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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.
    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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  2. Block Heads [0.79]

    I've got a copy from 2016 for anyone still on the hunt for this:
  3. Last week
  4. More progress. I got the train to my hematite mine up and running. All it took is a simple setup with two loops and one locking track. The Energy loader charges the CESU cart that drives the electric locomotive while the train is stopped. Using manual switch to get the train going again. This could be automated, but not necessary, as mine production rate is pretty slow. Also figured out that I don't need a chest cart, the two slots of the CESU cart will fill up with ore; that is plenty of room. Rationalized my base a bit; things were all over the place and required a lot of needless walking. I set up a quasi assembly line for making sodium hydroxide using the bronze tub,which is used for smelting purified bauxit into alumina. Aluminum production is really slow though; the recipe in the guide using the electrolytic bath is not implemented. Thus I finally got enough aluminum to make the precision assembler (20+ machine frames = > 40 aluminum). This will cut the cost for eletronic circuits in half. Getting there also required setting up the Pneumaticraft assembly line. Thankfully, they fixed the awful tendency of PC items to despawn. The Etching Acid that is made with spider eyes required some scrambling, because there a so few spiders that spawn. Made a lot of plastic processing all the various liquids and gases from the refinery. The only unsolved bug at this point is that there is no way to select white or orange plastic in the plastic mixer's menu, so I had to use NEI for those. The Industrial Blast Furnace is needed for silicon ingots, which are needed for the boule and silicon wafers. It's very expensive and the heating via internal lava blocks does not seem to work in this pack. So I had to make about 24 reinforced machine casings. I hope I can reuse that housing for the grinder once I get there. But with the precision assembler, the circuits are cheaper; once I make the cutter, I can also make advanced circuits, which will save a lot of lapis lazuli and rare and precious glowstone. There really should be a way to extract glowstone from lava or blaze powder, or to craft it with phosphorus. Still haven't found a cryolite deposit, just plenty of cinnabar.
  5. I guess I'll try the nether again some other time, going to the correct depth, once I run out of quartz. The strange crafting grid bug resolved upon reloading. With the emeralds and the PCB blueprint purchased through the Amadon tablet, I can now begin to build the PnCr infrastructure. I also started getting the materials for the mulit-block Polymerizer. But it will need a lot of nickel, at least 13 ingots for the multiblock chassis. Once It's built, a lot of things become available, such as the Big Drill, various guns, and machine upgrades. Not that I have any use for guns, as there are barely any mobs spawning. Too many cows. The cows, btw, multiply like crazy, but only the first one gives milk. The two sheep eat my grain, but won't let themselves be sheared, and won't breed either. Same with the pigs. I don't really need to the meat or the leather, as rotten flesh can be readily processed in the Techgun Chemical Lab. But the Wool is crucial. Starting the Crystallizer - now that I have the mats for the Quartz furnaces - will hopefully get me going towards the electrolyser. Once that's up and running, my tanks of garnierite sludge can be processed into the liquid nickel I need. If on the other hand I need polycarbonate pastic for the electrolyser ...
  6. Хочется получить игру, но ее нет в Эпл Стор? Хочется скачать программу на Айфон, но она платная? На помощь приходит AppValley! Приложение для ipad позволяет загружать игры, программы, утилиты для Айфона не платя ни копейки! Больше подробностей на сайте Качайте это приложение на свой девайс и наслаждайтесь им! Приятной работы!
  7. So I got the gold and exchanged it for the emeralds. This was totally frustrating, as the TFC gold ingot was not usable. The only way to convert tfc gold into regular minecraft gold in the pack is to melt the gold, either in a crucible or in the wire will, and pourit into a one-time use mold. And that 160 times ... (I admit I cheated on this one.) Whoever came up with that is crazy. Meanwhile, I figured out that the crystallizer, for which I thought I had all the necessary materials, requires 6 quartz crucibles. I have the quartz, which drops randomly while mining, but just barely. This reminded me of the nether, where there should be lots of things that I need, such as glowstone, sulfur, more quartz, and netherwarts for potions. It's impossible at this point to build the Techgun night vision goggles; the IC goggles are possible, but I have run out of copper and tin, as well as iron, and need to stock up again. Night vision potions also need carrots; I have tons and tons of TFC ones, but they don't convert to regular carrots. (Same with the mushrooms, btw, whcih are supposed to convert, but no luck.) The nether without night vision sucks ... ... went there nonetheless to check it out, partially because I can't imagine what a tfc nether would look like. It turned out an flat dimension with absolutely nothing in it and bedrock as the floor. After some research, I found out that this is because of TFS's additional height, the Overworld portal needs to be below y 128 for the nether portal to spawn belowthe bedrock ceiling. After returning from the flat neither,the crafting grid that is normally enabled reverted to 2 x 2, with no way to increase it again. Must be a bug connected to the nether, so I deleted the files. But that means that the nether is officially unplayable in this pack.
  8. Some more progress. First, I figured out that the Drum from Extra Utilities has a very high transfer rate, so putting it on top of the steam boiler sucks up the superheated steam fast enough for it to be worthwhile. It still can't keep up with all the steam generated, so the boiler keeps making loud banging noises. But a full drum of superheated steam can finally begin to convert all the naphta, propane, andbutane that I have amassed. Meanwhile, I made a black steel pickaxe, judging it not worth the effort to make enough blue steel for an anvil to get the top tier tools. Immediately afterwards, I realized that Industrialcraft has powered mining drills. I made a diamond drill an will make a Big Drill a s the next step. I assume it has a greater range, can't find any info on it. 3 x 3 digging would be awesome. When making the second steel drum - the first one is holding my oil supply - I needed 6 Black Steel plates (recipe in this pack). 6 black steel, with maximum mixing, require 1 black bronze, 2 steel, and one nickel ingot for maximum yield, 6 weak steel. That together with 6 more steel gives the Black steel. (Mixing manually in an induction smelter is more efficient than using the IE arc furnace, which yields only 4 weak steel). The problem was, I converted all my garnierite prematurely into sludge, before being able to build the AR Electrolyser (curiously spelled with an s instead of z, the author must be British.)Thus I had to go out and mine one more piece of garnierite (poor), yielding 3 small crushed piles, which together with another pile I had left yields just one ingot. My garnierite mine is running dry, and I haven't found the ore cluster yet. Advancing further then suddenly turned out to be a major challenge. Overlooked by me earlier, some pneumaticraft parts are required for the other AR machines, in contrast to the AR Chemical reactor. Things like the advanced tube require assembly, which requires the assembly line setup, the machines of which require PCBs. This in turn requires a UV light box, which requires ... a PCB blueprint. The ONLY way to get that is through the Amadon Tablet. I've seen this item pop up in recipes before, but never paid any attention to it. Now it turns out it's pneumaticraft device for quasi-village trading, getting items otherwise not available, among them the PCB blueprint. Charging it up via the pressure station was no problem ... but it only accepts emeralds as currency. The blueprint costs 8 emeralds. I have 3, coming from a randomly discovered flawless emerald. Are there deposits somewhere? It is also possible to buy emeralds for ... 32 gold ingots each. That's 160 ingots for the missing 5 emeralds. There is a rich gold mine close by, but processing all that gold will take forever. And that is just the first step to getting setting up PCB production and the assembly line ...
  9. Some more progress. It's all step by step. I finally managed to build the AR Chemical Reactor! This means access to cobalt and other rare materials. I am also finally getting the hang of managing all the different refining steps. Among the benefits is that I get more powerful LNG as fuel, and can produce Rubber from Butane. This is sorely needed, since my one Hevea Tree just died. I think I'll build the AR Crystallizer next. For a boule(which becomes a Silicon wafer), I need Technical Silicon. The AR Electrolyzer, which gives easy access to a lot of chemicals, also seems within reach, It can make Titanium if I'm not mistaken ... Meanwhile, I lack glowstone dust. My only source is Bischofite, which has a 50% chance of dropping glowstone when it's milled. The advanced circuits need glowstone. Too bad that I can't get it from blaze powder, e.g. via the Centrifuge. Building the AR infrastructure should take a while. I checked the recipe for rocket fuel, and it seems very hard to get (=slow). But we'll cross this bridge when we get there. My trusted Black Steel pickaxe also finally broke. I want a Blue/Red Steel one, but do I really need to make a top tier anvil for that? It seems that the foundry metal caster can't make high-tier pickaxes.
  10. Earlier
  11. We are pleased to announce that the new HappyDiggers public TechNode Firmacraft 3.6 server is now open! TnFC is a tech mod pack based around the (unofficial) TerraFirmaCraft mod. It's a challenging mod that has a lot to offer players who enjoy both TFC and tech mods. Our server currently runs version 3.6 of TnFC which you can get through the ATLauncher. There is a share code on our Servers page but we haven't had much luck with those. Instead we recommend you create a new instance of TnFC 3.6 yourself and don't install the optional mods unless you know what you're doing. The optional mods are mostly client-side cosmetics and not required to join our server. We strongly suggest you remove the prattle and weather2 mods. You should also install OptiFine and update Fastcraft to version 1.25 or later. Both for Minecraft 1.7.10. Server IP:
  12. i was playing TerraFirmaPunk with friends and when i tried making a summoners table it wouldst work, i placed 1wood plankand 2cobble stone in aline and right clicked with the necronomicon but with every type of cobble i use, it does not work. is there anything im missing in creating the summoners table?
  13. In preparation of the TnFC server launch we have changed the rules for both TFC server to match those of the new TnFC server. We are now allowing towns to have more resources than before: 20 mature animals total. 4 plots (1024 blocks) of tiled soil farmland instead of 3. 10 fruit trees instead of 8 5 outpots instead of 3 5 /sethome points instead of 1 The cool down period on teleports has been removed and towns now get 32 plots per resident instead of 16. New additions to the rules are: No chunk loaders allowed. Any kind of chunk loading without the player present must be avoided. Player builds server CPU usage are fair use. Staff will determine what is fair use. If one of your builds lags the server, you may be asked to change things.
  14. Finally got plastic! ... but no white plastic needed for the Advanced Rocketry Interface or the MFE Thankfully, the Liquid Heat Exchanger from Industrialcraft is able to cool down the hot gases, hot ethene to ethene. It needs 10 heat exchangers and another steam generator to move out the heat. That with chrome dust as a catalyst in the FBR gives liquid plastic. To heat the Plastic mixer to a decent temperature, I am using 4 air compressors running on coke coal. Will try to upgrade to an electric compressor as soon as I have the materials. So now the liquid plastic is in the Mixer, and I am trying to make the white plastic. After looking for a while, I figure out how to use the plastic tab. but the last row where the white plastic is is disabled! I can make yellow, pink, black, etc, but No White Plastic! What am I doing wrong? Also managed to blow myself up in my attempt to make more superheated steam. I let the steam generator run without paying attention while I was trying to figure out the plastic mixer, then when I came back it was at 500C. Foolishly turning on the water, the whole things blew up. I should have just cut the electricity, but there are no easy switches for the IC cables and and I have to break them manually each time to shut down the heaters. The transfer of the steam through the liquid hopper is VERY slow, even on the lowest setting (using 1mb of water per tick) the generator produces more than can be transferred, This limitation of fluid transport in the pack is really challenging. The superheated steam is also used up very fast in the IE refinery at a ratio of 10/1 (100mb of steam to each mb of ethane),so a full tank of supersteam only generates 1600 mb of ethanemix.That goes into the Magenticraft refinery to produce hot ethene, and a little bit of ethan whichgoes back into the IE refinery. Altoghether generation of hot ethene is quite slow. (This also means that while I could hook up a kinetic generator to the Heatexchanger/Steam generator combo to get some additional power, but it would be minimal, only generating a few mbs of regular steam while the hot ethene is cooling. That steam is useless for the Railraft boilers (what a pity) and needs to go into a kinetic generator. Too much effort, so the excess heat is going to waste. The heat coming off from the exhanger is also too intermittent to contribute to making superheated steam in the other setup.)
  15. The cobalt is indeed gated. So no batteries and no MFE for now. That leaves the MV Capacitor from IE as mass power storage. I am currently running the base with 3 CESUs but three are frequent power bottlenecks, even though the turbine should produce enough to run everything. Also started building a rail network, in order to not have to go back and forth to the mine I am getting hematite ore from. I never build much with railcraft, so this is all new. Track is very cheap in this pack; I think I'll use an electric locomotive and a batbox to power it. I just need to figure out the holding tracks and the switches. In order to get to the Techreborn machines, I need the precision assembler; for that, I need white plastic for the interface. So no more postponing refining the plastic. I now have tons of intermediate product that can all be refined, I just need a lot of superheated steam. It's all set up, but I need to refill the power storage and fill the boiler with gasoline. It's being refined right now.
  16. The cobalt is indeed gated. So no batteries and no MFE for now. That leaves the MV Capacitor from IE as mass power storage. I am currently running the base with 3 CESUs but three are frequent power bottlenecks, even though the turbine should produce enough to run everything. Also started building a rail network, in order to not have to go back and forth to the mine I am getting hematite ore from. I never build much with railcraft, so this is all new. Track is very cheap in this pack; I think I'll use an electric locomotive and a batbox to power it. I just need to figure out the holding tracks and the switches. In order to get to the Techreborn machines, I need the precision assembler; for that, I need white plastic for the interface. So no more postponing refining the plastic. I now have tons of intermediate product that can all be refined, I just need a lot of superheated steam. It's all set up, but I need to refill the power storage and fill the boiler with gasoline. It's being refined right now.
  17. Figured out some more things. All the bugs turn out to be features Part of the problem is that there is only bare-bones documentation for the IHL mod. 1) wire mill works, to get the molten materials, glass, copper, etc, one has to put the solid materials int the top input slot. This is pretty counter-intuitive - how can the wire mill melt metals? But it works. 2) Electrolysis bath needs thick cable, 135 is best. (not in the docu). Rectifier/transformer is no longer needed; bug interfacing with IE wires seems not a problem. But does not seem needed for aluminum. 3) distilled water (needed for Lithium chlorate for batteries) is made by chainingthe output of the chemical reactor to the input of the cryogenic distiller. I thought first that they hade to touch each other, but that didn't work. Connecting them with a fluid hopper (my favorite item in this pack) worked. I realized that I will need LOTS of tarwater for the distilled water. I got a spruce sapling via the fertilizer quest, but it turned out that it's the wrong type, the TFC one was needed. (So there is a TFC spruce tree in the game, I have to go look for it). So no resin. Using tarwater to get distilled water is slower and needs lots and lots of wood flour, which however is cheap. For the batteries, I will need some cobalt also. I hope that isn't gated! Meanwhile, lots and lots of fuel, and the base is cluttered with gas tanks. I have so much oil that I will take a while before I can get to refining all the LPG and Natural gas. It also needs to be all automated. To be continued ...
  18. More adventures in PFAA: I figured out some more things along the way. I was transferring the power from the Railcraft to aCESU, the only larger power storage unit available at this stage - no plastic or Lithium Cobalt batteries yet. This required an MV transformer, as any low power device connected directly to the Railcraft turbine would explode. I was connecting the transformer to the turbine via a gold cable, which limits the power transferred to 512 RF/tick. Although the turbine specs say 200 RF/t, it actually seems to be much more at 100%. I replaced the gold cable with an HV cable - 2048 RF/t - and the efficiency rate of the turbine went way up. Still trying to maximize the steam transfer from the boiler to the turbine. I also built the IE refinery, to take a step closer to plastics. My base is strewn with tanks with the various refining products. Thankfully, Magneticraft tanks are cheap. For oil supply, I made a drum (expensive but worth it) and filled it manually at a well. Haven't figured out yet how to use a pumpjack, maybe it requires an oil source block? The IE refinery needs superheated steam. To make that, I made the IC boiler. It runs on HU and needs 200 HU to produce superheated steam instead of regular steam. For that, I need 2 heaters, To get the HUs needed, each heater needs 10 coils; these need lots and lots of copper wire. So more copper mining (thankfully I have a mine with an ore drill close to my base), crushing, macerating, washing, smelting ... (one of the things I like about this pack is that how it makes you set up a whole new operation to get that one machine you need to progress). I now have the Supersteam thing set up. My only problem is that once I try to connect pipes to the boiler to transfer the steam to a tank or to the IE refinery, they start filling with water instead of steam. I experimented with many different setups and succeeded only once to fill a tank with steam. Then I finally had the superheates steam in the refinery and it started processing my ethan into ethanmix. That went into the Magneticraft refinery and produced hot etylene. Now I seem stuck. The chart says I need to cool down the hot substances in a heat exchanger. This was not necessary for the first stage products I got from running LPG through the MagRefinery. But the hot etylene doesn't seem to do anything inthe FBR; it's certainly not turning into liquid plastic (the goal of all these endeavors). Must I build the multiblock heat exchanger from Advanced generators? Another big project ... PS. I'm also still trying to figure out how to connect the Electrolysis bath. The less than clear in-game guide only mentions Aluminum and liquid cryolite (I can already make aluminum through the Industrial electrolyzer, even though it's twice as expensive), but I need ti for Potassium, made from Rock Salt. (This is for Urea, which is for Fertilizer, which I need to get the Spruce sapling, which is for resin, which will eventually give me distilled water which is needed for I forgot what ... I guess there is no way to use my own piss for urea instead ...). Maybe the problem stems from the weird flexible cable setup. I have a copper cable, but it's unclear if it's the right spec. Also, on one of my tries to connect the cable, there was a weird bug in which I became entangled in tentacle-like spirals of cable that seemed to drag me back to to the bath (this is not an exaggeration). In the meantime, I made the IC Eletrical Jetpack (so cheap!) and was looking at some boots that could break the fall. The space boots need iridium and are out of reach for now (how am I going to space to get iridium without them?) The only other option seems to be the Techgun Commando boots; these cut fall damage to 50%. Not perfect but better than nothing. Saw that they were made out of Carbon Plate and thought, how easy! Built the Techguns metal press and made a blast rod in the bottling machine, to get blaze powder. Thankfully, blaze rods are cheap in this pack, requiring only a metal rod and some lava. Filling the metal rods didn't work at first; then I remembered that there are two types of Lava in this game, tfc and vanilla. To convert from one to the other, I transferred TFC lava from a magneticraft tank via a minecraft metal bucket (these are also cheap, making red and blue steel practically superfluous) to a mekanism basic tank. It then worked. With blaze powder from grinding the blaze rod and one of the plentiful diamonds from compressing coal, I made carbon mesh for the plates used in the boots. Then I discovered that the boots also need titanium plate ... I actually have all the requirements to build the Techreborn blast furnace (to make titanium) and the Grinder (to increase ore yields and eliminate one step of processing), it's just that they areinsanely expensive ...
  19. TFC Realms

    .....interested....but the Discord link is wonky....
  20. TFC Realms

    Hello, I’m interested in starting a new TFC server with some non-standard features. I have played on various other TFC servers but there’s always been something kind of missing. I’m setting out to find out what that something was. I have started a discordchannel for use by myself and anyone interested in playing and/or helping me get this server off the ground. The server link is below. Here is a list of possible game play mechanics I’d like to include in the modpack and I’d love to hear from others: Competitive Play between Towns / Nations PvE - more than TFC offers Roleplay Quests / Dungeons Magic Trade / Economy If you’d like to join the discussion to implement this or just be one of the first to hear when the first server goes live, join the discord channel. I also have a server currently runningto play test any features that we want to work with. TFC Realms - Discord Channel
  21. How to create my own addon?

    I understand if for some given reason the devs don't want it because it's their mod. But I'd love to learn how to make an addon to deal with that myself.
  22. Is there a discord link anywhere?
  23. Counting Thread

  24. I tried it out, not much activity on the server.. more on the discord. Doesn't seem well set out, server sessions pass to fast when no players online, logged off in early spring, logged back in about 12hrs later to early autumn. Not finding any harvestcrops apart from mushrooms and seaweed. It runs well though, just think it need a little tweaking, and the community on discord seem pretty friendly though sadly they don't seem to be ingame.. might need a little more advertisement or hopefully some work will bring people back.
  25. Sadly no longer active under this owner or name, now being ran by.. Ashley1
  26. Candles should be using the same criteria as torches, they have to have a solid surface beneath them if I remember correctly. Can you provide an update or a screenshot? I'd also like to encourage you to check out the section in the OP regarding bug reports. Thanks
  27. Is anyone playing on this server? Sounds rather interesting!
  28. Small Boats recipe tweaking

    This looks amazing. I would love to add this to my season 2 TFC youtube series I'm currently working on.Does anyone know if this works with the latest tfc version? and with one that has most singleplayer tfc addons?
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