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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Looking to study a town for a school assignment

    My teacher is flexible. I spoke with her prior to this post. She's also seen me play this modpack plenty of times and has shown alot of interest in it. I would not have posted this without her permission to use TFC as a resource. The crop rotation, seasons, harvest, refining, and food preservation was totally what she was looking for. I just need the "community model" fr the assignment.
  2. Hi, I'm taking an agriculture class and one of my projects is about putting myself in an early society and describing what i would need to do to get food for the rest of my community. I thought Terrafirmacraft would be an excelent way to study this subject as any town on TFC requires a multitude of people doing different jobs to survive. Rarely have I encountered anyone who can jack-of-all-trades this modpack. Here is the transcript for my assignment. "For this assignment, you will put yourself in the place of a person living in an early society.You will describe your community and how you obtain the food you need to survive.You will need to include detailed information, such as: the number of members in your community the location and description of the area in which you live how you obtain your food sources a detailed explanation of what types of foods you obtain a detailed explanation of the interactions between the people in your community and the roles they play in the communityYou may use the information in the lessons.You will also need to use some outside resources to complete this assignment.Please reference the sources you have used.You may complete the assignment in a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation." I'm an avid terrafirma craft player and i've been a part of many towns and server communities. I'd like to both get back into playing this modpack and get this project done. In order to actually learn you have to be interested in your research am I right? I'dpreferablylike to study a mid-tier town withat least5-6 players. The town would need a farmer, butcher, and a cook. It would have to be nice looking but atthe same time easy to describe in words (I'd LIKE to insert a screenshot). Most importantly I want these players to be mature adults that can take things seriously and have a sense of priority with their respective jobs. My username is Zzapdragon, I am available monday through friday after 3. Weekends I work dispatching phones, so online gaming on the weekends is a no-no. If you're interested send me a pm me or reply to this thread. Thank you! ( And for the admins, I wasn't sure where to post this if you'd like it moved I will be totally cool as long as people can read it)
  3. Cast Iron (not tools)

    So I have had this idea for awhile, I've been tossing it around In my head and thought i'd share. First off I've been getting into bronze casting at home, I've got this cast iron ingot cast I use when I'm practicing with lead. It gave me some ideas and is quite fun you guys should try it. I thought maybe once you hit the iron age with the bloomery you have the option to make upgraded versions of tool moulds. It would be a reusable mould that wouldn't break on the first use. Now whether it has a limited number of uses or its completely indestructible is up to the devs. I also thought of a cast iron skillet or pot maybe to expand upon the food system. I do feel however that you should need the crucible for iron casting and not just do it in your inventory. Like you would need to manually tip the crucible in order to poor the liquid iron into the iron mould. The iron mould would have to be a block of some casting material other than just clay, like fire clay or what i use at home, greensand. I feel this would create an industrial feel to the game and for a multiplayer server would allow a town create multiple axe heads quite quickly instead of forging them. I don't wan't forging to be ignored because of this. I do have the fear of this becoming easier than forging and less time comsuming. So you should only be able to do this with bronzes and copper. So if someone wanted an iron pick they gotta forge it. This would just be so that an impatient smith could pump out a ton of pickaxes at once for mass mining.
  4. Make sluices work permanently in one place?

    Aren't there new types of gravel recently? like basalt, gabbro ect.? why not just dump the idea of the sluice scanning and producing metals in an area and just have it pump out the metals and minerals found only in a specific rock type? for example, you set up your sluice and throw down some dolomite gravel and the sluice will generate bimuthinite, limonite, and magnetite. Now keeping in mind the issue with infinite ores from sluices I'm sure the devs wouldn't want a repeat of that but lowering the probabilities of finding ore may render the sluice useless. Any balance ideas?EDIT: This would also ruin the sluice as a prospecting tool. I'm just throwing this idea out there i'm not particularly hoping it would be implemented.
  5. Make sluices work permanently in one place?

    Because i'm horrible with the propick and panning was the only easy way for me to get ore. i actually can't play most of the time unless i'm on a server and my friends who are much better at prospecting than me are supplying me ore. That must have been why then...
  6. Make sluices work permanently in one place?

    thats wierd because i had a system worked out that every in game year i work a certain few chunks that i marked out with a gold pan and they work fine for me. how long ago did this change?
  7. Make sluices work permanently in one place?

    Why not just make it like goldpan? when an area is over worked with a goldpan you just leave it be for awhile and it replenishes. how about the sluice will still over work but not permanently exaust. Kind of like an upgraded goldpan when you get into the metal age.
  8. Thaumcraft compability/crossover

    *screams* share that with me when you're finished! :DDDD

    Being an owner of two Kiwi trees that need to be grafted AND pruned yearly I must strongly suggest these mechanics be implemented somehow. Say you have an apple tree that produced ALOT of fruit that season, well next season it's gonna produce less because the branches are older. Each year I MUST prune my Tree's branches back or else I won't get as much fruit as I did the previous year. I also need to consantly graft the assholes so they don't over take the house. Oh! and can you add Kiwi fruit in with your list of missing fruits?
  10. Tin Compass?

    I never thought about the compass pointing towards ores and such. That would be a clever way of finding iron but also make it an obstacle when using it for its navigation purposes. (reading fom the wiki on compasses) the needle was rubbed with a lodestone to magnetize the metal. I feel the compass could potentially be pretty useful in the game.
  11. Tin Compass?

    Must compasses be made of iron? Isn't iron a ferrous metal? I'm not sure that would be effective in creating a working compass, also iron is a mid tier metal that takes awhile (for me at least) to obtain. It also makes obtaining maps difficult aswell. Compasses should be made of tin, wood, or another cheaper material. The needle however must be either iron or steel as those are ferrous metals and are what make a compass work. but redstone is used as the needle ingame, so perhaps that could become the substitute vital item other than iron. I hope this isn't too minor of a suggestion. Just an idea to share with others, hopefully someone else thinks the same about compasses...
  12. Remove Gold Pan

    I go panning along the columbia river and it's mouth, across the river from Astoria where I live. We don't turn out much but I can safely say using a salad bowl is not recommended over using a bowl specifically suited for panning. I must agree with everyone else, this thread was a waste of time.
  13. Forging.

    Is anyone else freakishly good at forging? All of my friends and people I've met on servers say it's hard and they friggin suck. I try to explain to them how easy it is to line up the arrows right but they always end up just mashing techniques like a madman until they get it right. Nobody I've met takes their time. I'm genuinely not trying to brag here, I'm just wondering if there are other people who literally end up being the main smith for half their server community sometimes.Does anyone have tips or some tutorials I can show to some friends? What are some strategies you guys use? Any good stories?
  14. Forged by "playername" tooltip/Player signatures

    Oh? That's fantastic! Thank you! I'm sorry it isn't going as planned, but I'm very much looking forward to it now.
  15. Polished stone tools

    No, this is a good idea. Sometimes when starting out there is ZERO tool metal nuggets for miles. having this added tier would really make it easier on unlucky players and those new to the modpack. I dig the research to, mentioning the "era's" makes much more sense to me. But certain stones should not be able to become polished like chalk and mudstone, but stones like granite are pretty tough.