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    Kittychanley has been released as a minor bugfix for an issue with the new knapping interface mechanics in SMP. Clients and those playing single player are not required to update, but it is strongly encouraged. Servers must update to this new copy of 79.19 in order to fix the issue.

    79.19 Released

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    TFC 0.79.19 Changelog
    New Features
    Added WAILA config option for displaying ore quality. Config option appears in the TerraFirmaCraft "module" section of the WAILA config screen.
    Added baby pheasant texture so they don't look so weird when the calendar screws up and they spawn as babies.
    Added chat message for failed attempts at using a forge due to an invalid chimney.
    Added localisation support for "Male", "Female", and "Pregnant" chat messages.
    Dog tails rotate according to the animal's health, just like with vanilla dogs.
    Added number overlay to the health bar displayed while riding animals. Fixed the "Press 'sneak' to dismount" message appearing when opening up a horse/donkey inventory. Fixed the experience bar not rendering while riding a boat/pig/minecart/etc, even though they have no jump bar that would replace it.
    Prospector's Pick results now display ore quality for players with a master prospecting skill.

    Tweaked alcohol production so it only works with 4 to 12 oz of food per water bucket, instead of having no upper bounds.Note: Even with the added upper bounds, there are still a few cases where processing sugarcane will result in a barrel with a little fresh water that can convert to rum if left unattended.

    [*]Gold pans have a 1 in 100 chance of breaking on the last of the 5 uses of a filled pan.
    [*]Pheasant textures are now 64x32 like all other small animal textures. This fixes pheasants not rendering properly for players with very old graphics cards.
    [*]Glass and Stained Glass blocks (not panes) are now considered solid blocks when checking for a valid chimney going straight up from the forge block.
    [*]All TFC info messages that appear in chat are now grey and italicized to help distinguish from standard chat.
    [*]Dirt, grass, gravel and sand blocks once again trigger block updates when destroyed by explosion. Should fix flying debris/tall grass/flowers/etc. leftover from surface explosions.
    [*]Chopping down a tree now spawns combined itemstacks of logs instead of an individual log item entity for each block. While breaking from the top down, each time a full stack of 16 logs is reached the full itemstack entity is spawned at that height. Any leftover logs that don't make up a full stack of 16 will be spawned in an itemstack entity at the location of the block broken to trigger felling the tree.
    [*]Switched bow to use four pulling textures instead of three.
    Bow is drawing, but cannot be fired.
    Bow can be fired with the minimum amount of force.
    Bow is a bit more drawn just to help fill the animation gap.
    Bow is fully drawn.

    [*]Crucibles with nothing in them now say "Empty" instead of "Unknown".
    [*]Newly generated swamp biomes will have dirt underneath the water, instead of stone.
    [*]Removed the grain restriction on the food prep slots while it is in sandwich mode, because there is no restriction on those slots while it is in salad mode so it was easy to get around anyways.
    [*]Changed knapping interface to only consume the items from your inventory under specific conditions. Clay is consumed when the first valid recipe is formed. Rocks and leather are consumed when the first piece is removed from the screen.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed clicking on a placed metal sheet with a metal sheet of a different type converting the sheet in the player's hand to be the same type as the one that is placed.
    Fixed support beams being invisible to other players in SMP when placed top-down.
    Fixed lamps consuming fuel while they are turned off.
    Fixed ClassCastExceptions caused by forest generation, fence gates, saplings generating on farmland, debris generation, and biome decoration.
    Fixed NullPointerException in the anvil GUI.
    Hopefully fixed drunk players getting kicked from servers when attempting to type in chat.
    Fixed barrels attempting hide processing when food is sealed in a water barrel and is not a valid alcohol recipe.
    Fixed bloomery block deleting itself without dropping the item if the chimney is no longer valid.
    Hopefully fixed the ceramic break sound not playing for the player who broke the ceramic item.
    Fixed Chalcolithic achievement not triggering if filling the mold completely drains the vessel of liquid metal.
    Fixed loom duplication of string/yarn/jute fiber exploit.
    Fixed the height of a riding player not adjusting with the size of the ridden horse/donkey/mule.
    Fixed blast furnace destroying the ore if the crucible below it doesn't have enough space to hold the molten metal.
    Fixed tamed dogs with a collar becoming fully healed when pet.
    Hopefully fixed the rare case of the fire block being extinguished when the pit kiln timer completes, which resulted in the pit kiln failing to complete its conversion process.
    Fixed pond weed not being able to generate in fresh water.
    Fixed grass spreading to dirt blocks that are underwater.
    Semi-fixed the duplication bug from using NEI to look up a recipe while in the knapping interface. Rocks and leather will properly save the state they were previously in when the player looks up a recipe. Clay will reset, but is still somewhat buggy. If the clay screen is reset before the output item is taken, the interface will look like it has been reset, but in reality all the same spots have still been removed (exit interface to truly reset without losing clay if there was no valid output). If the clay is reset after the output item is taken, the interface properly resets and you are able to form a new item which will consume another 5 clay.

    As some of you may have noticed, the forums and the wiki have been periodically becoming unavailable over the past few days. We have found the cause of the issue, and have even updated some of our forum software after fixing the problem. Hopefully the forums and the wiki will not go down again, and everything should run a bit faster and better as well.
    If the forums or the wiki ever go down, feel free to shoot me a tweet @Kittychanley, or send me an email at [email protected] to notify me of the issue. We'll try our best to make sure everything is back up and running as soon as possible.

    79.18 Released

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    New Features
    All water buckets (salt/fresh, wooden/red steel) can now be used to fill vanilla cauldrons. This was added per request for mod compatibility, but the request was not very specific. If this is incorrectly balanced please let us know exactly which buckets were supposed to be changed to work with cauldrons.
    Added config option to disable hiding of blocks and items from NEI. Set to false to show hidden items in NEI. Note: Most of these items were hidden to prevent players from cheating them in and crashing their game. Use at your own risk.
    Powder keg explosions now scale according to how much gunpowder is inside. Requires a minimum of 12 gunpowder for a tiny explosion.
    Three stacks of gunpowder will give the previous B79 explosion size.
    A full barrel (12 stacks) will give the old B78 massive explosion.
    Large vessels can no longer be used as powder kegs.
    Added config option for server admins to disable powder kegs.

    [*]Added the ability to glaze colors onto small ceramic vessels for easier organization. Craft an unfired clay vessel with any oredictionary-registered dye to color it. Crafting with another piece of dye will override the original color, not mix with it. There is no way to remove the color once it has been added.

    Items melted in the forge that result in only one ingot will go into the input slot rather than try to be moved over to the storage slots.
    Bloom Overhaul - This change means that all large blooms must be split in the anvil in order to get the full amount of wrought iron. Once the bloom has been split into 100 unit or less pieces, it is up to the player if they wish to turn it into an ingot by using the anvil, forge, or crucible. Crucible input slot will no longer accept refined blooms larger than 100 units, or raw blooms of any size.
    Raw blooms that are melted in a forge will now give unknown metal.
    Refined & Raw Blooms of any size that are melted in the forge will give at maximum 100 units of metal. Any remaining units of metal will be destroyed.

    [*]Removed the majority of plans being automatically selected in the anvil. Players must now manually select the plan.
    [*]Splitting blooms no longer auto-places the blooms in the player's inventory. Instead, split blooms are spawned in the world on top of the anvil. Note: Due to how finicky item entities are in Minecraft, it is strongly suggested that you stand directly next to the anvil while splitting blooms to make sure you pick the items up.
    [*]Changed wooden button crafting recipe to just use one plank block again.
    [*]Seaweed can be quickly harvested using left or right click with a knife.
    [*]Hoe modes won't switch to nutrient mode for stone hoes even when the player has a high enough agriculture skill since nutrient mode doesn't work on stone hoes no matter what.
    [*]Added bone handle recipes for stone javelins. All stone tools should now be able to be crafted with either a stick or a bone as the handle. This difference does nothing other than add a use for bones.
    [*]Lamps now give off the same light level as glowstone, instead of the light level of torches.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed anvils not taking world seed into account when determining placement of the red arrow for smithing. A "superseed" which is never shared with the client, and is determined on initial world load has also been added, so even worlds with the same seed that were generated at different times will have different red arrow placements for specific smithing recipes. Note: Unfortunately this change means that the red arrow placement on all existing worlds has changed, and your current combinations of moves will likely no longer work. However, this new arrow placement should not change even if the server reboots.
    Fixed mortar creation draining too much lime water, often resulting in a negative amount of liquid left in the barrel.
    Fixed sugarcane processing not properly checking the water : cane ratio, resulting in less than an ounce of sugar if too much cane was processed.
    Fixed ghost items in the input slot when barrel processing results in more than one full stack of items.
    Fixed sapling timer to properly use config modifier and start the moment the sapling has been planted.
    Fixed stone dropping the wrong rocks and no gems when mined by machines from other mods.
    Fixed burned out torches being replaced and consuming a torch if you miss and click the top/bottom side of a block.
    Fixed infinitely looping falling blocks on partially chiseled detailed blocks, as well as some other vanilla and modded blocks.
    Fixed rare exploit that allowed for growing crops underground.



    By Kittychanley, in Homepage,

    I'm currently looking into setting up a Patreon page for TerraFirmaCraft.

    I'm curious what kind of rewards you, the potential patrons, would like to see and would motivate you to potentially make a pledge. Because TFC2 is still in very very early development, the rewards from patreon page would be primarily aimed at development of the current Beta TFC, and not TFC2. The proceeds from this page would be split between our development staff.

    Here are some ideas of possible patron rewards:
    Your name on our credits page:
    Direct access to the current development builds of the next hotfix. In essence, you would become an official beta tester for new features. While TFC is open source, and therefore anyone can compile the latest development build to test it, we do not offer direct support for those who do so. This reward in essence would be us periodically compiling the in-progress code and sending it directly to patrons who could then play around with new features or bug test if they desire. It is important to note that these builds will be very unstable, and patrons will be highly encouraged to back up their saves before using them.
    The ability to guest-star in an official TFC tutorial video, that will be posted on the wiki, such as my .
    Access to a patron-only TFC server, that is either running the current stable release, or the latest possibly unstable development build. While I cannot speak for our other developers, I would personally make sure to periodically hop on to this server and play along with the patrons.
    Personalized Q&A. Patrons would be able to ask the developers almost any question (within reason) and get a personalized response back from a developer.
    Periodic streams or videos of our development, testing, and documentation processes. See behind the scenes what all goes into making TFC and maintaining its wiki.

    If you have any other ideas for patron rewards, feel free to post them below. The only reward that I currently can think of that would likely never be added, or only added with a very high price tag would be for you to suggest a feature (within reason) that would then be added to the game.
    After looking at the different options for a patreon page, I am currently thinking that we would set it up to be a monthly pledge, rather than a per-content pledge due to the way we currently handle development of the mod. A monthly pledge system would also be great motivation for us to push forward with development and work towards stricter deadlines so we can feel that we are earning your donations.
    Edit: For now, I've created a page that's just for the wiki. Due to the way that patreon handles payment, and taking taxes into consideration, it may be a while before a TFC development patreon page is created where the money is split between the devs.


    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    So much for the super stable 16 release Sorry guys, I derped and forgot to do a server test with the hopper which ended up crashing because I'm a dope. Anyways its fixed now and 17 is available.

    79.16 launched

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    Alright guys, 79.16 is finally out. Thanks in no small part to Kittychanley spending oh so many hours bug fixing and cleaning up after all the coding mistakes of Dunk and I, we should hopefully have another stable build. Even though this is not a full version increase, we've included the new oil lamps to hopefully appease some of the crybabies I hope you guys enjoy the new patch!
    Head on over to the Download page to grab a copy and don't forget to read through the change log as always!

    Upgraded to Forge
    Important: This update breaks compatibility with the majority of TFC addons. Either uninstall all addons, or wait to update TFC until the addons you use are updated to be compatible.

    A new modpack subforum has been added to the Show Off section of the forums! I am currently going through the forums and moving any appropriate topics to this forum. If you believe your topic belongs in this forum, and it is not moved within the next 48 hours, please let me know so I can move it.
    If you have a moment please cast your votes regarding how you play TFC. If you have friends who play TFC, we would greatly appreciate if you spread the word and ask them to vote as well. It only takes a second, and the results give us better insight on TFC's playerbase.
    Please note that anybody can vote in this poll, and you do not need any sort of account to cast your vote.
    I promised some news on where things are headed with the anniversary post and I think its about time to at least let you guys in on where things stand. I'll put things bluntly first and then expound.
    1.8 sucks. TFC will not be ported to 1.8.
    I say this only halfheartedly however. Some of the changes that 1.8 has brought to the table are actually very welcome in the grand scheme of things. However it feels like it was released with no regard for modders whatsoever. This is my personal reaction and I know that it is actually a bit harsh as I'm aware at the level of interaction that Mojang has with the Forge team and others.
    I won't go into too many details about all the little and big things that they've changed which have really stuck a dagger through any plans to port TFC. Suffice to say a great many things, most notably chiseling, appear to be impossible at this time to bring into the new rendering system that Mojang has so graciously *Rolls Eyes* bestowed upon us. There are a number of other things that also make porting the existing codebase into 1.8 far more trouble than it is worth as well.
    Now what does all of this mean? It means that TFC will not be porting beyond 1.7. Even if a way is provided to deal with all of the new rendering issues, there are other things that would require us to essentially rewrite TFC in order to deal with.
    So a rewrite is what will happen. Very, very, very slowly. Some of you may remember my old TFC2 project from long ago. That is being revived in some incarnation as the next iteration of TFC. Nothing is entirely set in stone beyond the fact that I plan to take my time with this one. As more plans are solidified, I'll be sure to fill you guys in. As far as TFC Build 80 and beyond are concerned, we will continue to add more content for 1.7 and polish the game.
    Dont worry, your new light source is still coming.
    Edit added by Kittychanley:
    For a bit of clarification since there seems to be some misunderstanding of the above final paragraphs.
    TFC "Beta" (i.e. Versions that start with 0.#) will not be ported beyond Minecraft 1.7.10
    TFC2, a complete rewrite of TFC "Beta" is currently planned for Minecraft 1.8, but will take a very long time before it is released.

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