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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Traps

    Are you really that eager sitting in the forest during mating season, watching rabbits breed?
  2. Transportation Infrastructure

    What? No, all the code I saw in there regarding this stuff are possible to be configured to work off of a single instance of code with couple parameters. Just superclass that shiz.
  3. Apiculture ...* And more soon *...

    16x16 blocks is big? Really? That's only 8 meters each direction, and you want it even less than that. Do you realize that bees can fly several kilometers to get their stuff? If real bees were functioning like you want them to in minecraft, they'd be long extinct.
  4. Items with building (structure) requirements

    Weren't we already discussing this time ago? As far as I can tell, this has gone nowhere since. In every way of understanding of "gone nowhere" part pretty much. On the topic of OP suggestion, only the anvil thing makes a lick of sense. Sawmill not working under the clear sky? What's that requirement supposed to emulate, the sawblade's performance anxiety?
  5. Ranching: tending to your animals

    No area is sufficient in case of a miltiplayer server, considering grass should be in loaded chunk to regrow tall grass on top of it, whereas animal doesn't have to be loaded to "get hungry". In this particular case you would also need to make grass play catch-up along with animals once chunk loads in. Which is a performance hog and a half.
  6. Frames and Plaster (scaffolding and building block)

    I too want to have blocks for building along the lines of that was suggested in OP. I wouldn't even mind to have original wool blocks back just for the hell of it, because those too can look very nice. Additional miscellaneous stuff I'm not so concerned with, just the pretty buildings part. Also, we really need a way to expand on vanilla base block meta-id functionality. I remember seeing that is't an integer, which then means there's no bloody sense in only allowing 16 meaningful values.
  7. More stable straw

    Grass growth does not tick in unloaded chunks. Animal hunger does, however. You then have to take time sitting in your pen literally waiting for the grass in your pen to regrow enough for you to log out/leave on a mining trip.
  8. More stable straw

    To come the time when logging out would not only make all food in your storage disappear, but also all your animal die of starvation.
  9. The Wailing (1/2) An alien new realm

    I don't see parts about exploding there either.
  10. Alcohol and Gunpowder, Barrel Comat Mechs

    Nope, such substances usually burn way too fast to translate enough heat. Unless you want thatch to light that way, but I'm guessing that's quite a bit of work designing the system that takes note of a block flammability and heat source parameters for devs to do that kind of stuff. Ofc, we never know for fact.
  11. TerraFirma+ : Medicine & Health

    It's not hard disapproval per se. But there's so much disbelief to suspend when doing mental health, I feel it needs not to make an appearance.
  12. Plans

    What about making them once to unlock a schematic within an anvil interface then?
  13. Granary multiblock structure for grain preservation

    That sounds monstrous.
  14. Skill mechanic suggestion

    Dwarf Fortress' combat is so good and detailed because the game doesn't need to show anything aside from some messages. Minecraft has: 1. More detailed graphics, meaning there's a need to show at least something of what heppened - wounds, bruises, crushed skulls. Otherwise, for all we know, zombies might actually take damage to their exact vital organs or whatever, even in vanilla. 2. Far less detailed damage taking system. Health is represented by an integer value, it's a humongous work to rewrite even a slight part of that. Also, if one is to emulate basic DF combat in MC, we will come to the point when "you took damage to your left eyeball, so you won't see half of your screen from now on".
  15. New Skill: Mining

    No, bad idea. You get extra headcache along with a single bloody metal unit that you can't possibly dispose of anywhere. Not to mention that it's a "rich get richer" situation in a nutshell, exploitable too. I was already about to say that we shouldn't count something like coal veins into the mining skill increasing. Because any descent coal vein can boost you so high up there, while also feeling like a horrible grind in the process.
  16. TFC is missing a goal

    I don't think that's a particularly good idea. On multiplayer servers time is always running, and one TFC year is not even remotely close to be reasonably long time. I bet there's servers that existed hundreds of years of TFC time. Unless there's a stopoff, those would be constantly under siege, which after a while is just plain annoying, not challenging. Basically, forcing doing world restarts after a while. Even then, there's not much sense in saying "3% chance of earthquake". And then some - an increase of chances for disaster happening I can't see as believable mechanic. We aren't toying with forces of natureover here, we are just farmers and smiths.
  17. Tree / Forest Improvements

    Follow me here: Firstly, this thingI talked about a while back. edible nuts included. Second thing is what I want to add to the first - since loose rock became an item container rather than a funnly little button block, this can be adapted to saplings respawning. I wanted trees to have bloom and ripe seasons anyway, so during ripe seasons near a trees there could be spawning item containers with trees seeds in them. Such container, once ticked, spawns a sapling (the way I want it - saplings would be a crop and have several stages, but that aside).
  18. Irrigation / Water Channels

    Machines? Dude, water flows. And you don't actually require a slope even, it will still fill the channel up to the pond level no problem. The only machine you need is a pump to get it to go higher than that. Also, what's with that frequent thinking you would drain a river by digging a channel away from it? We are before 1500 AD, remember? Water sources draining because of people is a stuff of industrial age, and even then it's more like a water pollution than anything else. What good draining your irrigation source would bring to gameplay, anyway? Making all water drain "on a bad year" is essentially "oh good, all water disappeared and there's nothing I can do; time to die a bunch". Only water that's been taken for irrigating the fields? Discourage building anything tech-related for irrigation in favour of straight upmindlessly placing your field on a river bank? We should be encouraging building desings, not the opposite. I still wouldn't think this one bug is really that unfixable of a thing that broke everything. Bugs are there to be fixed, not to scrap the whole thing because of them.
  19. Irrigation / Water Channels

    I was thinking about water channels myself for the time, actually. The way I was imagining it was different though - a big ceramic mold that needs to be placed adjascent to the water source or flow block that serves as a container/pipe to store water flows. If it is placed by a full source block, it captures water level of eight, if by another mold or flow block - whatever level the mold or flow has (minus one level for the flow, because that's how it works in vanilla minecraft, also, not as much exploitable this way). It also spaws water flow of whatever level it has on the other side of itself. At some point I was thinking about having it drop levels as the distance goes as well, but that would be difficult to do, I think (because I as a programmer find it hard to get it to store the distance properly without turning into the tile entity; to get it to store eight water levels and four possible flow directions is a much easier thing, I reckon.) Thought saying that, metadata for the block is always actually an integer, if I remember right, meaning there's only four bits used by that "only 16 possible metadata for the block" thing out of 32 it has. Which does mean with some number magic we can have much more data to work with here, which is already shown by WIP Colored Lights mod I probably won't ever shut up about. The mold does not irrigate the ground by itself - to irrigate something you would need a different version of the said mold (with a hole in it, basically) that would lower the water level in the channel by one and act as a normal water irrigating 9x9 with itself in the center. I also like munin295's ideato lower levels if channel splits, but I haven't thought about it - was thinking more like a straight channel that has less (or none an all) level dropoff than normally. You would need a whole pit kiln to fire a single mold, because it's supposed to be rendendered as a block, not as an item. I would also likethese to be used in transfering liquid metals, but that would - again - require it to be turned into tile entity to store the temperature of the metal and to provide heat field around it, so I'm on the fence about that last one. To all of you saying moving water before the endgame tech is a bad thing - I strongly disagree - ancient egyptians irrigated their fields using much simpler technology. In fact, moving water should not require that much technology to begin with. Doesn't mean they should stop though. I'm still wondering what exactly was it with the water that they abandoned movable water entirely.
  20. Archery Overhaul

    I mean, I could try, why not. Let's say that one's hands start to shake when he draws a bow, and the heavier bow it is, the quicker it starts and the more severe the effect, to the point when if he doesn't shoot it immediately after he has drawn it, he will most likely miss the shot just due to that. Maybe make it so the ideal time to shoot the heaviest of bows from this standpoint is when the bow has been charged to do about the same amount of damage as a fully charged medium bow, meaning everything after that you'd actually have a chance to miss. Shaking itself is manifested through the camera movement, so player can actually correct the aim even when it is fluctuating. Something like that.
  21. offers from Russia

    I haven't seen anything pointing to the fact TFC devs want to add dynamic alloys in the game. This was actually discussed way back when, and I still haven't changed my opinion on the matter - there's a big amount of properties that change non-linearly when alloying different metals, and the graph for all that would be obscene to emulate. Apart from that little fact, there's only two properties to metals that make sense in Minecraft (and three in TFC), and none of them actually a thing, so they all have to be derived, and the derivation wouldn't really make much sense. To sum it up, dynamic alloys add unneseccary complexity to simple calculation of "durability, efficiency (mining speed), and melting temperature". Русских тут как бы предостаточно, я просто один из самых активных.
  22. A Leaf, Shrub, or Spot of Moss from Biomes O' Plenty's Book

    This mod uses blockId values to override default rendering. In short, yes, you do want to alter config file, it's actually quite easy. I have posted a config variant for it with TFC compatibility somewhere at one point, you might want to look that up if you don't want to do it yourself.
  23. Archery Overhaul

    I'm not keen on having varied draw speeds for bows, actually. It's a strength thing, you either can draw this bow or not, and if you can, you would want to do it equally quick for every bow type. Drawing process is often used for taking aim to avoid doing it while one's arms are strained very hard. Muscles tire quicker if they holding something compared to when they are moving something. So, basically, you generally aim it while drawing, quickly correct once you drawn and immediately shoot pretty much. But different draw speed is a descent gameplay mechanic, I suppose.
  24. A Leaf, Shrub, or Spot of Moss from Biomes O' Plenty's Book

    You can emulate some of this by adding Better Grass and Leaves mod into your MC instance.
  25. offers from Russia

    I am quite afraid of clicking that link, looks mighty suspicious. About the rest - do we really need three tabs of functions? What would we do with all this, exactly? Most of this would either require addition of other things a player can craft to be useful, other seem to me like they need the game to simulate an actual smithing process, and I even might disrupt subordination and say that Bioxx has quite the time balancing the amount of actions there is now and wouldn't really want there to be three fold of that.