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  1. This is a scissors advertisement so It may not be true:

    "The Titanium Bonded blades are 3x harder than steel so they stay sharp longer."


    Those blades are made of stainless steel with Titanium bonded at the molecular level.

    I actually own a pair of those and can confirm that they are sharper and last longer than regular scissors.

    Yes, I can confirm that adding titanoum to steel can improve its ability to stay sharp. But too bad we don't have titanium to add to steel in this mod, and about the black, red and blue steel, I don't really know how they should behave, so I supposed they should be similar to normal steel.



    I think we agree on the basic witch is NO MAGIC. Everything else is OK.

    Yep. Honestly I am thinking about blue steel, should it really be resistant to fire? The thing is that if we want to add this suggestion to the mod, we should also remove the fantasy alloys and replace them with something more believable, ie titanium and steel could make a good sobstitute for black steel.


  2. Butchery!!! Literally being able to grab the knife and cut the abdomen of the dead animal, cut the various organs and store them separately. There would be a lot of blood. Also you would need to manually cut the hide and collect the bones. You throw away nothing in an animal. 


    Then an use for every unused ore, mineral, gem in the game.


    More rail types, kind of a railcraft addon to TFC.


    Ceramic, in the IRC we're talking a lot about these things, about giving unused items an use.


  3. I like the idea, but what about the old cobble blocks? Will those still be in the game? And also, are we supposed to get loose rocks back from those cobble blocks like the already existing ones? Also, the stone bricks recipe uses all the 9 slots, where should we place the trowel?

    Anyway, about the placement, yes I think it's a good idea to have both the mortar and the trowel in your inventory to place bricks, but maybe we should need to get more mortar from the recipes? 


  4.  (some metals take and keep an edge better than others).

    Oh you meant this. Yes, that's true, different alloys can be sharpen more than others, and can stay sharpen for more. Usually higher alloys could stay sharper for more, but that's not the case of the steel. While being waterproof, steel keeps the sharpness less than iron, with the disadvantage of rusting for this one. So basically alloys should always stay more and more sharp, until iron, then the rest of alloys should be made of steel, which can't keep sharpness more than iron. You can see this if you ever had one of those swiss knives, the ones you use to carve wood and to survive in the wild.


  5. Ok my experience with metallurgy is in games like skyrim   and others.

    Yeah, I remember those guys having a rope connected to the bellows, and they simply had to pull the rope to pump air. It's almost like pressing the bellows button inside the forge GUI. I'd suggest that if we want to be able to use bellows from inside a forge GUI, we should also build a similar thing. Of course, bellows have the wrong shape for now to do this. I don't know if they will change. Otherwise we should find a system that works with this shape.


  6. I think copper shears are believable and maybe needed for early clothing.

    I think he said iron because copper and other metals don't react good to constant bending. Copper is easily workable, and bending it everytime you use the shears could easily break it. Same for the copper alloys, but that's just my thoughts.


  7. Moving the monsters underground should leave some time to relax to players, so I would suggest to add animals that only react and attack you when you enter in their territory. Note: I'm not saying that you suggested animals that come to attack you. I just suggested what I'd like to see, because an hostile animal that comes in your area to attack you while you build something becomes kind of annoying if it happens often.


  8. This is true, evergreen trees are always green, like their name says. I don't think this should be too difficult, or at least I hope so. If every leaf block of every tree shares the same ID, that would be a bit difficult I think, but otherwise they just need to turn off the capacity of changing colour based on temperature and it should work fine.


  9. But all you saying about believable could be achieved with the notion of alloys.

    I think is easy to imagine that blue steel is some kind of alloy that can resist fire since it can pick up lava.

    Yeah, I was just disagreeing with the fire aspect part. I think blue steel should be the only thing that can create fire resistant things, so the fire resistance would only be present in blue steel armors.



    I can even see thorns. As actual thorns outside an armor.

    Yeah, I can see this too, that's why I didn't exclude it. You could bend some metal shards to an armor and work it to give it the thorn enchantment, but wait, a different version of that enchantment, we don't want our armor to magically damage a skeleton that hit us with an arrow or javelin.



    A good alloy is what makes a better sword not some gem.

    About this, the alloy itself doesn't make a sword sharper than a sword of a different alloy or metal, it's the blacksmith that sharpens it. You could have a sharp red steel sword and at the same way you could have a sharp copper sword. What the alloy changes is the durability. And you could use the gems to sharpen weapons, so that finally gems could have an use, and it's believable, gems are quite resistant, they're good for sharping the blade of a sword. I didn't mean to say you have to weld the gem to the sword, you just use it as a tool to sharpen, nothing more.


  10. I do not however think gems would be the way. It's the same as saying that they some how are imbuing the tools and weapons with magical powers,




    So for example blue steel would add  fire protection and  red steel would add fire aspect.

    Wait no!


    I was thinking about enchantments, and some are realistic, like Sharpness.

    We could actually use a gem for this. You put the sword in an anvil and then there should be a slot for gems. Gems could be used to sharpen a sword's blade. And it's pretty simple. Different gems give you a different damage increase, but you will also lose a really little bit of durability, because after all you're also taking metal away while sharpening the sword. Anyway, diamonds should be the ones that increase the sharpness the most, while weaker gems would gradually increase sharpness less and less, like emerald, it should add less damage than diamond. Also, when you use a gem, it has a great chance to break and become a more flawed version of it, following this pattern:

    exquisite > flawless > normal > flawed > chipped > broken gem, it simply disappears.


    Then the gems could also be used as efficiency for tools, because after all a tool is efficient when it's sharp, because a pickaxe breaks rocks quickly with that sharp point, a shovel passes through dirt faster if sharp enough, an axe would chop better if sharp, and also do more damage, because it's also used as weapon, and so on. So gems would work to add sharpness to weapons and efficiency to tools.


    Now I would exclude some unrealistic enchantments


    Fire protection, because we only have metal armors and they're good heat conductors, leather armor would just burn.


    Feather falling, because we are heavy and yet I don't know a way to magically fall slower without a parachute.


    Respiration, because armors shouldn't add a magical way to breathe better underwater.


    Aqua affinity. This is a bit tricky to explain. Yes you could make an armor lighter, and this would allow you to mine faster underwater, but what happens if you are not using an armor?You mine slow anyway, so there's no sense in adding an armor to make you mine faster


    Depth Strider, same reason as Aqua affinity


    Smite, because either a sword is more painful for everyone or it's not painful at all.


    Bane of arthropods, same reason as Smite


    Fire aspect, really, we shouldn't have swords able to set enemies on fire if we want a believable game.


    Silk touch. Ok, on this we could discuss a bit, but I think that it could break the TFC balance if you could acquire some blocks as they are generated.


    Fortune, for balance reasons, again we could discuss on this.


    Power, because it increases arrows damage. I think that we should need to change arrow types instead of adding something to the bow that affects arrows. The bow has nothing to do with how much an arrow is painful


    Flame, again for the same reason of Power. We could lit some existing arrows instead.


    Infinity, for obvious reasons.


    Luck of the sea, because there's no believable way to make a fishing rod more lucky...


    As for the other non excluded enchantments, I may add them later, I just want to see how this suggestion goes first.


  11. How old does a tread needs to be to be considered a necro?

    Necro is when you post something useless in an old thread, that's not the case because what you posted adds something to the thread.


  12. Aggresive animals are a different type of hostile mob than zombies/skeletons/spiders.

    Also, zombies skeletons and stuff will be moved underground, so let's not think like they'll be on the surface forever.

    And thinking about this...yeah, there's no need to rush on thatch after all if those mobs will be moved undrground. We'll just have natural animals, and then adobe could really be the first shelter.


  13. Cool suggestion! I always walked around TFC and never noticed that it's missing mushrooms! There are really lots of different types of mushroom, and how they grow changes too. Some mushrooms grow on the logs of the trees, so you would find them when you go to chop trees. Note that anyway they shouldn't drop if you just cut the tree down, you should destroy them first or you'll lose them, as with sticks and saplings.

    Some other mushrooms then grow on rocks. 

    But apart this, forget how vanilla represents mushrooms as only one per block. Mushrooms grow in clusters, all there, stuck together. The mushroom block should be something that has different stages like the crops. Basically the more you wait, the more mushroom will grow in the same cluster, so when you'll chop the mushroom cluster, you'll get more out of it.


  14. About trees, when I have nothing to do, I craft a metal axe and go south to chop a part of the douglas fir forest, because that forest gives me lag, but there are many minerals near it, so when I have some spare time, I go down there and chop. I also get lots of wood for charcoal this way.


  15. yeah, and wolves can blow it away...

    lol okay :D


    But the pictures you showed are for modern structures.

    When I see images of villages in remote places where people have no access to technology, people always build their houses with adobe walls and thatch or straw roofs.

    Yes, these are some more modern structures than our TFC structures. You're right that we shouldn't be able to use the straw in the same way, but we need to find a material to build the shelter during the first day. I understand, not everyone uses to build a thatch shelter the first day, but a great part of people do, so if thatch will be classified as unstable for a wall, then we need something as quick as straw to get that could replace it.


    Don't you at least agree that adobe would be a stronger material than thatch specially if you are trying to protect yourself against zombies.

    Or in the case of the new update that we will have more dangerous animals, I dont see thatch wall strong against a bear. 

    Of course, I agree with these. Bears are quite strong and thatch isn't a problem for them. Adobe should be more mob resistant than thatch. 


    So I may have an idea to solve this. What if thatch isn't mob resistant, BUT mobs can still not see you through it, so if you manage to hide in a thatch shelter without mobs seeing you, they don't have a reason to demolish your shelter, they'll just walk around searching for someone to kill.


    This is the only idea I have to solve it for now, otherwise we should need a first day better building material.


  16. Tha's why i insist that straw as a construction material for walls is not believable or needed.

    Why not? It's the earliest building block I can think of, also a quick repair from monsters. And it's believable, or at least these pics say so.


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    Also you notice that there are some wooden elements (please don't pay attention to the pneumatics, these are not relevant) and this is how sticks should keep the straw up, placing them as a support. It is believable, I mean, they are using it.


    EDIT: I get the ones in the second pick aren't sticks, but they're used to support the roof in that case. Of course what we didn't think about is that thatch can't support a roof, so we would need a wooden structure like the second picture, if you're going to make a heavy roof, otherwise, sticks should be fine if there's only some other thatch.


  17. Yes, missing parts would be nice too. Animals aren't always calm when leaving a footprint, maybe this animal in particular was running from something or someone, and it left a loong and deformed footprint, because it was running and the terrain was wet and all that stuff. Yeah it would be pretty awesome. Anyway there shouldn't be zooming, but some clickable parts that make hints appear in the chatbar, like "This seems a footprint of a small animal" or "Judging by the lenght of the claws, this could be a predator, not a prey" and other similar hints. It would become pretty cool, maybe you become too involved in studying the footprints, but I think this is still kinda basic, not too detailed, it could actually work.


  18. Do you mean kind of like the knapping GUI? It shows you a GUI with the footprint and different clickable parts that you can inspect to know more? That should be awesome I think.


  19. Okay, so adobe crafting...



    I had an idea. would it be possible to craft adobe like this:


    get to a block of water (can be flowing, salty or anything) drop in the 8 straw, 4 sticks, 8 clay, then right click (place) with a dirt/sand block and you'll have 4 adobe?


    How do you like the idea? Is it possible to code it? Is it possible to code that you trow more stuff in, but it leaves the not use straw/sticks/clay in the water, and can be used for for another go?

    Now this is a nice idea. If instead of using the crafting grid to craft something like adobe, we used a system like the pit kiln or the charcoal pit, I mean something you do outside of the crafting bench, that would be great.

    However I see it difficult with flowing water, because it would bring your items away. Maybe you should add water later with the help of a wooden bucket. You don't literally add it, you just right click with the bucket in the block you created. If this worked in a similar way to the pit kiln, you could place all the stuff inside a hole in the ground and then place the water at the end with the bucket.


  20. It would be cool if they worked the same way loose rocks work. On fancy graphics, those items are placed in the ground and have very small pixels. Also they're placed ramdomly in the block, not always in the same position. If there was a way to do this with footprints too, it would be great. Randomly placed footprints, even more than 1 in some blocks, like if there were 2 or 3 loose rocks in the same block, I hope I gave you the idea of how I imagine this.


  21. I really like the idea of supporting thatch with sticks, because my dad used to work with thatch, and you know, it bends, it falls off, it's not so stable. Sticks would make this more believable and better looking. Also, I don't think sticks are really a problem to gather, I mean you find them in the trees and even in the ground.

    Anyway can you explain me how you mean to support thatch from underneath? Do you want to add sticks that act like the poles you use for mines or horizontally placed sticks that kind of keep the ceiling up?


    Like this



    []      []

    []      []

    []      []


    And on top of the sticks you put thatch. Did you mean this or something else?



    I've changed the recipe to: 8 dried straw, 8 clay, 1 dirt or sand, 4 sticks makes 4 blocks of adobe

    Yep but I think I see the problem here. There are 21 crafting ingredients. Basically you need to place 8 dried straw (1 in every slot) then 8 clay (again 1 in every slot) then 1 dirt or sand and then 4 sticks (1 in every slot). Maybe I get what you meant. You wanted to place the 8 clay in a single slot, same for straw and sticks, but you can't. Minecraft doesn't take into consideration how much of an item is in a slot, it will consider that as a single item and will craft the wished thing using up only one of the stacked items. Also I see it difficult implementing such a thing, because if we were able to craft with the crafting bench counting the number of items in every slot, we could have problems when we would make multiple crafts, because you need to fill the slots to make a block/item multiple times, and the crafting bench could confuse that with another recipe that uses that number of blocks/items in every slot.