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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Boats and Ships

    I vote for the portal system. I like the idea of having to survive on each island while exploring it for the portal. I would even like to suggest that the portal system be fashioned after the Stargate. You will need to get "sequence" or address stones from each new island to allow teleportation to new islands. I think an address system would be better than only being able to go one island in any direction at a time. If I am on an island 2 hops away from the starting island I would prefer to be able to dial in the starting island and do it in one hop. I am not sure how we are going to get animals from one island to the next, but it may be easier to get 3 sheep from oneisland to another that is island 2 or more hops away by dialing in an address. For example: if the animals can go through the portal will the leashes break upon arrival? Such that when I get to the first hop they start running off and I have to then get the leashes out and rope them again to get them back in the portal to jump one or x number more times? Of course you would say: "No. why would the leashes break? That would be stupid." Obviously nobody would write code to make the leashes break, but interactions between the many different components often leads to things happening that you wouldn't otherwise think would happen. In addition, an addressing system might help alleviate problems with deciding how far to jump, say East, from the current island. Does a jump take you 1 Island East or two? An addressing system may make this aspect of the portal traveling easier to handle/manage? By having to survive on each island and do the exploration not only prolongs the pliability of the world you are living in (a good thing in my opinion), but it also lends justification for an addressing system such as the Stargate. Having to put hundreds of hours into the world (which I and my fellow crafters gladly do and did do with TFC) should earn us the efficiency of an addressing system.
  2. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    I understand your hesitation, reference the food rabbit hole. But we really really really liked your fruit trees in TFC! Its a shame Pam didn't do more than just hang fruit from oak and spruce trees. Assuming you talked to her about how long she'll be supporting her mod, did you get a feel for whether or not she might be willing to adopt your fruit treesfrom TFC? Wouldthat even be possible?
  3. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    More 0.1.4 Stuff Armor Slots I caught a pair of Leather Boots while fishing. Seems there is a lot of junk in the ocean. Have caught many things. But as for the Boots and Armor, in the player Inventory the armor slots appear to be in the wrong order. From top to bottom they are Feet, Legs, Chest, Head. They were Head, Chest, Legs, Feet, in TFC. I put the boots in the current Feet slot and they also show up in the Shield slot in the bottom right of the character profile. And they are also in my left hand. I do not know how to see if they are actually providing me with additional armor. Max Health At Level 17 my Max Health is now 21.7 But while I was fishing I watched it go down from 22 to 21.7. I had 1.5 segments of Hunger and Thirst was 4.5. But I could have swornthat at Level 13 it was 25 or 27. Okay, paying more attention, Max Health and Current Health decreaseas the Thirst bar empties. It looks like they both decrease.1 for every segment that the Thirst bar goes down. And they continueto decrease once the Thirst bar is completely empty. To be clear, on the Health Bar there are two numbers, at first spawn they are20.0/20.0 As the Thirst Bar goes down both numbers decrease by .1 and the red Health bar stays full because the current and max health are the same number.
  4. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Played the heck out of TFC. Absolutely loved it. Ran my own server. 6 of us played initroutinely, others came and went. But we absolutely had a great time with it. Been watching the forum and waiting patiently for TFC 2. Am happy to see this Alpha pre-release.Will be happy to help with play testing. Getting a 404 error from your Drop Box link for 0.1.5. Here are my notes from 0.1.4, which is only the things I haven't seen others talk about in this thread: Water Bottles Was fishing, caught a Water Bottle. Can fill water bottle from ocean and fresh water. Can drink fresh water from the water bottle until it is empty, but it does not satisfy thirst; i.e. Blue Thirst Bar does not fill. Fire Pit Issues Can not make torches or cook food. Can build fire pit. Only certain logs will cause the fire animation and heat the item placed in the top box. Food and Sticks will all warm to 350 degrees but the process never completes. That is to say that the item is not moved from the top box to the box on the right; the food does not finish cooking and the sticks do not turn into torches. Gardens Pam's Harvest gardens do not spread and can only be placed in specific areas. I have not figured out what the specifics are, but they can not be placed in land processed with a hoe, and not all grass plots. Only certain ones. But I can't figure out what those grass plots have in common. Farm Land The Hoe'd land/farm land is returning to dirt after x amount of time and the crop that was planted pops out and floats above the dirt. Which is fine if there is a watering mechanic. But when I pick up the floating item it disappears and does not show up in my inventory. When I harvest a crop the harvested items appear and float above the farm land. I can pick those up and find them in my inventory. Crafting Sticks If you open the player inventory and place planks in the left two boxes you can pick up 4 sticks in the right box. When you pick up the 4 sticks you do get them and can place them in your inventory, however, the number of planks in both of the left two boxes doubles. So, you put 4 planks in the left two boxes (top and bottom) pick out the 4 sticks and you will now have 8 planks in the left two boxes. Pick up 4 more sticks and you will have 16 planks in each of the left two boxes, etc... Hope this helps. Do you want me to start a new world for 0.1.5 testing, or keep on going with the 0.1.4 world while running 0.1.5? Keep up the good work, Popsicle.