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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. OPTION - Texture Skinning If you don't just want the skin to pop off, you can add it to the process. This is done like the current hide scraping mechanic, changing the texture of the block, presuming that's even still a thing in 1.8. This can go pixel by pixel for lots of work (remember, it's 5 or 8 sides of a cube now, not just 1) or just side-by-side for less work (but still lots of durability off knife). The player then hacks at the corpse to dismember it. They get 'haunches' of meat from the corpse (also hide if the optional skinning mechanic is not used). Depending on size of animal, they can get more or less haunches. Skill could also play a factor in this. Haunches are themselves a placeable item, but come in only single block size. They do not stack, and can be carried on the back. Maybe inventory as well if we're going easier. But they do NOT fit in vessels. OPTION - Method of Kill Reduces Meat It would be good if the possible haunches were NBT data perhaps (since they don't stack anyway), and the corpse dropped can have the potential haunch number reduced depending on kill method. A bludgeoning kill has a strong likelihood to reduce the haunch count, as it ruins meat, and ruptures internal organs, which spoils the meat. A slashing attack is better. Piercing attack is best - especially if it could be coded to incentivize javelins and arrows. At this point, the player has completed the field dressing of their kill. If it was a smaller animal they might have carried it back to their hut on their back slot, but if it's large, they had to do this in the field, with the attendant dangers. The player now has haunches. If they're in the stone-age, they have to cook and eat the haunch as is. This reduces the amount of meat. The cooked haunch also still cannot fit in a vessel (provided this is not too complicated to code, as I assume right now food-vessel-fitting is purely based on ounces via ounces determining size?) The haunch also cannot go into a sandwich or salad (again, if not too complicating of the system). These things firmly establish the cooked haunch as a stone-age thing. Without fitting in a vessel they will rot faster, and will take up inventory space with it's 1-stack. Those in addition to reduced meat on cook, and not useable in meals will mean they will only be desirable early on, incentivizing full on butchering when the player has the tech. BUTCHERING ENVIRONMENT Butchering starts with a butcher block. So the player has to have their grid. The butcher block is a single block (crafted via 6 logs in top rows, 3 sticks bottom row. Butcher blocks are back-only carryable. A haunch can only be placed on top of a butcher block. Anywhere else is "too dirty" and it immediately pops off. Once placed, the player then uses their tool to start cutting off cuts of meat. This could be done again, via the texture-picking option, with each side of the cube popping off meat when done, or the haunch will have 8 slices, like a stack of coal or snow. It'd be more fun if the slices were vertical rather than horizontal like charcoal and snow, but if I understand the 1.8 system correctly, that would result in 4x as many blocks required. In any case, the player has to chop off each slice of meat, for which they get their rewards. However, each time you destroy a slice/pick a side, the game checks if there are any dirt, sand, clay, or gravel blocks anywhere in a 5x5 cube centered on the haunch. If so, decay is immediately added to the slice, due to the unclean environment. Additional decay is added if it's raining and the haunch can see the sky. This is to incentivize the player to have a proper room in which to butcher, and basically not butcher in the field. OPTION - Ground Butchering Butchering haunches might possibly be doable on the ground. This would allow stone-age folks to butcher, and in that case maybe haunches aren't edible, to simplify things. You simply place the haunch on a surface and start cutting off the slices. But again, there is the check of the environment for dirty blocks. Additional decay is applied if the haunch is not on a butcher block, and more if the haunch can see the sky and it's raining. This allows stone age people to butcher, but with greatly reduced efficacy. And possibly a lot of stone knife wear, if they have to cut off tons of decay right form the start. BUTCHERING REWARDS So the player can get meat obviously. But how about bones? What about other meat items? I think it would be interesting if there were an Ark-like system, where using different tools gives better chance for different items. So using a knife give more meat, less bones. However using a cleaver nets more bones, less meat. Now that example is not logical - the whole purpose of a cleaver is to chop bone. So if you want SAPs (Stone Age People) to to get less meat, then there's no stone cleaver, only metal. If you want them to be able to butcher meat properly, then either the knife nets the meat, or you make stone tool cleavers. If it were desired to have further products from butchering, more tools could be brought in - a fillet knife for instance. Or accessory requirements - you have to use a knife and have a sharpening steel in the hotbar (not sure if the block breaking mechanic recognizes that sort of thing though, which is where texture-picking might have an advantage). Tool tier could also affect the gains. more meat/bones/whatever from higher tier tools, or maybe more exotic gains have a base-line of a certain tier to gain. This is to incentivize someone to actually make a metal knife. More exotic gains could be things like fat, tendon, intestine, or bladders - fairly obvious possibilities I think. SAPs should have a very hard time getting special items I think, or at least certain ones. Additionally (not to sound to much like Ark) there could be certain pieces - choice meat, prime meat, liver, tongue - that can be used to tame specific wild animals (which animal takes which item could be randomized per seed) they could also of course be eaten. These items could again tie into skill, tool type, and tool tier. SUMMARY So summary of process in general: - Kill mob, which drops corpse item. Back carryable for small animals, large corpse overburdens, even on back. - Place corpse on ground. Process corpse for skin and haunches, likely in the field. - Take haunch to butchering block in clean room, choose tool for desired product, break 'slices' for product. I believe the overall result of this system would be not only an engaging and believable butchering system, but making meat have a bit more of a 'tech tree' associated with it, and generally take more time to get. Also people would actually make metal knives hopefully. I think it could make the system interesting, without being grindy, and it involves no GUI at all. It would definitely give something more for the farmer/animal husbandry person to do, as it would not be nearly as easy to get the meat as it is now. And yet meat is still accessible to SAPs for survival purposes (birds drop meat using the current mechanic anyway). I've thrown out a lot of variables though, for instance quantity of meat could be affected by: - player skill - tool type - tool material And then the following three options, which do not affect meat amount produced, but add decay, affecting the net gain. - Butcher block or not - Environment clean or not - Exposed to rain That's a lot of variables and it would take some balancing. Maybe some affect quantity of meat less, and are more about getting the extra stuff. There may be technical issues - especially with regards to whether block breaking can require accessories in the hotbar, and if texture-picking is even going to be available in 1.8. In any case, thanks very much for reading another of my long posts, and please comment! I agree, i have made an similar topic but you put greater details in this. Wish they put some stealth system too, just having to go stealth to the mob not run away would be already nice.
  2. Hunting and world generation.

    I don't know man. I agree with you about the direction of the islands not always facing north, so the word generation will surprise us more. But i don't like the idea of portal system.... I preffer an system like an Courier NPC or caravan or ship that you activate for a cost of food and water and them use fast travel points instead of exploring open sea. That would be nice too. But an portal.... ah man, i don't like those magic thing being too much blended to the world, magic is nice when is more subtle. I am not against, i preffer that he resolve the game. But you can disquize the games mechanics in an more subtle aproach, like caravans or ships travels points. I will let Geralt of Rivia also explain his point of view.
  3. Food + Taste + Hunger

    Thanks, i will take a look.
  4. Food + Taste + Hunger

    I am in favor of Animal Carcass and and more complex field dress system. Just killing and watching everything just drop ready is very strange to me. I don't know . Maybe a carcass drop that you carry in your back. And more food per animal but animal are more difficulty to find, with an track system and also Clean Kills when you use the bows or the spear, like an quality measure that drop the more hits you do to kill the animal. Also, you can lose the leather when you do many shoots in the animal. So the best option is just one shoot kill, also the animal don't suffer and die quickly.
  5. Boats/Rafts

    I will put my idea here just to help the way i can. Make the boat base floating level been made of 9 minecraft boats. Also, make the minecraft boat can only be carried in the backpack slot. All Boat pices can only be carried this way. Then you make the levels of boats to be made progressively using the materials of the smalled boats. Then the middle boat will be made by 3 middle boat pieces. That when break need to be carried by 3 players in the back slot. And the bigger boat need to be made by 6 (or even 9) boat pieces that when break drop like these pieces. And the best boats should need some metal parts to be build. Like nails and some Iron big parties. Also in the Bigger boat you should make someone standing in the Wheel and someone in the mast, then he can use an scope to look around. But make the boats in and smaller scale, and they need the number of players to work. So would be like that. Level 1 - Minecraft Boat Level 2 - Fisher Boat - Already have an Sail and can be piloted by 1 player, but have space to other player that can fish while you drive. Level 3 - Merchant Boat - Have larger stock space and Need 3 Player to work but can hold 5 players. Level 4 - Explorer Boat - More players and some item that work like an ready camp to be quiclyspawned in the distant lands you explore. Level 5 - Caravels. Bigger than the explorer, more players need to be made and maybe some Canons, but maybe this become very hard to put two boats to fight like twowhales fighting each other for example. But maybe this become too hard to program so leave the programming space to be used in an mod for example and focuses in making the overall working together. The ready camps can work similar to the Track Spawn Material system (,with an object that you put and trigger the camp or hold the pieces to the camp, like Temporally Barracks for exxample, It's an object that carry all the camps need, even an anvil. And Work as an Backpack too. So the player will need someone to carry the camping equipment. You can even block the inventory of the player that carry the equipament. But that is just an idea, i don't know how to program.
  6. Boats/Rafts

    Ah man. Archimedes ships and some more complicated boat system work really bad in multiplayer server. Would be nice just an slight bigger boat with places to carry equipament and pre-estabilished player positions. The way the minecraft boat works, you can't even walk over the ship, that's the hard part. If you put an bigger boat, the player will wish to walk over, so you need to create something similar to Archimedes ship that make the material become an entity and vice-versa. Or just make an bigger boat with player ready places to be that you can't walk over. And an storage that you can access from out of the boat with Shift clicking for example. And the boat need to be an item in inventory even if it's an bigger boat because sometimes the boat break when you hit the corners of the beach. But would be really strange to have an Big Boat in your inventory.... Yes, i do not know how to fix that without breaking some physics laws.
  7. Hunting and world generation.

    Hi friends. I am very anxious about TFC 2, i do not comment too much in the forum and i don't know how to mod. I will put the ideas i have here. 1 - About world generation. I am a little sad about the world functioning in slands. I have playing Kingdoms and enjoyedm but i don't think it's would be nice in TFC, but put 2 options intead, one with the old world generation and one with the new. Please. 2 - About hunting. I really love to hunt, But i don't enjoy the spawn system of minecraft to some more rare animals like deer for example. Would be nice to create and system that trigger the spawn, a system that work with tracks and after you meet some tracks requirements the animal apawn near as specific object, similar to assassins's creed 3. The tracks must be triggered to spawn, that will use less memories than letting the tracks being created in real time. And you can make use of the plants that animal feed or in case of predators they spawn near an group of cattle that they usually hunt. It would be nice too to create an generation system like this with the prospector pick, simplifiing the ore spawn system so you will have just different soil and rock types but the tracks will guide you to what you are searching in an chain of 5 to 10 tracks steps for example, or even more in rare materials. This would create an feeling of adventure and the inovative landscape that generate new structures while you play would create some signaturelandscape with rare materials or animals while you play the game. I think that is more fun than the isle system. But again, i can't program and i would not make an nice mod like TFC, so excuse me my arrogance with this suggestion. Also. The trigger can work like this. The grass and some bushes with berrys can be used like tracks creator, also some animal footsteps and even trail of bloods were they push the fallen carcass, if you use fallen carcass, you will need to make an provess of field dress and the carcass go in the back backpack slot or in the horse to bigger animals, or you need to camp near to do the field dress... But about the tracks agains. You also will need to create an line layer that create the direction of the tracks and an system that rotate the objects in minecraft and put the facing the direction the animal run, you don't need to use 8 cardial orientation points, you can use 4 instead so it work in minecrart square system. Would be very nice to collect animals and to hunt rare animals and plants, at least for decorations, but later some people can do mods that will compliment that system, so leave some plants and itemslots to them. Them someone can make the magic mod separated from the TFC so all the work won't fall in your back, also. Make an collective item with an old rock with the name of the mod developers so we can pay our respects to you in game. hehehe. Hugs. Thank You for the attention.
  8. Tracking Skill

    Sorry, is so much information to read all.I just continue to play with friends, what i think is that are som many itens and so many regions, so different itens would suggest different prices,I like to play with archmedes ship, i only make the ship after i can make iron and wool, and i like to explore and communicate with different people.Anyway, as i say before, i don't have a programming skill and all i can is to share ideas and express all my gratitude to the guys that work with this mod and the guys that share ideas and knowledge about survival.
  9. Tracking Skill

    Thinking about programing, maybe you can add rare mobs that will spawn only when triggered after finding a x number oftracks that describes the animal routines and patch,even that when we find the animals are just square ones, the way we read the terrain can create a narrative. Narrative is all in a adventure.The tracks also can be turned to the direction of the next track, can be hided in a bush that you need to shift click with the knife, a tamed dog that can track by the smell. don't know, must read more about it. But when i am a dungeon master, i love to make ranger adventures.I'm thinking too about how a medieval village would work, about zombies, i'm thinking they are nice now, they are just monstrous guys that will prey in the hard work of others. But what about that millenaire mod, .i like the way they work withfactions. I think faction not need to be animated and work while we can see, at least not in thebeginning. Maybe they can funcion like the sluicing that scan the land for ores and just spawn the itens that you will find in the region. Just sell things and give ramdom quests. I like the way minecraft comes alive let we have women and even children, after all, why the hard work if we can make the people we love feels good?If some zombie or skelleton, or just a guy with a intimidating armor messe with my family i will like to track him down like an guy in a Sergio Leone movie, i will make traps, make him suffer slowly and kill him.Bounty hunting is so nice, this also can be a finding a x tracks like the hunting.Well, love to share ideas, i just don't know how to program a game but i admire all the hard work of the terrafirma team, you guys have donations? I can't help with my programming skill but i work and make money, and i want to thank you guys in some way.after allDead or alive guys?
  10. Tracking Skill

    I Love this game, i would like to suggest a tracking skill.I like the way in assassins creed 3 that we can know that are animals in the place by just looking for a flower that rabbits eat or a place where a deer rests.Maybe tracks is so hard but think about how awosome is to track and hunt animals.And if at night instead of zombies a pack of wolfs atack, with a great howl that scare you if you try to go to a adventure at night.anyway, wish i can program like you guys do, this game is so awesome! hugs!