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  1. What about power generation? I don't speak about electricity, but mechanical power and automation. I have aways seen redstone in Minecraft as a weird thing. In my understanding, it is a 'magical' mineral capable of conducting and generating electricity. It fits perfectly in a sort of alchemy setting, but in the matters of 'believability', i can't see it like that simple.You see, i'm not discarding the possibility of alchemy existing in Terrafirma (as it says, it's not about realism, but believability), but i also cannot see it as the first step to automation and mechanical power as well. And this is where a mill comes to mind! Bellows, grindstones, enormous gates made of metal (or just a metal, maybe a really heavy wooden door), trap systems, elevators; It all would be connected to a system of axles and ropes and chains connected to gearboxes activated by levers and pressure plates. Mechanism parts could be big and heavy items representing a unmounted machine pack, or just a common part as a axle. I divided this idea in some topics, and they are: ​(heavy items are transported one of a time and are indicated as[heavy]by this listing) 1. Animal and Human powered systems > This would be the first tier of mechanical power, as it needs only relatively simple components and your own strength (step 1), or a animal (like a bull, donkey or a horse. Step 2); > Animals would get tired and lose health slowly if overworked; > Uses ropes, wood, stone and other relatively early materials. > Has little efficiency, resulting in some relative material loss and takes more time. Items: A Quern for the grinding;Crude wooden axles made of logs and rope;Pulleys and cranks!Big wooden gate (opened only by animal power source or a boring time of spamclicking-human-power at a crank)Animal Mill[heavy], assembled at the crafting grid by putting together axles and ropes. When placed, it creates a 5x5 structure (described bellow). You can also put a quern on it.Idea: Manual water pump? Structures: A primitive quern for crude material processing (much like TFC 1, with some quantity loss due to lesser efficiency);A animal powered mill. It has to uses and two versions:it could power simple machines, as a crude gate with ropes and pulleys, or be used asan independent milling process so you can make other activities while the animal works and gets tired. (same efficiency as primitive quern, but automatic for the price of animal food); Image for reference!Idea: manual grinding stone to sharpen swords, giving back some durability but removing its durability cap.Idea: A manual water pump could be used to fill buckets and barrels with water if connected by bamboo pipes or something like that. Just a thought i had now. 2. Water and Wind powered systems I > The second tier of mechanical power is continually generated, requiring some maintenance overt time. > The structures would have a internal component that loses durability and must be replaced (something related to the quern interface in TFC 1, but with ropes or other parts, i don't know.) > Uses the same materials of Tier 1, plus sails (for the windmill), metal parts and boards instead of crude wood. > Has a greater efficiency, resulting in less material loss and taking less time than animal or human powered machines. > They would power manual machines that are connected to the system by a gearbox. Items: Sails, axles (now made of boards and ropes), nails and screws (metal parts);A Gearbox for transfering horizontal to vertical power of axles and activating/deactivating the system (made from boards and metal parts);Levers that activate/deactivate gearboxes;Windmill Paddles [heavy]that would be placed in one side of a gearbox or axle;Watermill Paddles [heavy]that would be place in one side of a gearbox or axle as well.Structures: Windmills would need a clear space of 5x5 in front of it to turn and generate power and would be randomly less effective at times due to wind unpredictability. It also needs to be at a height of 6 blocks above ground level.Watermills would need to be with its lower part inside a running river (its center must be at 3 blocks high from the water surface) and would be a more continuous power source than the windmill (as it wouldn't vary as much) but less effective then when the air flows stronger at his wind cousin.Both structures must be kept repaired to work, as it would slowly degrade it's components (much like a quern in TFC 1). In my opinion it should snap ropes from time to time, making it good to use a metal chain instead. 3. Water and Wind powered systems II > The third (or second and a half) tier of mechanical power is very similar to its previous level, unless it requires less maintenance overt time and are more effective and powerful. > The structures takes more rare materials (as metals) to build and can power multiple components at one time or stronger machines than its precedents, like a blast furnace bellows for quality steel production. > It enables the use of elevators due to the enhanced gearboxes when combined with ropes, chains and pulleys from previous tiers. Items: Enhanced Sails, axles, nails and screws and gearboxes that require higher quality materials (like iron and treated boards);Advanced Gearboxes can have the option to power a system for some time with delays (clockwork and cranks. The amount of clockwork inside one refers to the time the signal is active and the amount of cranks, the delay length between them);Enhanced Windmill Paddles[heavy]generate more power and are less variable.Enhanced Watermill Paddles[heavy]generates more power as well, but still less than its wind counterpart at its peak.Metal pipes!Structures: Same as before, but enhanced.Elevators that can carry items, animals and players though vertical distances (chains and ropes in a pulley system).Continuous water pumps can be used to create another stream of water.Metal pipes would bring water to longer distances (as it leaks less) than it's bamboo counterparts. 4. Steam powered engines? Random extra ideas. > Haven't tought of it yet, but maybe steam powered engines would be a nice addition to the game. What do you think? > Some piston mechanic similar to the vanilla minecraft might be the door to create giant mechanisms. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted.
  2. Mechanisms and Mechanical Power

    I agree with you guys, there are little practical uses other from the awesomeness of having a functional mill. But i miss needing "installations" while playing TFC, you know? A forgery, a mill, a pump station... But as a regard to the uses of it, Darmo, whatif the manual labor were a lot harder in the means that it would take a lot of time to grind something? When i suggested the milling i was thinking about the manual quern taking more time to work and resulting in weight loss from resource to product. High quality tools should decrease this loss. Another way to value machines: grind harder materials or to make something that needs to result in a finer powder (like kao and graphite?) What about sawmills? They could make a processed log yield more planks than a handsaw. About the water and the pumps, what if they create a "block" of flowing water while active? Or if barrels filled with water were impossible to carry? (elevators would be useful to transport full barrels, be the content liquid or solid, like ore).I guess these ideas would work a lot nicer and useful if there were a weight/carrying capacity system or something like that. As for the big gates, flavour also... but a drawbridge would be nice if a zombie touching your walls would bring to utter disaster.