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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. I've spun off the TechNodefirmacraft version of BetterStorage, that AnodeCathode modified, to work with Baseline TFC. This modified version of copygirl's mod. This is a beta version and may contain issues. Please report any problems you have or suggestions here. Source Code Download BetterStorage-1.7.10- Old Downloads BetterStorage-1.7.10- Licensing/Modpacks: This project inherits the MIT licence from the original. As such you are allowed to include it in modpacks and distribute. Changes made: - Recipes are TFC'd and made to respect ore-dictionary - The TEs tick so that ingots cool and food decays in them (change by AnodeCathode) - There are reinforced chests and lockers for all TFC metals and alloys. - Added in Ruby Chests. - I created all additional textures and original textures are from the original mod. - There are some basic limits put on what items can go into the various storage blocks. Tools that can't go in TFC chests will not fit, anvils, barrels, large vessels and crucibles will not fit, but everything else does. Changelog Version 131-tfc: Key recipe fixed.Keyring now crafted in Anvil.Configs fixed.Armor Stand if enabled is crafted with TFC Smooth Stone. Metal Chests Will post more images when I have time.
  2. TechNodeTools-TFC

    This won't be continued. I ended up just forking TFC for my pack as the changes necessary to do what I wanted weren't possible/easy otherwise.
  3. TechNodeTools-TFC

    TechNodeTools-TFC This is an add-on I'm creating that will help integrate other mods into TFC based ModPacks. It is basically the tools I wish I had when I made my pack. To fully use the feature of this addon will require the player/pack maker to configure things and likely use MineTweaker to create recipes. The add on is currently alpha and is not feature complete. This will be focuses on integration, expansion and giving tools to pack makers. I'm putting this up now as I'll soon be back home and able to work further on it and hope a few brave souls will give it a poke. What it does: TFC'd Metal and Mineral Ores. It creates ore blocks that behave like TFC ore. They match the rocktype and can spawn in the 3 qualities. Currently I've added Aluminum (Bauxite), Osmium, Tungsten (Scheelite and Wolframite), Cobalt, Chromium, Titanium, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Cadmium and Iridium. I've written the code such that more ores can easily be added. The way the normal, poor and rich ore drops are organized you will still see 4placeholder items for each. It can be easily expanded past 16 new ores if for some reason more were needed. There are also Mineral Ores added (Apatite, Scapolite and Strontium). Apatite, Scapolite (glowstone), Strontium (blaze rods),Bauxite, Osmium, Scheelite and Wolframitewill generatespawn info in the TFCOre config by default (can set spawn to false in config). Other ores are disabled by default as I've not set their spawn parameters. They also don't have ore item pieces. All ingots, sheets, etc. have been added and behave the same as TFC items. You can create other Alloys in TFC. Currently added Electrum, Cupronickel (Constantan), Invar, Aluminum Brass, Alumite, Manyullyn and Stainless Steel. More alloys will be added. Dusts and Nuggets for all ores and Alloys. The nuggets are 10 units each. They are crafted with a chisel. They can be melted down in crucible or pit kiln (if melting temp is lower than pit kiln temp). They can be used to make alloys etc. There are dusts for each metal and alloy. The dusts can be mixed in appropriate ratios to make alloy dusts. The dusts are smeltable in furnaces. There are no recipes for creating dusts in the mod itself. Recipes may be automatically generated by some mods or can be created with MineTweaker. The dusts also melt in the crucible/pit kiln. Metal blocks All metals and alloys that can create sheets can create Metal blocks. These blocks are crafted on the anvil. They can be heated/melted. They could be used in anvil recipes as they can be heated in forge. They can be chiseled with slab, stair and detailed mode. As with all blocks once chiseled they can not be harvested so the metal would be lost. What it will do soon Config options to turn off the various modules, i.e. Nuggets, dusts, etc. WAILA support. (should mostly work) What it will hopefully do soon. Allow metal trapdoors to be created with added metals/alloys. Add a "machine" that will produce ore piles of 100 units from normal, poor and rich ores. You would put ores in and when the unit reached 100 it would output an ore pile, which would be registered in Ore dictionary as an ore. What it might do: I'm considering adding gears and rods of each metal/alloy. These would be crafted on the anvil. This is still a WIP, but the master branch is functional, although not fully tested. You can see the code at You should be able to get the jar at Download WARNING: This is not considered stable yet. I'd not recommend using it in a world you care about without a backup. Also, ironically, this will not be compatible with our pack currently.
  4. World Gen

    Most of those type of variables aren't too hard to have set in config. We'll try and offer as much customization as possible.
  5. A call for Artists

    With us now being able to make the project public we can now have folks in the wider TFC community contribute to the project. One big need we have is for art assets. We will have a definite need for textures and sprites as well as logos and other art to update the look for TFC for the 1.12+ port. So if you have some skills to contribute we'd very much appreciate it. The pixel art should remain in the style of TFC so that it fits with the colour palette and style of the other blocks. Also remember that we can layer textures (see the workbenches and bookshelves for example).The other art we are happy to consider any styles, but should invoke the feel of TFC. Also feel free to use TFC in place of Terrafirmacraft. Pixel Art Needed: Doors andtrapdoors. We would love to have different styles for the various wood types. Currently they are just the basic vanilla doors retextured to the the TFC wood. Fruit tree bark textures. I'd like to have unique bark textures for various fruit trees. Shield textures. We've not started programming in TFC'd shields, but would like to have different styles for the various wood types. Art Needed: Logo: Something that can be used for the discord, GitHub account, Twitteretc. Most of these are square logos.The current one is just a placeholder I threw together. Banners: New art that can be used in various places. I will be adding to this list as we other things are needed.
  6. A call for Artists

    That is an invite link
  7. Biomes and Compatibility

    Biome compatibility is something we are well aware of. As with all the other bits we aim to make it compatible as much as possible. The compatibility becomes a lot easier when a forge version for 1.13 comes about since the constraints on biome numbers should be removed.
  8. Submit Questions for FAQ

    One of the things we are putting together to keep the community informed is a FAQ for the project to give an idea of where this project is going and what you can expect. So for that I need to know what you want to know. So please post questions you feel are important and ones you'd like answered. Thing like "Is this a port or are you adding new things?", "How can I contribute?" "Are you allowed to make this port?" etc. Please post your questions here. The FAQs will be posted here on forum andon subreddit.We won’t be answering them in this thread,
  9. Food crafting bug (with Baubles mod installed)

    TFC uses its own crafting manager which only functions in the player inventory. Any other crafting inventory, vanilla workbench or any mod crafting table will cause this.
  10. Food decay & preservation

    Crops always did this. The respawn is spring was less than initial worldgen.
  11. Food decay & preservation

    In minecraft there is no scheduled ticks. Basically everything ticks randomly and you just decide if something should happen based on number of ticks that have passed. So for example tree growth in 1.7.10. When you planted a sapling it got tagged with a time stamp. Then every time it randomly ticked it would check if the appropriate number of ticks had passed using the time stamp. If enough had passed it would roll to grow. In 1.7.10 the chests ticked randomly, which is how things cooled and rotted in them. Vanilla inventories do not tick, which is why things didn’t rot until you removed them and they randomly ticked in your inventory catching up on rot.
  12. Simple "playability" changes.

    This is something for server owners to do if they choose, not something that should be done by default. What Iadded in my 1.7.10 fork was the respawning of resources at a very low rate. This was a config for debris, berry bushes andseaweed. I plan to include this in the 1.12+ version. In addition I’d link respawn to spawn protection so they did not regenerate in player bases.
  13. Submit Questions for FAQ

    1. Yes. See the FAQs for more complete answer. 2. There are thoughts, but nothing definitive. I think mechanical energy system is likely idea we’d like to add. 3. Again nothing definitive. Definitely two tool stuff. Maybe casts poured using mold in one hand vessel in other. The vanilla bow no shield restriction. Don’t know what else. Yes cave in will be included. Yes we want to have more stable caves. Beyond that no firm plans. Generally we want things to be more intuitive and have more in-game info. Not sure how to achieve this yet. The flow of progression will be tweaked. There will be some general rebalancing of things.
  14. Simple "playability" changes.

    I thinkI’d want to partly address the clay in dry biomes issue, by decreasing the amount of the world that is dry. I’d like more variety of decor for wetter biomes and for dry to be less prevalent. Or at least reduce odds of vast dry areas. The bigger issue we need to address is the question of were the challenge will be. You don’t want to have all things everywhere as TFC is an exploration mods as well. TFC very much has a feast and famine issue for a lot of resources, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but where it is needs to be thought out. I like the game design of struggle to achieve a goal, but achievement also gives you something to reduce that struggle. As we get the basics in place we’ll need to decide how we are making TFC a challenge.
  15. I appreciate the effort being put in here. Just be aware implementing anything like this will be a little later. Just don’t want you discouraged by use not commenting or implemented.
  16. TFC1 1.12+ port

    Beyond what Dries said there is also the concept of not being a dick. I have been involved with this community for years now and have gotten to know the devs, addon authors and pack makers. TFC is opensource, so permission is explicitly given to use the code and assets. ButI have great respect for Bioxx and everyone who has contributed to TFC, so I want the project to move forward with clear permission given. I’m pretty sure most if not all others involved in this project feel the same.
  17. A call for Artists

    It’s fine.
  18. A call for Artists

    Thanks. They look good. I’ll give them a test. We will be giving credit to those who contribute to the project. Definitely on the repo and on wiki when we get one going later. I will be sorting out a submission process so it’s clear you agree to our license and get credited.
  19. Submit Questions for FAQ

    This is a thread to submit questions for the FAQs. If you’d like to make suggestions or debate features please make a new thread. I will leave the off topic posts for a day to allow you to copy them, then I will be cleaning up this thread.
  20. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    TNFC uses a forked and heavily modified version of TFC. Making our stuff work with otherpacks or even extra mods is challenging to say the least.
  21. TFC1 1.12+ port

    The best way to actively participate is by joining the discord. Localisation is likely not going to be done until late alpha. Until then there isn’t much I can say beyond help will be welcome. The current wiki will not be touched by us. Once this project develops further we’ll start building a wiki. Like this project we will administer it and get help from the community.
  22. Submit Questions for FAQ

    Those things haven’t been decided or discussed yet. In general we do not want to have binary situations especially when decided by RNG.
  23. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    One suggestion might be for the straps you hold being leather instead of metal.
  24. FAQs - Terrafirmacraft 1.12+ This is a list of questions we have been asked about the project. These are our best answers as of this moment. Things will likely change in small and large ways so don’t take these as binding. If you have more questions please post them in our question thread on the forum or give Bunsan a poke in the TFC-talk channel of our discord. What is this exactly? The goal of this project is to take the gameplay, mechanics and feel of TFC and recreate it in 1.12+. It is like a port in that we want it to feel like the 1.7.10 version, but it isn’t a true port as we are rewriting most of the code. This project was started by Dries007, the blessing of Bioxx, and is not associated with TFC2, nor is it associated with TFC+ or any other forks of TFC. Is this 1.7.10 Terrafirmacraft fixed to work in 1.12? The default position for all features is that the 1.12 version will replicate the final 1.7.10 version as much as possible. As this is a rewrite we will slowly add in these features through the alpha builds. Changes and refinements will then be made, but the starting point will be based on 1.7.10 version. We know that there are some great ideas out there for expanding TFC and we have some ideas of our own, but for now we need a good base of code with the key mechanics to work from. Who are you and how do I know you won’t just break my heart? The development team consists of Dries007 and Bunsan. Both are prominent members of the TFC community who have extensive experience with the TFC and its code. TFC is a very large mod and so the success of this project will greatly depend on contributions from the community. We are assembling a group of people from the community who can contribute to the mod development to help guide this project. We have the experience and skills to bring TFC to 1.12+ and are committed to seeing the project through. Dries007 is the leader of the project and the gatekeeper of the mods code. He is a prominent member of the TFC community and contributed to 1.7.10 TFC and developed a number of add-on mods as well as other minecraft mods. He is a busy engineering student and an international man of mystery. Bunsan is Community manager for the project. He is best known as a co-author of the TechNodefirmacraft and TerrafirmaPack modpacks and a couple of TFC addons. He spent a lot of years in school, but none of in for programming. He is a self-taught Java coder and so his role will predominantly be communications, PR and general organization. Although he will dabble in code a bit. When will it be finished, when can I play it? We don’t have a timeline at this point. We will have development builds available, but we don’t know when a playable version will be ready. This is a big project that is being done in our spare time. A lot will also depend on the community. We welcome and encourage contributions from the community. The more skilled people we have contributing the faster the progress. We will keep everyone up to date on the progress on a number of platforms. We will post on the forums, the discord channel ( and the subreddit ( So how can I help? There is a lot of areas in the project where you can help, directly with the mod, with the forum, the wiki, the subreddit and the discord. We need people to contribute code, texture, sounds, models, art assets (for forum/subreddit/discord channel), moderate and beta test. We are going to be very picky as to what is added to the mod to keep it clean and clear. So don’t be offended if we don’t use your contribution or rewrite some or all of what you’ve contributed. This will apply to all aspects, from code, to textures, to forum etc. We will do our best to provide the tools, examples and guidance needed, but be prepared for critique, criticism or us simply saying thanks, but no thanks. There is a roadmap here (TODO put roadmap <— there). If you have a particular skill set then give us a poke to let them know about your skill set and what you’d like to contribute. So if I’m not an expert I can’t help? You don’t have to be an expert. You can help and we want you to help. There will be a great need for beta testers, we will need ideas and input from the community and just being an active part of the community helps. You can also work with others who compliment your skills to tackle larger tasks. Most of the initial coding needs a good amount of experience with Java and Minecraft modding, but some is straightforward code using existing code example. Even if you aren’t an expert we encourage you to fork the repository ( and mess around in the code or try your hand at textures (I recommend GIMP, a free graphic program). Many of us are self-taught and learned by messing about. What about all the bugs and compatibility issues? We’ve referred to this as a port, but we are rewriting a majority of the code. This means we can fix the various bugs and compatibility issues that existed. This also allows us to provide a lot of configuration options for players to adjust variables to their liking. The config options won’t be included at first, but it is our intention to include as many as possible. There is also a lot of new tools provided by Forge which will allow a lot more compatibility. For example we plan to change the way food, health and damage is handled to keep the feel of TFC, but allow other mods food, weapons etc to work with TFC. However TFC is a full conversion mod, we are aiming to make it compatible as possible, but there will always be some compatibility issues. What all mechanics from 1.7.10 be included? Mostly yes. Most features we intend to include, but there are a few that won’t be added. The detailed chiseling will not be included. I was amazing for decor, but is not necessary for any gameplay elements. We feel Chisel and Bits does a great job and there is no need to replicate it. Stairs and slabs are now actual blocks and will behave like normal stairs and slabs. The taste system. It was an interesting concept, but never really caught on with most players. It was not an intuitive system and its randomness made for very weird results. We don’t feel the time to include this is justified. We do want to include a skill for cooking and have various ideas, but these will be added later. Food weight. I really enjoyed the weighted stacks for food, but it creates a lot of compatibility issues. We plan to have food items be normal item stacks like vanilla food. This means a lot of the food mechanics will change, but will still exist. We will still have meals, decay, nutrients etc. Trimming decay from food. We will still have decay mechanics, but you won’t need to trim decay from food. Each food item will have a chance to decay, which will cause it to disappear. The decay rate will still be changed based on how it is preserved and stored, but instead of getting a percentage of decay the item will just disappear. So if you have a full stack of apples each one will roll to decay and the stack will be reduced by the number that rolled to decay. What about worldgen? I hate walking 10k blocks to find things. We are keeping the same worldgen. We do want to keep the look and feel of TFC. We are fixing the worldgen bugs and trying to find better methods to fix performance issues, particularly with ore vein generation. We do want to keep the exploration aspect of TFC, but will include the ability to adjust a lot of the worldgen variables so you can reduce the average size of the rock biomes for example. The higher sea level will also be kept, but it also will be configurable. We will also continue to have fresh and salt water, but will work to fix many of the compatibility issues associated with having a non-vanilla water. Will you be expanding the mod with new stuff? Yes. We plan to continue TFC and expand on it, but first we want to get a working version that resembles 1.7.10. We will continue to limit the scope of the mod, so don’t expect rocket ships or modern items. We do want to add new mechanics and items that fit within the TFC timeframe and improve the current ones. We understand TFC community is passionate and many people, myself included, know the “right” way things should be done and the “right” direction to take the mod. We won’t be able to satisfy everyone with new content. Which is why compatibility and configurability are important goals for the project. We want to provide the tools for addons, modpacks etc. that allow the community to have the player experience they want. I loved addon [mod name] will you add its features to TFC? We don’t discount adding content from addons, but have no current plans to do so. As the base code of TFC will change so much all we’d likely be able to use is concepts and art assets, but would talk to those authors before doing so. Many addon authors have already expressed a desire to help with this project. That said TFC adds so much already we don’t want it to become bloated. So it may be best for things that don’t contribute to gameplay to be added with an addon. I have a great idea/there a mod that does something you should add. We definitely don’t want to discourage the community from coming up with new ideas, but as we are focused in getting a working mod up and going, we won’t be discussing or including these ideas at this time. The discord channel ( is a great place for these type of discussions and we will be expanding our forum section to provide an area for these types of discussions as well. We will be asking the contributors and the community at large for input on specific portions of the mod when we are adding them. What about TFC2? Will you add any of its new stuff? TFC2 is still Bioxx’s project and has a different design plan. There isn’t a current plan to use any portions of it in this project. There are a couple of exceptions. We’ve added the 3 new wood types he added to TFC2 and we are looking at using his concept of tree schematics for tree generation. Could you use the animal model I made for TFC2? We would like to have a lot more animals in TFC, but this is not something we’ve contemplated yet. Use of these models would only be done with the blessing of Bioxx and the contributors. Will you be including options for different languages? Yes. We are hoping to be able to automate a lot of the creation of localisation files, but will need help with proof reading. Can I use my 1.71.10 world? No this will not be possible. Will the 1.7.10 addons I love work with this version? No they will no work without being rewritten.
  25. Submit Questions for FAQ

    It won't really be necessary to report 1.7.10 bugs as this isn't so much a port as a rewrite. A lot of the backend stuff will be completely different. But feel free to join the discord and chat about it. I've not answered the boat question directly in the FAQs, so I will only say that we don't have plans to change the boats at all (they will just have TFC wood colours). I can see where it would be nice to have some small storage in boats, but that is something for late alpha.