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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Smilodon

    I am really liking this model Krono! It definitely looks really powerful! Is there meant to be a gap between the jaw and the neck like seen with the blue circle? Is that space meant to be filled by the open mouth box from the early prototype? It looks a little odd to me with the gap. Still open to other ideas though. Also, a tip with the tail is to adjust the rotation on the z axis by 0.1 degrees. This eliminates 99% of the z-fighting that occurs in the trouble area. You can see an example of this below, I extended the middle section to make the tail fully connect through all three sections. The model attached below is the same as your 04 model except it contains my tail change. Up to you whether you want to use my tail or design your own. smilodon04T.MCModel
  2. Ostrich

    Here is the model for the Ostrich. As if we don't already have enough savanna animals already. It is another bird at least. OstrichMCMCV10.MCModel
  3. Muntjac Deer

    Muntjacs are very small deer that come from Asia. Males possess the horns that are seen in the photo below. I can make another version with transparent horns for the females as well. MuntjacDeerMCMCV4.MCModel
  4. Guinea (Jungle) Fowl

    Sorry for the late response on this one Darmo. I think the middle texture looks the best. The left picture looks too heavy. The large amounts of the darker lines on the wings looks odd to me at least. The right picture is going to look really weird in-game after scaling it down. It will be too fine of a texture. The middle strikes a good balance between light and dark on the wings.
  5. Armadillo

    I really like the second body shape as well, Darmo. It adds more dimension to the project compared to the box of the original. Have you tried moving the head to be higher in the front of the model? Most of the photos that I have seen have the top of their head being flush with the bodyof the armadillo. The angle could also be altered to make the nose point towards the ground more sharply.
  6. Guinea (Jungle) Fowl

    Not too happy with this quick prototype but it could be a start. Photos seem to portray them as more of a vertical presence. Maybe just turn the body 60 degrees to the vertical? Some dimensions might need to be altered though. At least with the vulture we have the pretty blue to work with! Here is what I drew up in a few minutes. What do you think? Is this a direction that we want to pursue? Reference Texture VultureGuinea2x.MCModel New Orientation
  7. Guinea (Jungle) Fowl

    This model definitely shouts chicken but I am a little concerned about the texture. The first thing that I noticed was the body. It looks like a checkerboard. I have looked atthe little guys and can see where you are coming from here. They do have the speckles spread all across their body. I have a problem with the grid though. It kind of looks like the opacity was raised and the area was given a grey background. I think a better solution would be to form a weave of sorts with the texture. It is pictured below. Kind of hard to explain but, my version has the white spots shift back and forth on the top. The dark sections of mine would need some shading added to them. Let me know what you think about this design for the body. Texture attached for reference
  8. Porcupine

    This new version is loads better than the original at the top of this chain. The new sizing gives the quills a much finer look. We will never get it to look exactly life-like unless we blew up the model by something ridiculous like 32x and had Bioxx scale that down in post. I don't think MCMC could even render a texture that large. One thing to consider on your new model is the positioning of the quills. In the original (the left) the quills started pretty much from the end of the neck. In your new version, the quills start in the middle of the legs it seems. I also believe that the scale that you used for the quills is off. They look to be sticking out of the body by a box on each side. I see that the original stuck out of the front slightly on accident but not the sides. Maybe scale down the ZY-quills (Top) by two to make the box fit on the body once more. The XY-quills (Sides) seem fine but might need an adjustment in the X direction. Overall, after the scaling gets looked at, this model is a big improvement.
  9. Aardvark

    I am going to agree with you here. The second version can have the ears clipped or removed to make it the other animals. The third one is my favourite of the bunch. It keeps the general arch that Aardvarks seem to have in photos.
  10. Aardvark

    I think that an arched body would work better for the aardvark. There would be enough difference between the aardvark, pangolin, and armadillo to tell the difference between the three. The aardvark has large ears and more of a dull brown coat. The pangolin has almost apine cone or feather looking coat and no ears. The armadillo has a steel/brown coat that looks almost like a coat of armour. The head looks good but I think an arched body would be better.
  11. Agriculture

    Crop rotation is important for the soil to regenerate. The soil "regenerates" since it's nutrients are not being used up by plants. I use the word plant here on purpose. All plants need nutrients to survive. Weeds are plants just like crops andwill use up these nutrients just as crops will. Having a field of weeds in your fallow land would actually be worse than having empty land. The weed field would have a much easier time of spreading into the land that your crops are on and destroying those fields.
  12. Agriculture

    Agriculture TFC2 Reply Since I am a little bit late to the party on the responses here, this might get a little bit long. This sounds good to me. 2 minutes of decay seems really short but the numbers can always be tweaked. A good balance could likely be found through >Alpha< testing. (Love that pun btw) Having plenty of options to counter decay would be good to have in the game. Access to salt for meats and cheeses and lime water for brine would be essential on all the islands to keep decay at bay. I don’t know how I feel about a healthy plant dropping 12 pieces of food. That would correlate to 60 oz of food in the current system. As far as I recall, the largest plant yields came from potatoes and maize which was only 32 oz per plant. As said above, future >Alpha< testing would be needed to find the right numbers. This mini-game is probably better than the other one that you presented. The version that is more akin to a firestarter (dubbed FSP) is probably based too much on RNG. The FSP version would probably be easier to code the increased skill/metal tier. Just shift RNG more and more in the player’s favor. However, tilling a field shouldn’t be based on RNG. I believe that the hide scraping mini-game would work here just fine. Not as you suggested it, though. Your description would take 256 durability with stone tools to till one soil block. That is about three and a half stone hoes of igneous stone btw. I propose that tools made of bronze and lower material would click 4x4 squares of the area on the ground. This would only require 16 clicks to till the block. The increasing tool durability on higher metal tier tools would give the incentive to upgrade your hoes. Having to haul out inventories worth of hoes to the farm would get tedious for large scale farms. Iron and greater tools would click 8x8 squares on the farmland. Only 4 clicks once the player reaches this higher tier of power over the land. Your one pixel and increasing by a power of two plan could work as a de-weeding mode on the hoe if we go with the spreading of the weeds over the farmland block. If this method was added to the game, it would mean a huge problem for inventory management. Food would not be able to stack Ever. All of the carrots gathered from carrot plant A would be unable to stack with the carrots from plant B. Inventory is enough of a hassle in the beginnings of TFC1. Having to use up two inventory slots every time that the player decides to gather a plant would quickly over clutter the inventory. While clay is easy enough to gather to make the pottery needed to hold the crops and seeds, the logs would be a different issue. 8 logs per pit kiln gets pretty expensive for bulk firing in TFC1. Especially, if the thread on sawmills gets added to the main game. Start at Stoam’s point about sawmills with the large picture at the bottom. (Harder to gather logs) There needs to be a compromise between having the ability to store the seeds in the early game and making late game seed holders useless. This could go along with my earlier point about giving the hoe more usage than a simple point and click one and done tool. Hoes could also be used to get rid of weeds that are growing in the player’s farms. Not sure how the weed system would work, though. This mechanic more or less actually exists in Minecraft already. Crops will grow fastest if they are planted in rows with empty farmland around them. I will just drop the link to the gamepedia page for people to look at and see the math behind it. A little bit too in-depth for the already novel I have going here already. The only change needed to be added to the mechanic would be for all crops to recognize each other as identical crops. Otherwise, people could just plant rows of alternating crops and not have to deal with the till rows of empty farmland mechanic. A solution to this would be to remove the three different nutrients and just replace it with generic one broad type labeled nutrients. That way, people trying to place crops everywhere end up with completely ruined fields the next year. If they stuck to rows of crops, they would only need to shift their crops over 1 block next year. Let me know your thoughts on these points.
  13. Agriculture

    While food may be the foundation of survival, we need to make sure that food does not become too cumbersome to the player. We need to strive to create a balance between a fun profession and the ability to let growing food sit in the backend of the project list during non-planting/harvesting months. Obviously, no farming activities would go on during winter but the summer months should not have to be spent tending to the farm when they could be spent exploring/building/conquering. I would love for there to be a more in-depth part of farming, but it needs balancing. This piece system seems interesting. I do not play Ark so I am not too sure how this system would work. Would we essentially be having stacks of 320 ounces with the decay section on an automatic timer? Due to the 64 stack of 5 ounces of Minecraft items? Or would different food give varying amounts of fulfillment? Similar in the way that berries seem to replenish less food than meat in Ark according to my brief look at their page on food. The tier system could also work for increasing the capacity to do farming work. The most important of which would probably be the hoe or the plow. These can also be used to reduce tedium in later stages of the game when dealing with farming. Technically, farming does not require the land to be tilled to go crops. The crops that are grown from non-tilled soil are very poor, however. Being able to plant crops anywhere would not be good for the balance of the game either. Farmland gives a solid way to determine where farms are and are places that determine where seeds are able to be planted in Minecraft. What if there were varying tiers of farmland, though? (Maybe use dry farmland and hydrated soil to differentiate?) Farmland that is plowed using some of the more primitive technologies would result in fields that are harder for crops to grow in. Plowing a field is described as a way to create a seed bed for the crops to grow in. These crop beds would make the growing of crops a lot more effective. Primitive technologies such as stone or early metal tools (Stone-Bronze?) would not create good beds for plants to grow in. These poor beds would have a greater chance for weeds to be grown in them. When the player is in this phase of the game, they are unlikely to have the resources to create lots of fertilizer for their crops. This means that they will need to be more hands on with their farms. A side effect of this would mean those very small villages or single players would have to first focus on farming for the first year or so until their agriculture skill is high enough to have time to focus on other activities. (if singleplayer) Early neolithic villages were solely built for farming anyway IIRC. Villages of multiple people would need more food to support the larger population. This would mean that the village farmer would not quickly grow bored after the same time it takes the singleplayer to get a high enough skill to multi-task. They would need to be working on larger farms after all. Farmland that is plowed using more advanced technology (Iron+) would result in fields that are easier to grow crops in. The better farmland would do a better job of breaking up the weeds that may still be alive. Weeds would not be as big an issue. Improved farmland could also be affected by fertilizer more effectively. A healthier crop would be able to be grown in these improved fields. Improved farmland would also allow greater nutrient spread throughout the crops. This could allow for the possibility to get two crop cycles in once the skill is raised high enough. Another area that could be improved through technology tiers would be dedicated farming tools. Farming Trowels could be used to pick up the plants that you mentioned Darmo. Hand scythes or sickles could also be crafted to cut down the grains as you also mention. Trowels would only be effective at gathering plants. Shovels would still be used for excavating soil in large projects. Sickles would function similar to scythes in that they could quickly cut through grasses. Sickles would lack the 3x3 ability that scythes have, though. Seeing as we now have a 9x9 area to work within regards to the knapping/clay molding interface, these tools could be created without conflicting with existing shovel or scythe patterns. Your second point about the amount of food being harvested is definitely a good choice for something that the agriculture skill and healthy plants would modify. Seeds should also be affected by the skill level and health of the plant. I agree with your paragraph on Healthy, Weak, and Terminal plant types. Cross breeding of plants could be a sort of mini-game that village farmers could have to keep them busy and coming back fromyear to year. Players could breed their plants together to form crops that have a resistance to certain conditions. (cold, extreme heat, weeds, etc.) Cross breeding would be made easier with a higher skill level in agriculture. A player could use a tool to figure out the characteristics of plants so they can decide which ones they want to breed with each other.
  14. Lynx

    You could always try to go with a2.5 x 2.5 if 2x2 is too small for you. I feel like the 3x3 is too wide at the current size for the Lynx. It almost looks like the legs are only 2 parts instead of 4. The wider size of the fluffier texture allowed the 3x3 to fit the model. The thinner body does not allow for the same size to fit proportionally.
  15. Walrus *FINAL*

    I feel that V3 is the better option to go with here. The extra wrinkles give off the sense of the walruses being very blubbery. V4 looks like an incomplete version of V3 to me. Since the bottom two boxes on V4 lack wrinkles, but the front two boxes have wrinkles, it seems to be an unfinished texture IMO. I think the wrinkles in V3 look a lot better than the V2 version with no wrinkles. The no wrinkles version deals with a large amount of "white" space. There is a vast amount of space that is covered only with noise. Normally, these large noise boxes are typically only one box which is the main body. The main box is typically given a pattern like a giraffe or covered by the wings like the Summer Ptarmigan. In general, the large noise patterns have some other element to break them up. The wrinkles in V3 do that job. On a side note: The new tusks from the latest MCMC version look a ton better than the old version!