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    During our migration of hosts, we have moved the wiki from to
    Redirects have been put in place so that your old bookmarks will still work, but it would still be a good idea to update them to the new format.
    Version 0.78.14
    Bushes can now refruit multiple times in the same year if they are within the proper seasonally adjusted growth times.
    Multiuse crops no longer give seeds when right click harvested. They only yield seeds when broken like other crops. No more runaway tomato farms.
    Firepits should no longer extinguish if they run out of fuel while having a log pile above them. Instead they will grab a log from the above logpile and use it as fuel instead. Should fix a few instances of charcoal pits not functioning. When the firepit decides that the requirements are met for charcoal production it will stop using fuel. This has not changed from before.
    Maximum panning per chunk reduced from 100 to 50, silver removed from panning to slow the progression straight to bronze and quick-panning (panning gravel beneath flowing water) has been disabled. You'll now need to shovel the gravel out from under the water as you can no longer fill gold pans from blocks beneath water.
    Finished spindles no longer stack.

    Bug Fixes
    Added missing workable/weldable/danger message to metal sheets and bloom items
    Added door sounds to bloomery opening/closing
    Fixed splitting 100% refined bloom. Plans now auto-select based on input if there is only one possible plan and select no plan if there is none available.
    Fixed the bow removing arrows from the quiver even if it does not fire.
    Fixed shift clicking ingots out of molds not keeping temp data
    Fixed horses spawned from eggs only having 15 health
    Added ASM fix for vanilla leashes so that they properly recognize TFC fences and don't break.
    Fixed Acacia Support Beams not supporting


    Moving Forward

    By Bioxx, in Homepage,

    Hey guys, time for a little TFC sitrep.
    First of all, I want to say hello to all of our new fans who've been flooding in recently. We hope you enjoy the mod and stick with us going forward.
    Now onto where things stand and where they are going.
    MC v1.7
    Currently we have a functioning 1.7 branch. This means that we can properly generate worlds but a lot of content is still very broken. However my current thoughts are not very positive when it comes to actually going to 1.7 with Build 79. As I am sure many of you who've tried 1.7 already realize, 1.7 tends to be a performance killer for many folks. Personally I have a very nice gaming rig so actual FPS isn't an issue. What IS an issue however is the terribly slow chunkloading times. If this cannot be solved than I can say that we will certainly not be moving past 1.6.4 for the foreseeable future. I've created a poll and discussion thread to hear what you guys think about this over here.
    Build 79
    As for actual content in 79, I don't want to get into too many specifics. A few things that we can hope to get into 79 however include:
    Rewritten barrels that can be used for liquid OR solid storage with a special bonus for food.
    Expanded Fishing and Trapping
    Rewritten Sluice <-This was one of the first things that I ever programmed for MC
    Changing how animals/mobs spawn so that they no longer use the terrible vanilla system.

    As is usual these are subject to change and in now way represent the entirety of what we'll be working on in 79.
    Build 78
    I'm fairly proud to say that Build 78 is one of our most stable builds yet. This is in no small part due to Kittychanley routinely forcing us to actually fix these bugs and even fixing a few herself. Some work has already been completed on a 78.14 patch and I'm hoping that we can say that's the final hotfix. Although we'll continue to hotfix if truly needed.
    Version 0.78.13
    Bug Fixes
    Food without proper NBT can no longer be placed in a vessel or food prep slots.
    Corrected some derps with chicken and pheasant egg laying.
    Nest boxes will no longer attract pheasant.
    Fixed upper half of player inventory drawing too big a rectangle.
    Fixed a number of issues related to horse breeding.
    Fix ClassCastException while checking armor
    Added non-tool metal sheets to heat index so double sheets can be made
    Changed stalactite breaking texture

    Tweaked the decay formula. This was actually an undocumented change from 78.12 that was released in a stealth update.
    Changed the good nutrition hunger death prevention from 50% to 85%. If your average nutrition is above 85% then being hungry will not kill you.
    In order to prevent sheepicide, wolves no longer attempt to slaughter them on sight and sheep now run away when they detect a wolf or bear nearby.
    Chicken AI can now deal with not being able to reach a nest box. They should also be able to see nest boxes that are slightly above them.
    Bears no longer run away when hit.
    Wolves and bears should now properly damage the player when attacking.
    Gold pan once again inserts directly into inventory, plays item pickup sound on success
    Modified water drip particles on stalactites so they don't hang in midair.

    Assuming that you can get this page to load then you'll know that the website is experiencing very high traffic recently. We apologize for the slowdown and are actively looking at ways to improving your browsing experience. Please give us some time to sort this out. Thanks
    Version 0.78.12
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed armor calculations being offset by 1 slot resulting in useless helmets. *Possibly fixes wolves & bears not doing damage.
    Fixed more server related crashes regarding food prep.
    Fixed breaking ice always creating salt water sources.
    Optifine should no longer cause crashes.
    Fixed decay equation to actually be 50% per day as the default base.
    Fixed the bow always firing at full charge.
    Fixed touching barrels emptying into each other.
    Fixed animals thinking they could path through fences.
    Really fixed forges going out when being created for the first time.
    Fixed red arrow placement in the anvil possibly resulting in impossible to complete rules.
    Fixed arrow always animating in the casting UI regardless if it's actually casting the tool.

    Non-terrible meals are much easier to make. Note: Past meal recipes may result with different taste values after updating.
    Disabled redstone interaction with fence gates.
    Removed unused tool-tip on hides.
    Forges will have a static temperature of 2000 in debug mode.
    Added chat messages to debug commands so it's more obvious if they worked.
    Casting interface can now be opened with any liquid metal instead of just copper/bronzes. Interface can be used to cast tools using a full unshaped liquid ingot (same as before) as well as for combining partially filled ingot molds (both molds must be at liquid temperature). Added background overlays to the slots so it's easier to figure out which item goes where.
    The config value of decayRateMultiplier now also multiplies the initial decay when an item is first receiving decay. Setting this to 0 will now also stop initial decay from adding to the item.

    Version 0.78.11
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed clickable area of the food prep gui being too small, causing players to toss items from their inventory.
    Fixed crash when splitting Iron Bloom
    Fixed taming wolves setting their current HP to 20
    Forges should no longer go out instantly when lit for the first time.
    Donkey chests can be properly accessed now, no more crashes.
    Scraping sheepskins now adds hides to the player's inventory on the client as well as the server and with the correct size.

    30% slower heating/cooling applied to all metals
    Meals now also cool much slower.
    Added oreDict for Acacia planks. Fixes all missing vanilla recipes. Acacia can now be used in all the mix&match wood recipes too.
    Made nest box GUI same size as log pile and vessel.
    Breeding animals now consumes 5 oz of the specific food, not the entire item.

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