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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Olive oil is also used as a method of conservation of food. Tuna cans are a really common example of oil used to conserve food. Now, it would be useless if we consider that we already have vinegar that works in the same way, but oil does not require brining and it would alter less the taste of food. It's also more expensive to make than vinegar, because olive isn't so common and is also produced in small quantities. This makes olive oil both advantageous and difficult to get, a bit like salt.


  2. Hello everyone, I started this topic because my suggestion that I posted in the New skills thread is probably not going to be seen and it was also off topic.

    Basically what I wanted to suggest is simple: as you get better at prospecting with the prospector's pick, it would be neat to see, when you press ctrl or shift (I think ctrl is better, since it's also used for food taste and shift is already used for the help) the types of ores that generates in the stone type you're hovering over with the mouse, or, alternatively, the rock types in which that ore can generate. Those info can already be found in the wiki, but it doesn't mean that this is useless, because the same happens with crop seeds. When you become Expert you can see the nutrient it uses. 

    It also makes sense because if you really are Expert in prospecting, it's assumed that you have the knowledge of where certain ores or minerals generate. 


  3. I had in mind an addition to the prospecting skill. In the cooking skill you know better your taste profile and the taste of food, in agricolture you know the type of nutrient that a crop needs. I was thinking, maybe when you advance with prospecting, you could get a short list of what ores spawn in a stone type when you press shift on that stone, or maybe the opposite, you know, by pressing shift over the ore, in what type of stone it spawns. This could save you time that otherwise you would spend by switching game-wiki-game when you need a certain ore. It also makes enough sense to have that, because if you get good at prospecting, it's assumed that you know what you're searching for in a certain rock deposit.


  4. Wow, a really good looking house! How much did it take to adapt the projects to the blocky minecraft world? I once did something similar, and the conversion of a real world project to a cubes project is a long process, but this house is way more detailed.


  5. If you often find yourself exploring and get thirsty, but there's no sweet water nearby, you can fill a barrel at home and carry in in your back. You just have to place it down, unseal and start drinking with some jugs.Then when you're getting back home, you can empty the barrel and fill it with things in your inventory for increased storage.


    EDIT: Also, another trick that I found out is that pit kiln spreads fire to flammable blocks. The pit kiln itself is flammable, then placing many pit kilns diagonally allows you to only lit one. The others will just catch fire saving you some firestarters or the flint and steel durability.


  6. I really like both Schist and Conglomerate. Sometimes I use them together to build the bloomery an it looks quite nice if you manage to mix correctly the 2 rock types, otherwise it just becomes a multicolour structure.


  7. Horror Movie


    You found a black, dark forest with scary noises, and decided to enter anyway. You now are running away from a man with a chainsaw, 2 werewolves, a vampire that emits light and Little Red Riding Hood. Pay $1000 to buy the super extra ultra mega trap that will stop them from chasing you or keep running and lose 5 turns. You also have a 50% chance to die and lose the game...Little Red Riding Hood is quite fast.


  8. some would be used as food, and the others could be used for either deadly poisons in potions or other effects in potions, from medicinal to magickal purpose.

    Yeah, that's pretty much the idea I had, apart the medical purpose. Poisonous mushrooms could be used in pvp servers as a trap, like, you leave there a poisoned meal and the other player can't know this and he gets poisoned and dies, or maybe as a poisoned bait to get some animals. Always talking about rabbits, you could make a bowl full of carrots and with a bit of poisonous mushroom, the rabbit would eat the carrots and then die. Ofc, many animals can feel the smell of poisonous food, that's why you have to be careful and add the least you can to prevent the animal from discovering that it's a trap, but you must also add enough mushroom to actually make the trap effective.


  9. Yeah, there can be poisonous mushrooms too but they must have an use, not just exist to take an ID and space in chests. Currently in TFC there's almost nothing that's useless, apart gems and some ores, but these will have a function or will probably be removed. In don't know what I would to with poisonous mushrooms if they didn't have a purpose apart being poisonous to the player. I know that what is poisonous to humans isn't always poisonous to other animals, so, maybe if there's a particular animal that can eat that poisonous type of mushroom, well, that mushroom would have a good purpose in the mod: feed that animal. That was just an example, I don't know if there are really animals that eat poisonous mushrooms.


  10. I like this idea.  We need more output!


    Ideally, what I would like to see is each type of tree producing something: 


    - Some have fruit

    - Sugar from maple

    - Paper from birch

    - Chestnuts as protein?

    - Thatch from willow

    and on...


    I see this kind of difficult to be implemented. For example you can make tannin with every type of wood due to balance purposes, but only 2 types of wood are used irl, so I don't think they'll add this if they don't remove the chance to get tannin from other trees too.


  11. Well, now that I think about it, mushrooms have a natural role too that we should consider. They're really good at collecting water, but they can't produce lymph by themselves, that's why they grow near plants, they help the tree get water and in exchange they get some lymph from the tree.


    We could make that mushrooms could somehow help with plants growing.


  12. That's actually a great and unexpected idea! It didn't even cross my mind to add different sugar types. With the addition of the new tastes system, we should really have different types of sugar, because in real life too people tend to like some types of sugar over the others. Canadian people like Dunk should like maple syrup, I myself don't have problems eating normal sugar, but I prefer the one from the canes because they say it's less bad for you. 


    Dunk or Bioxx, Idon't remember completely, also stated that there may be different types of sugar canes in different biomes, so that could mean different sugar types too, but they will always come from canes, and this will always give them pretty much the same taste with little variations. 


    Also, with the incoming different types of terrain, the sugar carrots could grow and have different tastes similar to sugar canes, so same taste between every sugar carrot but with little variations.


    As for maple syrup, I don't think trees in TFC are affected the same way plants are affected by different terrain types, so to make it change the taste a bit we could have another system of working it after its extraction from the tree.


  13. Glad to see a suggestion about an unused metal. We talked enough about lead in the IRC (me and other members), but this idea of practicing never came up. We came up with an idea of a primitive battery, like the ones egyptians supposedly used. The lead could be used to store energy inside the vessel along with sulfuric acid easily created with water, sulfur and some other ingredients present in TFC. Anyway apart from lighting lightbulbs and detonating powder kegs, we didn't find so many uses.


  14. D: huge suggestion! I now feel like I really want that ingame. In real life too, brb, got to save some money to buy some. 

    Anyway, yeah that is a pretty cool suggestion, it's extremely unbelievable but for some reason I really like it.


  15. First time that I see surface swiss cheese caves, so I suppose it's rare. Surface lava instead is more common but you can't do so much with it. As for the fruit tree, those are common too, it's not an overpowered seed if you spawn near one, after all you'll probably have a complete orchard before arriving to blue steel.


  16. Modern guns, like sniper rifles, assault rifles and so on.

    A real blanket for Steve's bed, he suffers the cold every night.Roller skates, so that you can stumble in the grass.

    Dunkleosteuses...hungry dunkleosteuses...


  17. Yeah I see this kind of hard to implement without breaking the believability, because it doesn't matter if you're a good miner or not, you can still see the vein if there's metal there. I think something about how you mine the vein should change, like maybe you learn a better way to mine, so you mine it faster. Or maybe you know the right spot to hit, so your pickaxe would last more. 


  18. Actually yesterday I asked Dunk why this happened, and he told me some different things. he said that when you right click with a flint and steel on top of the pit kiln, it also starts a timer in the pit kiln, and after 8 hours the items are ready, but without clicking the pit kiln, you don't start the timer, the pit kiln detects a fire block above it and checks the timer, but the timer says it's at 0, so it immediately "rings" and the items are instantly ready.


  19. I think I have a valid point to introduce mushrooms then! In b79 we'll probably have food taste too, and you too said that mushrooms taste fantastic, soo I think this could be useful to every player. Mushrooms will become part of the cooking system and can be used to slightly change the taste of the food, so that a cook won't become mad finding every possible ingredient in an online server. Mushrooms would fit very well in this. You add them to prepared meals to change the taste depending on the mushroom you used.

    If there weren't mushrooms, either the players had to eat a bad tasting food, or the cook had to make 20 different meals, which becomes tedious after a while.