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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. When I heard Bioxx talk about how vanilla minecraft is just building on hard mode, I got really excited for this mod, because I have thought the same way for so long. The problem right now is that it's basically the same way when you have all the armor, and tools that you will ever need in TFC. What do you do then? Mine for fun? Not much point. Explore? What is there to see that you haven't already seen? What if this problem can be helped with something right under our noses...? AICC's (A.I. Controlled Characters) I strongly believe that AICC's should be added to the mod because there are so many possibilities that come with them. I could write a novel on how much they can add to the mod. Not only can they take away the feeling of loneliness from SSP, they can also add variety and structure to the world of TFC. In life people were never alone, and they certainly had a lot of help to reach the age of metallurgy. This can be a problem in SSP because of the fact that is a vast land with absolutely no one in it, and in real-life, it would be impossible to do some of the things that you usually do alone in TFC. If there were NPC's it would add a small, but complete system of economy. The villagers could mine, smith, farm, trade etc. all by them selves with an average of 10-15 other villagers. They could have these jobs, excluding you out of the picture entirely, making some friendly, wanting help from outsiders, and others hostile, only wanting you to go away or even attack you if you come near. Without full armor and weapons these villagers would be nearly impossible to kill alone, so the best idea would be to RUN. Trust would be an interesting aspect to the people of the tribes/villages also. With the tribes that are neutral, you could have to gain their trust by building for them, selling to them, or working for them so they will accept you into their community. After some time of gaining their trust, instead of saying: "Tribesman" or "Tribeswoman" above them, they could state their names so you can grow a relationship with each one (gaining their personal trust). Even after they fully trust you with their lives, it can not only be ruined very easily, but still be difficult to trade with them. They have to get the materials themselves in order to be able to buy from them, so they may never have what you want from them. The trust that you have to earn can be ruined just by doing one small thing to irritate them, like steal, destroy small/large parts of their village, etc. Some villages could be advanced in metallurgy and get very large, and others could stay in the stone age, farming/hunting for food and making small huts for their homes. This could add variety within the villages discovery, not only because you have to be careful approaching them, since you don't know whether they will attack you or not, but also because it will give a reason to never stop exploring the vast world of Minecraft. There are more idea's that could be written, but I think this is enough for now. I would LOVE to see AICC's implemented to the mod for these reasons. Thanks, ExplosionGuy P.S. You guessed it, AICC's are just another name for NPC's. I didn't want people who are sick of reading NPC suggestions to ignore this post, so I changed the name a bit. I'm sure a lot of people who feel this way realized what they were, but it worked didn't it?
  2. Why do gems exist?

    I know that they have one use at the moment, which is for Protection Meters, i'm just dying to know more about any plans on what they will be used for next, if there are. I have a few idea's that I would love to share, but I would like to know what has been suggested and/or considered first.
  3. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    There isn't a poll yet, but when there is one we will see for a fact, if the majority of people want NPC's.
  4. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    I'd like a link to where that's posted. Even if he really did say that, it's worth trying to convince them otherwise. I haven't seen a single post where Bioxx said "NPCs are not happening." I have seen multiple posts saying that he needs a valid reason. The fact is; the majority of the mod users play it on single player, and the majority of them want NPC's. If that's not a valid reason, nothing is.
  5. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    Yes, this is basically what I was insinuating. They, themselves would have to eat, sleep, drink, farm, craft, etc. to survive just as much as the player does. The villages would generate in random ages, random sizes and have to do everything on there own with the help of other NPC's. The village isn't just THERE, it's a living, working system that the tribesmen have to keep alive. In order for you to be allowed into their village, they have to trust you. For some, you have to work incredibly hard to gain their trust, and few might trust you because they are fascinated by you. Some may allow you to hire servants after they fully trust you. They will be expensive and only worth hiring if you need a lot of work done and you are very rich. You don't control the villages at all, though. You can intervene if you want/can, but you have no say in what they do.
  6. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    I'll probably be sticking to quote tags because it's easier to see the difference between what I've quoted and my response for the reader.
  7. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    Nope, I checked it about ten times. Even had the word quote highlighted to check. There were 12 quotes and 24 beginning and end quote tags as needed. I didn't make any changes besides splitting it down the middle and it worked fine. I'm sure it's just a forum glitch. LOL. You crack me up, man.
  8. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    It kept saying that I didn't have the same number of end quote tags as beginning quote tags, but when I split the post into 2, it worked fine.
  9. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    I do too. They would be very easy to add, and they could work just like hostile mobs, but have more intelligent A.I.
  10. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    Honestly, I don't think there is. This post is just stating that it would be difficult to implement them because they are hard to balance. I really don't understand why he isn't focusing on SSP more than SMP. The majority of the mod users play SSP with TFC, so why is he focusing on SMP? That just doesn't make sense.
  11. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    Lol. Exactly. Although it's a cool mod, It can't do half of what I'm suggesting. I've used Citizens2 and it's really cool, but while it can do some of the things that I've suggested, there are still a lot of things that it can't do. Even if someone were to mix the 2 mods together perfectly, that new mod still wouldn't be able to do the core features of what I'm suggesting.
  12. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    I'll try Custom NPC's soon, but they can't establish villages and work for other NPC's can they? Can they trade any type of currency that you want them too? Can they build villages? Can you have villages generate in your world?
  13. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    It's really just a guess. I shouldn't say it's a fact, I don't know what I was thinking. I'll change it. Just look on the forums about NPC suggestions. It seems that at least 60% of people agree that they should be added. I would like to get some statistics from a poll, though.
  14. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with commerce. In-fact, Bioxx is adding an economic system in the mod very soon. You don't have to add dirt as something they would buy, EVER. That would be stupid anyway. Dirt is so easy to get it's worthless. Why would they give you money for it? I see, some people like ECC are being unnecessarily rude. Stating that he is "liking me less and less." I'm not sure if Custom NPCs and Citizens2 are actually compatible, but even if they were, it's not like they are much like my idea's anyway. Exactly. People keep saying that Bioxx said "No NPC's" but don't give any proof of this at all. It's stupid, really. They will never do all your jobs for you. Even the jobs you might be able to pay them to do through a lot of hard work, it would be very expensive. That would be really rude. Admins like that are ignorant, and mean. Neither Bioxx nor Dunk has shown me to be that way. @archatran EDIT: No I could not put all of this into one post. Stop telling me how easy it is to use the edit button. I already know, and I'm not going to keep wasting my time with reading posts that tell me anything about it.
  15. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    He said no NPC's unless a valid reason for them is brought. How about because it seems that around 60-70% of people agree that they should be added, and that 54% of people play SSP and 46% of people play multiplayer. That clearly shows that the majority of people who use the mod play in on SSP. So why not focus on what they BOTH want? How about the fact that around 60-70% of people agree that they should be added, and that 54% of people play SSP and 46% of people play multiplayer. That clearly shows that the majority of people who use the mod play in on SSP. So why not focus on what they BOTH want? NPC's would only enhance both SSP and SMP. Valid reason? Wrong. It wouldn't become a complete RPG, it would just add something fun to the mod. If they didn't like it, they would get used to it and see that it's how the game is going to be, and they will accept it and have fun. They don't HAVE to interact with the NPC's AT ALL. Frankly, I don't really care whether you "like" me or not. That's beside the point anyway. My idea's and suggestions shouldn't cause you to like, or dislike me, either. - Not really. That's with hundreds of paths running at once, not just 10 little guys walking around. I have spawned 100 villagers for a single village and had no lag, without optifine, AND an old processor (2.3ghz). - If something has a flaw, it needs to be fixed. Not that complicated. Even if they did wear armor, they would wear cheap armor at best. You would have to have armor and weapons far stronger than theirs and it would be close to impossible to defeat more than 1, unless you had the best armor in the game, in which case you might be able to defeat 3 before dying. -NPC's don't need to be stronger, they just need to be AS strong as the player. Some would probably be slightly stronger randomly through different tribes and civilizations (e.g. Aztecs might be a bit stronger than you are but never have plated armor, and Romans would be slightly weaker but almost always have plated armor). - No they can't. Vanilla Minecraft villagers aren't your slaves either, why would these NPC's be? When did I say anything about them being slaves to your will? They are people who need to survive themselves. They aren't going to EVER be your slaves. At MOST they might give you an expensive servant that would take a SHIT LOAD of work to get in the first place, only at full trust they would allow this, and not very many tribes/civilizations would do do that anyway. Some might even work for you at a hefty price (e.g. if they mined long enough to find a small vein with 20 cassiterite, you would have to pay them the equivalent of 2x and sometimes 3x the amount). That is so true! Thanks. Mod compatibility will probably be dropped, and this mod isn't guaranteed to get popular enough for those mods to be converted even if mod compatibility isn't dropped. I never "double posted." Have you thought, maybe I want another post so it is separate from the first? I edit my posts all of the time. It's not like I just don't use it, man.
  16. Why do gems exist?

    Hopefully, yes. They clearly have plenty of suggestions to choose from, huh?
  17. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    Somewhat, yes. The idea has some similar qualities. I've come to love that mod, but why does this matter? It can't possibly be added to Minecraft with this mod installed, so why are you mentioning it?
  18. Tribes with A.I. Controlled Characters

    What do you mean by volatile? Why would mods have anything to do with this? Mod compatibility will probably be dropped. To explain them a bit more, they are something more complex than your average Minecraft NPC. They have jobs that they try to do the best they can and they do this not only for survival, but for the tribe that they live in as well. Not all tribes do exactly the same things of course, they are all different in their own ways. Each and every town/village could be different. There could be multiple types of tribes or even civilizations like Mayan, Byzantine, Aztec, Cherokee, Roman, Egyptians, and possibly more. There could even be fantasy characters like dwarfs, elves, orcs, etc. That would also add some nice variety to the mod. They could be something to make some things about the mod more difficult, while other things easier. It would even give goals to finishing structure projects. The bigger and nicer, the more the people will like it. Another interesting trait is they could have is treaties and even wars between tribes. They could have allies, neutralism, and enemies with other tribes or civilizations nearby which can help or prevent the advancement of the tribe/civilization.
  19. Why do gems exist?

    I see what you mean about metal axes and maces. Maces should have more damage than swords, but be harder to make. Axes should have other uses besides just cutting down trees(e.g. chopping logs into firewood which could stack much more than logs and make fires more convenient. Variety is only worth something if it has use or meaning behind it. If something has no use, it's trash. That's just a fact of life. So why would you have something useless in a mod? The point of a modification in any game is to add to it to make it better. If you add something, but it doesn't make it better, the mod is pointless. Everything in a mod needs to have a use. If it's useless, it should be removed.
  20. Why do gems exist?

    I see. Thanks.
  21. Configuration So Everyone Is Happy

    I really think there should be a config file were the user of the mod can determine how rare things are in their own world, limits that they have, what entities/blocks spawns/generates and what doesn't, how long it takes for plants and trees to grow, etc. I realize that Bioxx wants to make the mod the way he wants to, but there's no reason we shouldn't have the ability to make it our own, rather than the way he wants everyone to play. I love the way this mod has changes Minecraft in some ways, but I don't want to have to spend years to master something as useless and meaningless as prospecting in Minecraft. I do love mining and how it works with having to prospect for ores, but I do NOT like the fact that I have to spend days IRL to find a measly ore vein with 4-5 bismuth ores. It would be understandable if there was a guide on how A lot of people suggest things to be changed JUST like this, and there is no possible way to make everyone happy unless they can edit the way the mod is themselves. EDIT: I take what I said: "I love the way this mod has changes Minecraft in some ways, but I don't want to have to spend years to master something as useless and meaningless as prospecting in Minecraft. I do love mining and how it works with having to prospect for ores, but I do NOT like the fact that I have to spend days IRL to find a measly ore vein with 4-5 bismuth ores." I've realized, with experience, that it's not like this. Although I still believe that there should be a config file with everything I stated above, I realize that if it does happen, it probably won't happen until a full release of the mod. I have considered everyone's opinions on this matter.
  22. Kingdoms Brainstorming

    Lol. That's true!
  23. Kingdoms Brainstorming

    You could have someone read through them for you who know what you know so they can sum it all up for you, that way everyone is heard, and you don't have to waste your time through useless arguing.
  24. Configuration So Everyone Is Happy

    Zero and ones are also the core building blocks of computer's. They represent on and off: zero being off, and one being on. It's like the cells of computers!
  25. Why do gems exist?

    How are they outrageous, exactly? I know a lot has been suggested, but I'm wondering what exactly. I've tried using the search engine, but it doesn't hold any results. I think he is focusing on other things for the kingdom update. What do you mean that they may be another failed attempt, like the wild plants? How were they a failed attempt? We have metal axes for cutting speed and durability. Maces are more powerful weapons. Had a stick for every tree? I love the gems too, but I still find them somewhat pointless to keep after finding 6-7 gems or so. I would think they could be used as currency, also.