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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.

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  4. World Gen

    I'd love it if something like Realistic World Gen mod was added in, along with the nice new tree schematics I think it'd look great.
  5. Favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Easy, Cannibal Corpse
  6. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    well thats both a yeah and a nah. even though dunk isn't technically a dev for tfc anymore hes been working on his own version of it and has some updates and stuff for it. bioxx though hasn't even visited the forums for over half a year at this point I think so its kinda rip for his version I guess. hell when hytale comes out ima give a shot at remaking tfc there but guess all we can do for now is just wait.
  7. Last week
  8. server files and server creation.

    I have been trying to make a terrafirmapunk server but I cannot find the serverfiles. where can I find the files and how do I create a terrafirma server with proper terrafirma world generation. ( I found A guy who just posted his serverfolder but the world did not generate any terrafirma items, altough i think it was in the items list) thank you in advance for all help givin
  9. Server and world generation problems

    I ahve been trying to make A terrafirmapunk 2.1.0 server, after a some searching I found a guy who posted his serverfolder on some forum and it partially worked, the world generation was wrong tho (no terrafirma stones on the ground, could still punch tries, ETC). so my questions are, where can I find the serverfiles? how do I create the server? and how do I enable the terrafirma generation? thank you in advance for all help givin
  10. Unable to keep my health

    I dont think Xp is the problem as the main problem is that I cannot keep up with the nutrition I am losing.
  11. Unable to keep my health

    Your hp are also affected by your xp level. For every level you have, you gain a 20hp bonus to max health. If you are on peaceful and not killing any mobs, your levels aren't going to go up.
  12. Tfc Food Item Id#'s

    I think I love you now! : p Thank you very much, I've been racking my head over it for ages and was nearly there too, I had gotten close to fixing it but not quite, I'm glad you could assist me and whoever else needs to use this
  13. [TFC 0.79.23+] Decorations Addon for TFC

    Have I got the weirdest bug report for you, for some reason this addon Indirectly affects both ImmersiveEngineering and GregTech, resulting in me only being able to install either GregTech OR ImmersiveEngineering, when both mods are installed the game crashes and screams about missing recipes in the IE Api, removing this addon completely fixed the issue I was having, the crash report does not tell me what item is missing exactly but through process of elimination when working on a temporary bug testing modpack I managed to find out it was your addon breaking the two mods and adding a conflict between the two here's the crash anyways if you want to read it, it might be a little different to what it is all the time because of me changing mods and configs to fix the issue but this report should suffice, it doesn't directly blame any mods though, it's something about a preferred ore stack I doubt this addon will be fixed and granted I'm a little okay with that, it's not the most useful mod in my modpack but it was definitely one of the most decorative I had and did enjoy using it a lot, if this is looked at though it would be highly useful, thanks again! -UnlimatedStoen9
  14. Unable to keep my health

    Dang. Is it in any way related to playing on peaceful? I will also try new worlds but I am unable to try multiplayer sadly. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and help!
  15. Favorite Heavy Metal Band?

  16. Unable to keep my health

    This is indeed strange. There is a new version, it is possible it has a bug, although the changelog does not suggest any changes related to food system. If you haven't tried a completely new map yet, do so and see if your health will decay as quickly. You may also try joining a multiplayer game and see if the bug still exists for you.If this is the case, contact the new developer (I think the quickest way would be discord I think) and report the bug.
  17. Unable to keep my health

    Yes I am. No mod packs. I installed by downloading and installing 1.7.10forge and putting TFC into the mods folder. It says I have 5 mods loaded but it looks like they are all TFC related or Forge.
  18. Unable to keep my health

    Are you playing pure TFC? Or any of the modpacks? How did you install?
  19. Unable to keep my health

    I have been eating sandwiches and a variety. I am going down on all my food groups. Even if I just eat one food group, I still am not even able to keepup with just that one, let alone all. If I eat sandwiches, it just goes down at a bit slower rate but will always end up super low. I have been alive for about 1 hour in game eating almost just sandwiches and my health has gone down 300 points. I got to 150 originally but then died. I have seen other people take like two bites of one food group and have it go up drastically. When I do, I barley notice it, or dont notice a difference at all.
  20. We have updated the HappyDiggers TFC server to TerraFirmaCraft Thanks dries for all the changes you put in We haven't done a lot of testing yet but things seem to be running a lot smoother than before.
  21. [] serveur moddée FR

    Bonjour, devant le nombre de serveur FR abandonné et les joueurs français n'ayant plus nul part où allez je propose un énième serveur TFC moddée FR nous ne somme actuellement peu nombreux et toujours en développement, mais que ca ne vous empèche pas de venir découvrir notre petite communauté. voici le lien du discord:
  22. Unable to keep my health

    Try to eat combined food: salads if you don't have tools to make bread yet, sandwiches if you do. It works better than trying to eat different foods one after the other. But if you don't have dairy and you don't level up, your max health will be capped at 800 anyway, provided you eat all the other 4 food groups all the time. Also, did you look into your health tab? How does it look? It tells you, which food groups you are missing out on.
  23. Unable to keep my health

    Hello, I am quite new to Terrafirmacraft and I have benn struggling with my health. I cannot seem to get my maxx health in any reasonable area. I have been trying to eat of as many different food groups as I can except dairy. No matter what I eat, the loss of my max health always goes down faster that what I eat. Help?
  24. Mechanics that can be sourced from other mods

    I know a lot of effort was put into tree schematics, but...Dynamic Treesis a wonderful mod that grows trees/forests dynamically instead of just popping into existence. As a bonus, it already has a ton of compatibility for other mods built in.
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  26. [TFC] Teagan's Guide to: Terrafirmacraft

    I decided to use this to remind myself how to play TFC, and it's a pretty nice tutorial. Nice job! I have had 3issues though (one strange): Like the above poster said, the Coal quest is a little hard, since unlike the quest for the Malachite vein, there are no coordinates for coal seam. I did find it eventually next to some kaolinite, but by that time I'd already built my own forge out of Charcoal. Given how easy charcoal is to make, the Coal quest seems fairly redundant, and an odd gateway to the blacksmithing tree since charcoal works just fine. It did remind me that coal exists, though, so...I guess it served one purpose. The copper tools quest has 4 stages to complete it: Clay molds, Fired Molds, Tool Heads, and Finished tools. In my rush to getmetal tools, I found that I accidentally skipped the "tool head" phase, since I never had a pick, pro-pick, and chisel head in my inventory at the same time. In order to complete the quest and progress, I had to make a second batch of tools just so I could have their loose heads. The third was a Map Issue and quite strange. I could not find ANY CROPS! I managed to find a bit of sugarcane, but the rest of the map was devoid of squashes, peppers, rye, barley, garlic, carrots...nothing! I eventually remade the map in creative mode and looked around and saw plenty of crops in the riverlands and south of the lakes, but when I checked out those places with my first world, all I found was empty fields of flowers. It seemed as if all of the crops hadvanished, leaving scattered patches of daisies and houstonia to taunt me. I located some berry bushes where my creative-mode searching lead me, but no other crops. In summary: First world: No crops. Second with identical map:Crops found! Both worlds seem identical except for the lack of crops.
  27. [0.79.25] Great Starting Seed

    Does anybody know where to find sphalerite? I can't find it anywhere...
  28. Tfc Food Item Id#'s

    I got it to work properly. Here's a basic example for the et futurm rabbits: { "_name": "etfuturum.rabbit", "drops": [ { "function": "add", "id": "4643", "count": "1", "item_stats": [ { "function": "nbt", "tags": [ { "function": "float", "name": "foodWeight", "value": "3.0" }, { "function": "float", "name": "foodDecay", "value": "-24" }, { "function": "float", "name": "decayTimer", "value": "15224" } ] } ] } ], "pre_stats": [], "stats": [ { "_comment": "increase the cave rabbit's max health", "function": "modifier", "attribute": "generic.maxHealth", "value": 150, "override": true, "operator": 1 } ] }
  29. I'm making a modpack that based on three mods(TFC, GregTech, Avaritia) and I added HarvestCraft to it. But TFC tweaks hunger system and HarvestCraft foods are not working. Can I change hunger system to vanilla system or add other mod's foods to TFC hunger system?
  30. Hello, I've searched all over and haven't been able to find anything. I need to know how to craft/obtain a wooden press for the TFC Primitive Technology addon mod. I have celulouse fibers, but can't figure out how to get the wooden presses needed to craft the wet paper presses. What am I missing or how do you get them? Any help would be appreciated. Currently playing the twitch terrafrimacraft reforged 6.3.2 modpack. thanks.
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