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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. (WIP) Ancient Alloys

    I'm working on a ancient alloys mod that adds in more basic alloys and some "lost" alloys that are practical and interesting. Currently I am working on Arsenic Copper: a basic but strong allow that is a early game alloy (low tier) Arsenic bronze: a form of bronze featuring an exceptionally high strength and durability (medium tier) Mokume Gane: not really a tool material, but one of my favorite alloys (medium tier) Cupronickel: a strong copper nickel alloy (medium tier) Crucible steel: a highly strong steel made from pig iron and wrought iron (medium tier) Tamahagane: the famous high grade Japanese steel that is difficult to manufacture (High tier) Bulat Steel: an ancient and strong steel originating from Russia (high tier) Bintie: an ancient Chinese steel (high tier) Toldeo steel: an ancient roman alloy that is known for its excellent composition (high tier) Noric steel: an ancient viking steel made from bog iron (high tier) Wootz steel, an incredibly strong alloy (high tier)
  2. Hey im trying to intergrate it with my own mod and I keep getting an error when adding a heat recipe. This is what I have done, can anyone point out the errors,mods.Terrafirmacraft.ItemHeat.addRecipe(<Alloys:NoricSteel:1>,<Alloys:BogIron>, 1400, 0.5);
  3. Apiculture in TFC2?

    While bee keeping has been suggested before, all of those posts are a little to modern for my taste and would like to suggest my version with some unique additions including honey wasps and poisonous/psychedelic honey. Here is how I would suggest. Features: Different bee species spawn in different biomes. No bees spawn in winter biomes or desert (no honey bees naturally live in these areas). The rarest species is the giant honey bee that only live on the sides of cliffs. They produce a red honey that is said to be psychoactive. They are the only bees that cannot bee raised in captivity, however they counter that they produce tons of honey ( up to 150 pounds a year irl). The only other species you cannot "officially" raise is the honey wasp which is not extremely aggressive but will attack unless properly sedated. While they cannot be transferred once the nest is broken it will resplendent in a in game week within a 20 block radius thus they can be repeatedly be harvested. One thing I don't see often is sedating the bees. To do this would require the player to place a torch or lit fire under the hive and wait. Once the hive is sedated you are free to break the hive. Honey would be another topic that needs to be discussed in detail. Honey should work like this the bees hive scans a 50*50 area for flowers and then generates a honey based around the flowers, trees, bushes, etcfound. If there is more than one flower found it become a wildflower or multiflower honey, if only one pollen source (any pollen source) is found it creates a monofloral honey which has special properties and tastes depending on the source. If said flower source is magical said honey would also be magical (red honey produce by the giant bees was used in alchemy). The type of hive suggested in most mod suggestions are what are called hive frames which are still a fairly new invention, in the olden days they used a top bar hive which is basically a half barrel with bars across the top. Another primitive version is a straw bee skep which is basically a bee hive shaped basket. Both of which are very primitive and we're around in the time period of tfc. Another rarer type of bee that can be found is the stingless bee which while stingless only produces a small amount of honey because of the hive being so small compared to an average yearly output of honeybees around 75 kg a year they produce only around 1 kg of honey a year. The hives unlike regular classic bee hives are exclusively found in tree trunks and crevices. The honey produced is also quite unique often described as sour and tangy. Another unique feature I would like is the addition of a biomes called the black oak forest in which the rarest magical honeydew honey (which is honey produced by bees who have consumed honeydew). While honey bees, stingless bees, andhoney wasps are the only insects that produce honey several other insects produce sugar substances that have been eaten by humans in primitive times. The aphid family as well asother scale insects produce honey dew which was collected and eaten by native americans. In fact honeydew is often believed to be the Manna depicted in the bible as honeydew forms sweet puff scales that are rich in sugars and vitamins. Honeypot ants are a small species of ants that have specialized type of workers that act as living food storage vessels, they engorge their balloon like abdomin with a thick sugary syrup. The last edition would be plants that produce sugar. While everyone knows that minecraft has sugar canes, they are not the only plant that produces sugar. Other crops include sugar beets, Sugar maples (come on maple syrup and maple sugar), sohgrum (makes molasses), palm and bamboo sap (dried and crushed), agave, coconuts, monk fruit, and Yukon tuber. So overall that is how I would implement bees as well as other sources of sugar.
  4. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Interesting point of view, if it was possible to have the fish trap be a direct upgrade more like a natural progression, thus having the requirement of crafting the eel trap. The fishing tree would be more a direct tech tree as several of the items need more advanced technologies than others. While I was thinking the the fish breeding pits be more of an upgrade/craft either crafting the new pit or upgrading your old one thus not requiring the crafting of a new pit. Or if skill trees are implemented I think the unlocking of the tiers be through a perks, like 7 days to die.
  5. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Here isa suggestion form of the progression of how I would implement it with several basic tech trees , including, basic fishing, invertebratefarming, fish farming, and world generation. Here is a link: Hope it clears up some confusion.
  6. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    The poison in eels is destroyed in cooking or smoking yes. And in reality pose no significant effect to humans, although if it does get in the blood stream it can cause anaphylaxis, however most of the time our stomach acid is strong enough to destroy the poison. While in the workup I am making eels are meant for a early food, the dohave a second use as a source of oil (fat).
  7. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Eels are only poisonous raw once cooked the poison is rendered harmless, and in the progression document I am working on they are meant to be an early food source as well as a utility.
  8. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    I'm currently working on a document for it. I'll try to have a rough draft done by late day tomorrow.
  9. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    I like some things you are suggesting but eels and fishes do need different traps. Eels are very hard to catch and can easily get out of normal traps. But to each there own. I do think their should be different types of fishing Spears, nets, and traps as one of the things I love in tfc is the diversity, but that's just my opinion. Krill make amazing bait and in a pinch you can eat them. You can make stews out of them, dry them, or makeBurong Hipon.
  10. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Updated the post to try to clear up confusion.
  11. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Eye candy? What I suggested was along the lines of mariculture as in harder fishing. Traps aside however given you have to give them a constant supply of bait. That aside the hand trough is very labor intensive to use. The only "easy" is the fish jug which can only catch small fish.
  12. Food + Taste + Hunger

    The reason I chose fermented/dried foods was in the chance they decided to keep the flavor profile in tfc1 because fermented/dried food is capable of having such a wide range of flavor profiles making it useful if they decided to add food variation like the post you linked suggested.
  13. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    True, but I wouldn't of suggested it if I didn't think it would add depth and hours of gameplay to the mod.
  14. Tfc is full of atmosphere and enviroment however the seas, shores, and lands are pretty barren. So first I would like to implement the following items. 1. Fishing jugs: floating jugs with hooks attached to them, bait them walk away and wait. Only able to catch small and tiny fish. Created with clay and twine. Prone to breaking. You cannot use them in the sea. The payoff is not significant as they can only truly catch morsels of food. 2. Hand trawel: used to dig up buried in the sand or mud. A plow like instrumentthat you drag behind you. Drains energy and slows you down. It can be used in sand and mud. Catchesmolluscs, tiny eels, and shellfish. 3. Lobster trap: used to catch lobsters and crabs. When placed in freshwater it can catch freshwater crabs and crayfish. When in salt water it can catch lobsters and crabs. Must be baited in order to function. 4. Shrimp trap: used to catch shrimp and krill. Can only be placed in salt watee. Once baited it can catch both shrimp and krill. Krill is not extremely nutritious but is the largest source of protein in the world. 5. Fish trap: a small fish trap. The trap can be placed in both fresh water and salt water. Must be baited. Is only capable of catching small and medium fish. In salt Walt water it cannot be placed more than 4 blocks under water. 6. Fish net: similar to a lead, you post on on the shore and coral fish. A high price to pay takes a stack of twine to make it. The only method to catch large fish. Able to catch medium and large fish. 7. Eel trap: used to trap eels. Eels can be small, medium, or large. Placed in fresh water. Must be baited with meat. The eels it catches are a good source of fat and nutrients. 8. Fishing Spears: various types of fishing spear with different statistic. The main types of statistics are 1. Catch rate: the chance you get a fish 2. Escape rate: the rate of which the fish can escape. 3. Damage rate: how much meat is damaged in the process (yes you can loose meat depending on what type of spear it is) Hook spear: low catch rate (hard to catch), low escape rate (hard for the fish to escape), low damage rate (minimal damage to the meat) Four pronged spear: high catch rate, high escape rate (high chance for fish to escape), and high damage rate (high damage to the meat) Prong spear. Medium catch rate, medium escape rate, and low damage rate. Animals to add: 1. Various fish types with fish biomes like aquaculture. 2. Eels 3. Various types of shellfish 4. Various types of crustaceans. Crayfish, lobster, crabs, etc. 5. Jellyfish: passive but venomous, causes damage upon touch. 6. Sea snakes: very venomous butneutral 7. Barnacles 8. Sea cucumber: not so tasty but edible. 9. Gooey ducks: look them up 10. Sea urchin: spiky but delicious 11. Isopods 12. Krill: can be cooked, dried, or preserved. 13. Anemones 14. Sponges 15. Various amphibians like frogs (some are edible), salamander (some are edible), toads (some are edible), and newts (some are edible). 16. Various fresh water and salt water turtles. Plants: 1.Variousseaweed list of edible seaweed 2. Various algae. List of edible algae That's all folks.
  15. Food + Taste + Hunger

    For centuries before refrigeration was invented fermenting/dried food was the main form of preserving preserving food. Here is what I suggest: 1. A special ceramic pot that ferments food as long as it is left in the dark. It looks something like this: 2. Yogurt: no explanation needed 3.Bagoong monamon: a salted and fermented sardines 4. Blaand: an alcoholic milk drink. 5. Fermented bean curd: fermented tofu 6. Fermented fish: gross but nutritious and great for you 7. Fish sauce: salty and delicious 8. Garri: fermented cassava dough 9. Gundark: a Nepalese pickle. 10. Misogyny, natto, tempeh, tofu 11. Fermented meat: all meat types 12. Fish paste: fermented mashed fish 13. Fermented shrimp: fermented shrimp would have to of course add shrimp Cured/dried food: 1. Salt cured jelly fish 2. Portable broth: the rendered remains of broth, would require adding in broth 3. Black lime: it is sweet, salty, and sour 4.Li hing mui: salty dried plum 5. Dried and salted fish: fish that had been salted and left to dry 6. Dried shredded squid: squid that has been dried and shredded. 7. Dried shrimp: small dried shrimp 8. Stock fish: simple air dried fish. 9. The whole art of Charcuterie multiple items, to many to list 10. Pemmican: a mix of dried meat, fat, fruits, and nuts and many more foods just look up list of dried or fermented foods.