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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Purpose behind rhinos and elephants?

    So I was browsing through the public repo and saw that it seems as though megafauna such as rhinoceri and elephants are planned. I was just curious as to what the intended purpose of these rhinos and elephants that are to be added is. Is it just for aesthetics and more variety, prey items for predators, or will they have an important purpose such as ivory or transport from elephants? Also, as elephants and rhinos are generally restricted to tropical or subtropical regions, is it possible that additional megafauna might be included for temperate, arctic, or subarctic regions? Ground sloths would be great. They actually haven't been extinct for long, the last ones died out in the Caribbean around 4,000-3,000 years ago. They were highly adaptable and common, ranging from Canada to Patagonia and everywhere in between. A whole lot of interesting stuff could be done with them. They could browse leaf blocks off, and even tear down small trees.
  2. A more detailed butchering mechanic, with progression

    . It's no where near as graphic as real life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that the already-existing food prep table could be given another purpose as a butchering table. Stone food-prep tables could be required, as they would be much more sterile than the wooden ones. It wouldn't be great to have the meat cuts full of splinters and sawdust knocked off from hacking at the wood with a knife/cleaver.
  3. 2016

    It is important, but is certainly not the most important thing anyone will ever learn. And it should not be taught by the government, but privately by parents and/or other private entities, and it should not be taught to young kids. Maybe start at 15 or 16 at the earliest. I will say no more, as this is pretty off topic. Let's not forget that it was always the democrats advocating for segregation. Many liberal extremists such as Margaret Sanger even advocated for the eradication of all "inferior" races. There were conservative racists, but the liberal racism always outweighed the conservative racism. Slavery was more financial, the rich & elitites in both the north and south supported slavery because it was imperative to their financial well-being. Most poorer people either couldn't care less or did not want slavery. It was never oriented based on conservative vs liberal, those political divides were not really well-defined yet. -So creationists are murderers because they have different beliefs than you do, is that what you're saying? Isn't unfair to judge so many people for based on some weird cult stuff that a handful of crazies in a little town in Massachusetts did 400 years ago? But most commonplace leftists views are extreme. If ripping apart children, taking peoples' property, affirmative action aka racism, suspension of constitutional rights, etc. are not extreme, then pretty much nothing is.
  4. 2016

    Wow. I thought the days where I was baffled by what liberals said were long gone, but I was obviously wrong. I guess liberalism really is a never ending well, or black whole should I say, of utter lunacy. "Sex is the most important thing anyone can ever learn." -Wow. Just... Wow. Like I said, this thread is not about whether or not the universe created itself out of nothing, so I will not derail it. Basically, I'm not gonna believe in a logical fallacy.
  5. 2016

    You just think everything should be controlled by the government don't you? Seriously, is there anything you don't think should be controlled by the government? You even think the friggin atmosphere should be controlled by the government. -Most parents, especially moms, are professionals at raising and educating children. And I don't believe everyone should be homeschooled. It certainly isn't the right choice for everyone, not for many people, but it is a choice that should always be available and never discouraged. -Neutral is neutered. It is meaningless and pointless. You might as well not teach anything at all if it is all neutral. It is void and empty. -I never said that homeschooling should be required, it shouldn't be. So no, I don't mean that because you are atheist you shouldn't get social experience. Where did you get that idea? Do you really think the government should be teaching sex Ed? Do you really think it is a that important? -I am not going to debate creationism v evolutionism in this thread. That is totally off topic. All I will say is that there's scarcely a shred of evidence that would ever convince to believe in evolution.
  6. 2016

    No it wasn't, that is simply false. Slavery was dying out at the time the Constitution was written. Most of the founding fathers hoped it would be gone soon enough anyway, and they new that if they banned slavery in the Constitution, most of the states wouldn't sign it. Slavery is barely even mentioned int the constitution, and it was never a constitutional right. And comparing Christianity to slavery is so bigoted and so wrong in so many levels. So you think parents shouldn't be allowed to educate their own children. You think children must be educated by the government? This pretty much sums up half of what is wrong with Socialism. Everyone is indoctrinated and raised by the government. Socialism is basically a form of worship of the government in which government is viewed as a deity that provides the people with everything they need and decides every aspect of how they will live their lives, and even controls their minds through the education system. It is unacceptable that government runs education anywhere. Unacceptable and appalling. It is in direct opposition to personal freedom, and even a person's right to control what they learn and what they believe. Government must not be involved in education in anyway. That's one of the first things Hiter did, get gov't more involved. He started the Hitler Youth, and indoctrinated countless German children into practical worship of the Nazi Party and NATIONAL SOCIALISM. And how could it be negative for a child's social skills? Most homeschooled children are in just as much in contact with children their age as kids that go to school, through church, extracurricular activities, co-ops, etc. Do you really believe that just because they don't go to school, they won't have any social contact? They also have much more family time, and time with their siblings and relatives, which is far more important than even social skills. You shouldn't go to jail for turning down people because of race. Yeah, maybe fined or penalized. But sending someone to jail because of that is just stupid. Plus, there are so few racists in America now, that if the public found out someone was doing that, they would probably boycott them and they would quickly go out of business. And in most of those cases, they were serving gay people, they just don't want to participate in the gay wedding. So a lawsuit was filed against them. If I owned a business, I would be fine serving gay people, but I would never ever ever cater to a gay wedding. That doesn't mean I should have to serve gay people. It defies religious liberty to force people to violate their religious commitments by making them serve gay people. Here's a quote from one of the most vile dictators this world has ever seen, and it has to do with public education. If the government controls education, then it controls all of its people, and controls everything; most likely for very negative purposes. In Nazi Germany, the result was a level killing never before known on this planet. And we're headed for that again, unless we change our ways fast. If America hadn't stopped Hitler when we did, he would have quickly built a nearly indestructible socialist state that ran off industrialized slaughter and controlled all of Europe.
  7. 2016

    That is not separation of church and state, that is anti-religious oppression/persecution. Separation of church and state means that the church is not the state and vice versa. It means that there is a state that is not a religious institution; basically just not a theocracy. It does not mean public leaders can't show their religion and that the state can't adopt priciples from a religion. Since America is a Judeo-Christian nation with mostly Judeo-Christian founders and is founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, we incorporate Judeo-Christian principles, and that is completely appropriate. There is almost zero political extremism coming from the right. We simply want to return America to how it is used to be, a great place where you could determine your own path in life and do what ever you wanted with your life without anyone holding you down or taking from you. Where you can worship and live however you choose, and where no one can order you around. How is that so extreme? I've heard leftists say rich people should be guillotined, that mentally ill and physically handicapped people should be shipped off to death camps for euthanization, that northerners are genetically superior to southerners, that gun owners are like ku klux klansmen, that free speech should be done away with, that all southern whites are rabid sub-human mongrels that don't deserve anything, that all constitutional rights should be suspended, that whites should have to pay a white privilege tax, that private education and homeschooling should be banned, that we shouldn't hold elections anymore, that people should go to jail for not catering to homosexuals, that people should get the death penalty for eating meat, and that there should be "abortions" for children up to two years in age. But none of those are really that extreme, now are they?
  8. 2016

    This is just wrong. A right is not really right if it can be taken away. If someone can just tell me "never mind, I decided you don't have that right anymore," then what's the point of even having rights in the first place? That was a hypothetical. What made you think I was saying the U.S. had nobility? Lmao. I didn't say that Congress didn't have the authority to define the legal definition of marriage. I said that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to define it. The U.S. is not ruled by a 9-member council of unelected judges that decides everything. The Supreme Court approves or disapproves of laws passed by Congress bass on their constitutionality. They do not tell everyone in the country what they can and can not do and how they must run their lives. That does ring a bell. Switzerland stays out of pretty much everything. Seems like I chose just about the only major European nation that isn't in the EU. When you've been splitting wood all day and you're dead tired it can be kinda hard to keep your facts straight. It seems wrong to blame a whole country for a situation that some of its liberal elites had a hand in creating. And the EU leaders had as big as or an even greater role in the 2008 collapse than the Americans did. Yes, the Treaty of Versailles. After we saved Europe's ass the first time in WWI. (No, I don't agree with the Treaty of Versailles, as it established a prototype UN called the League of Nations. It was a complete train wreck, as is the current UN.) Woah, I didn't see that coming! Nazi Germany was America's fault?!? Of course! Everything is America's fault! They only saved us twice, and ended the Soviet Union, but yeah, everything is still their fault. It totally wasn't Britain's fault. All they did was invite the Nazis to invade various nations. It totally wasn't the USSR's fault. All they did was ally with Nazi Germany. It wasn't the German citizens' faults. All they did was step aside and allow the Nazis to take control, even though they knew it was the wrong thing to do. The U.S. certainly has de facto unlimited welfare. It may not always be that way on paper, but that's what it ends up being. Many people are on welfare pretty much their whole lives when they are perfectly capable of supporting themselves, they just choose not to.
  9. 2016

    The constitution does not grant rights. A mere piece of paper is not what gives us our liberty. It is natural law and the law of GOD that gives us our rights. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution simply protects and enforces our rights and makes it clear that they can not be taken away. If we allow a globalist mafia organization like the UN to dictate our rights, then trust me, we are too far gone to be saved. The UN is a joke. They have no real authority. They can't tell me what my rights are. Rights are useless if it's a council of commie globalists that are granting them to you. If I could be king for a day, the very first thing I would do would be to withdraw the U.S. from the UN and kick them all out of New York. They haven't done a single positive thing in well over 50 years. Anything the UN says in the way of rights is illegitimate, they simply do not have the authority to tell everyone in the world what their life is worth, what their rights are, and how they can live. Oh, their Geneva Convention war crimes stuff is just great. It basically says "we're fine with you killing millions of people. You just have to kill exactly how we tell you to kill them. Your taking of human life has to meet UN standards." If a human gives you your rights, then a human can just as easily take your rights away. We do not have rights under man's authority but under GOD's. Ok so here's the thing. The Supreme Court does not make laws. They approve or disapprove of laws. Congress makes laws. So no they certainly do not have the authority to define marriage, either religious or the legal definition of it.They do not have the authority to make any laws at all. You obviously don't quite understand how America's system of government works. And that's fine, but know what you're arguing about before you get into it. And they weren't asserting that the active militia does not need to apply, they were re-affirming it. The second amendment itself clearly states that everyone has the right to bear arms, whether they are in a militia or not. "The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE infringed." And at the time the second amendment was written, "militia" was defined as every able-bodied man in any given area, because they would all ban together to fight when necessary. A militia was not a formal military structure like the national guard, for example. It was a just group of civilians that would protect their community. Thus militia should be interpreted as what it really meant at the time, every able-bodied male citizen who has not committed serious crimes. Generally, I find that the official websites are the ones you can't trust. They're all propaganda, for the most part. The EU is a union made up of many different sovereign nations. It is not one big nation. Our states are not independent nations. Switzerland and the U.S. are two different countries. Switzerland and West Virginia are not. Thus, America and Switzerland should be treated equally as two different countries in a statistical analysis such as that article. Yeah the U.S. saved the world from Germany (now the de facto leader of the EU.) (Yeah, we saved the world from Europe.) And now everyone, especially the nations we helped most, is totally ungrateful and treats like we're the problem when we're not. And the U.S. is still an all around great place to live. It is by far the most free nation on earth, no other country could even be compared to the U.S. in terms of economic and personal freedom. The reason we're declining is because of leftist policies like, for example, gun control and unlimited welfare.
  10. 2016

    Our rights never "evolve with the times." Human nature never changes, our rights do not simply get old and outdated. If they did, then there would be no point in having them at all because they wouldn't really be rights. They are always applicable and should always be protected. Everyone has fundamental rights that they are born with, and no entity has the right to take those rights away. And yes, as I have already stated, it very much would protect us against the government. Tens of millions of of armed citizens against a couple hundred thousand at most government goons, the couple hundred thousand wouldn't stand a chance. Hell would freeze over before they would become victorious. P Everyone in the world is biased. Bias is a fact of life. Bias is unavoidable.
  11. 2016

    Actually, there was a tyrant that was overthrown thanks to the second amendment. Abraham Lincoln.While I agree with Lincoln on many issues, especially the abolition of slavery, he was an incredibly brutal person who went far past the limits of the Constitution. He killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in a military campaign against anti-federalism so that the federal government could have more control. Slavery, though it was an issue, was of very little importance during the Civil War, the main idea was to expand the power of the federal government. Lincoln himself was an avowed racist, who started out his presidency by promising to protect slavery. Meanwhile, southern leaders like Thomas Jackson and Robert E. Lee started schools for blacks and freed slaves, respectively. Neither side was totally right, both the north and the south had flaws.
  12. Clothing

    The only hard part of a squid's body is the beak. Otherwise they are completely soft-fleshed. Squids do not have plates at all.
  13. Volcanoes

    These were spread out over an immensely massive area, not like the terra firma craft world. While it is true there is a lot of volcanic activity worldwide, a terra firma craft world is on a tiny scale compared to the real life world. Volcanoes don't occur very frequently, they're rare even in real life. And they often go years, decades, even centuries in between eruptions.
  14. 2016

    Did I ever say the words "nuclear weapons"? I don't think so. WMD's would be reserved for the federal govt, but there would be fewer of them. Only enough to be effective and keep us safe. If we were to get rid of them entirely, we would be sitting ducks. The threat of mutual destruction saved us during the Cold War. If you don't believe strongly enough in your views to not have your mind changed, then what's the point? You don't truly believe what you're saying if your mind could be changed, you don't hold it in your heart. (I don't mean with everything, we're talking about politics.) You liberals always blow me away with your exceptional tolerance and intelligent, high-level arguments.(sarcasm) Education is worse now than it has ever been in the history of America. Public schools are utterly worthless. I would never send my kids to a public school. Never. Education was in a better state 200 years ago. The church is as strong as ever, it has survived millennia, against incredible odds. To say that Christianity is dying out now just proves how dillusional you are. Can you say that and truly believe it when over 85% of Americans at least claim to be Christian? Christianity is growing all over the globe.
  15. Ridiculous Suggestions

    Soul vacuums. Souls should be the new coal. Use them to power anything. Just spawn in the grim reaper and tell him to gather souls for you, but don't make him angry, he could take yours!