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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. [0.79.15] Rhodance's "HugBox" Server [Closing May 22]

    IGN: CynicalCatalyst Age: 20 Why this server?: Played TFC since waaaay back a couple versions before multiplayer came out. Played it a few times since then, took a break, and now I'm hoping to get back into it to see what it's like again. Not only that but seeing some people my age here caught my attention 2 sentence description: I enjoy challenges, typically trying to learn about all of the different things I can do to be a "jack of all trades." I'm hoping to find a group in server who doesn't mind me not sticking to 1 thing or the corporate towers I tend to build.
  2. [Offline] Treeserve [Build 76] [MC 1.5.1][Re-Opened]

    I would love to play on this server, since the last one I normally used is shut down due to funding issues (on top of that there aren't many servers using build 76 yet). I live on the east coast of the U.S. though so let me know what hours you run and I will see if I'll have time
  3. Coinage and coining

    So I read your whole post, and I can relate all of this to real life. Essentially since gold was a shiny, difficult metal to come buy people used it as currency because they were sick of bartering. Somebody could trade blueberries to a pie maker and the pie maker could give the blueberry grower pies in return, but who said he wanted pie? Hence the trading of metal, such as gold, came into play. Eventually down the road came struggles: soem people had a lot of gold and nowhere to really store it, and some people had no gold and were suffering, so banking came into play. That gave the people with a lot of gold somewhere to store it and those who had none a chance to "loan" it. Eventually, though, the banks would go bankrupt since their gold was loaned out, and so when the person who stored the gold wanted to pull some money out they handed out a paper note, essentially stating "I owe you this much gold", and so paper dollars were born. My point is that in real life gold and paper are somewhat useless and have intrinsic value to it, yet we still use it for trade. Hell one could even go as far as saying that it has taken over our lives, and while there is always an issue with anything economic, in game or in reality, it is still plausible to implement. Also, in real life we could melt down pennies, or even those collectible coins that are ".99999 Pure gold", into ingots and trade those, yet we don't. We could melt down the frames of our cars and make steel coins out of it and trade that, but we don't. And why For gold? Why not platinum? Why not cobalt? Why not uranium? Silicone? Carbon? Wood? Liquid nitrogen? Logically, who says it has to be metal? Instead, in real life, we trade discs of metal and pieces of paper made by banks that are supposed to be valued for a set amount of gold, which is essentially determined by people with a lot of power and know how. I understand your point, but rather than causing me to question whether this can be implemented or not it only makes me question why we do it in reality. All of this just makes me question reality, and why we are still metaphorically swinging in trees, scratching our asses and smelling our fingers afterwards, and eating lice off of one another.
  4. Hello, my ign name is CynicalCatalyst and I'm interested in joining this server asap. I am 18 years old and I have been playing minecraft since beta 1.5 and Tfcraft since pre9 (I don't pay attention to what exact date it was released). I try to be well rounded in TFcraft on multiplayer servers, but I enjoy working with metals and building the most. I would like to join this server because, let's face it, minecraft alone can get lonely and playing with others, even if you're working wtih them, can add an additional challenge to things. I'll contribute when I can but college, that special someone, and soon work, will all prevent me from playing for too long so I'll be on when I can. Unfortunately, until I get a job a mic probably won't happen, though depending on my mood in the future it may happen. Here's hoping I wind up on another server full of great people!