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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Yep true sorry I forgot about that detail. So yeah a water flowing or still is our only chance then. Or maybe you could use a clay jug, but it's more like a food item.
  2. Traps

    Do you mean kind of like the knapping GUI? It shows you a GUI with the footprint and different clickable parts that you can inspect to know more? That should be awesome I think.
  3. Now this is a nice idea. If instead of using the crafting grid to craft something like adobe, we used a system like the pit kiln or the charcoal pit, I mean something you do outside of the crafting bench, that would be great. However I see it difficult with flowing water, because it would bring your items away. Maybe you should add water later with the help of a wooden bucket. You don't literally add it, you just right click with the bucket in the block you created. If this worked in a similar way to the pit kiln, you could place all the stuff inside a hole in the ground and then place the water at the end with the bucket.
  4. Traps

    It would be cool if they worked the same way loose rocks work. On fancy graphics, those items are placed in the ground and have very small pixels. Also they're placed ramdomly in the block, not always in the same position. If there was a way to do this with footprints too, it would be great. Randomly placed footprints, even more than 1 in some blocks, like if there were 2 or 3 loose rocks in the same block, I hope I gave you the idea of how I imagine this.
  5. I really like the idea of supporting thatch with sticks, because my dad used to work with thatch, and you know, it bends, it falls off, it's not so stable. Sticks would make this more believable and better looking. Also, I don't think sticks are really a problem to gather, I mean you find them in the trees and even in the ground. Anyway can you explain me how you mean to support thatch from underneath? Do you want to add sticks that act like the poles you use for mines or horizontally placed sticks that kind of keep the ceiling up? Like this _____ [] [] [] [] [] [] And on top of the sticks you put thatch. Did you mean this or something else? Yep but I think I see the problem here. There are 21 crafting ingredients. Basically you need to place 8 dried straw (1 in every slot) then 8 clay (again 1 in every slot) then 1 dirt or sand and then 4 sticks (1 in every slot). Maybe I get what you meant. You wanted to place the 8 clay in a single slot, same for straw and sticks, but you can't. Minecraft doesn't take into consideration how much of an item is in a slot, it will consider that as a single item and will craft the wished thing using up only one of the stacked items. Also I see it difficult implementing such a thing, because if we were able to craft with the crafting bench counting the number of items in every slot, we could have problems when we would make multiple crafts, because you need to fill the slots to make a block/item multiple times, and the crafting bench could confuse that with another recipe that uses that number of blocks/items in every slot.
  6. What do you do in your spare time?

    I am actually trying to get as many ores as I can, to get lots of ingots, then, (I got this idea from the IRC) I'll make my own value storage with those shiny gold ingots in the center, like in some banks' caveau. It must be so satisfying to walk between piles of ingots you made!
  7. Traps

    That would require more calculus. Yeah it would be nice, but when you'll have your great meat factory, are you sure that you want this to be calculated for every single cow or pig you possess? If there are animals in that area, footprints will generate, even if that's a new chunk. There's no need to generate them without animals. Well, that's a good idea. Rabbits or other animals don't go outside running all the year, and this could be good so that you must pay attention to when you should use traps and take advantage of that time as best as you can. Yeah, I didn't think about this, you could actually know the size of the animal too. Of course you could be wrong the first times you inspect a footprint. You'll learn. Anyway yeah maybe we shouldn't be able to get a range of numbers, but anyway you could understand if there are many animals there. The footprints could even visually change as you get better, so that you can see more footprints in a footprint block, this way you know there are many animals there. Exactly what I mean, anyway maybe we shouldn't get a range of numbers, that's too detailed and no hunter can guess so well. Anyway we could be wrong the first times we inspect footprints, and as we level up, we are always less wrong and more right. Yes, like CtrlXCtrlV stated, they should disappear in some occasions like during rain, or maybe after some time has passed, like a few days. This way when you'll see a footprint you'll think twice before leaving it here. Either you explore that area or you lose the chance to hunt some animals. And if you start hunting, you better pray it doesn't start raining, or the footprints will be inspectable for a very short time, then they won't be inspectable anymore and after a while they'll disappear.
  8. Shears recipe

    Yeah sorry, I didn't manage to shear a sheep yet, anyway yes, instead of that ball of fluff you would get shorter strings anyway, because the knife's not so practical like a shear. Anyway I made some metal knives, as weapon against creepers. I also have a copper knife where I store food, so that I don't need to make a new knife everytime I trim the decay. I'll probably ugrade it to bismuth bronze when it will break, so it'll last longer.
  9. Shears recipe

    I'd remove the ability to shear sheeps with a knife, especially stone. I mean, nobody of us is a professional barber, not even them could be able to shear a sheep with a knife, and if they managed to, I guess you wouldn't get a wool block, but just strings.
  10. Traps

    They have big ears, they hear everything, it's highly umprobable that you can manage to sneak behind a rabbit without it noticing you. Anyway to reconnect to what I suggested before: There should be a new progress bar along with the smithing, cooking and farming, the "Hunting bar". As its level increases, you get some advantages that I'll explain later. First of all, traps need a bait. No rabbit runs to its death without a good reason, apart some rabbits, some are really mad. The bait should be something like a carrot, or another vegetable, if carrots aren't available. Different vegetables have a different chance to attract a rabbit, onions being the lowest, because, you know, stupid onions... (jk) And who says that everytime a rabbit eats the bait, automatically the trap triggers? This could even not happen. The first traps you'll create will be poorly crafted, you're just beginning to learn how to hunt, you can't pretend to make the best of the traps. Another thing, due to the poorly crafted trap, it could even have a chance to break, so you should craft another trap to replace the old one. Anyway now I'll explain you more about the hunting ability. As it increases, the chances that your traps will attract rabbits increase, the chances that they break decreases because you learn better ways to craft that trap. Also you could even know how to cheaply use the bait. And it will happen less often that a rabbit will eat the bait without triggering the trap. But these chances should reduce of just a little, to not make traps OP. Also as you become more able at hunting, you should get always more detailed informations about the population of a zone when you inspect a footprint. Like, the first time you won't be able to inspect it. If there will be more little animal types, you won't even know what animal left that footprint. When you'll improve, you'll be able to identify that animal. Then as you improve even more, you'll know a really approximate amount of little animals in that zone, such as "This area is populated by a small number of rabbits". And then, when you'll be a good hunter, you'll be given a range of numbers, like "This area is populated by about 15-20 rabbits". That's my idea, nothing else for now I think.
  11. Exploration Incentive (structures)

    The other buildings are kinda ok, the problem is that you can't control where they should spawn exactly, and the terrain is extremely random, so those buildings could be amiss. Of course if Bioxx had more control over the terrain generator, these could even be cool. Anyway for that wall, especially that wall, it wouldn't fit in many locations. IE in my world I live in a peninsula-like place, and if that wall spawned there, both the extremes would end in the water.
  12. Exploration Incentive (structures)

    And the only one as far as I know.
  13. Traps

    This is a cool idea. Also I think we should have a way to approximately know how many rabbits are in that area. This could be guessed by the number of rabbit darts you see, or even by inspecting their footsteps. The footsteps should work this way: it acts like an overlay that spawns in the top of a block of grass and it would stay there until the number of rabbits is too low, then it would despawn, of course while that chunk is unloaded, so the number of footsteps on a certain area would match the rabbit population. I mean, not exactly match it, like 3 footstep blocks means 3 rabbits, but like 3 footstep blocks means that rabbits are quite common in that area, 2 means they're not common, 1 means rare, 0 means ther aren't rabbits and maybe 4 could mean there are lots of them.
  14. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Yeah right I should slow down sometimes. So we stop at the custom gunpowder?
  15. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Hmm, you may be right, it could work more like alloys then, with always the same recipes. Alloys don't seem to be a problem even if they're always the same. They should work kinda like the alloys too about proportions, I mean, you must be in a certain range of proportions to create the right dust, otherwise you end up with the wrong dust. Anyway I meant instability as a negative effect, to prevent the player from creating the most powerful gunpowder everytime. Also, instability really increases with the increase of the other parameters irl. So it would make sense, this way people would think twice before preparing a too powerful explosive. However to make custom gunpowder types we should need more than 3 ingredients. Different proportions are ok, but as with alloys, even gunpowder should need more base components. One component could be the potassium sulfate. In it's mineral form it's called Arcanite, and it's quite rare. It can be used as a flash reducer for gunpowder, so less light when the gunpowder explodes.
  16. Items with building (structure) requirements

    About this, I wanted to add something. As you said, it should act kind of like flux in Thaumcraft, so a liquid that instead of going down goes up, is transparent and spawns smoke particles, right? I Agree with Kimbblesrath, smoke should be able to disappear by itself by passing through cracks in the walls, but this has to happen very slowly. Otherwise, if you really want to get rid of it quickly, you open a hole in the ceiling and let the smoke go out (and successively build a chimney over the forge). Then if there's open sky above the smoke, it will travel up for 7-8 blocks before disappearing (and every block decreases the smoke particles generated by it), to avoid it going to the build limit and also to make it good looking, because personally I think that a short cloud of smoke coming out of a chimney and then dissipating looks better than a trail of smoke that goes up in the sky and heads to the moon.
  17. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Now that you make me think about it, actually the mortar and pestle could have a great role in this. We should macerate coal in a mortar instead of using the coal piece to make gunpowder. Yeah there's the quern, but it's not supposed to macerate things in a really fine dust (to make gunpowder you need the dust as fine as possible). About saltpeter, it's already in dust form, but it should require some maceration too, to make the granules smaller. Same goes for the sufur. We could make that really fine dusts combined together would increase one of the parameters, instead rough dust could decrease it. Also, the proportions are exactly 75%, 15% and 10%, but this is a game, nobody says you can't experiment with your own proportions, maybe you get that combination that you wanted to get, or maybe an unexpected one. However I think the recipes should work kinda like meals, they change in every new world, so that you don't immediately know the exact recipe you need, but you need to experiment instead. The distillery could be used to dry the gunpowder faster after you hydrated it. But it should be a quite risky process, because the gunpowder is highly reactive to fire, so having a fire below it shouldn't be the safest thing. Also, by succesfully using the distillery you get a different result than leaving the gunpowder on a stone block to get dry. The almost immediate evaporation of the water from the powder should change one of theparameters. As for beakers, I don't have so many uses in mind right now. Maybe they could be used to take a small portion of the produced gunpowder so that you can analyze it and know its parameters. Also I'd like to add another parameter: Instability Actually gunpowder can be really unstable if you manage to create a high level mix. Some types of gunpowder can even be set off by vibrations, without even requiring a flame to ignite it. The higher the parameters will be, the higher will be the instability too. So higher instability could lead to unexpected autoexplosions. I wouldn't try to jump 4 blocks down while carrying this type of powder in my inventory. Another thing I should add is that it's better to produce small amounts of gunpowder, nobody should try to produce like 10kg of it at once. And to make this work, we should be able to divide or merge saltpeter, sulfur and gunpowder with a knife, like we do with food, to have the exact quantity of each that we want. And for no reason you should macerate the ingredients together, you should keep them separated until you won't macerae them anymore, otherwise macerating the mix of powders can create a creeper-like reaction.
  18. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Well, yes this time I agree with these 3 changes, you could exclude the horizontal barrel (even though it would look really fancy and it would be cool to place a barrel how you want) and add that ability to climb surfaces to the rope fuse. Also, I was thinking, maybe we could involve the jute fiber too in the fuses, after all it's a fiber. I'd suggest it as a replacement for wool yarn, but it should produce more soaked fuses when sealed inside a barrel, because it grows slower than wool. EDIT: now that I think about it, in salt mines they use explosives a lot, to "loosen" the mineral and make it easily minable. I thought this could be a cool idea to include in TFC. The Minerals inside igneous rocks should take really long to mine, because of the resistance of the rock, unless you detonate an explosive charge near them, to crack the rock a bit and make them easily breakable. Of course you shouldn't use the full explosive keg for this, you should use a keg with just a few powder inside, and you should place it inside a natural crack or a crack that you mined, so that the explosion is absorbed by the surrounding rock. But now that I think about it, different types of gunpowder exist, not only one. The mix is almost the same, but the explosive force, the density and other properties change depending on how you make the gunpowder. So, I was thinking, we could make gunpowder similar to alloys, we could make different combinations of gunpowder for different uses. Of course, the basic compounds of gunpowder are 75% saltpeter, 15% charcoal dust and 10% sulfur, but the quantity of water, the times you let it dry and then hydrate again, the type of charcoal you use (aspen and willow should be the best types) and other things change the power, the blast radius, the smoke and fire produced. As an example, the gunpowder used to crack the rocks should not produce smoke or fire, but should instead be powerful and have a medium blast radius so that a good portion of the rocks will crack. EDIT 2: Basically gunpowder should have ingame parameters like: Smoke generated Fire generated Blast radius Blast power Heat generated Noise generated I think these 6 parameters are enough. If we change the gunpowder instead of the container, we could be able to make any sort of explosive we need. The barrel is a fine container, you're right, no need of having horizontal barrels, just change the content. As you said before, you want to make explosive shells? That's good, what's their purpose? Killing mobs? I'd suggest using a mix that generates a lot of fire. Oh wait, you want to use a metal shell? Then I'd say let's use a mix with great blast power, this way the gunpowder will be able to break the shell, and also a large blast radius, this way the fragments will hit mobs around the explosed shell.
  19. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Does this mean that mining the ore block itself could cause cave ins too? Because as far as I know cave ins never happened to me while mining ore blocks in the ceiling.
  20. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    Yep sorry, that's right. I was clearly tired yesterday evening. Anyway it's still more expensive due to the need of using wool yarn. I am in a SSP world and I still have to find sheeps to get some wool, so in my case, it would be out of reach and I should need to use the gunpowder itself. Also about this. I think balance should be considered here. It's right, we could simply place gunpowder, but usually we make long fuses, just to manage to go out of the explosive's range. Also, a smaller quantity of gunpowder reduces the chances of explosion. In this case we need gunpowder to act like a fuse, so a smaller quantity of it would be safer and would allow you to make longer fuses with the same amount of gunpowder. Yep, horizontally placed barrels are a disadvantage when you have a considerable amoutn of resources, but not in the early game. You only have the gunpowder fuse available, and it can only be used on horizontally placed barrels, because it's not really practical, being a fuse made of powder. This would also add a bit of balance in the game, not allowing you to immediately be able to detone completely full kegs, but just partially full kegs that generate a smaller explosion. This way you're not a professional miner at the start of the game. Of course I know my suggestions still need some modifications, and I appreciate AllenWL's constructive criticism I tried to explain why I chose to suggest some things here, if you think they're unappropriate, useless or maybe just not right, let's keep the suggestions going Well, actually that's a great idea, I didn't think about this at first, but we still need a fuse able to work with levers, that's true. So yeah this fuse could be something like an alternative tier 2 fuse. Anyway if we will have this fuse ingame, we shouldn't be able to detonate explosives with simple redstone, we should need to use this fuse instead, or the other 2 ofc. Also, this fuse should have some advantages and disadvantages, so I try to suggest some:Advantages: No risk of explosions or burnouts. Quite cheaper if you find a vein of redstone. The detonation is almost immediate, being the fuse full of redstone, due to the high conductivity, the flame travels quite faster. Disadvantages: Not cheaper if you don't find redstone. It's powder, it shouldn't be able to pe placed vertically. (This part here still needs some improvements) You can't turn it off like with the wool yarn fuse if you ever change idea or you notice there's no escape from the explosion. That's all for now. I really like this topic however, it makes mining more interesting +1 to the original post!
  21. Explosives, a use for gunpowder.

    This is a really interesting topic. Exactly today I was wondering how I could use that keg I meant to create, and I had different ideas, but I ended up disappointed when I read the wiki and I saw the limited number of uses and the expensiveness of a single keg. Also gunpowder itself has little to no use. But anyway, let's come to the suggestions: I think that gunpowder could be used as fuse, because it doesn't really have sense to light and detonate an explosive with some shiny red powder. I think we should need gunpowder itself to do this. Basically you craft 4 small piles of gunpowder with a knife and a gunpowder pile, then you can place these in the ground. They're flammable, but not like hay or wood, they don't catch fire showing the big red flame, they simply ignite and consume themselves to transmit the flame to the next adiacent placed gunpowder. Of course, it's a powder, so it can't ignite a normally placed barrel, it can only ignite a barrel placed "orizontally" (Sorry I don't know the exact term for a barrel placed like this) and with the hole, that one that every explosive barrel has, in the bottom. Of course this isn't a really efficient type of fuse because being made of powder it could accidentally explode or burn out instead. So here it comes, the tier 2 fuse, basically a real fuse this time, made of wool yarn. To craft this one you should need to soak the wool yarn in a sticky type of liquid, I don't know if vinegar could be useful, maybe we could include a new sticky liquid to add to the barrel recipes, something that we get from fish. Anyway, to do this, you can place up to 8 wool yarns in the barrel with that sticky liquid and seal it. It could take some time, Then, when the barrel ends its work, you take the 8 soaked wool yarns and craft them with a single gunpowder to create 8 fuse segments. These act like the previous small piles of gunpowder. You place them in the ground and ignite them. That's all. The advantage is that this type of fuse has a lower chance to burn out and no chance to explode, due to the very small quantity of gunpowder in every fuse segment. Also, this fuse can be used with normally placed barrels, so you can use it with more types of explosives ( if someone of you comes up with a liquid explosive, I guess you can't place that barrel orizontally). The disadvantages of this fuse is that the recipe is more expensive and you also need to have the crafting table upgrade and a barrel ready. Oh, also, you can't place orizontally barrels that are more than 20% full of gunpowder, otherwise the gunpowder will come out. So, I really hope this wasn't already suggested. I didn't have the time to read everything and I hope I wrote everything correctly and gave you some new ideas.
  22. this turned on? Does it...oh ok. Guys, like 2 days ago I started playing TFC again and I really like all the changes. I mean, damnit I am a person that likes to have over 200 mods...but...this single mod, despite its incompatibility with most of those 200 me hooked again! This means 1 thing only, I'll very probably return here and posto something more frequently! I want to contribute with my own ideas, because I noticed many things while playing. I also was kinda...

    1. LordOfWolves


      Hey Kimbblesrath! How are you? It's been a lot of time man!

    2. Kimbblesrath


      Doing well, it's great to see you back again. Some other people from way back are returning too, like EternalUndeath. I got back into TFC around the same time b78 came back.

    3. LordOfWolves


      I was playing a TFC server with my friends, then I decided to play single player a bit to understand how the mod changed, so I had some new ideas and I came back here.

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  23. Guys, I'll officially change my name, because I think it's better to only have one name instead of 2, so from now to forever (not sure of this) I'll be called LordOfWolves

    1. LordOfWolves


      Yep I am, but I preferred to have an universal nickname in every site of the internet, so between TheWolf277 and LordOfWolves I preferred choosing the one that I created, because TheWolf277 was created by steam, I didn't choose the last number. However in Imgur I am still TheWolf277 because LordofWolves is already taken damnit!

  24. Wow, so you guys and girls visited my profile more than 5000 times. I think I am first in something after all :) and also, I didn't know that I was so interesting.

    1. LordOfWolves


      Oh and yeah, I remember that, every time someone says awesome and wolf in the same phrase, I remember that.

    2. davoval0001


      Make that 5.5 now. ;)

    3. LordOfWolves


      I love you guys :")

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  25. Challenge vs. Annoyance

    Of course you first need to think about something funny and entertaining to add, then, and only then, think about how to make it difficult to get it.