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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  2. "So, basically, for each world/seed, the animals/creatures look different, sound different, and have different roles, kinda like the meal system(bad example, I know). We can see a 6 legged, black, tiny creature with horns, and it can actually be a passive mob that gives milk, beef, and leather, and we can see a fluffy, medium-sized, pig-like thing, and have it crawl over our walls and try to eat us. I like it. I'll make you more cautious and careful, and in the beginning. it'll really be exploring, you don't know what's going to eat you, what you can tame... you won't know anything" Yes, yes, yes, and no. They continue to have the same roles. a 'sheep' type animal will always be a sheep. But they look and sound entirely different. Between two playthoughs you could have a hostile spider thingy after you... then in the next play something that looks and sounds the same could be a passive 'sheep'.
  3. I know I said I wouldn't check, but im better equipped now(read: awake. Still missing a good drink tho.) Fear comes from not knowing what a creature is until you get close enough to interact with it. Basically this makes it so you cant tell what creature is what at a glance until you've had experience with one of its kind before. This doesn't make it so a cow will charge you outright, rather it makes it so you cant tell its a cow from the first five minutes of play. In order to learn that you must spend time around it. As soon as you realize what it is then you know for future reference. This only would serve to change the first few steps into a new world. Everything beyond it would... be the same as it always has been. oh and the suggestion is ONLY what is in the spoiler. Everything else was late night rambles. >.> I need a drink
  4. //forward note: I've not played in months. This is a late night sleep deprived caffeine fueled idea sparked from the wish for a mixed drink I actually enjoy the taste of. Yes, fucking spider faced pigs came from wanting mixed drinks. If you dont like it, or just want to call bullshit, go ahead and reply below. Not that I am planning on reading this thread or anything. Kitty, if you've got a recipe then you know where to find me. Fear. It's a word, a very simple word with a simple and well known meaning. But what meaning does it have in a game where everything is familiar, or least of all fairly so? None. Grass is grass, stone is stone, the pig is not a sheep and the cow not a towel. But what of spiders and skeletons and zombies too? Are those not to fear? My dear friends, they are the same as any other. Just as you soon learn to walk around a tree to pass it, you learn to strafe skeletons, drown spiders, and outrun zombies. They are not to be feared as you easily and quickly learn what they do. Not only to that, you have learned long ago what to do. But I still die at their gruesome hands, I have reason to fear them! Perhaps I misspoke when I said you have learned. Perhaps it is said that I have learned, as have many others. Or perhaps you are simply too interested in that chicken you saw a kilometer back. No matter, your issue is not the subject of this matter. Then tell me where this is going, I do have better things to do. Ah, then I suppose I shall. -=0=- In the world of Terra as we have come to call it, every experience is much the same. From stone to steel we rise up from less then nothing always putting worries far behind. Every time we do it again we find ourselves challenging ourselves to do it faster then the last, if anything to simply keep our eyes on the screen so we can further put off that thing we were supposed to do 3 hours ago. But why? Why must it be the same? Why should it always be stone to steel? Why should I always ride a horse? Why can't I steal away into the night riding a cow? Why even must it be a cow, why not something from the depths of that hobo under the bridge's nightmares? The answer lay in fact; It does not need to be this way. There should never be speak of 'same' only 'difference'. Our real world societies are built on the differences. It is truly a magic to behold and with the right twist, could do our dream world, Terra, a world of good. -=0=- Animila Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Or is that not a beast of a bear but the steed for m'lady? Yes, that is the idea in this thread. What appears to be greater beasts could really be your saving grace. Rather then letting you play two very different worlds and knowing every time that a bear will bite and a zombie will chew, you would need to learn again what all does what. But why should a zombie give milk? Why would a cow nibble at my head? They wouldn't. This is not a small change. Zombies and cows and spiders and all those wonderful others would be gone, forever left in the old assets of a world known only as vanilla. In place a select few creatures would come in. Each serving a distinct role. Steed, livestock, friend, foe, and may more. Some may share multiple roles and others could have no discernible role other then existing for existence's sake. But why should this be better then simply adding a goat to the existing mob list? Why would this change every play though when a rose is still a rose even under another name? Because you don't know it's a rose- or rather a goat. This goat wouldn't look like a goat, it wouldn't sound like a goat, it wouldn't move or breathe like a goat. But why? Because it's not a goat. With this every animal would be a mash up of various 'acceptable' parts, a bit like Frankenstein's monster. They would be given a randomly generated name and then sent on their way. In an ideal situation, only 10-20 mobs would exist, each being a 'randomly' generated model and fulfilling the role defined by the mob's AI. Every mob would have a few randomly chosen effects. Long legs instead of short, brown fur texture instead of blue scales, a snarl instead of a hiss. The mob would still react like it did the last time you played although it would look and feel very different. a 'wallcrawler' would always attack you and climb a wall the same as any spider in vanilla. but instead of 8 legs it may only have 7. Or none. It may be black and blue or red all over. It may be many things. And that is the idea. The idea is that you don't know what it is. That scary looking 8 legged ruby red scaled beast might actually be this worlds plow horse. This adds fear to every world. You know something is out there to get you, you know its going to come for you, you know your time is limited... But you don't know who it is. you don't know what it is. Until it comes. And then you can defend yourself. TL;DR: Add rando'mobs plz! To the devs: why even consider this? You shouldn't, its going to be a bitch to maintain even if by some small chance it appeals. Seriously, I'm hallucinating from sleep deprivation at this point and should be properly ignored. Time is better spent elsewhere. Like stalking Kitty.
  5. To paraphrase a certain friend who shall remain unnamed "You're wasting your time just making an addon" In other words, you're kinda awesome at this
  6. "[14:16] <Kreicus> so why doesnt the extrafirma guy hang out here?" Take that as an invitation. (:
  7. /me sighs Requesting topic lock. >.>
  8. This is not a typical idea. This idea deals purely with a method to implement a unique form of consumption/durability while maintaining the ability to 'stack'Let us begin by assuming we have a cooked chicken item. As you might be aware, chickens in game are quite sizable. The idea that you are eating an entire chicken as a result seems absurd. But how do you break this down without filling an inventory with cooked chicken items? Using vanilla methods, you can't. Not directly. This brought me to thinking on how an item can be consumed while being capable of stacking.There are three primary things that go into an item. First, stacksize. Your stacksize tells you how many items are there. For this method to work, stacksize is ignored. Items do not stack normally. It is my belief that there is no easy way around this, so items effected by this method can not and will not stack.The second item to keep in mind is DamageValue. This is the little green bar that tells you when a tool is fucked and breaks apart. It is controlled by the metavalue. For example, 363:1. the '1' is the metavalue. This is important for this method to work. There is a single major change to how it functions when using this method, when reaching '0', it returns to the items maximal value. For an item that can reach 100, it returns to 100. However, this is dependent on the third value.The third value is NBT data. These are hidden(non-visible within normal gameplay) values that make up many unique functions of an item. Without them many things would not work. For this, the value will be visible. This value Replaces stacksize in terms of functionality. Assuming chicken stacks to 64, this values max becomes 64 and items can not reach a higher value then this. A single item, say from a newly cooked chicken would be '1'. When crafted with another item, that data is changed to the sum. However, when the items DamageValue reaches zero, the nbt data reduces by 1. if reaching zero, the item is, thats it in a nutshell. to clear things up I'll fill in the info that didn't quite fit up there.- 'Stacking' items is done though crafting. There is no easy way around this if bugs are to be avoided.- Vanilla repair is disabled. This prevents the impossible; You should not be able to create something from nothing.- 'unstacking' is done by placing a stacked item in the crafting grid. The output is a single item. Its a pain, but necessary for this to function with minimal bugs.- Consuming or using reduces the durability. In the case of consuming(eating), the durability is reduced over a period of time as long as the rightclick function is held. Edit: it does come to mind that forge may now support turning vanilla repair off. While I strongly advise doing so on items that use this, I also advise not removing it on items such as tools until an alternative method is found.
  9. an Idea I have been pushing for far too long, thought I'd put it somewhere where you can see. Plaques. Functionally like a sign, the difference is that when placed on ceiling/floor it lays flat against that surface rightside up relative to the player placing it. Made using a raw/chiseled stone with a chisel for an output of 3 per crafting. made on anvil using a plaque plan and any metal On placement it gives you the same GUI as for a sign. No fancy 'chisel the work in', just a simple GUI prompt. for dark coloured stone/metals, adjust the default text colour.
  10. Challenge vs. Annoyance

    of everything said, that is the smartest thing you've ever said sting. Ideas that change the world are seen from many viewpoints. Some cases its 'too hard, and tedious', other times its 'too easy', some times its fun, sometimes its not. Sometimes its 5 minutes to make, other times not even the devs would touch it with a 10 ft pole. its all perspective. that does not mean I disagree with OP. in fact, I agree entirely. many things in tfc constantly border on and even are beyond tedious and pointless to the overall gameplay. Barrels for example(first implementation) really didn't do anything for the game except drag it out. granted they now are a bit more useful, but first implementation is a perfect example. on to what I can confirm for the future: the developers have confirmed Forms of power - mechanical power -- wind power - steam power(its a bit iffy, but its been spoken of many times) Large quantities of mob changes - will include new mobs - may include unique mob actions Skills - clarification: Certain actions raise stats to mimic the body adapting. sources: IRC, Forums, Various VoIP programs mind you, these are only confirmed by word of mouth and things do change. what is 'yes' today, could be 'no' tomorrow.
  11. Wood Working/Carpentry Table

    some thoughtful critique, wood nails are a thing. They function by drilling a hole into both halves of the wood that are to be bound together. Following this, a peg is created that is a fraction larger then the holes. this peg is then hammered into one hole, occasionally with some extra wood binding glue(but not always), then the remaining half of the peg is placed against the other hold. finally the two sections of wood are hammered carefully in place to form a single object. or thats what it is in a nutshell anyhow. wooden pegs and/or adhesive+peg in favor of metal nails.
  12. brilliant ideas of a madman

    I don't know, you did read it yourself, so clearly someone is listening. but yeah, few things I've figured out from looking this over This member is using an alt account to rage. (one post here, implies heavily they have been around) they have been around for a long time. (same as above) They have been fairly active in this time. (mentions several community resources that the user has taken part in) The writing style does not coincide with anyone I am familiar with. (This user maintains a tone thoughout the text that does not fit the tone of many other users I know) Some of the text seems very oddly placed. (I wont mention how until I can confirm.) This user wants their voice, not name heard. I actually find this fact a bit satisfing Much of this is based on fcat. (Many of these issues have existed at one point or another) the 'facts' are only skin deep. (most issues have valid explanations, something this user has not mentioned. This could be tied into the below) Much of this looks deliberately written. (The tone of the text as well as the subjects of it are far too balanced for a 'normal' rage)
  13. Hope you dont hate me for the 'like spam' I just did. hahah "Sounds good ECC, I'll go back to IC/BC then. Thanks for proving my point the my community that TFC is full of elitism." Good good. Just let me correct two things... First, I am no longer a part of of TFC or this forum. I pop in from time to time, but this mod no longer interests me quite as much as it once did. Secondly: Your guilt trip there bud... it failed, im actually happy to see what has become a laughing stock go. oh and because todays is /one of those/, Yes, this post is 100% designed to incite a inflammatory response and I except that I'll get a good talking to from the staffies. Good luck, good bye, good riddance
  14. hahahahaha. No. This is a beta mod, deal with the whole lot of 'Things will unexpectedly break, fail to work, and change' cant deal, then go ahead and leave, we really dont need people who cant refuse to understand that things like this happen, and its NOT ALWAYS OUR FAULT. On bukkitforge in particular, I've gone and asked around, talked to parties involved, Bukkitforge refuses to try, its not TFC's end, sooo... yeah.
  15. Things could be said. Things have been said. Honestly I have no choice but to agree with those things.