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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. [79.17] Mediterranean Mountains

    Mediterranean Mountains Seed: 2262958115723974802 Description The rough Mediterranean like coast in this seed is the perfect home for the avid climber or for those who are seeking a scenic view from their Villa. The beach that you will land on marries the massive limestone mountains to the sea in classic Italian fashion leaving plenty of places to enjoy the expansive views which greet you from the vast summits. Although the landscape here is parched, there are plenty of sources of water for all of your farming needs. The winters may stress your crops a bit but they are not as severe as to put your survival at risk from exposure either. Surface Rock Limestone Major Tree Species Birch White Elm White Cedar Surface Ores Coal Kaolinite Jet Magnetite Bismuthinite Spawn Coordinates -48 x -12906 Points of Interest
  2. More Accurate Tastes to TFC2 Foods

    More Accurate Tastes to TFC2 Foods Taste is one of a very few things which helps a person build a sense of self. When you are asked to any major gathering there is more than likely going to be food involved and each culture has built an identity unique to itself with its diet. Imagine in your mind a country. I will use Japan as an example as it is distinct from my own home cuisine. So in your mind picture Japan and list the first five things that come to mind. One of those was food related wasn't it? Personally my five were Samurai, Sushi, Kimono, Geisha and Shinto. Food was number two! Lol. To honor this, the creators of TFC created a taste system as well as a way to randomize an individual's preference to taste. This is a wonderful dynamic that plays into the food system nicely but I was shocked to learn something in my process of discussing a different suggestion I had posted: much of the TFC food tastes the same! Where is the subtle variation? Where are the distinct twists? How is one supposed to learn how to express themselves culinarily when there lacks diversity?! This is a tragedy and a disgrace to the system whose backbone is strong and well designed to accommodate a whole host of flavor profiles. This needs rectification within the next iteration, TFC2. Assuming that we are all humans within this forum (no offense to non human entities intended but honestly if you fall into this category let me know because I would love to meet you! ) it can be assumed that we all have the same basic tastes sensory capacity. A human has seven distinct taste sensors but only five consciously observable ones. Those flavors, as per the smithsonian institute are as follows: Sweet Sour Salty Bitter Umami (also called savory) Each of these illicit a consciously observable response within our brain. It is this response along with the response from the input from our olfactory nerve that allows us to avoid toxic or otherwise dangerous food into our mouths. If this had not come about then people would most likely consume something that is toxic and this would lead to our imminent death. Each flavor we are able to observe comes from the presence of specific chemicals or their compounds and it is these which the TFC2 flavors should be based upon to create the appropriate flavor profiles for each distinct food. Allow me to explain these tastes to you as well as how they work so that perhaps this could be a minor change to the current system that is made which represents a major shift in the way cooking is handled within TFC2. Sweet Of all the flavors which we are able to detect only sweetness and saltiness exist because of our need for them in our diet. Primitive man most likely evolved this ability because those who had a taste for sweets were able to gain a quick boost of energy during a hunt and avoid becoming the hunted. Sugars are important for us to maintain a balanced chemical makeup and does quite a bit for our bodily functions but its quick boost is by far the most useful. When you place something sweet in your mouth you are actually sensing only one of three types of chemical compounds: Glucose Fructose Certain Amino Acids Glucose is one of two naturally occurring sugars and is also one of the most basic carbohydrates as well. Glucose gives you a extra burst of energy that wakes up your senses and helps you keep moving but it also triggers the production of Insulin whose byproduct can also cause you to have a sugar crash. Glucose is produced not only within your body by the breakdown of other more complex carbohydrates but is most commonly found within foods such as dried and fresh fruits with plums carrying around nine grams per piece by themselves. Fructose is the second naturally occurring sugar and is slightly better for you than Glucose because unlike Glucose it cannot cause you to feel a sugar crash and it is less likely to cause problems for those people who suffer from Diabetes as it will not trigger the insulin response. Fructose still provides that boost of energy needed on the go. Apples actually contain a very large amount of Fructose, averaging around 25 grams per piece. But the sweet response is not only triggered by sugars. certain amino acid types can trigger the same sweet flavor because they act in much the same way when interacting with the tastebuds. meats which are commonly attributed a sweet flavor would include horse and lamb but is not limited to these. Salty Like sweet flavors, the taste of salt is essential to the human body. almost every single function within your body requires sodium and it is this fact that causes us to need salt. When you taste something salty it is always caused by some chemical compound which contains sodium in some form but more often than not what you are tasting is sodium chloride. The quantity of saltiness is a specific marker for the quantity of sodium and we are very well geared for this flavor. Naturally salty foods are foods like seaweed which is grown in what is essentially a salt bath. Sour sour flavors are both enjoyable but also a early warning system that you may be eating something which is toxic. the sour flavor is caused by hydrogen freeing acidic compounds that are naturally occurring in things such as lemons but are also the byproduct of certain bacteria involved in the decomposition process. Those who could not taste sour most likely did not have as much of a chance to breed do to either food borne illness or death which is why a lemon yogurt sorbet sounds marvelous but if I stick a steak in my mouth and I taste a sour undertone not intended to be there I will most likely spit it out immediately! Bitter Bitter tastes are almost entirely a early warning system on your tongue as those things which trigger the sensation in the first place are already considered to be mostly toxic compounds to begin with. the chemicals which trigger the bitter sensation are: Sulfonamides Urea Alkaloids Sulfonamides are compounds which are sulfur based and contain compounds which are almost exclusively produced by bacteria which are essential to the decay process. Spoiled foods would exhibit a bitter taste making the food quite unpalatable. Urea is exactly what you think it is. it is a constituent part of urine. To paraphrase my three year old “Pee is yucky, daddy!” lol. but not everything which is bitter is poisonous because the most common mechanism of bitterness in food is usually perfectly harmless. Alkaloids cause you to taste bitter and there are lots of foods which contain alkaloids such as cranberries and dill. I personally am a huge fan of bitter tasting greens and whole cranberry sauce at thanksgiving dinner Umami (Savory) Umami is a difficult flavor to pin down but it is essentially that rich, savory flavor which you commonly find in that amazing steak or the rich gravy on those mashed potatoes. Umami is cause by two chemical constituents: glutamate aspartate As I said, foods like meat taste savory so foods like chicken, beef, pork and duck are all savory but this would even include things like tomatoes and mushrooms. Right now with the current TFC datasets all the meat tastes the same and I assume things like apples and plums do to… I think this is wrong. Have you ever eaten a peking duck and thought, “Wow this steak is good!” of course not! If you got a BLT and the bacon tasted like beef you would most likely not even eat it and may possibly seek medical attention for what you assume is about to ensue. What can we do to fix this? I simply request that these flavor profiles get corrected to appropriately reflect the right quantities of compounds present in each food when TFC2 is released. No changes need to be made to the system itself just the specific flavors as that system is quite well laid out to begin with. If this is done then when and if the developers or modders within the communities wanted to add foods or recipes they would have no issue adding that item with the correct flavor profile without needing to guess. How about cooking? “Cooking is a well respected and known art form Balthizar! There is no way you expect the developers to be able to mimics this process accurately!” actually, yes. Cooking is an art and I will agree to that but, there is a lot of science in cooking and controlling flavors. since it is the flavors we are shooting for in this discussion, I will focus on that. Maillard Reaction Essentially this reaction is responsible for the flavors of foods that are quite distinct from their raw counterparts. Garlic will taste sweeter, onions will have more umami, and meats slightly increase in their apparent saltiness. Further reading: Burned Food Food which has been cooked until blackened would end up increasing in bitterness. Although this is a valid technique for certain recipes, it is typically not a positive result. As this set of changes would easily be applied to TFC it could be done without adding any special cooking equipment. However, as I am making this recommendation for TFC2 I think we would be missing out on an opportunity to broaden our cooking supplies. Boiling Humans have been boiling food since Neolithic times and have used everything from animal hides to cast iron pots to achieve this. The nice added bonus to boiled food is that the broth can hydrate and nourish you quite effectively. The warmth of the food and broth can also help keep you warm in cold weather too. Baking Baking is a more advanced technique but was achieved around the same time as boiling. An oven is not required but Adobe ovens have been used in essentially every culture in some form or another. It would be quite awesome to be able to craft an earthen oven in which to bake our foods. Baking is also the best way to achieve the Maillard Reaction. Frying This is a much more advanced cooking method and would require a cast iron frying pan. This is great for searing meat, toasting breads and much more. With these added ways of cooking and more consideration for the flavors of the foods within TFC2 cooking could be turned back into an art and we could eat more than just sandwiches and salads
  3. Domestication through Mendelian Inheritance Revisited In my previous posting of this suggestion I went into decent detail regarding Gregor Mendel and his work. Since I am revisiting this topic I shan't repost that which need not be posted however, I have made some revisions which should tune this more towards the upcoming work which is needing to be done with regards to animals. What I am proposing is a set of traits which each wild animal shall possess which will enable the breeding of wild fauna into livestock. With this kind of framework you are able to create breeds which are unique to your world and fit the tasks you are hoping to breed your animals for. The best part is that each distinct sub variant need not be hard coded so long as the framework from which the animal's traits are retrieved is properly constructed. As an example, five distinct states of a single feature can yield 120 possible combinations... I am a professional coder who has some experience with Java though I have never written a Minecraft mod before. Knowing code and programming logic this type of feature could potentially be quite light and need not be as burdensome as it has the potential to be. The traits I believe would be most useful are listed here: • Size • Color • Horn/ Tusk/ Antler/ Spur Size • Temperament • Number of Offspring and or Fertility Rate • Natural resistance to hot or cold climates • Strength • Intelligence • Perception • Volume of Production Each of these traits can be sub divided into recessive and dominant genes and because my Menagerie listed below are all real animals much of it already has been. Those which refer to purely game statistics of course would need to be determined to fit the proper desired game mechanics as wild animals should still breed amongst themselves but I will describe each trait below for you as I am sure some sound a bit vague. Size This one is fairly straight forward. Size typically is a trait in the wild which leads to either dwarfed or giant versions of animals and which allows humans to breed chihuahua dogs that fit into a tiny purse. Of course what part is dominant and what part is recessive in the wild is mostly based on living conditions. Island Dwarfism is the result of a limited amount of space, food and water. The megafauna of the late pleistocene was due to an over abundance of grass like foods. If you are looking for smaller animals then breed smaller mates but in the wild bigger is typically always better. Size was used in TerraFirmaCraft's previous iteration and could easily be adopted again as it was code light and efficient. Color This one plays into another feature further down the list but is very important when you think about it. Animal colorations all mean something. A white tailed deer is a soft brown so that it can blend into its forest surroundings without worrying about predators being able to pick the deer out but; they also have a striking white tail. This is a warning to the rest of the deer that there is danger and that the herd must flee. So, color could be a warning or camouflage depending on what it is used for. Color can also be quite easy to implement as well because you can use a palette function on a black and white skin calling two, three or more distinct color zones. This could yield some very interesting looking animals. Also the currently utilized overlaid skin technique used in displaying food of certain doneness could be used for coat/scale/skin patterns. This would allow for things like spots, stripes etc to be introduced easily. Horn/ Tusk/ Antler/ Spur Size Size is again important. If you wanted a boar as a guard animal (they are very dangerous animals for those who may not know) then you may wish to breed males with larger tusks so they can do more damage. For those of you who are tired of taking damage from a freshly domesticated Junglefowl may be looking to breed that annoying spur right off the rooster’s foot. Again is it entirely up to what you want. Now I know that spurs will not be able to be included in the model but you could simply vary the damage it does so that if someone wanted a flock of attack chickens they could breed them that way. Other variations could be included for these distinctive features such as varied horn shape, size or position. Temperament This one is very important and we actually have a study to go from that took place in Russia where they eventually bred a tame fox species. [http://en.wikipedia....ated_silver_fox] Temperament determines how aggressive or docile a species is. In the wild aggressive behavior can be a huge benefit, especially to solitary animals but on a farm, it can be highly dangerous. You can breed out aggressive tendencies by simply removing more aggressive animals out of the breeding pool and onto your dinner plate.Eventually you will have yourself a docile, friendly version of the animal which will not attack you every time you walk by. Number of offspring and or fertility rate I have played and watched enough terrafirmacraft to think that I may want a pig that does not cause a pig-splosion every time she gives birth… and having a few extra cows would be nice. With this trait you can breed towards a high chance of producing less or more offspring simply by continuing to breed a line that produces at the rate you wish. In the wild having more babies is beneficial to more aggressive animals but for herds of grazers, having less is better as it permits the herd to protect their young better. Natural resistance to cold or heat This one would be a fun feature to play around with because you could breed shaggy cows or hairless dogs! It really depends on what you are looking for. This gene would be climate specific in the wild and would control fat and hair production so if you are planning on breeding larder pigs then you are going to want to get them from colder areas but if you would rather produce mutton and milk as opposed to producing wool then you would need to find yourself some warmer climate sheep. Things which display this could be fatter animals, shaggier coats, perhaps a leaner more toned animal. these features could easily be included. Strength Right now there is no way for you to hook up a cart to an animal or to use an animal to pull a plow but you can use donkeys to carry things for you. I would personally love to see other modes of transportation and I am sure lots of people would be behind me on this one but otherwise this gene may be useless by itself. Strength is self explanatory and could be used to improve an animal’s carrying capacity.Pack animals have been used by man for eons and are included within Minecraft with the donkey. You could use these mechanics for horses, goats etc. Intelligence I know I promised not to talk about AI but it is a bit hard to avoid. The reason this one is so important is because “smart” farm animals are typically harder to contain but are excellent students when trying to teach them how to perform certain actions such as riding or truffle hunting. This would be something that would allow you to fine tune your animals a bit easier for the jobs they are to do and would come into real play when dealing with any of the animals you would like for pets.Mechanics wise it could be a trait used for setting the difficulty in learning tasks such as riding, hunting etc. Perception This is a gene that would be exceptionally useful in the wild. It has three main components: Sight, Hearing and Smell. This is how we took a wolf and created the bloodhound from it. If you are planning on hunting truffles then you will want to take your docile pig line and breed the ones who have the higher success rates when finding truffles in the ground with their snout. If you want a falcon to be your hunting partner then you will need to breed those which are good hunters (they rely on sight). These features are the ones we typically breed our pets for but could apply to a bunch of different breeds and can be effected indirectly by things like longer hair length. Volume of Production This one is one which I actually saw a mod for a long time ago. This is the set of genes which determines output of meat, wool, milk etc from your animals. By using this gene correctly you can increase your yields or create varied sources for certain products like milk. I am sure that many people know about cow and goats milk but were you aware that sheep are also used for milk production? If you said yes then the chances are relatively high you are not from the United States as sheep milk is exceptionally rare here. But wouldn't it be cool to have a dual purpose animal on your farm that gave you two renewable products? I sure think it would be. Player GUI As for player GUI implementation, I was thinking that not much would be necessary. simply a skill that can increase with different interactions with animals such as feeding, breeding etc. This would be similar to the existent system for seeds which have them displaying a specific nutrient when your agricultural skill is high enough, you could tooltip the gene data of the animal at a certain husbandry level. This would of course be difficult to exploit but would give people a way to see where their animals are within the genes and breed accordingly. I believe that adding this system fully into TerraFirmaCraft 2 would broaden not only the diversity of animals available but the customization we want. Aurochs
  4. Future of Chisels and planks in TFC2

    As Chunks said this mod is pretty cool, but that to me is an understatement as the level of detail which is achievableis astounding! Perhaps contact the mod maker and see about a direct port with accreditation? At least with his support of tfc2 built into it we could use it in the absence of a functional chisel system. Don't get me wrong, I love the chisel we have now but being able to blend materials together like that would add a whole new depth!
  5. As I promised a while ago, here are the images of the Motte & Bailey I have been building on the Ursine Nation Server. please remember it is no where near finished but I figured that Nyssa would still like to see her pack in use in this build I also snapped a few of other people's builds on the server there ya go! I personally love this pack and cannot wait to see how it continues to progress
  6. So... This pissed me off

    Was looking around for a mechanical power mod that didn't use electricity in it, just gears and such when I found VintageCraft. It is essentially an easy mode form of terrafirmacraft that was made up of stolen and badly implemented code from early TFC as well as ideas pulled STRAIGHT from the suggestion forums here. Does this piss off anyone else even a little? I saw at least two of my own ideas inplemented there as well as several others I recognize but the world in which they were implemented was stupid easy to survive in as well as progress in as most of the difficult bits of TFC were stripped away. I know that the mod is using TFC code but the author claims to be following the gpl. Does anyone know the legality well enough to confirm their claim or defend our beloved developers against this intellectual theft?
  7. Volcanoes

    Well perpetual lava always struck me as strange anyway. I think lava should cool like water does. If both water and lava could turn to ice and stone 1/8 block at a time we could have thin ice or thin stone which could give way > but turning to stone (metamorphic stone of course) would be a great way to deal with lava which is left over from an eruption.During an eruption ash could also accumulate like snow and after a certain amount of time convert to dirt of the type of metamorphic rock the lava hardened to.
  8. So... This pissed me off

    Well I am glad to here that the code is different and the gameplay is much different. As for the ideas being poached from here, kitty is right. The saying in Hollywood is that there are no new ideas and that is most likely the case here. As far as my annoyance busan, I was mostly annoyed at the fact of what looked like code poaching. Legal or not code poaching is bad form imho. Good on him for rewriting his project from scratch and I applause the effort.
  9. Immersive Engineering + TFC Crossover - WIP

    I honestly would just like to have basic mechanical power added for things like windmills and water wheels as power sources with drive shafts and gears (cogs etc) for power transfer. This would allow a plethora of multi block structures such as large grain mills or woodworking tools like band saws etc. or restore red stone functions with steam power...
  10. [TFC 0.79.29] Cellars Addon

    Yeah you do and the textures are beautiful as always!
  11. Chunks, this is the texture pack I use on our server and in general love it.
  12. World generation

    Well that island is quite beautiful! A couple of minor things which could perhaps be corrected with a single change though. The noise algorithm you are using works very well on the large scale Bioxx but the more fine grained terrain gen is pretty lacking... Have you considered adding a few more octaves to the function call to correct this? That would be an efficient way to generate the terrain map without having to add a second function altogether. Secondly, have you maybe considered adding a Fractional Brownian Motion subroutine to your noise engine? It would drastically heighten the quality without messing around to much with the code itself. Here is an example in psuedocode for you to think about: //for each pixel, get the value total = 0.0f; frequency = 1.0f/(float)hgrid; amplitude = gain; for (i = 0; i < octaves; ++i) { total += noise((float)x * frequency, (float)y * frequency) * amplitude; frequency *= lacunarity; amplitude *= gain; } Doing this as part of each octave pass will create beautiful and natural chaos whilst not involving much extra work on your part. If you try it (even if you decide not to keep it) let me know! I would love to see the results
  13. Thank you all for your recent applications, I have reviewed and approved the following applicants: Ph4nt0mSoulEatercherokeeriflemanmilhouse3254The_Puppayplease look at your message inbox for your acceptance letters and information
  14. [Rule #1] Alloy calculation weirdness

    the form does not apply to this question... The issue is that when making virgin alloy if an ingot of the desired metal is added the batch is rendered useless. Ie; tin, copper = bronze Tin, copper, bronze ingot = useless junk. That did not make sense to me..
  15. Realistic Survival House Build

    I thought I would share the current house I am building in my survival world as I am trying to keep it as real as possible. I have the basement done and will be posting a full home tour once it is entirely build and furnished the way I want Let me know what you guys think as I would love to get some feedback and maybe some ideas for the layout upstairs
  16. Just wanted to tell you that I love the updated wood and clay textures! They are gorgeous but I assume that they are also incomplete? Also, the creeper looks great now! I love the brighter accents on him and it really brings the creeper just far enough into night stealth to be believable. Keep up the good work Nyssa! I will post some screen shots of my builds on the ursine nation server soon just wanting the keep (or at least it's outside) to be presentable before I share them but I can and will try to share some of the buildings inside the keep walls.
  17. I haven't seen any issue with my builds and the brick textures... But then again I have been underground for over a week lol
  18. Volcanoes

    I love this idea! I personally think that if this is well executed it would add an awesome dynamic to the game. The only thing I have an issue with is the timeframe on the first couple of volcanos should be a bit longer imho.I believe that having well simulated volcanos should include pre eruption tremors and other kinds of preindicators involved like any lakes on or near the active volcano being converted to hot springs would also be quite cool and give players a warning when to "get the hell outta dodge" as it were.In an unrelated topic, for English not being your first language your post was clear and articulate even if you were missing the occasional word here or there. Some native English speakers are much worse at assembling their thoughts so don't worry about your post it was wonderful!
  19. More Accurate Tastes to TFC2 Foods

    I knew upon posting that I most likely did not have a full grasp of the entire system but I was hoping that the post would encourage discussion. I am exceptionally happy to see that this is the result! I think that the system of tastes can be simplified in some ways (such as removing the influence on garden drainage) and have the effort go into cooking the food once it has been obtained. Expanding the cooking methods to include stew pots and earthen ovens would be quite fun as I have always wondered why the fire pit and grill were the only cooking methods. Using basic chemical reactions to modify the flavors would put the control back into the players hand (even if that control was already there it was not quite as obvious) But I am glad I triggered such a wonderful discussion thank you all for your input and insight!
  20. Domestication through Mendelian Inheritance Revisited

    I will be expanding the animals over the next few days and there are animals in every climate range included. Production would not effect the quantity of meat or the size of the hide as those are not products from the animal but instead parts of the animal itself. Those aspects should be size based. As with Wolves now, the first few would never fully familiarize with you. They just will stop trying to kill you > The point of the animals listed here is simple, they would replace the current animals and then using these you can try and breed a dairy goat or attack chickens etc. that is the beauty. And considering we do not have goats at all in Minecraft the bezoar ibex would be entirely new
  21. Favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Metallica....
  22. Magic!

    My feeling on the magic subject is that it should be as complex as everything else is otherwise it would feel cheaty and lame. The Witchery mod has the right idea on a lot of things and as far as power or "mana" is concerned the arcane scrolls mod had that one down beautifully but it would be much better to rely on the ancient magical practices from the past IMHO. Making large multi block structures like henges or altars, using specific dates or moon phases for specific rituals, relying on the "essences" of the natural world such as particular gems, herbs, fruits etc... All of these things would be quite fitting to the TFC theme. I am not only an avid TFC player and programmer but I am also a practicing pagan and herbal medicinal practioner so I have quite a solid grasp on what this type of system could feel like. And yes, ritual tools like staves and specially consecrated blades do play a role as do talismans and amulets so those could be a functional part of the magical aspect of the mod.
  23. Tree Schematic Contributions

    Ok well I will keep my parameters to this size and smaller. I am going to do a fully grown version of each of the trees that fit within this box before moving into duplicates or small versions.
  24. Tree Schematic Contributions

    The American Chestnut I chose this beauty for my first tree build due to the fact that it fit within the grid that Bioxx is using and is not so tall as to make our giant trees (sequoia, Douglas Fir, Kapok) But is still a respectable size. The tree presented here is in fact the size of the real american chestnut tree and I used several images of this species as a guide for it. The canopy stretches 21m across and the height of this large ancient tree is a whopping 31m. In keeping with the realism the trunk is only 3m in diameter which is a value I pulled from historic records of chestnut logging. I would love to see this tree appear in TFC2 as it would be almost like restoring the species to life. if you did not know, the american chestnut was made almost extinct by a virus from the chinese chestnut which was imported to the US. in its historic range it is all but extinct now. Bioxx, I took extra care to ensure that the tree I built fit into your grid from your tree world. let me know what you think of it Fully Mature American
  25. Questions about tree dimensions

    I finally got a chance to look at the trees on the world save... Damn they do look really good the only thing I was hoping to see different were the big arched roots typical of the Kapok. The roots on the ones you have looks good but having one or two that have big arching roots you can walk under would be cool I am going to try to whip up some trees today and tomorrow as I would love to help in whatever way I can and this seems the most immediate.