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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. This thread contains a high amount of win. Really I'm for any aesthetically pleasing alternative to the firepit that burns fuel slower and more efficiently. I don't care what you call it, however I'd really prefer that it be able to burn wood. I love woodfires. That smell.... Mmmmmmmmm. Also to play devils advocate, a rocket stove is TOTALLY feasible within the timescale of TFC. Sure it wasn't invented till later, but it really doesn't use any special tech. For crying out loud you can make one out of two cans, one with holes drilled in it! That's not exactly "high tech". Yea the name sounds futuristic, but the concept is no more complicated than a bloody blast furnace.... EDIT; after further research, it turns out this concept was used in the roman times. So yeah... Pretty hard to argue that.
  2. New early game tool: broad axe

    As some one who helped build the house I'm sitting in right now from the ground up I feel qualified to at least say this; it's much more practical to make a house out of planed pine logs than with planks you made with a HANDSAW. Besides the weight issue of getting the logs into place, building the walls of our square log house was actually really quick and simple. Just drill a hole in the corners for wooden dowels, insert, and add chinking. Boom, super insulative, near fire proof (yes, house made out of wood, but it's pine so you can hold a blow torch to it and it really won't burn. It needs kindling to turn into a bigger fire before those big logs will burn). The complex part was adding modern stuff like toilets, showers, washing machines, gas stove, and electricity. And the roof/2nd story I guess I guess my point is, for gameplay purposes, all I really feel needs to be changed is to be able to make "log" blocks that can be broken quicker and don't have bark on them. I want a log cabin Sooo bad but the bark looks terrible aesthetically. Perhaps once the temp update comes you would have to add chinking of some sort to stay warm.
  3. Easy to Implement Ideas

    Yes I prefer that style of health bar. I cannot remember the specific word for that... Some one mentioned it in a thread requesting when temperature be changed you wouldn't not have a "bar" telling you how cold/hot you are but icy crystals form at the edges of your vision when you're cold and red heat and blur when you're dying of heat exaustion. Much more immersive!
  4. I'm never quite sure what is and isn't forbidden knowledge so I won't say much, but I know that certain ores (or minerals) are very likely to be found together in TFC. As in intermingled, the same vein. Good examples are Bismuthimite (bismuth) and Limonite (iron), or Magnetite (iron) and lignite (coal). I am unsure this is intentional coding, or purely coincidence in my experience. However I do know that any two or more minerals/ores found in the same rock types can and will form in veins in the same location. Unless this has changed since B75 (citation needed)
  5. What do you want in a lets play?

    I'm considering starting a TFC let's play, and was wondering if it's something any of you would be interested in. And if I do, what would you like to see that you have not from other lets players or would like to see more of?
  6. Melt alloy into alloy mixture

    It's a play on the English language. He was saying that he agrees with Kitty, but he agrees with the user "iprefermuffins" idea MORE. By clever apostrophe usage, he also said that he agrees with Kitty, but prefers muffins (a delicious food).It was pretty clever,
  7. Ask the person below you

    I don't know the factual answer to this as I am not a golf fan so I'll take a guess and say False.You can have one piece of technology to survive in the wilderness for the next 5 years, what do you take? This is a tricky questions so make sure to think carefully
  8. Name Me!

    What does that make me? *all he really wants is to be accepted**beady kitten eyes*Also, holy shit cork. Are you perchance related to Noodles? I like you.
  9. I'm Back!

    Hi guys :3 *totally not necro-ing this thread* I heard you like randomness.... [email protected]$,83!,82!58,!258/@?83$:8?$?;&,8!45!/9?&2'kensjcjd &;!'sbk$:$jek There. Try and break that code!
  10. I REALLY like the idea of your mod, I'll dig up my MC forums account and post some support some time soon. Unfortunately I'm neither a coder nor an artist, so all I can offer is kind words
  11. None :| TFC is the one mod to rule them all! The end all be all of mods. The holy grail. My precioussssss. All joking aside I should give those a try, I can get into a fanboy mode where I think TFC is the only game in existence.
  12. I'm baaaack!

    Well Eternal came back! I thought he was gone for good. So did SGRnoodles, but good ol noodles never really left. Now if we could just get JAG, Jed1314 and a few others on it would be a party!
  13. Oh I'm always here. Even when I don't post. Heck even when I have a hiatus from TFC. The forums here are full of many smart people and I enjoy looking at the discussions. Instead of reading the news (which I find depressing) I go here. Haha!Also I miss JAG. He was my favorite member of the forums. Also what about Infinus5? He was a prospector by profession if I remember correctly. Lots of fascinating info on geology from him.
  14. What do you want in a lets play?

    Don't worry, whenever I find my "niche" I will make sure not to neglect the new players. It would be foolish not to since I would be giving away my biggest potential audience. Without offending anyone I think it is safe to say the only LP channel out there that is both A: up to date, B: contains comprehensive and efficient tutorial aspects, and C: is run by a user who knows a lot about the mod, while still (D:) being of decent content and quality is Dunkleosteus. Etho is great and super professional, but he is still a newbie to the mod. Obviously I can never know the game as well as Dunk since he is a dev, but if I work on my YouTube editing and quality control skills I may be able to eek out and advantage and start to build a decent fanbase. However this all hinges one thing; I have to find a perspective on TFC that is different enough and suits my play style enough that I can take advantage of relatively non frequent uploads (possibly twice a week, I can't keep up with Dunk or Etho's schedule as a Student and an Athlete )Also for those concerned, I know I can be enthusiastic and having fun. I pride myself in being one of the most upbeat people you'll meet. Although I'm still working on creating a "voice" that works with my limited equipment. Trying to strike a balance between "enthusiastic" without making those annoying mic blowouts. I'll figure it out though in a few days I want to make sure when/if I do this it's quality and worth everyone's time.
  15. Melt alloy into alloy mixture

    I see what you did there...
  16. Easy to Implement Ideas

    Heh, this amuses me. Not to be offensive in any way, but some times the completely opposite perspective of "city folks" and what they're knowledgable about (for instance, write software or whatever your specific job is) vs what I'm knowledgable about as a farmer (basically everything to do with food) gives me chuckles. It goes both ways, many many times I've learned from "city folks" about a bajillion things that seem common knowledge to them. However some times it seems bizarre that many people really do not know jack about nutrition or food, one of the most basic needs we have as a human. Again I mean no offense and I'm not talking about anyone specific here, I just think it's interesting. This strikes a good balance. You have a realistic system without breaking immersion.
  17. TFC is missing a goal

    I don't actually have much to say in this discussion (for tonight) but I just wanted to quick pop in and say you guys (AllenWL, Dutchraptor, Mdtexeira, Visitor, and Chepelink) seem like very intelligent, rational, and calm people that I would very much enjoy having discussions with. The world (especially the USA) needs more people who can have differing opinions and discuss with others whilst not getting pissy. So, bravo. I think different "tech trees" would help a lot. Right now we have one really fleshed out tech tree, which is smithing. If Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Hunting, Masonry/Carpentry were fleshed out more then you could assuage the feeling that there is "no goal". As in, there is more than one profession. However I'm pretty sure this will come in time, these aspects are already fairly fleshed out (except hunting) so I'm very confident the Devs will get around to it in due time P.S. Could the aforementioned users please consider getting profile pictures? Just something so I can identify you all easier while reading through this wall 'o text. It's fine as a newbie but you all have posted enough quality content to be considered established members of the community...
  18. Vessels (regardless of wether it's dark or cold) HALVE decay rate. So it's very much worth it. I even store the food I carry around in my inventory because it's such a high bonus.I understand what the OP is saying now and think this would be a decent feature.
  19. Fire setting

    I don't actually know much about the hardness of ORES but I do know that trying to use a copper pick axe on rhyolite (let alone basalt or granite) would be an exercise in futility. So I'm totally for these sort of limitations as I don't think it's especially tedious, and it creates a real reason to tier up, which I think is lacking. (Metal buckets yeah, but other than that bronze really does everything and is even easier to craft)
  20. I honestly can think of many pros OR cons here. The only two I can see is Pro; adds detail and immersion. And Con; may take some effort to code. Usually I think "wow this suggestion is awesome" or "this suggestion sucks" but I don't have any opinion here... So I'll play devils advocate and ask this: what is wrong with chests? A solid chest should keep stuff out at least as well as any Granary. The purpose if a granary is if you have but loads of grain. There isn't a high enough population in TFC to need that much grain. HOWEVER if you actually needed to feed your livestock (me gusta) then this would be helpful and make sense.
  21. Easy to Implement Ideas

    Ok first off I should say that I feel like Tomcat is getting the butt here. Some of his suggestions are (no offense bud) undoable or impractical, but one or two of then are quite good. I also feel like you are making the fatal mistake almost all people who suggest things do Tomcat, you're getting attached to your suggestions. Whenever you submit a suggestion, you are saying "ok here is something I put a fair amount of time and effort into, tell me everything that is flawed about it!" It's natural to feel like no one is listening but untrue. Allow me to put it in perspective to you. I have 750 some posts, most of which are longish. I have read *almost* every single topic in the discussion section and most of the suggestions. There is a few others who have done similar so we have developed a very efficient method of dealing with these suggestions, finding the pros and cons and determining wether or not it is worthwhile with as little personal bias as possible. Basically the outcome is very very very few suggestions ever make it past infancy and even fewer make it into the game. That's just a fact. So do not feel like we are bashing you, many of us are friendly and I personally consider it my job on these forums to be as friendly as possible .Regarding your actual ideas, I think the nutrition and livestock bits have the best chance of survival so to speak. I support them personally, and think them well thought out enough that I really have nothing to add other than this;Kitty there is a reason to "complicate" the nutrition system. TFC is very good at having acurate facts in it and you can clearly tell when it is sacrificing realism for game play. Through this I have actually learned a lot about IRL. And if I wasn't such a geology geek I'd have learned a shit ton in that department. As Tomcat said nutrition (and animal husbandry IMO) is very misunderstood by many people and it is probably the second biggest problem in modern sociatity. Would it not be worth it to simple add different stats and change a few values? It looks simple to add and if it just made ONE person think differently about the food they put in their body it'd be worth it. I know that sounds ridiculous but you'd be surprised what affects people through attrition. Even video games.Besides this: is pure bloody genius. In fact I would strongly suggest mdtexeira repost this in it's own thread in the suggestions section so I can support it. If not I will personally.
  22. What do you want in a lets play?

    Explain more. Shoot me some ideas if what "harsher survival" would entail.
  23. What do you want in a lets play?

    There is some great feed back here! This should definetly get me started.
  24. How to fix alcohol issue

    Hah. well we did get into a fight at one point... but I'm a forgiving guy.
  25. How to fix alcohol issue

    Eternal! You're back! Thank goodness. The forums were not the same without you