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    0.79.23 Released


    Edit: There is a known issue in this version that causes the game to crash if the player is smithing and lines up the arrows without matching the rules. 0.79.24 will release in the next day or two and updating will fix the crash and allow the world to load normally. Please exercise caution while smithing, and know the only alternative to waiting for the update if the game has already crashed is to delete the anvil using 3rd party software such as MCEdit.

    TFC 0.79.23 Changelog

    • Important: This update breaks compatibility with the majority of TFC addons. Either uninstall all addons, or wait to update TFC until the addons you use are updated to be compatible.
    • Some unused/placeholder items have been removed from the game. When you first load up a world you will get an FML notification saying that some items/blocks have been removed. It is safe to hit "Yes" as the items removed were only possible to get through cheating.

    New Features

    • Field of View (FOV) now changes when the player is sprinting/slowed/flying/using a bow/etc. in the same way as vanilla.
    • Lava now lights flammable blocks on fire instead of placing sulfur on them. Note that the range for this is larger than the range of vanilla lava setting blocks on fire.
    • Added in-game GUI for the TFCCrafting and TFCOres config files. Crafting config options now sync from the server to connected clients.
    • Added config option to disable saplings dropping from harvested leaf blocks, making it so the only way to gather saplings is to gather ones spawning in the grass. Sapling drops are still enabled by default.
    • Items in the output slot of the crafting grid now have the NBT data transferred before the item is removed. This means that crafting recipes like making tools with a smithing bonus, dying vessels, and food management will have an item in the output slot that is identical to what the player will get when removing it from the slot.
    • Added easier compatibility using the ore dictionary for other mods to add axes, saws, scythes, hammers and knives that will properly behave in the world. e.g. Any tool that is registered as "itemKnife" can be used to gather straw. Any tool that is registered as "itemAxe" can be used to fell an entire tree.
    • Added config option to enable the old behavior of bowls always breaking, and clay forming giving 4 bowls.


    • Cobblestone created from caving in/exploding raw stone blocks now mines at the same speed as raw stone, and gives 1-3 rock items instead of the cobblestone block.
    • Gold pans must now be used by clicking the top face of the block that is underneath the flower water.
    • The output crafting slot can no longer be shift-clicked if the output item is a piece of food and the player's inventory is full.
    • Year length can no longer be set to a value less than 96. Existing worlds with shorter year lengths will have the value forced to be 96, which may result in some odd behavior. Most of this odd behavior can be fixed by taking note of the current in-game date before updating, and then using debug mode and the buttons on the calendar screen to advance time until it is that date again after updating. Players online while this is done will have their hunger and thirst bars drained, and all of the food in the world will experience at least some decay. Advance time using the largest increments possible first (years, then months, then days) to reduce the amount of food decay that happens.
    • Food that cannot be used as an ingredient (e.g. Raw Chicken) can no longer be placed in the food slots of the food prep interface.
    • Bears no longer attempt to attack players on peaceful difficulty. Bears and wolves will no longer attack other animals on peaceful difficulty.
    • Blast furnace now only accepts iron ore and ISmeltable items registered with a metal type of pig iron.
    • Knapping and clay forming achievements now trigger when the item appears in the output slot, instead of when it is taken out of the slot.
    • Alloy percentage tweaks to fix the ability to make alloys without all the ingredients.
      • Bismuth Bronze is now made with 50-65% Copper instead of 50-70%.
      • Red/Blue Steel is now made with 50-55% Black Steel, instead of 50-60%.

      [*]Cooked food no longer appears raw when dropped on the ground as an entity.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed clients being able to see debug information even when the server has the config option disabled.
    • Using the /debugmode command on a server will update the client of the player who issued the command to include the extra debug info and buttons. Any players who join while debug is enabled through this command will also see this information.
    • Fixed butchering skill being applied to food dropped by killing zombies.
    • Fixed falling cobblestone not dealing damage when coming in contact with players/mobs. Blocks now properly deal 100 HP of damage per block height fallen.
    • Fixed propick not displaying the smithing bonus tooltip.
    • Fixed tool racks rendering tools backwards when placed on the East/West side of a block.
    • Fixed infused string not being transferred when combining/splitting infused cheese. Fixed the S key combining infused cheese with non-infused cheese.
    • Fixed meat drops not having variations in flavor profiles.
    • Fixed crafting of food adding extra blank/zeroed NBT tags.
    • Fixed year length not reverting back after switching from SMP to SSP.
    • Fixed food dupe exploit.
    • Fixed sandwiches and salads not rendering some ingredients in the tooltip if one of the middle slots was left empty during creation.
    • Fixed barrel interaction for IFluidContainerItems.
    • Major general code cleanup. Hopefully this will give at least minor performance increases for those on struggling systems.
    • Fixed NEI clay dupe exploit.
    • Fixed achievement triggers block other crafting event handlers, such as getting the mold back from unshaped ingots.
    • Fixed small ore clusters using the vein method for generation.
    • Fixed crafting achievements not being triggered when the player shift-clicked the output.
    • Fixed tool upgrading exploit possible with the MFR unifier.
    • Fixed all vanilla plank blocks being converted to TFC oak plank blocks, instead of just vanilla oak plank blocks.
    • Fixed buggy fruit tree saplings that appear normal creating buggy fruit tree logs that crash the game when rendered.
    • Fixed TFCOre configuration options like maximum height not working properly.

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