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      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. B79 Food Preservation

    I'm finally looking into the new food preservation options ingame and I'm interested in what you found to be ideal for various kinds of food. Do you pickle all your vegetables? Do you smoke or just dry your meats? Etc. I'm just looking for some experiences as I am a little overwhelmed with the complexity and am not sure where to start. Finally I have some technical questions, since the wiki hasen't been updated yet to the whole food preservation mechanic and the change log is not very specific: 1. I assume, only meats can be dried or smoked? 1a. If you smoke a meat on a drying rack, will it get dried at the same time? 1b. Can you consume a smoked/dried meat directly without cooking it? Realistically, you should. 1c. How many items can be hung over a single campfire and what weight limit is there to each item on the rack? 2. Can you pickle or salt any piece of food, or just e.g. salt meats and pickle vegetables? 2b. Does the pickled status only apply as long as the food is in the vinegar container, or can you take it out after the process and put it into a vessel and a dark place, still retaining the pickling benefits? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. [Poll] Ceramic Bowls

    I created this poll based on THIS discussion thread about ceramic bowls; many interesting thoughts are there already, but I'd like to get a more statistic feedback. I would also appreciate, if some of the TFC staff offer their opinions too
  3. [Solved] Bizmuth Bronze Can't Be Made In Vessels?

    Ah, OK, good to know. How nice of you
  4. [Solved] Bizmuth Bronze Can't Be Made In Vessels?

    Shouldn't a false ratio create unknown metal in a pit kiln?
  5. Is there any up to date tutorial/guide?

    As far as wild crops go - as far as I know, TFC starts in summer instead of spring, which makes it much easier to find ripe crops. Most of them should be ripe and ready to eat or will be soon, when you start a new game.
  6. German sub-forum

    Wieviele sind "genug Leute, die das wollen"? Meine Stimme habt ihr meinetwegen, wenn's anderen Spielern wirklich eine Hilfe sein kann ...
  7. German sub-forum

    Die Frage ist, ob es sich lohnen wuerde. Gibt es so viele deutschsprachige Mitglieder, die der englischen Sprache nicht maechtig sind, sofern meine Annahme stimmt, dass das Altersniveau deutlich ueber Vanilla Minecraft liegt? Also fuer mich persoenlich liest und schreibt sich englisch nicht schwieriger als deutsch, und hab MC noch nie mit lokalisierter deutscher Version gespielt, Und selbst wenn es ein deutsches Forum geben sollte, werd ich mich trotzdem grossteils in den Hauptforen aufhalten ...
  8. Trains ?

    Kitty would only point to threads like these: where this topic has been beaten to death several times.That is, IF she had a good day and was nice and patient
  9. Better Fire Mechanics

    Erm, as far as I know, fireplaces don't cause fires, neither do forges (which require appropriate ventilation, like you mentioned). But pit kilns do, so you have to be careful with them!
  10. Trees

    1. Or, you could just let the last piece of durability on your axe allow felling the whole tree before breaking.I don't think that it really would unbalance things, if you only need 5 stone axes to fell 10 trees instead of 6 (just a very rough estimate, but you get what I mean).If you really think that this would be overpowered, I also would settle for the axe breaking when felling a tree that would leave 10 or 15% or less of durability on it so that you don't get tempted to use it on another tree.Aside from realism or believability, you have to admit that it's a real pain gameplay wise if you slightly miscalculated the durability of your axe and you are left with one or two log blocks of a tree because your axe broke, for which you again have to spend considerable time to get rid of afterwards.Either of my two suggestions would adress this issue by ensuring that always when you fell a tree the whole thing goes down.What do you think?
  11. Ranged weapons vs. Skeletons

    When the mobs are moved underground, I assume they find replacements for them on the surface, and in my opinion they also should utilize the damage type system when they do that. Otherwise it would seem as quite a waste if this mechanic is banned underground together with the monsters. In general I very much support a means to fight those damn skeletons from a range. but throwing clubs? I don't know ... But I really like the idea of slings!! About dedicated TFC blunt weapons: you do realize that TFC has maces??
  12. Please add [solved] to your title, to save our Devs some time (Support Forum Rule #6)
  13. [Solved][79.13] WorldGen and Reńdering Screen problem

    Glad you have been able to fix your problem Just a hint for the future: your bug report would have violated rule #4 of the Support Forum, which instructs us to use the template for more detailed information. Failing to do that results in locking the thread, usually without an answer to your issue. Also, according to rule #6 you should edit your thread title and add [solved] to the beginning, so that the Devs can easily filter out which thread still needs attention and which not. Please go and save them some time, will ya?
  14. volcano request

    Haha, you are being mean @Reyvinn - I doubt very much that Gwtheyrn was being serious with his suggestion, neither is NikkyD
  15. Crop Nutrient Types

    This is just a simple suggestion for making things a little more practical: please add tooltips to seeds that tell you the crop nutrient type it needs in the soil! Otherwise there is no in-game indicator that tells you this, and you HAVE TO go to the wiki to check on every single crop you want to plant, if you didn't learn it by heart. A simple tooltip with required nutrient A, B or C when hovering over the seeds in your inventory would make crop rotation much more convenient without having to interrupt your game immersion. We have so many detailed and useful tooltips for many items, so why not for seeds too? A useful addition without too much effort?
  16. [Solved] 79.10 Zombies Drop Iron Swords

    That's a shame really I recently just got one of those and I plan to frame it proudly! I hope this fix won't delete already existent ones?
  17. Crop Nutrient Types

    You guys really are amazing!! I really don't get those comments, that occur now and then, about you ignoring valuable input from the community. That simply isn't true, as you have proved many times just recently
  18. [Solved] Odd cave-in behavior

    Isn't that a bit too much? The yellow, itself safe block, causes a cave in elsewhere, which can propagate back to the support beam and let it collapse too, right? If even the yellow block isn't safe to mine, than what is??Another thing I noticed is that mining one block above and besides a vertial beam also frequently causes cave ins. But I remember you posting a screenshot where you demonstrated save mining up in a staircase manner, with each step having a support beam. How was that possible? One last thing: cave in cobble seems to have a physics issue - it often doesn't slide correctly over an edge but remains suspended next to the edge above an air block, like this: CC SS SSSS C being cobble, S smoothstone. When I get to it, I can post screenshots too.
  19. Stair(mode) vs Slabs

    I tend to agree ...The main reason being the possibility to retrieve the blocks after placing. It just is such a pain if you are building a larger project with slabs or stairs and while looking at the whole picture decide it looks crappy and want to change the whole thing - you lose every single slab/stair.I just recently had this problem - chiseled the whole ceiling of my new house to half slabs, because I find 3 blocks to high and 2 too low. When done I decided that I wanted another wood type that would better fit my planned walls. With vanilla items - absolutely no problem. But here? Either loose stacks over stacks of hard earned wood/stone, or live with a bad decision. This is definitely not ideal.
  20. Stair(mode) vs Slabs

    Last time I checked you can enable the vanilla recipes for stairs and slabs in the TFC config. Not sure though if they behave like vanilla ones and if you can retrieve them after placing. Just try it out
  21. [Solved] Side ways beams?

    What exactly do you mean by "side beams"? Do you mean horizontal beams connecting two vertical ones?
  22. [Solved] Why Can't I Find Clay!?!? 1.7.10

    The requirements for peat are quite a bit steeper than those for clay. Peat only spawns in Swamp Biomes, but there it should be quite common [Edit:] Ah, and there are no flowers indicating their whereabouts, but when you found a Swamp, you'll likely be surrounded by it anyway ...
  23. Stair(mode) vs Slabs

    I did understand before what you meant by a vertical slab and how the code works with slabs in general with rain, thus my answer that this issue most likely won't be solved. But I do appreciate your very detailed explanation
  24. Stair(mode) vs Slabs

    But that's still weird: if you take your example with 7/8th of a vertical slab block missing, it still wouldn't let the rain particles through, right?Well, I guess this cannot be solved then...
  25. Stair(mode) vs Slabs

    But if torches under a slab roof are put out by rain, that's another issue.Seems similar to the issue that fire pits were put out in rain under a thatch roof even if the rain particles did not come through. This one has been fixed a while ago, maybe you can use the same fix for slabs/stairs, if this is the case?