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      Only help if you can be helpful

      Hey All, A topic has come up of late in the IRC channel in regards to the general feel of the forums and the community that supports them. Things have progressed further than I would have liked with out this being addressed more publicly because I would much rather have snubbed this out sooner rather than later.. but I have been busy. Here is the general rule I would like people to follow: Wheaton's Law "Don't be a dick." Those of you from the IRC channel know that this is the only rule I ask people in there to follow and we generally have a good and lively time chatting about all manner of things. This is basic rule that just about everyone understands and I am going to expand it to the forums from here moving forward. If you can not help people in a helpful and polite manner then I simply ask you to stop. Now I generally take a back seat to moderating the forums as I like to participate in the suggestions forum fairly heavily at times and would rather do so as a forums user than a moderator. But I am also fairly well known for being the person who constantly puts their foot down and so I am stepping up and doing so on here. If you find yourself unable to respond to a message politely then I ask that you do not respond. This mostly focuses on the increasing level of hostility found within the Suggestion forum as well as the Server forum. I do not care if this is the 30th some odd time you have seen someone make the same suggestion. Or even if the new post on an older topic is one entry above the old one. I expect the members of this forum to respond politely to the user, new or old, and point to the older topic if it applies and even go the extra step to suggest they either add in new information or to summarize the outcome of the previous discussion based upon the new post's entry into it. That is what we are here for, that is why I close most topics instead of deleting them, so that they can be found and referenced down the road. The next topic is the slew of derailment attempts I have seen as of late. If you want to have fun and joke around that is what the off topic forum is for and pretty much anything goes there. I do not expect to read a suggestion thread and have to go through 3 pages of image memes people have shot back and forth. Quite simply this is a waste of my time to read and then have to clean up. Now for the summary. I am going to start taking a more active role, especially in policing the suggestion forum, and handing out warn levels to people whom I see doing this. These will be indiscriminate and applied not to just the first person who derails or is impolite on a topic or response, but to everyone whom follows the lead of that person. As I do not like doing things with out giving you all warning this post shall serve as that warning. If you have a desire to bring this topic up with me then I invite you to do so on the IRC channel. Lets raise the level of quality and grow the community. Let us not descend into the quality often found on the minecraft or league of legend forums. There is simply no need for that here. Be passionate about things, just do not be abusive.
    • Kittychanley

      Offline Servers

      Recently I've seen a few server listings showing up on the first page of the Servers forum that have been closed for an extended period of time, but have recently gotten a reply from a new member who didn't realize the server is offline. To help prevent this from happening in the future, it would be greatly appreciated if you could use the report function on the original post of any servers that have been confirmed as offline, so that the topic may be locked. If you are the admin of a server and plan on taking the server offline, please use the report function on the original post of your topic to let the TFC Staff know that the topic should be locked. If you are the admin of a server that has a locked topic, and would wish to bring the server back online, please use the report function on the original post of the topic to let the TFC Staff know that the topic should be unlocked. As always, please remember to follow rule #3 of the servers forum and update your topic title to contain the version of TFC that the server is currently running. You can do so by editing the OP, and then clicking on "Use Full Editor."

modding API & mod compatability

2 posts in this topic

Some time ago I remember people suggesting a mod API for TFC2, and Biox asking what people wanted in an API. I don't remember what people actually said, I couldn't find that discussion, and it was difficult to etch anything out because there was less information on what would be in the game. Now so everyone is on the same page here is a definition for an API.

Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.

To add my own definition: A set of functions that is helpful in extending the functionality of the code in a safe controlled way that everyone agrees not to modify, because doing so would break mod compatibility and have the potential of making the whole more unstable.

I have taken the liberty of going through mods for TFC 1 and gathered the ways they have extended TFC 1. If you'd like to add to the list post and I'll get around to adding it as long as it isn't too niche. Not everything on the list needs an API depending on how it's implimented. If and how any implementation of these features shows up is to be determined by Biox. I've also added mod compatibility because it's already been added for Harvestcraft and a lot of modpacks use minetweaker. 

  • Access to all biome information. (temperature, humidity, elevation)
  • Mob Spawn controls. A few modpacks used Advanced Spawn Control which didn't updated
  • Containers for entities and items (support for size and/or weight)
  • Custom ore (using TFC 2 generation mechanics)
  • Custom metals (alloys)
  • weapons and armor (supporting non-vanilla damage types)
  • decoration blocks(with support abilities, mud bricks)


  • Pam's Harvestcraft
  • JEI or NEI
  • crafttweaker (the new minetweaker)
  • applecore or alternative.
  • chisel & Bits
  • hardcore darkness
  • malisis doors

might be useful

  • hammercore
  • neat
  • NetherPortalfix
  • spice of life


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I would like to see TerrafirmaCraft2 actually very light as a mod more like API provider, most of the stuff defined in configs. If you do a very heavy mod and trying to figure out and add every item in the mod in the code directly, it will become not very manageable. Most of the stuff is already created, drawn or coded. The magic is to pawn a road to the community to add, create, enable, backport all sorts of mods to TFC without breaking logic. And if it will be easy enough it could create a more thriving world. TFC2 should add more logic to TFC1 existing items. Like forge, let melt custom ores.
TFC won by adding mechanism and logic, like smelting in forge, clay forming, food preparation creates basics and let's community add what do with them.

Let's add more stuff even for core TFC through configs.

maybe in a structure like 

configs/TFC2/custom/crops/crops.json (when the time they bloom, what are the pictures, what biome, what a chance, randomisation pattern etc)

Similar for ores and foods (without staging)




id: terrafirmacraft:naquadah_ore

pattern of occurance:  rare (some logic as abdudance,very rare, normal, as_copper (pattern as copper, and next to copper veins etc))
inventory_image: path_to_ore_in_inventory
world_image: path_to_ore_in_world




obtainable: { [{terrafirmacraft:naquadah_ore, value:80},{terrafirmacraft:silver_ore, value:20}]} //you will get ingot by smelting some ores by ID and thier percentage as amount

inventory_image: path_to_ingot_in_inventory
double_ingot: path_to_double_ingot_image
smeltable_values: {is: boolean, yellow:integer,orange:integer,red:integer, liquid:integer}
workable: { is: boolean, value: integer} 
weldable: { is: boolean, value: integer} 



I would add few more:

Custom crops (for every type of bean, and let awful onion :) be pluggable through easy drag-drop config)

Custom clay/knapping forming patterns: for more various stuff

Custom food (like cakes, pies, cookies, soups, dishes of all sorts, what kind of combination of harvested food creating what)

Imagine easy cauldron above firepit where you can actually cook an ordinary vegetable soup :), not just salads and sandwitches, oven for cakes, grill?

Custom Ores and minerals, definitely custom ores as was mentioned (even for naquadah like Stargate/Lantanea mod) + custom ingots

Custom armors: it would be nice to finally add some "survivalcraft" logic (it's ios/android game), to have some clothes and add basic environmental factors like cold, freezing, heat, heatstroke.
You don't need to implement diseases if it too hard, just not let a player run naked in the snow biome, it will hurt if the warm index of the body is below some value etc.



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