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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.
    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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  3. Alterra - TechnodeFirmaCraft 3.7 server- w/added mods.

    The server is winding down for this pack and will close at the end of July. I will only accept new applications til the end of June. It's been fun, but TFC just doesn't seem to have a long shelf life. In August we'll switch over to some other game. It's been more successful than I expected, so thanks to all the players who made it a thriving community.
  4. Breaking Benjamin Tour Dates 2019

    Breaking Benjamin is my favourite band of 90s. They had so many hit songs! The ones I remember are 'The Diary of Jane', 'Tourniquet' and their hit 'So Cold'. These are real songs, not garbage like today! And it is sooo good that Breaking Benjamin have a tour in 2019-2020! And I'm going to visit Breaking Benjamin concert in 2020. The full list is here: Click on it and maybe we can even visit one of the Benjamin's together!
  5. Unable to keep my health

    Sure, it is a bug. I am working as a tester, I know such kind of bugs. You can write to support service if it is necessary.
  6. If you want to edit the wiki.

    I use wiki during all of my life. I think it is a great resource!
  7. Last week
  8. Home housekeeping Riverdale - domestic cleaning services prices 10 Professionals production company Georgetown can hold spring cleaning 2019. We hold spring cleaning in the district, we can put in order private households and suburban plots . Our General Partnership cleaning company Cunningham Heights SPENCER, is engaged complex spring cleaning of territories in West Village under the direction of MELISA. Today cleaning with the onset of spring is a good case implement cleaning the house, cottage and also in my apartment. Roads, courtyards, parks, squares and other urban areas should not only clear from the dirt that formed during the winter Today cleaning with the onset of spring is an opportunity do cleaning work, cottage and also in my apartment. Streets, courtyards, parks, squares and other urban areas not only clean up from the pollution caused by the winter, take out the garbage, but also prepare for the summer period. For this should be restored damaged bardyurfs and pavements fix broken small architectural forms sculptures, flowerpots,artificial reservoirs,benches, fences, and so on, refresh fences, painting and other. Our Partnership holding carries out spring garden cleaning in the district, but with joy we will certainly help tidy up . Our specialists companies Old Town can hold spring cleaning services.
  9. Florida Georgia Line Concerts

    Florida Georgia Line is my favourite contry band. Headliners Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are those guys that can make anyone sing along with them. That's why I like to visit their concerts. And - that's surprisingly wonderful - in 2019 they have CAN'T SAY IT AIN'T COUNTRY TOUR which covers all the USA cities and towns. For concert info visit Florida Georgia Tour Schedule.
  10. TFC server issues

    this is solved
  11. TFC server issues

    After some testing it seems to be the finger in the wind mod causing the crash, removing it entirely as it is not that important. Let's see if this works
  12. TFC server issues

    I followed the official guide for setting up a tfc server, and everything went smoothly until I tried to run it for real, this is the crash report: I dunno what causes it and for some reason I don't understand a word of that report, so please help me out.
  13. Luke Bryan tour 2019

    Luke Bryan is my favourite country singer. His voice takes me away from all issues of this planet so I can enjoy my life and listen songs created by his. Now the singer is going on a tour this year. The concerts scheduled for the whole 2019, up to the mid-October. Ticket prices are moderate and available for all men and women with different income. If you love contry music, then you must visit at least one Luke's concert. All tour dates are available at the Luke Bryan concert tour tickets. Open the website and make yourself familiar with all powerful Luke Bryan concerts in 2019!
  14. TerraFirma Progressive Pack (TFPP)

    UPDATE: We now have a new integrated warp system for people who wish to form towns. Econemy is underway!
  15. Earlier
  16. World generation

    Mod list? Version numbers? Where did you download? Are you playing TFC through a modpack? This kind of information is necessary if you want any kind of real help.
  17. TerraFirma Progressive Pack (TFPP)

    Hosting a New TFPP server. The pack is by Ciekma. New World as of 6/4/2019. This pack focuses heavily on technology and progression. To obtain information on the pack itself and server information, please join the Discord server. Thanks! BASIC RULES: 1. No Griefing, Ihave server protection to prevent this. 2. Be polite 3. Don't Abuse bugs if found. Discord Server: There is no World Borders, or anything preventing you from going on your own journey as far as you want. An economy will be put in place once the server population grows.
  18. Is there supposed to be a quest book in this pack? I don't think mine is enabled and I feel I'm gone to far to start with it, but on the other hand I feel being nudged in the right direction could help me progress faster as I could be using inproper generators and pipes. At waterwheel/windmill era trying to get some steam power working but having trouble getting more power from it than the passive generation. Would it be worth it?
  19. Hey, guys! Looking for an interesting partner for sex or photo exchange. Very fond of swallowing sperm))) Meet me on the website Login is the same as here.
  20. World generation

    Good afternoon, I ran into such a problem as the generation of the world. The server has started, you can go, there are craft, everything is fine, but the world is not normal. It is as if the most simple, not under TFC. How to fix it so that there would be bushes, trees and other things related to TFC
  21. Short-Tassled Bamboo Pole

    Among the products mentioned on the list, which one is the best?
  22. Alterra - TechnodeFirmaCraft 3.7 server- w/added mods.

    Hi id like to join this server, if my latency is too high i can wait awhile, but i was interested in exactly which mods i should install in the meantime? I've had a lot of experience smithing, i've slaved over a blast furnace back in my day trying to get redsteel, i very much enjoy this mod since its initial release, i'm very decorative and a fan of the chisel system. Please consider, again if my latency is too high or my ping is outrageous i can wait till i have better internet. :)
  23. Dynamic Trees for TFC

    I think Dynamic Trees would fit nicely with TFC with its aim for realism and I'm surprised no one has added compatibility between the two. Anyone willing to help and get these two mods working together or at least provide information on how to. This is what Dyanmic trees look like:
  24. I've updated the TechNode Firmacraft server to version 3.7.1. It has a bunch of fixes and tweaks which improve quality of life. What it doesn't yet have are up-to-date Fastcraft, Journeymap and OptiFine versions so you'll have to grab those manually. To play on our server you can get TnFC on the ATLauncher and select the following options: 96 Days HQM Quest Line Streams INpureCore Waila Waila Harvestability Damage Indicators Inventory Tweaks ItemPhysic If you wish you can install optional mods (listed in a green font) like Dynamic Lights, Better Foliage, Presence Footsteps. Just whatever you do don't install Prattle. Then manually download these mods and put them in the mods folder of your TnFC instance. It's usually located in the ATLauncher\instances folder in whatever name you gave your TnFC instance. OptiFine 1.7.10 HD U E7 fastcraft-1.25.jar journeymap-1.7.10-5.1.4p2
  25. [0.79.?] Fix Shaders for Terrafirmacraft Water

    Is there any way to fix the unusual darkening of chiseled blocks with shaders?
  26. TFC Server Failed to Start

    This isn't vanilla TFC. This is a mod pack. It's full of mods. The pack maker would be the person to ask for help.
  27. Server for Terrafirmaprogressivepack

  28. Alcohol

    Not into drinking actually, but I love it! The more realism the better! And I'd definitely enjoy the process anyway
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