damage Types/Resistance - 50% Runic shielding has been balanced, Champion mobs haven't been touched yet Chisel Support - 0% Make a selection of TC blocks chiselable. Intention is arcane stones, eldritch stone, and silverwood/greatwood planks. Also should make sure you can't chisel through magically protected blocks Config File - 10% Some config options available. Intend to give options to change heal/damage ratios on effects, amount of aspects per oz of food, etc. SmartMoving Support - 99% All the 3D armors work with SmartMoving, but conflicts with the magic boots haven't been touched. Goals The main goal isn't just to smush these two mods together so they "work", I want to be able to maintain some semblance of balance. What does this mean? - Golems wont gain skill, Thaumcraft weapons won't be overpowered, Thaumcraft items will be difficult to craft if an equivalent TFC item is etc I also don't want to add features that neither mod possesses. What does this mean? - Adding a thaumium anvil, Good. Adding a glass blowing mechanic to make essentia bottles and wand foci, Bad. (Although don't be surprised to see that feature in a separate addon) Other compatibility patches in the works Witchery Forestry (w/ magicbees and extrabees support) Mekanism Immersive Engineering Tinkers' Construct Thaumcraft 5 backport Mine & Blade Battlegear BetterStorage IronChests Special Mobs Mo'Creatures Artifice Ye Gamol Chattels RailCraft DOWNLOADS Spoiler WARNING: This code is in an Alpha state. This means the code is buggy, incomplete, and liable to change. Future versions could corrupt your older saves. Please only use this for testing purposes. Use at your own risk. Requirements:
    In order to use this addon you need the Newest versions of TFC and Thaumcraft 4 as well as Forge 1.7.10-1558 or newer. You will also need TerraThaumcraft, TTFCAPI and TMaterials. Downloading the newest versions of each is recommended Permissions:
     You're free to use this in any modpack you choose, given that you understand the warning above. If possible, please link back to this thread. This mod is currently closed source, but will be opened in the future. Spoiler TerraThaumcraft Downloads TTFCAPI Downloads TMaterials Downloads
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