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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. [Solved] food for first winter

    "seaweed is a good source of food early and i use it alot, but i see in some stream that winter freeze the water." Don't worry for that, ice doesn't damage seaweed. Just break the ice block, and if there was seaweed there, it will reappear. "is a good ideea to get the wild crops late autum (they grow more meybe and less decay)?" This is a good idea indeed. Crops don't grow more after a certain point however. When they reach mature state they no longer grow. You can indeed have less decay on the crops because you harvest them later and so the decay triggers later too. "next spring will spawn random crops if i gather all crops?" Sure. Wild crops respawn every year, given that they meet the right conditions to spawn, such as temperature. "if i dig 1 down , put the food vesel down and put a block on top count as a dark space?" That should count as a dark space because no light goes through the block, however the temperature under the block could still be high enough to cause an increase in decay. Also be sure to use a non gravity affected block such as planks or thatch. "how often should i trim the decay from food in vesel." That's a persona choice. Personally I trim it once every 1-2 days during hot seasons and once every 3-4 days on cold seasons. The basic rule is that the more you wait to trim decay, the more quickly it increases. "if i walk far away mobs(neutral) wil despawn and respawn(new ones) when i get back?" TFC is a bit different from vanilla. I don't know enough about this to answer correctly, this time I can just provide a link to the wiki. It might be outated however.
  2. [Solved] food for first winter

    What ever food you come across is good for stockpiling, apart fruit maybe, because it has a quick decay. I'd suggest stockpiling vegetables, meat and grain in refined form. Also, you can eat seaweed. To harvest it use a knife on the seaweed block. Alternatively you can break the block by hand but that will consume the block below the seaweed. Dairy I guess isn't a thing you can easily get before the first winter unless you're lucky. I prefer to store every food piece I have in a vessel in a cold, dark and dry place during the early game, but as time goes on and I am able to craft a chest, I move all the vessels into it. I am not sure however that the chest recognizes if it's in a dark and cold place, or even if the vessels know that the chest is cold and dark inside, so it might be better to store the vessels in a basement or something that resembles it.
  3. Yes you're right. Sorry.
  4. That recipe needs balancing, because right now 1 log isn't exactly 1 charcoal. It goes from 4:1 to 2:1 wood to charcoal when making charcoal pits, depending from how much wood is in the pit.
  5. why useless ore generation?

    TFC at first started as a mod that took inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, and I indeed went to check and all the TFC ores are present in that game. They were all implemented at the beginning of this mod, when believability and survival maybe wasn't the main focus of development, maybe it was something like bringing DF to minecraft.
  6. alloy ratio precision requirement

    It doesn't. The 8-12% ratio is already giving you room for some imprecision. Those two numbers are the limits, you can't exceed the 12% nor can you use less than 8% of tin.
  7. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Is it still balanced if I just keep TFC and electrical age? Does it affect progression? Basically I am just interested in those 2 mods and you managed to make them work together, but I'm not sure if something would stop working in your pack if I just keep these 2.
  8. [Rule #2] Does 4 wool no longer make cloth?

    You can make a temporary bed with 2 blocks of thatch and a large raw hide, not leather, that's different.
  9. [Rule #2] Does 4 wool no longer make cloth?

    Cloth is now made with the loom, a new block introduced in b79. You need either 16 wool yarns or 24 strings to get a piece of cloth.
  10. A question about texture making

    Hmm, yeah I didn't think about this, thanks. I'll try seeing what I can get with a 64x Oh yes, I indeed got the idea from that topic, but I wanted something like a bunch of clumps rather than a single one. EDIT: I indeed got a better result with a 64x texture: But the image is too wide and not high enough. I can solve this by simply taking off some charcoal pieces or finding a new picture. Thanks for the help anyway, that helped a lot. EDIT 2: I finally think I created something I really like. I just took this image showing many pieces of charcoal, then I chose 3 of them and made this
  11. Industrial age.

    This is a thing that I think people would enjoy more than an industrial age. I too agree that other tech mods don't completely fit into TFC, because they're too aimed to automation, resource duplication and powerful laser weapons. What I really like of TFC is that all of this doesn't exist. You'll never find yourself sitting and looking at your big automated tree farm or your massive sword production. These are the aspects of the game that make you want to keep playing it. You feel like you could be in danger again if you didn't try to manually craft what you need. Another thing is that I really like the bloomery and blast furnace concepts, because they were historically used and they're rather simple to understand and to use. Same for leather working. The game expanded that by adding all the small process to transform a raw hide into a tanned leather. I find that very funny too. This is another thing I like. TFC doesn't just add a block that transforms raw iron to ingots or hide to leather, but it kinda says "Come here and let me explain you how it used to work" and makes you go through the entire process, which is cool. Basically this is why I agree that if there would ever be something industrial, the iron age tech would fit into the mod so much more than more advanced tech or tech mods. And I also imagine that iron age tech did indeed add a bit of automation, but not so much to make you feel useless in that world you're playing. I guess that automation even allowed people to do new things that they couldn't do before.
  12. [Solved] Can't Find Bushes

    There's nothing wrong with that. 800 blocks are just a little number, people often have to travel more than 10000 blocks just to find something, so there's nothing wrong with that world, just keep searching.
  13. [Breaks Rule #1]Slow cooking

    Exactly. There's also a grill now that lets you cook more food and even use the heat of the forge. As of now this suggestion doesn't have a point, because you make the cooking process just longer and tedious, and the benefits aren't worth the waiting, because it's easy to not burn your food. It also takes more resources, so it's difficult that a new player will ever use this method.
  14. I agree with this suggestion. I mined too many times without placing down barrels I was carrying.
  15. [Breaks Rule #1]Using Large Vessels to Process Grain

    Burlap cloth can be made with jute instead of strings or wool yarns in a loom. Anyway don't ask me what we'll do with the bag. Mine was just an idea. Nothing is written in stone for the next version, I was just saying that other food preservation methods are planned and grain could have its own too. I don't know yet how it works, at least until it's in the game. EDIT: 12 jute fibers should be required:
  16. Ore diversity

    I didn't think about this at first, but it's true. One of the targets of this mod is that the player leaves the game knowing something new too. In my case this mod made me curious enough to go look how real bloomeries worked, how iron was processed, and in this case how many ores contain the same metal.
  17. Ore diversity

    Today while reading some articles on minerals and ores I came across this page and I was surprised by the huge number of minerals that exist. In TFC we have some of these, but often we only have a single type of ore, apart in the case of copper, iron and coal. Personally I really like those metals because they have diverse ores ingame and this adds immersion because it looks more believable. It also adds fun to the prospecting and mining. It's better to see a greyish like ore and get confused but excited at first, instead of seeing a yellow ore and already know what it is. Anyway, let's come to the suggestion. I spent some time to search for some minerals in that page that would fit into TFC. Bismuth variations: -Bismuthinite (Already in the game) -Bismite ( Tin variations: -Cassiterite (Already in the game) -Stannite ( Minerals that contain Tin in minor part: -Canfieldite ( -Cylindrite ( -Franckeite ( -Teallite ( Nickel variations: -Garnierite (Already in the game) -Pentlandite ( -Nickeline ( -Millerite ( There are additional nickel alloys that can be found in meteorites but TFC doesn't have them so it's useless to add them. Gold variations: -Native gold (Already in game) -Calaverite ( -Krennerite ( -Sylvanite ( -Petzite ( Silver variations: -Native silver (Already in the game) -Galena (Already in the game but currently can't be used to get silver) -Argentite ( -Chlorargyrite ( -Pyrargyrite ( Zinc variations: -Sphalerite (Already in the game) -Smithsonite ( -Hemimorphite ( -Wurtzite ( -Hydrozincite ( These are the different ores for now. Obviously I don't suggest to implement each one, because it would be crazy. Rather I suggest to implement at least 2-3 variations for each metal. Iron and copper already have 3 variations and they fit perfectly into the game, so why not add them to the rest? Edit: Oh, do note that some ores are also made by other metals, but since also tetrahedrite, limonite and other ingame ores are made by other metals but can only be smelted to a single metal, I added them anyway.
  18. [Breaks Rule #1]Using Large Vessels to Process Grain

    Hmm, there's already burlap cloth ingame, and for now it has no use, but I'm pretty sure it will be used to conserve grain, maybe by making a bag with them.
  19. [Solved] Can't get liquid out of barrel?

    You can try moving small quantities of alcohols with glass bottles. These work, because they're what you use to drink the alcohol. Bucket won't work instead, not sure if for gameplay or other reasons. Every bottle can contain 250mB, so 4 bottles are 1000mB. To make them just heat some sand in the forge and then use the glass in the vanilla recipe for bottles.
  20. Ore diversity

    Oh, no, I didn't mean this to increase the available metal, but just to enhance diversity. My idea was that what could be a vein of bismuthinite could become bismite instead. There wouldn't be more veins, just more variety in ores. It would increase the immersion and personally I find that when you're prospecting it's funny to find something unusual sometimes. Also, for the ores that are already ingame, I think those are there from the start. This mod took inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, and indeed today I checked the DF wiki and all the TFC ores are present there, plus lots of almost useless ores that however in DF have a commercial function, like platinum. Maybe that's why we didn't find a good use for it yet. But anyway back in topic. Basically this wouldn't spawn more ores, just more different ones.
  21. [Not a Bug] Chiseling Wood

    Ah, yes, this was also discussed in this thread: Read posts #16 and #17. It's not a bug, it's just how the game handles chiseled blocks.
  22. The anodising vessel emits particles when it's working, but they go down when you get close to the vessel. Instead when you're further, they go up. Is this intentional?
  23. Last comment wins

    Hehehe what do I see here? The old derailing techniques? Yeah those were good days Btw I won.
  24. No, they seem quite craftable now, They have been so for some time.
  25. Wow man! This is exactly what I asked for some time ago! It's so cool and it is in the lines of the Sphax style! Awesome work, really!