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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. World Gen

    sorry, double posted due to technical issues
  2. World Gen

    As a fan of original TFC, I find the re-make a very promising project, especially that it can benefit from "experience" of the original and do some things better from the start. Regarding worldgen and cave-ins. What if cave-ins were not decided randomly everytime you dig (which I'm pretty sure was a bit costly on server side, with all the checking all blocks in range etc.), but instead pre-determined ? There could be regular solid rock and a "fractured" variant (may be hidden or visible, or possibly both ?) that generates similar to caves at world-gen time in flat sheet-like strands, and it is those pre-existing fractures that can result in collapse : if you mine fractured stone or adjacent block, it causes all stone hanging below the fracture (up to certain distance) to fall and also force the same behavior on all adjacent fractures. Example (vertical cut through): # is solid stone, * is fracture, X is fracture that is mined, o is resulting cobble that has fallen, max. amount of stone below fracture that falls is 3 left shows initial situation, middle shows same but with labeled blocks, right shows end effect of collapse Why: 1) mined block X is fracture, so it drops as cobble, initiating collapse of adjacent fractures 1 and 2, 2) fracture 1 drops as cobble, fracture 2 drops as cobble and also causes stone a below to drop, initiates collapse of adjacent fracture 3, 3) fracture 3 drops as cobble and initiates collapse of fracture 4, 4) fracture 4 causes 3 blocks (maximum) of stone below itself to drop as cobble and drops itself too, initiates collapse of adjacent fracture 5, 5) fracture 5 has more than 3 blocks of stone blow itself, so it cannot collapse, the cascade ends ##***# ##45*# ## **# #*#### #3b### # ### **#### --> 12b### --> o### *##### Xab### oo### ### ### ooo### # # ooo # ###### ###### ###### Advantages: 1. No costly checking all blocks in range during mining. Only 6 adjacent blocks must be checked (which must be already checked for raw-stone blocks dropping. 2. Some predictability - if you experience collapse, you know the area is dangerous (because fracture generated around), but at the same time you know that the new ceiling is stable since all fractured stuff already collapsed... well, unless there is a fracture above, which didn't activate due to maximum thickness of stone that can drop (max. distance to check below fracture to see if it collapses) 3. Most probably no notorious collapsed caves. If caves happen to have fractures near ceiling, thy will probably end up with collapsed ceiling (if you happen to dig near the fracture that continues to the cave ceiling), but quite often, it will be stable. 4. Maybe it could be possible to detect fractured rock via propick (if you hit such block directly) if you have enough mining skill, trading propick use for safety. Or simply show fractures (or some of them) with cracked texture straight away ? These are just possibilities that come with basically pre-determined collapses. Alternative: Simply scatter "fracture" blocks during worldgen (not rolling for each block, simply scattering some of them, or even some pseudorandom fast pattern to put them), that initiate old-style collapse, without fracture "veins" or cascades. This probably simply saves some server time for checking for collapses everytime, but doesn't have other advantages.
  3. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    Darkagecraft Minecraft user name: TheDanteDarkstar Your Age: 36 Your Time Zone: Central European (GMT +1) Location Country and State: Poland Tell us a bit about yourself: Been playing Minecraft intermittently since beta, both vanilla and modded. This would be 3rd TFC server for me, but first time non-vanilla TCF (though I know at least bibliocraft from other modpacks). I like smithing and building, but unfortunately often plan too big (large walled city or huge marble temple are two TFC examples) and have problems finishing. I like being in town community instead of going off solo (especially in TFC) - I wouldn't be going for server play for solo play I play quite often when I do, but after some time (usually around half year, at least few months) I lose interest in Minecraft for a time (and usually when I'm back to the game the server isn't there anymore). I'm also working so I may not be visiting the server as often as I would like though. How can you help us? That I don't know yet. Aside from actually playing (almost always the more players the better) I don't know the particular server too much yet, but will try to find some constructive role for myself in the realm.
  4. Anvil Newb

    Remember there is no "reverse" actions. Light Hit and Punch do not move the arrow the same distance - they move it by different distances. Same with all other pairs that you might assume are "mirrored" while they are not. You have to figure out the distance finishing sequence moves it and somehow (there is no set recipe for this) set the arrow the same distance to the other side of target.
  5. Anvil Newb

    Let's call the combination of actions required to finish the tool the "finishing sequence". The tool forging approach I used is as follows Part 1 How to figure out the smithing of a given tool: 1. Align the arrow with the target, without worrying about finishing sequence. 2. Note exact position of the arrow relative to the target. 3. Let's define the position exactly on the other side of the target "X", at the same distance. Example: -----X---V---^---------- where "X" is the X position you are trying to figure, V is the target (and where you started out at step 1.) and ^ is the current position of the marker. Note that X is the same distance from V as ^ is, and on opposite side. Part 2 Now it should be semi-obvious what to do: 1. Put the current arrow at X, without worrying at all about finishing sequence. 2. Do the finishing sequence. Since the arrow was exactly as much to the left(right) as the finishing sequence moves it to the right(left), when you do the finishing sequence, it will land exactly on target, and the tool will be made. Part 3 Optimize aligning marker to X Figure out a good/best way to put the marker at X from initial position (the distance between them, which actually matters, depends both on the tool and on the material you use, but same tool from same material in same game/server = same sequence will work)
  6. Make starvation more gradual

    What: Change starvation to more gradual. How: Increase food bar by 50%. Apply some debuff that can be immediately felt (like slowness) and stop regeneration at 33% left. Reverse regeneration and add nausea effect at 0% food bar. Why: Much more believable and realistic than sudden death implementation right now. Reduces frustration from not noticing small green bar depleting and suddenly losing half hp or dying 2 seconds before you chomp that steak down. Wall'o'Text: I do not know others' experiences, but I found the starvation mechanics both unrealistic and actually very annoying. What I'm talking about is the fact, that unless you keep your eyes almost constantly on a small green bar, it's not uncommon to simply forget to eat. You do not feel the hunger of your character. And then BOOM ! half hit points suddenly gone. And if you didn't happen to have something to eat right there right now, you die in a moment's notice. In reality, human can survive without food for days, if not weeks (depending on initial situation of course), while in game you can't seem to last for one full day without eating something. It's actually the water that in reality is much more crucial in short term, completely opposite of what I seen in game, where the thirst meter seem to be more stable than hunger. What I would suggest is to increase somewhat the base "capacity" of the hunger bar by 50% or so, and add adverse effects to your character when the hunger is close to depletion, similar how you are slowed down when thirsty, possibly when 66% bar is depleted (so it would be the same amount as whole bar now). Some weakness or slowness, possibly stopping HP regeneration. Then, when your bar is actually depleted, don't make it sudden "splat", but simply reverse regeneration -- from that point on, the player would lose health instead of regenerating. Slap a nausea effect on top (the view-distorting one), so it's obvious you are in big trouble and barely on your feet. Such system, with gradually working hunger would be much more believable than current death out of nowhere.
  7. Why stone block yields 0-3 rocks ?

    Well, I understand the reasons are more along the line "no easy stone" then. As much as I might dislike it I can accept that. The rest of TFC is certainly worth it I also realized one extra difference between cavein cobble mining and normal stone mining: gems. As for loss due to breaking into small fragments, I can ask: If the rest (meaning 4-amount dropped) of stone is just unusable because it's too finely chipped, where is my 50% chance to get gravel to statistically get around 1 full block per stone block destroyed ? :>
  8. [0.79.15] Rhodance's "HugBox" Server [Closing May 22]

    Thank you. I'll try as soon as I get back from work (which I'm at right now... on Sunday ).
  9. Why stone block yields 0-3 rocks ?

    If there was a good reason for this, I would just say "Oh, okay. It is just a game.", but my dilemma comes from the fact that I do not see that reason. I see only cons.
  10. [0.79.15] Rhodance's "HugBox" Server [Closing May 22]

    Greetings, I would like to apply for the server IGN: TheDanteDarkstar Age: 35 Why this server?: Because it is vanilla TFC enough and seems like a good server. And TFC in single player gets dull fast. 2 sentence description of yourself/interests: I'm looking forward to being part of a community, with trade and division of labor, so that I don't have to do all and everything, but can focus on a specific role or two. I have an idea of constructing monastery or a library where I will try to gather and maintain the knowledge stored in books, though I accept that this may fail for one reason or another. Note: My presence on the server will be very irregular, possibly with days where I'm on for hours and hours, and weeks where I don't log in even once. If this is not acceptable, then reject my application, as I cannot make a commitment to regularly be online in any reasonably long timeframe.
  11. Why stone block yields 0-3 rocks ?

    I was wondering since last version and can't really find a rationale for the fact, that when you mine raw stone with pickaxe, you get just 0-3 stones. I know it's Minecraft, so conservation of mass is not necessary, but I simply can't find a single reason for this behavior. It only makes stone-gathering strange, since it's profitable to resort to controlled caveins (which was waaay worse when torch-mining worked) to turn stone into cobble, and only then dig it up. This yields almost twice the amount of stones from same quarry size. Pro: - stone harder to get (is this a pro ?) Con: - unrealistic non-conservation of mass - invites unrealistic workarounds So what reason am I actually missing ? Is there one, or is this a relic of old times when cobble block consisted of single stone item ?
  12. Why do planks now require a saw, period?

    I actually like the fact that for planks and all advanced woodwork you need metal first. It *is* interesting to live (for a little while) in huts made from straw and keeping stuff in clay pots instead of chests. Now, if there were straw/wicker baskets ( it would be really pretty sufficient for the short stone age present in TFC. As for metals, I never ever had issues. If you just run around, you are bound to find Tetrahedrite sooner or later (and if you find just one deposit, the small ores in stones should suffice for at leat 1 if not 2 ingots) as it occurs in every possible rock type, so it could be everywhere. In fact, copper is extremely popular in TFC compared to reality, but I do see why it was adjusted in such a way.
  13. Hello. After some single player play with this marvelous mod, I have found two minor issues regarding farming, and therefore have two suggestions how farming could be possibly improved. First: Increase soil nutritient capacity x2 or x3 Most of the crops (with exception of few extremely fast growing crops) use up all nutritients in a single growth cycle, without achieving final stage. I think it would be much better if the soil could hold maximum twice or even three times the amount of nutritients it can now, so that crops can grow at least once without having to rely on the slow nutritient regeneration, since this means the last 1/3 of growth could take much longer to accomplish -- the crops get nutritients only at the rate equal to regeneration (as I understand). This makes slow growing crops significantly slower than they actually should be. (I *assume* crops neither draw more nutritients that they use nor store them internally, but I have no way of really testing that.) Second: Balance crops so that slower crops yield more/better food Most crops give basically the same amount of produce, regardless of how long it takes to grow. Comparing bell pepper and squash (both C type crops), the latter grows very fast, is multiple harvest and can be harvester premature to get green peppers. The latter grows much slower, is single harvest and seemingly produces less items per harvest. Unless there are some reasons I do not know, I find the crops generally not well balanced, with some being simply much better than others. If this happened only between nutritient type crop groups that would not be an issue -- some types may be simply "better" than others, but since you need to rotate them anyway to be efficient, that is not a problem. It's the same group crops that are an issue, since they are fully interchangeable as far as growing them goes, but one can be much better than other. Note: I only have SP experience so far, but I can't see how multiplayer may affect those two concerns.
  14. T1 container: Straw basket.

    Straw baskets could be block-sized and hold 4 item stacks, like ceramic vessels, thus having 4 times less storage density. It may be able to hold Large items (like Chest), but may be unable to hold Tiny items (since straw basket is not solid, so too tiny items can just fall through holes). It would therefore both allow very early storage and also complement later pre-metal storage.
  15. Barrels

    It would be also good if it was possible to take water/limewater out of barrel with bucket (only with liquids that buckets can hold). I have found no way to do that, though for some reason when I click "Empty" when there is bucket in the slot, it becomes full of water for a moment and becomes empty again. As if the client believed it should work, but server thought otherwise (and server wins). This would increase utility of barrels a bit, since they could serve as source of water for other purposes than drinking.