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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Running TFC from eclipse workspace

    Please help. I'm necroing this thread to ask a question because the gradlew build script fails when it tries to download the Waila .pom file (peer not authenticated). I tried importing a cert using the keytool command, but that didn't work. I also tried adding systemProp.https lines in the, but that didn't work either. I can straight up download the files the script is asking for, but I have no idea how to supply them to the script. gradle is infuriating. I miss the pre-gradle days. -For anyone who has worked on addons for TFC, what version of the JDK are you using? I've got 1.7.0_80. (This could fix it) Here's the error: > Could not resolve mcp.mobius.waila:Waila:1.5.11-RC2-NONEI_1.7.10. Required by: com.bioxx.tfc:TFCraft-master:0.79.29 > Could not GET ' 1-RC2-NONEI_1.7.10/Waila-1.5.11-RC2-NONEI_1.7.10.pom'. > peer not authenticated Solution (in case this happens to anyone else): Copy and place it in TFCraft-master/build/dirtyArtifacts/
  2. January 2015 Update: Roanoke, the longest running TerraFirmaCraft server instance, is still chugging along. This month we've upgraded TradeBooth mod and added Steampunk Airships. August 2014 Update: We're still running B77! Remember when the F in TFC stood for Firma and not Food?! We do! Not enough has appealed to us in TerraFoodCraft B78, so we're stuck in the past. And it seems we'll be stuck there even when TFC gets the casserole update: B79! TerraSandwichCraft! Roanoke is back! Roanoke TFC server has a long history with TFC and we put a new spin on it in this fifth iteration of Roanoke. The Roanoke Challenge Server features customized ore generation, other TFC tweaks, chunk protection with MyTown, and trading with CustomNPC vendors and player Trade Booths. Our focus with this iteration is on scarcity, economy, community and competition. We encourage towns to grow their chunk claims aggressively, as we've made it quite affordable. Protect your prospective ore sites with chunk claims and corner the market on an ore or mineral. Roanoke veterans will also recognize a familiar world seed from Roanoke2. New to TFC? Intimidated or put off by the extra mods we run? Our launcher makes installation a breeze and the additional mods compliment TFC and won't take away or diminish your first TFC experience. Installation/Launcher: (look for Roanoke #5) IRC: Server Website/Forum: Server Address: World Started: Dec 1, 2013 Server Activity: 460+ Unique Players Map: (from Roanoke 2, settlements may differ) Dynamic Map: We are not TFC purists, we are TFC veterans looking to make the most out of Minecraft's best mod: TFC. NPC vendors may offer items not before available in TFC, like vanilla items. We allow Nether access. You will never see an admin flying around, teleporting, or building in creative mode, everything you see is player resourced and built. We build roads and canals to connect towns, there is no teleportation or home commands and there never will be. There is no virtual currency or instant delivery transactions, instead we use Custom NPC coins, which you must carry around with you and you must bring goods to market (they don't magically appear in your inventory). We have a 360 day year, to make food production and tree growth more meaningful. We are pun friendly. Mods List Having trouble with our launcher? Ask us in IRC (link above) for help if you need to perform a manual installation. NEICustomNPCArmorStatusHUDRei's MinimapStatusEffectHUDExtraFirmaTradeBoothModUnlit Torches and LanternsSmall BoatsSteampunk AirshipsBibliocraft TFC Customization OreGen: We've replaced the TFC OreGen with our own system to reward people for exploring the surface rather than digging uninspired tunnels at Y60. Gone are the TFC ore blobs, replaced instead with veins that snake their way in all direction under the surface. We also have unique sedimentary bed and kimberlite pipe generation. Anthracite mineral has been added which yields charcoal, but can only be found in the far north. No longer does ore only generate at specific levels, but minerals tend to begin at the surface and snake their way down into the deeps and can ultimately be found at any level. We've also implemented a regionalizing system that makes distinct regions of mineral/ore groups, so that you must trade or prospect over great distances to progress up the metal tiers (this is working very well, as after 2 weeks the server is still stuck in the copper age, unable to find all the ingredients that make up the bronze tier whereas in vanilla TFC someone usually gets to red steel after 5 days). Some regions may be void of ore, others may be rich, it's up to you to wander the world and prospect!Tree Growth: We've nerfed sapling spam (random sapling growth in forest areas), and drastically increased the time it takes for saplings to grow into trees as part of an experiment in scarcity. We want to see mass deforestation and the challenge longer growth time brings to the server population. This might sound foolish, but it has worked really well so far. 40 days in and after 80+ unique players there is still an abundance of trees at spawn.Mountain Tops: We've prevented dirt from covering the tops of high mountains for a unique look and to reveal surface minerals.Misc: There may be a few other tweaks that I can't remember at this time, or that may be implemented in the future.
  3. We're keeping B77 alive as we enter our 15th continuous month of TerraFirmaCraft. This week we updated TradeBooth mod and added Steampunk Airships. Rumors of a new spawn town have surfaced. Join us if you remember Roanoke, or feel nostalgic for B77.
  4. 2160 oz Pig

    Kill a pig-sized squid and you're lucky to get 1 ounce.
  5. 2-3 weeks ago Roanoke had 25-28 peeps online at once, things change. I distinctly remember seeing how dead yours and Zandrov's servers were at that time (no malice, just an observation). What I've noticed with TFC servers over the years is that there is usually one really popular vanilla TFC server at any given time on these forums. After a couple months the hardcore loyal players get bored with TFC and start demanding mods. The admins always gives in, and it becomes a modded server. Then shortly after, those players get bored with it all and the now-modded server dies, in terms of population. Then, right on queue, a new vanilla TFC server appears in the forums with a fresh map and the cycle starts again. I can never go back to vanilla TFC, it's far too bland. I hope you keep the trend going for a long time, enjoy it! =)
  6. Probably 99% of the crashes are related to TFC bugs, like lightning striking TFC trees, someone cutting sequoias or someone walking in a new chunk with sequoias. This is a problem on all TFC servers.
  7. Why is the host bad? We've been lag free for 3 months, then things got bad this week when we have 20+ online. We added more RAM today, so hopefully that is the end of our lag troubles.
  8. Another month has gone by on Roanoke, so it's time to share the progress at spawntown's vault: The ingot stacks are getting so big, it requires two screenshots now for perspective. Lead is by far the most commonly sold item, as it has no in-game use. And in other news, we hit 26 players online at once yesterday. No instance of Roanoke server over the years has ever seen this many players online at the same time before. =)
  9. Ocean Of Sphalerite

    Having some mystery in the ore gen system is a good thing. Having the ore gen revealed to me in both vanilla and TFC took some of the enthusiasm out of the game for me. I still remember the person who told me how predictable ore gen was in TFC, and that was a long time ago. Once you discover how simple it is, you'll mine in a repetitive way and the challenge is replaced by tedium.
  10. We added/updated a few mods today:-Bibliocraft 1.5.5 -b77horses 0.1: Adds TFC health to vanilla horses. -tradebooth (updated for bug fixes) See our server news thread for links to these mods:
  11. Update Frequency Poll

    You're already strapped for time and motivation, just add code to detect old worlds and that adds to/replaces/deletes obsolete blocks/items/entities as the server starts up the new version for the first time, because that would be fun, right? It could be like vanilla, where you gotta explore to get new terrain generation. The people who keep old worlds are probably a tiny minority.
  12. When is it time to throw in the towel?

    I think you should appreciate the challenge. It could be worse, all the resources could be found in the same place and the fast progress up the metal tiers would dull the experience.
  13. I learned last night that powder kegs can knock item frames off of walls perpendicular to the blast vector over crazy distances. The blast might have only affected a radius of 20-30 blocks, I instantly died with 41 levels well beyond that, and the item frames that fell off (and despawned due to my ignorance) were well over 100 blocks away from the powder keg. So if you ever do blasting near your home be sure to check on your item frames or else you'll lose em.
  14. I found this whilst mapping for the server map: It looks like a submerged ravine, but my guess is that the water blocks have not updated. So if you were to sink into this you might fall to your death as there are likely to be air blocks right beneath the water blocks. You can find our server's map here: It is made entirely of in-game maps which were screenshotted and stitched together. Each segment typically takes 2-3 hours to explore fully, usually longer in mountainous terrain. If you'd like to help with the mapping effort, I can share with you the coordinate system it uses, to ensure all the segments align with one another.
  15. Trivial Quern Bug

    B77 HF22 Today our server had 17 people on at once and I noticed that the server was running slightly slower than my client because when I try to access a quern entity's inventory, after it has stopped rotating, the server would refuse to allow the GUI to open because it believes the quern is still spinning when it receives the request. Now the bug comes with requesting the quern to spin right after it has stopped from a previous spin action. It seems to me that the client and server don't synchronize this action, instead the client can start a spin action even when the server-side quern isn't finished with the last spin. The result is wasted time watching the quern spin client-side, because the server didn't allow that spin to occur. It's a trivial bug, because I doubt many people will encounter this except for in a situation where the server is performing slightly slower than normal. I use four querns at once to save time and it's annoying when some querns finish grinding full stacks before others because of this bug.
  16. It's the first day of a new month, and so it's time to post up the progress at Spawntown's vault. These are the player-crafted ingots that were sold to spawntown in exchange for currency. Today, we also got our 150th unique player login and had 17 concurrent players. This month, Roanoke's road system extends around 9km, not bad for 2 months.
  17. Nerf Water Stream Blocks

    So a few days ago I added a waterfall with two water source blocks near our server's spawntown and today it became winter and our waterfall grew a little: This is around an hour later: The problem is that water stream blocks freeze to ice, which become water source blocks when they melt during day. And so in a short time, you can have 2 water source blocks grow into an out of control mess.
  18. [Offline] Zandrov's Server No Whitelist or PVP

    There can be law(s) under anarchy. The etymology contradicts the popular use of the word, it means without rulers not without rules or chaos.
  19. Each month, we take a screenshot of Spawntown's bounty for that month. The bounty represents the ingots, gems and diamonds that were sold to NPC vendors in exchange for currency (coins). Here is the haul for this server instance's first month: Looking forward to seeing the haul for January soon. Also we broke 100+ unique players this week.
  20. One Single Giant Server

    The trouble with having lots of players on the same server is that TFC is prone to crashing, especially due to sequoias, which some have said is fixed in B78. Crashing is especially detrimental to a server population as most players are not really loyal to any particular server or committed to playing TFC for long periods of time, and so any little distraction like a crash will see them finding something else to do with their time. While griefing is an issue on a vanilla TFC server, this is easily remedied by chunk claiming mods like MyTown. There is another problem, which is that there really isn't much of a game or depth in TFC, despite all the work in adding game mechanics. You can only go through the hassle of making red/blue steel anvils so many times before you start looking for a greater experience. For a veteran player, the struggle for resources is typically quite brief and there really aren't any other threats to the player's survival after the first few in-game weeks. Also I'm not sure you could get server owners to agree to the same rules, configurations or mods. Lots of players are also particular about the server setup. New players tend to want a vanilla TFC experience, without mods. I've added many of the popular TFC servers to my server list to see how many people are playing at any given time, and it seems there are typically less than 10-15 on at peak times. Since we started a new iteration of our server on Dec 1, we've seen roughly 70 unique players, and typically see 6-9 people on during peak hours. Very few seem to stick around for longer than a week or two, there just isn't enough holding their attention. So I don't think this effort will yield any greater server population, TFC itself needs to be changed to encourage more interesting multiplayer experiences. I hope you prove me wrong. =)
  21. Because food is already easy enough to get, and the longer year makes it a little more challenging to grow food, though just barely. Also, who wants to live on a planet where there are only 90-some days per year?
  22. What about a big battle between TFC players?

    Sadly, I don't think this is possible due to the Law of Sequoias which says that if you get 10 people on a TFC server at once it will crash soon after due to sequoias. Even if the server restarts within 60 seconds, one of those 10 people is bound to wander away and find something else to do.