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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/2018

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.
    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.


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  1. Boats and Ships

    Not that my opinion matters a lot, but...I agree with most other players here who said that the portal system is a really terrible idea, and it just doesn't fit in with this kind of mod. Boat/ship based transportation makes so much more sense. If you feel that boats would make the game too easy, allowing players to go to the other islands too early, then there are ways to make it more difficult... Like increasing distances between islands, adding "storms" that would make it risky to go far offshore in a small ship, making navigation difficult without high-tier items (compasses, maps), etc. Of course, boats aremuch more difficult to implement, so it is understandable why the developers want to do portals instead. But I feel it would ruin the game. I think any alternative solution would be preferable toportals. If TFC2 developers decide to go with portals in the end, I guess I'll skip on TFC2. Not that it should matter to the developers... Just my 2 cents. I really hope there is a way to make boats work.
  2. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Well, I actually spent some time at the -16,000 line in creative mod (left MC running overnight) - even through several summers and winters, no tall grass grew past on the North side of that line, and grew perfectly fine on the South side. I think it has something to do with average year temperature. Somewhere around -16,000, it becomes negative. Maybe that's the hard-coded thing that prevents tall grass from growing when the average yearly temperature is as low as -0.01°C ?
  3. Hi, I decided to start TFC over again, but this time, far in the North to make things extremely difficult. My latitude is -25000, meaning that growing crops will be very difficult. So far, I love the challenge. The problem is, I can't find tall grass to get straw. Wiki says "it regrows during warm season when the conditions are right". What are these conditions? Do I need to wait until the middle of summer or something? My biome is Plains/Rolling Hills. There's a forest nearby. It's Early Summer now, but I can't find any straw on the island I'm on. So, will the tall grass grow in my latitude? If not, is it possible to progress without it?
  4. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    It is strange that none of these things can be found on wiki...
  5. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Well, yeah, but why the hard limit at 16,000?
  6. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Speaking of which, grains also don't appear to be growing past 16,000 or -16,000, irrelevant of the temperature. 15,999 they grow fine, 16,000 they don't grow at all. So I can't tell...
  7. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Okay... I see. So there's no way to progress beyond knapping in these extreme latitudes? P.S. I just noticed, through experimenting, that no long grass grows beyond 16,000 or -16,000 Z axis, irrelevant of the temperature. It is a hard line.This is quite surprising, because I never saw anything about it in the official documentation.
  8. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Temperatures are about 5 to12°C, and there's grass blocks and sunlight everywhere. Tall grass still doesn't grow. Are you sure -10°Cis the limit?
  9. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Okay, my temperatures in summer are definitely way above that. Even crops are growing. But tall grass doesn't. Why? Does it not grow in Plain and Rolling Hill biomes?
  10. Getting straw in extreme latitudes

    Yes, I know that. No crops so far. So, what temperature does tall grass need to grow in TFC? Will it ever grow in my latitude?
  11. Hello everybody, I searched for a bit, and couldn't find any topic relating to this. I missed it, please forgive me. Terrafirmacraft makes survival much more difficult in Minecraft. Often you have to travel great distances to get specific items. And with current world generation, there are lots of oceans. I'm sure you'd agree that some kind of transportation would make sense, because except for simple boats and horses, there aren't a lot of ways to cover these great distances without frustration. There is this mod that was recently released as a 1.0 version by Cuchaz, found here. It is still being developed, but it is stable enough to be used. It allows building of custom ships by turning them into entities, and allowing player to travel, as well as transport items in chests. It is planned to include mob transportation as well. This mod is now way ahead of any other custom ships mod (such as Archimedes). I have tried this mod with Terrafirmacraft (latest version), and these two seem to work together very well. No crashes, no missing blocks after ship re-joins the world. But there are things to do if these two mods were to work together - custom blocks from Terrafirmacraft need to be added to config of Ships and Boats mod so their weight can be red correctly when calculating ship weight and buoyancy. Especially with chiselled blocks (so that chiseled wood block into a slab would weight 1/2 it's original weight, and so on). Since this mod also recognizes vanilla wool blocks as sails, and calculates ship speed depending on number of these blocks, it would make sense to include placeable cloth blocks in Terrafirma, and configurate Cuchaz mod so it can recognize it as sails. Also, recepies of Cuchaz mod is now based on vanilla blocks, so they need to be re-done with Terrafirma blocks. All in all, I think there is not a lot of work to make these mods work together, since they already work somewhat. The benefits, I believe, would be great, as they would justify the size of Terrafirmacraft oceans, as well as the great spread of rare materials. Please let me know what you think of this idea. And if I'm not the first to suggest this, then again, please forgive me!
  12. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    All right. I'll test as much as I can and forward reports to Cuchaz. Hopefully, he will cooperate. Thank you again. If anyone else has something do add, please do!
  13. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    So, you're basically saying that no one would work on compatibility of those two mods. After all, both are gonna be updated sometime, and new bugs will arise, with no one to fix them again. Maybe this is a lost cause? Maybe it's better to wait for TFC devs to implement movable ships, as this feature is in high demand (I gathered that much from browsing this forum)?
  14. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Your point is sound. I wasn't asking of server owners nor devs to test this compatibility - just thought I'd ask how (if) they solved already known problems. I will try testing it as you suggested. Not sure where can I submit crash and incompatibility reports, though. Officially, no one is working on this compatibility, so, no one is interested to check it out.
  15. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    I'm sorry if I offended you. But it doesn't make sense to re-invent the wheel if someone else has already found the solution, that's why I'm asking. I tested enough to see that the problem exists, but I know too little of modding to determine why. So what's wrong with asking?
  16. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Well, what about chests? How did you manage to get them working?
  17. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Thanks for clarification. That is not a big problem. So, again, what else needs to be done to make TFC and Cuchaz Ships compatible? (except the chests)
  18. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    All right, I've worked for a while, and it seems to work. Here is the shipBlockProperties.cfg, which should be added to cfg folder. I chose approximate weight values. Didn't understand some of these ID's, so correct me if their properties are wrong. terrafirmacraft:FreshWaterStationary=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:SaltWaterStationary=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:stoneStairs=0.25;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:Detailed=0.25;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:stoneSlabs=0.25;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodSupportH=0.5;0.5;false;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodSupportH2=0.5;0.5;false;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodSupportV=0.5;0.5;false;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodSupportV2=0.5;0.5;false;false;falseterrafirmacraft:FreshWater=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:HotWater=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:HotWaterStationary=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:SaltWater=1;1;false;true;trueterrafirmacraft:SeaGrassStill=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Sand=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Sand2=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Grass=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Grass2=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Gravel=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:Gravel2=1;1;false;true;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodHoriz=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodHoriz2=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodHoriz3=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodHoriz4=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodVert=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodVert2=0.5;0.5;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallBrickIgEx=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallBrickIgIn=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallBrickMM=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallBrickSed=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallCobbleIgEx=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallCobbleIgIn=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallCobbleMM=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallCobbleSed=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallRawIgEx=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallRawIgIn=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallRawMM=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallRawSed=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallSmoothIgEx=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallSmoothIgIn=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallSmoothMM=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WallSmoothSed=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:WoodConstruct=0.5;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:Thatch=0.2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:SpawnMeter=1;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgEx=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgExBrick=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgExCobble=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgExSmooth=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgIn=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgInBrick=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgInCobble=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneIgInSmooth=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneMM=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneMMBrick=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneMMCobble=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneMMSmooth=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneSed=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneSedBrick=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneSedCobble=2;1;true;false;falseterrafirmacraft:StoneSedSmooth=2;1;true;false;false Also, I created recipes with TFC materials for Cuchaz Ships' blocks. Made everything cheaper, as I really don't know if it's worth complicating it at this stage. This is Crafting.zs file which should be placed in scriptsMineTweakerRecipeMakerscripts. It requires MineTweaker to be installed, as it seems it won't run without it. I'm not sure how can I change these recipes without having MineTweaker installed every time I need to use those recipes - if anyone could advise, it would be great. Also, I don't know how to draw these recipes as in Wiki - hopefully you can understand them from this code: // File generated by MineTweakerRecipeMaker// READ THIS HEADER BEFORE EDITING ANYTHING// ================================================================================// This file is read and changed by the mod.// If you remove/edit any of the markers, IT WILL STOP WORKING!// If you want to make manual edits, make a backup of this file!// Markers look like this: "//#MARKER something"// They indicate where calls should be placed, so that MineTweaker does them in the correct order.// Removes come first, then stuff is added.// ================================================================================//// ================================================================================//#MARKER REMOVE// ================================================================================//#MARKER REMOVE SHAPELESS// ================================================================================//#MARKER REMOVE SHAPED// ================================================================================//#MARKER ADD// ================================================================================//#MARKER ADD SHAPELESS// ================================================================================//#MARKER ADD SHAPEDrecipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:berth>, [[<ore:materialCloth>, <ore:materialCloth>, <ore:materialCloth>], [<ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockHelm>, [[null, <ore:stickWood>, null], [<ore:stickWood>, null, <ore:stickWood>], [<ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:paddle>, [[null, <ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>], [null, <ore:stickWood>, <ore:stickWood>], [<ore:stickWood>, null, null]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:6>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool:12>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:5>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, null]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:4>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, null], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>, null]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:3>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, <minecraft:wool:12>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:2>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, null], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:1>, [[<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip>, [[null, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool:12>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:6>, [[<minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:5>, [[<minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, null]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:4>, [[<minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, null], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>, null]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:3>, [[<minecraft:wool>, <minecraft:wool>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:2>, [[<minecraft:wool>, null], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip:1>, [[<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<cuchaz.ships:blockShip>, [[null, <ore:stickWood>], [<minecraft:wool>, <ore:stickWood>]]);recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:wool:12>, [[<terrafirmacraft:item.BurlapCloth>, <terrafirmacraft:item.BurlapCloth>], [<terrafirmacraft:item.BurlapCloth>, <terrafirmacraft:item.BurlapCloth>]]);recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:wool>, [[<terrafirmacraft:item.WoolCloth>, <ore:materialCloth>], [<ore:materialCloth>, <ore:materialCloth>]]); Most things seem to work, although I haven't tested everything yet. Chests don't work, as expected. Kittychanley, would you be so kind to comment on my work and tell what else is needed to make TFC and Cuchaz's mod work together?
  19. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Ok, thanks for clarification! Well, I meant vertically. So that sails can be made. They look terribly thick with full-sized wool blocks.
  20. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Yeah, well these are entities, so I couldn't find them with NEI (searched for "stairs", "detailed" and so on). By the way, what do you think of my idea to make cloth placeable (like blocks, just narrower).
  21. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Thank you very much. I managed to get it working. Where were these specific ID's listed? I couldn't find them on Wiki. I will now start working on recepies.
  22. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Maybe I just need to ask Cuchaz to make sail blocks configurable (so you can choose any block/blocks as sail blocks). In the config you provided, are detailed blocks listed? Because I can't seem to find them. Kittychanley said that slabbed, staired and chiseled blocks each have their own ID, although it is not tied to the original material of the block. So, is it in the config you gave me, and if not, how can I add these 3 types of detailed blocks? P.S. Can anyone help with this? I have tried Terrafirmacraft:Stair, Terrafirmacraft:Slab and Terrafirmacraft:Detailed, but it seems these are not correct ID's for chiseled blocks. What are the right ones?
  23. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    The API which Cuchaz plans to make sounds very promising. I think I'll show him this thread so that he can consider if he's willing to put that up higher in this to-do list. Thank you for config. I noticed that all the weight values are set to 1. Is that intentionall, or did you simply leave that for end-user to config? Another question - since the water is configed in, does it mean that ships from Cuchaz mod generates appropriate water type when sailing? (meaning that if you sail in sea, does it replace salt water blocks with salt water blocks, not vanilla water blocks?) Maybe it's possible to change recipies so that burlap cloth can be used as sails? It doesn't have lots of uses right now. Actually, if both burlap and wool cloths could be placeable, it would be easy to make Cuchaz mod recognize them. And I'm sure there would be a lot of other uses for that in TFC.
  24. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Interesting. Maybe you know how it all turned out in the end?
  25. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    I see. Well then, we have to make do with what we have. I'll suggest it to Cuchaz to add config for water. Is there anything else I should ask of him?