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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Dude you should inclued some screenshots of the pack in action, i can give some to you if you want
  2. Block Heads [0.79]

    Thanks a lot for letting me use your textures, but first i gotta talk with the others making johnsmith textures for TFC before posting anything. And for the CTM, i have tried to do some textures but its quite hard,i think theres a tut on the optifine thread, i will try to make some for johnsmiths and tell you how it went.
  3. Trees leaves

    HI some of you may remember me from my better forest topic, well i have been playing TFC since april, and i loved every moment of it, i just think this is way better than vanilla, the only time i use vanilla is to build stuff on creative, and the trees.... Yeah! the trees, i think vanilla trees look way better than TFC trees(but whit less variety of course), and no it doesnt mean i hate TFC and it should be deleted from every single hard drive in this world, it just that their look could greatly improve. Heres a better example of what i mean: Here are some pics of my TFC world (autumn) Now look at my vanilla creative world Look at how vanilla leaves have lighting and have dept too, they look good, and in TFC they appear without lighting and without dept, i dont know if this is caused by the fact that you can walk trough them, but i really think that TFC should improve that because it can look very bad when you have a massive forest. Thats one of the very few things i dont like about TFC. PS: i think that autumn colors should be changed to a more sutile ones(dont know if its my TP) because in autumn no tree looks just plain duck yellow.
  4. Emergencies

    Well this looks interesting. First i will rage over it because i like to make my houses very far from the spawn,im quite bitchy when it comes to choose a place for my home,so i will dig a hole in the ground hoping not to encounter any curious mob going into that hole(i know i died in night because i havea horrible luck, you know, Murphy's laws).When day comes i go out(after happily hearing all mobs die at sunlight, and then i start like if i just spawned, and i get myself at least a pickaxe so i can then go into the journey of finding my way home,which will take me like a week IRL.but every time it gets to night time i build a shelter and keep it in there, with my bed in it and so on, so if i die i wont have to start again(!!!murphys law in action!!!!) wait! my bed didnt worked again =( Quit life.
  5. Block Heads [0.79]

    Hi, i want to ask your permission to use some of your textures on my pack,i have been making some textures for johnsmiths TP and i havent finished lots of things, mostly items and such, and since it started as a personal pack i used some of your work as placeholders for items and some other blocks(just a few) because i think they look better than vanilla TFC but i will keep making more and more textures and hopefully i will finish the pack and stop using you textures as place holder. i will really appreciate if you could give me an answer, thanks a lot for making such an awesome textures capt_slowpoke
  6. Better Shelters For Nomads

    This looks like an awesome addition to the game, i really hope this gets so see dunks eyes.
  7. So what does Protection Meter do EXACTLY

    I have not a very clear idea, but for what i have read i think that when you spend a long period of time on a group of chunks those chunks slowly stop spawning mobs and the more and more you stay in those chunks you will get less mobs near them, and at some moment you will get no mobs, and what the protection meter does its to tell you whats the level of protection(no mobs spawning) in that chunk or in the surrounding chunks. Im not that sure, if someone who is completely sure reads this feel free to correct me or to tell me if im right. Hope it helps PS: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!
  8. How did you find out about TFC?

    I saw the post on the new tab on minecraftforums, it was back in january, i remember because i had just got back to school and i was kinda sad and bored XD but when i saw TFC i could not believe it, it was awesome, i played it all day till march and then stopped playing because i had lots of installation problems. I remeber making a seed section on the wiki,making some textures,and i even talked to Bioxx, i got pretty excited with it, and now that i had rediscovered it i cant go back to vanilla.
  9. Forests,and how i think they should be

    Whoa thats a nice suggestion, i like it!
  10. Forests,and how i think they should be

    LOL, i didnt knew that dunklesteous was a dev, well by his comment i think im happy! it has seen the eyes of one of the devs! How many developers are in TFC?
  11. Forests,and how i think they should be

    ??? change what? why?
  12. Hey, im also making an edit of johnsmith, along with blupixal, its good to see more people interested in johnsmith, i would like to see some of your tools and maybe use them on our edit? just as you said blupixals version of rocks is not unique, i also fixed that and made my own set of rocks. if you want to see them i can send them to you by PM. im glad theres people making johnsmith edits, i love johnsmith. PS: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!!
  13. Well whats TerraFirmaCraft about? i think its mostly for realism in minecraft and we cannot talk about such a thing without bringing up the 1mx1m walls that we've always used to make our houses in vanilla minecraft. so my idea its to have a wall like this: [x][x][x] [][] [x][0][0] [0][x][0] [0][0][x] [][] [x] = material in a normal block or collision box [x][x][x] [][] [x][0][0] [0][x][0] [0][0][x] [][] [0] =air or collision box-less space [x][x][x] [][] [x][0][0] [0][x][0] [0][0][x] [][] Vanilla Block ][][][ TerraFirmaCraft Blocks this ones will be like 1/3 of a normal block but put verticaly so one can make thiner walls. the crafting recipe will be like this: [ o ][ o ][ o ] [ o ][ o ][ o ] s= saw [ s ][ b ][ o ] = [ o ][ 3xWb ][ o ] b= block(Stone,cobble,wood,bricks,stone bricks,sandstone, or any mineral block) [ o ][ o ][ o ] [ o ][ o ][ o ] 3xWb = three wall blocks, the ones above Now this will give as it says above one Wb that will be put in the middle of the normal block like this [air ][Wb ][air ] if its put in a crafting table like this it will change its position making it easier to be placed [][][][][][][][][[Normal block] [ o ][ o ][ o ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [ o ][ o ][ o ]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[ o ][ o ][ o ] [ o ][ o ][ Wb ]x=x[ air ][ air ][Wb]xxx[ Wb ][ o ][ o ]xx=x[Wb][ air ][air]xxx[ o ][ Wb ][ o ]xxx=x[ air ][Wb ][air ] [ o ][ o ][ o ]xxx [Normal block]xxxx[ o ][ o ][ o ]xxxx[Normal block]xx [ o ][ o ][ o ]xxxxx[Normal block] this is something very simple (like an idea in modding i have no idea) idea, and it will give a lot of ascetics and realism enhancement, also making things placeable over half-steps (like beds, torches,etc) will give realistically looking houses i will try to make more compensable images to explain my suggestion if someone request it i have made an image to make my point clearer. and crysyn i tough of that as well but this wall block wont replace the old block, its just and addition if you wish to have better houses, and the water problem, well its just something i think we can live with.Heres the image: Edit: Another thing i would like to see its better building physics, if you had ever played KingArthurGold you will be familiarised with this physics. you have an squared building with 4 supports, one in each corner, if you destroy a corner support maybe that corner will fall maybe not(like a cave-in it has a randomnes) but if you destroy another one, the whole building will fall for sure, when it falls it will destroy 25%-35% of the blocks. also when you put cobble you should be abble to make supports but for buildings, just a bit thinner and if you put a support and above it cobble, it wont fall, and if you put 2 more cobblestone they wont fall, like this: [xx][ok][ok][be][ok][ok][xx] [xx]= it falls [ok]= it wont fall [be] = support beam Edit: if any of you guys its familiarised with redpower 2 and its cutted blocks that are like 1/2,1/4,1/7,etc. my idea its pretty much the same but not so thin, also a GUI when placing just like in RedPower 2 will be nice too
  14. TerraFirmaCraft Building Overhaul

    Maybe if you make a code so that when an empty side of a block its near water it changes the graphics of the air to match the water. i dont even know if its possible but anyway i can live with such a problem.
  15. TerraFirmaCraft Building Overhaul

    Yeah i remember the mod, i THINK it was called RedPower. and yeah i will be putting immages for better explanation.