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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    I would suggest watching Lets plays on Youtube. There are a few really good series out there that I've learned a lot from. Just check the dates to make sure they aren't too out of date. While the wiki isn't perfect, it does provide a ton of useful information and is more thorough than the majority of mods out there.
  2. Outstanding! Your hard work is much appreciated.
  3. Bridge to Terrafirma Craft

    There is an option in the config file to get vanilla iron ingots from tfc iron. I think the idea of a specific TFC/IC2 crossover mod is great. There are workarounds some of us have found using Custom NPCs and CubeX's Custom Stuff mod, but they're not very elegant solutions. I've often thought it would be awesome if there were a mod similar to the MineChem mod that let you use all of TFC's minerals to create components to other mods. For example, a way to create synthetic rubber that is used in IC2's recipes.
  4. Terrafirmabeast

    Piracy is also an easier way for players to play and that is...a bad thing.
  5. Quicker log piles

    When I was watching Dunk's video on build 76. I was thinking how cool it was to place ingots in stacks instead of messing with a GUI and how nice it would be to do this with log piles as well.
  6. [SOLVED]Custom Recipes For TFC Items? PLEASE HELP!!

    Also, if there are recipes you can't get through the config file option Dunk mentioned (TNT for example, since it requires vanilla sand), you can install CubeX's Custom Stuff Mod or the Custom NPC's mod and add the recipes yourself.
  7. Ultimate TFC?

    I thought so too and tried it but it didn't work. I didn't bother trying to figure out why it didn't work. Could have easily been user error on my part. I might revisit that some time in the future. Edit: Ok, I just tried it again and it gives an error message saying Redpower-Machine wasn't found. Machine is the part that has world in it. So maybe the latest version of RedPower isn't modular anymore? Or at least it won't run without the Machine part?
  8. Ultimate TFC?

    I can confirm that it's possible. I'm currently playing TFC with Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, IC2, Buildcraft, Factorization, Railcraft, Steves Carts, etc. However, instead of Custom NPCs I'm using CubeX's custom stuff. It's essentially the same thing as you're just adding recipes that let you get all the stuff you need to make those other mods work. The world gen obviously doesn't work, but you use minerals, gems and other normally useless things to craft things from what would normally be world gen for the other well as nether resources. The gameplay is very rewarding as it still takes you a crapton of work to get to the iron age and the scarcity of resources makes it very important which tech mod toys you decide to try to make first. It's a lot of fun if you find TFC alone a bit too hardcore and you get bored of it after a while. The one mod that doesn't work that well is Redpower 2. You can get it to work but something goes wonky with the generation of volcanoes and it causes lava tubes all over your map making it pretty difficult to play.
  9. Working Thaumcraft 3 with TFC

    Actually most of the aspects should be available with these recipes as I have ways to get vanilla dirt, sand, cobble and nether items. Wood already works as long as your using Oak, Birch, Aspen, or Chestnut. However, some things may be in short supply. For example, straight off I've noticed there aren't many sources for the Permutatio aspect which is used a lot in early research. Normally, you would use wheat seeds which are abundant and easily harvested from tall grass. This is easily fixed by adding a recipe that converts TFC seeds into vanilla seeds like so: // Seed recipe mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19156); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19157); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19158); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19159); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19160); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19161); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19162); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19163); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19164); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19165); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19166); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19167); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19168); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19169); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19170); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19171); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19172); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19173); mod.addShapelessRecipe("295 1",19174); This may look like a lot of work but it literally took me less than a minute. It's just copy paste and change a few numbers.
  10. Working Thaumcraft 3 with TFC

    Terrafirmacraft by itself is a fantastic mod and can give you hours of enjoyment but I always end up running out of meaningful things to do and eventually lose interest. Inevitably, I get lured away by some shiny new toys in feed the beast mods or some other mod. I've always wished there was a way to play some of these mods alongside TFC. Well, I believe that day is finally here. Some might say that this against "the point of TFC"® and this is to some extent cheating or "making it too easy". To those I say move along, there's nothing to see here. Those of you who are interested in unlocking the secrets to wonderful deep gameplay where every mineral and gem is precious and valuable, read on. Note: These methods can be applied to most mods that wouldn't otherwise work with TFC but for this topic I'm focusing on Thaumcraft 3 since it is one of the most popular mods out there and since it's not too "techy" I could see it fitting in somewhat with TFC. FWIW, I've also gotten it to work with IC2, Buildcraft, Factorization, and Thermal Expansion. Step by step (This is for build 75 of TFC running on 1.4.6): 1. Install Forge, Player API and Terrafirmacraft as usual. 2. Download and install Thaumcraft 3 to mods folder. This must be version 3.0.1c. The newer versions run on newer Forge so they won't work with build 75. 3. Download and install CubeX's Custom Stuff to mods folder. http://www.minecraft...2-099-released/ 4. Run Minecraft so all the proper folders are generated, then navigate to your config folder-->CustomStuff-->mods and create a new folder within that mods folder. Name it whatever you want. 5. Restart Minecraft, then navigate back to that folder you created. Now there should be several folders and files that were created within it. For these purposes the only file you need to concern yourself with is the mod.js folder. This is the file that allows you to add new recipes. 6. Copy and paste this text into that file. // Sand recipe mod.addShapelessRecipe("12 1",216); mod.addShapelessRecipe("12 1",217); // Dirt recipe mod.addShapelessRecipe("3 1",191); mod.addShapelessRecipe("3 1",190); // Cobblestone recipe mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1",16954); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:6"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:7"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:8"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:9"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:10"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:11"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:12"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:13"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:14"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:15"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:16"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:17"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:18"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:19"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:20"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:21"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("4 1","16954:22"); // Netherrack recipe - coal and cobblestone mod.addShapelessRecipe("87 1",4, 263); // Netherbrick recipe - coal and stone bricks mod.addShapelessRecipe("112 1",4, 98); // Netherwort recipe - pumpkin seeds and zombie flesh mod.addShapelessRecipe("372 1",361, 367); // Soulsand recipe - sand and zombie flesh mod.addShapelessRecipe("88 1",367, 216); mod.addShapelessRecipe("88 1",367, 217); // Gunpowder recipe - Sulfur, Saltpeter, and Coal mod.addShapelessRecipe("289 3",16326,16327,263); // Slime spawn recipe - egg and lily pad mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:55 1", 344, 111); // Villager spawn recipe - egg , emerald and book mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:55 1", 344, 388, 340); // Zombie Pigman spawn recipe - egg, raw pork, and rotten flesh mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:57 1",367, 319, 344); // Blaze Spawn recipe - egg, glowstone, coal mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:61 1",344, 263, 348); // Magma Cube Spawn recipe - egg, slimeball, coal mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:61 1",344, 263, 341); // Diamond recipe : 1 chipped = 1 diamond, 1 flawed = 2 diamonds, 1 regular = 3 diamonds, 2 flawless = diamond block, 1 exquisite = diamond block mod.addShapelessRecipe("264 1",16348); mod.addShapelessRecipe("264 2","16348:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("264 3","16348:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("57 1","16348:3", "16348:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("57 1","16348:4"); // Emerald recipe : 1 chipped = 1 emerald, 1 flawed = 2 emeralds, 1 regular = 3 emeralds, 2 flawless = emerald block, 1 exquisite = emerald block mod.addShapelessRecipe("388 1",16338); mod.addShapelessRecipe("388 2","16338:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("388 3","16338:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("133 1","16338:3", "16338:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("133 1","16338:4"); // Beacon recipe - Exquisite Tourmaline, Glass, Obsidian, Glowstone mod.addShapelessRecipe("138 1","16340:3", 20, 49, 348); // Glowstone recipe - combine any 2 different minerals from Selenite, Santinspar, Gypsum or Olivine mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:19", "16553:18"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:19", "16553:17"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:19", "16553:33"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:18", "16553:17"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:18", "16553:33"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("348 2","16553:17", "16553:33"); // THAUMCRAFT // Shards : chipped = 1 shard, flawed + cobblestone = 1 infused stone, normal + cobblestone = 2 infused stone, flawless + cobblestone = 4 infused stones, exquisite + cobblestone = 8 infused shards // Air Shard from Agate or Jasper mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 1, "infusedstoneair"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264 1", 16343); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 1", 4,"16343:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 2", 4,"16343:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 4", 4,"16343:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 8", 4,"16343:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264 1", 16346); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 1", 4,"16346:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 2", 4,"16346:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 4", 4,"16346:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneair 8", 4,"16346:4"); // Fire Shard from Ruby or Garnet mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 2, "infusedstonefire"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:1 1", 16336); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 1", 4, "16336:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 2", 4, "16336:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 4", 4, "16336:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 8", 4, "16336:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:1 1", 16345); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 1", 4, "16345:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 2", 4, "16345:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 4", 4,"16345:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonefire 8", 4,"16345:4"); // Water Shard from Sapphire or Topaz mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 3, "infusedstonewater"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:2 1", 16337); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 1", 4,"16337:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 2", 4,"16337:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 4", 4,"16337:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 8", 4,"16337:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:2 1", 16339); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 1", 4,"16339:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 2", 4,"16339:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 4", 4,"16339:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonewater 8", 4,"16339:4"); // Earth Shard from Jade or Beryl mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 4, "infusedstoneearth"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:3 1", 16341); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 1", 4,"16341:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 2", 4,"16341:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 4", 4,"16341:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 8", 4,"16341:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:3 1", 16342); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 1", 4,"16342:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 2", 4,"16342:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 4", 4,"16342:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstoneearth 8", 4,"16342:4"); // Vis Shard from Amethyst or Opal mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 5, "infusedstonevis"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1", 16347); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 1", 4,"16347:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 2", 4,"16347:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 3", 4,"16347:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 4", 4,"16347:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1", 16344); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 1", 4,"16344:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 2", 4,"16344:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 3", 4,"16344:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonevis 4", 4,"16344:4"); // Dull Shard from Tourmaline (combine with any other color for Vis shard) mod.addAliasWithMetadata(2402, 6, "infusedstonedull"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:5 1", 16340); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonedull 1", 4,"16340:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonedull 2", 4,"16340:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("infusedstonedull 4", 4,"16340:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16336); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16337); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16339); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16340); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16341); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16342); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16343); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16344); mod.addShapelessRecipe("25264:4 1",16340, 16346); // Quicksilver from Silver Ingot, Slimeball, and Saltpeter mod.addShapelessRecipe("25263:3 1",16300, 341, 16327); // Knowledge Fragment from Book and Zombie Brain mod.addShapelessRecipe("25263:9 1","25263:5", 340); // Silverwood Sapling from Shard, Quicksilver and Sapling (Oak, Birch, Aspen, Chestnut) mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", 6, 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:1" , 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:2" , 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403:1 1","25263:3", "6:3" , 25264); // Greatwood Sapling from Shard and Sapling (Oak, Birch, Aspen, Chestnut) mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:1" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:2" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:3" , "25264:1"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:1" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:2" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:3" , "25264:2"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:1" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:2" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:3" , "25264:3"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:1" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:2" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:3" , "25264:4"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:1" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:2" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1","6:3" , "25264:5"); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", 6, 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", "6:1" , 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", "6:2" , 25264); mod.addShapelessRecipe("2403 1", "6:3" , 25264); // Angry Zombie spawn recipe - egg and rotten flesh mod.addShapelessRecipe("383:70 1",367, 344); 7. Open up your TFOptions.cfg file in your config folder and make sure Vanilla Furnace, Gold, Iron, and Recipes are set to true 8. Play the game! FYI, any lines after // are descriptive text telling you the recipes. Basically, the gems now equate to Thaumcraft shards and every gem above chipped can be combined with cobblestone to create infused stone. To get the mob drops I've included craftable mob eggs so you still have to kill the mobs to get the items. You will probably want to plant as many silverwood saplings and place as many infused stones as possible to help your aura regenerate. I am totally open to ideas on the recipes. If you feel they are too high or too cheap or don't make sense let me know. I tried to do a bit of research on what the different minerals do in real life so there was some semblance of reality. I started a new world using this build and after 10-15 hours I'm just now getting my first Crucible. So far everything seems to be working well and I don't anticipate any problems. While this is usually the point I would start losing interest in TFC I'm as excited as ever because I've finally opened up the ability to do magic. However, part of the reason I'm putting this out there is because I want other people to test it and tell me if it works for them.
  11. This is coming along really nicely. My thoughts. The bricks and most of the cobblestone are really nice. Some of them could use a little less contrast for my taste but not a big deal. All of the natural stone looks great up close but some of it gets a repetitive pattern from far away. This is always one of the toughest things to get around. The best way I've found is to try to minimize large distinctive shapes that would turn into a pattern when seen from far away. Another alternative is to try using connected textures. It can look really outstanding when done well. Do a search for Ravands texture pack for a good example of natural stone with ctm. The smooth bricks needs some work imo. The base textures are great but the bevel and emboss effect you have is too harsh contrast-wise and it seems a bit blurry. Maybe play with the settings a little to give it that chiseled look. I only checked out a few of the leaves but they look like they could use some more air gaps in them. They look very square. Again great job and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up withh
  12. [64x] Tools, metals and gems

    Really nice job! One critique is the double ingots and double sheets actually look smaller than the single versions.
  13. Whens build 76?

    Hey! I just sent you guys a couple of bucks this morning! In all seriousness everyone on these forums who have had hours of fun playing Terrafirmacraft should take the time to donate a buck or 2 every so often as a courtesy thank you for all of Bioxx and Dunk's hard work. Every few months I pick 3 or 4 of the mods I've enjoyed playing the most during that time period and donate a couple of bucks. If you are in school and don't have much money, instead you could take a minute (literally) to click the modmakers adfly links 5-10 times so at least they get some revenue...however small it may be.
  14. Armor stands

    There's also a mod by mDiyo called Armory. It's a little hard to find but there should be a link to it on his Inficraft page. I haven't tested it with TFC though.
  15. TFC Build 76!!!

    I rarely upgrade right when a Minecraft update comes out so count me among those hoping it's released for 1.4.7 first.