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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Please read all Announcements Soon server will have monthly or bi monthly goals/tournaments/or achievements to win Amazon Gift card. Current Modpack: If you are having errors on server login. Delete your.minecraft\GunCus folder. Copy all mods in this download to mods folder. Missing or extra mods will cause you not to connect. If you make a new instance. Please replace all files on modpack update. List of server mods include Bibliocraft Minepainter Better records Custom NPC Leather Water Sac Terra Misc Automated Bellows & + TFC0.79.29.922 Custom Guns Tool Box Trade Booths Hardcore Darkness Too Much Time Server IP: How To: Press O to enable and disable Not Enough Items Press R over item to show recipe About Day cycle is one 30 minlong. Beds are useful. PVP enabled with death chest. No towny, greif protection Use gunman to protect valuables. Gunman one shot players, and respawn in 20 seconds. Regular guards for areas, and perimeter. Use bowman to stop players attacking your guards from above. Hire followers, such as Guard Boy, Bow Girl, Bear, or wolf to fight with you in your adventures. Items such as mob drops are exchanged for coins, used in shops. Faction mob kills drop orbs. Which can be used to purchase rare items. Orbs can also be purchased at high price. Enchanting table works for tools, and for projectile protection. Loot does not work. PM me here to get access to your faction guards. PM me with your faction name. Share music with radio stations, or etch your own records with single or multiple tracks. If you have link to mp3, or radio station. Requeset custom paintings to be added to Bibliocraft. I can pixilate for you as well. Check forum post here for updates on custom recipes and changes. Updates Custom Recipes crafted in Carpentry Bench Open your carpentry bench UI. There is a list, end of list is custom Vividcraft recipes. Playing Make sure you have most current version of modpack installed for full experience. Replace all files in mods folder. When ready for town guards. PM here. Players with factions get orbs, used to gain access to purchase faction guards, and to give to other players sames access to faction. Commands /home set Sets your home to current position /fwarp name set Set your personal named warp point. Max allowed 2 /fwarp name delete Filedrop: Upload here. Get file link here Radio Crystal: Go here use mp3 link to listen to radio Server is not pre generated. Please allow me to figure out how to do it best.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Tony and Insane Yesterday, I successfully got world border to work with TFC. And scheduled chunk generations and restarts on my host. Interesting stuff. It's amazing that you have kept TFC servers running for the community this long. For anyone interested. I should have everything up and running from Monday to Tuesday. I have plans this weekend, and will be generating a world in that time.
  3. I have decided to start the server with a new seed. And players of the old server will be giving their tier anvils if they ask for them, as well as other hard to craft items. I'm doing this since I have already gone through all the problems with my fresh start, which made it like a beta. This will be completely polished, as well as with much features that other players have asked for. This would be your last chance to make suggestions so I can consider. I make this post because. I am having a very hard time pre generating a world for TFC. If anyone here is able to generate a world with a radius of around 10-20k blocks, I can provide a link for you to upload it to me. Meanwhile I will continue to attempt it myself. Thank you.
  4. Server will be down, and will have it's final update. Then will only be followed by updates not related to changing mods.
  5. No I haven't but, others have asked if I have discord. I had never heard of discord. Looks like I'll add it.
  6. If you are having errors on server login. Delete your.minecraft\GunCus folder.
  7. Server is back up with modpack update
  8. Server down atm.
  9. Read the post. I updated the modpack. Make sure you install all the mods in the new modpack, and you don't have duplicuts. Or if you have any conflicting mods. Easiest way is to just delete what you have, and copy in the modpack.
  10. Stopped server for updates.
  11. Have looked at these. I will add some of these, and others, after some testing.
  12. Thanks I deleted the wrong rep on players, not sure why this happened. I think it had to do with me tinkering with NPCs when players were online.
  13. I'm not sure about those mods. Can't you use NEI if you want? It doesn't have to be on server. I don't know how to whitelist mods atm. But that is a good idea. The server is PVP enabled. The guards are good enough for protection. But I want to leave some room for malice. Things like protection plugins are a bit super magical. It is very unlikely to single handily grief and steal, but with enough effort, it could be possible. Especially with a coordinated group. I'm also thinking about adding a Warrior npc, that doesn'trespawn, and are expensive. And they will attack hostile factions, unlike the current guards that don't. You can't run to someones base, and start posting guards. They will just stand there. The only way for it to run this way, is for me to do the NPC work. So you have to contact me here. I shouldn't take more then a day to set it up. I have already set up your NPC's for faction rep, and to buy guards. I left the orbs in your base. There should be 64 of them. So you can give those out to players to join. There are now currently 4 factions.
  14. With new Customnpc mod version, players can now purchase and place their own guards. All you have to do is PM me here your base location, so I can place special orbs in your chest, that will allow you get your rep with your NPC faction. Then you can buy and place the guards without them killing you. You can also give these orbs to other players, so they can not be killed by your guards. Also let me know the Faction name you want, or town name.
  15. Please read the updates tab in red. It tells you that I updated the modpack, and it has a date.
  16. Updating Server, will be down for a bit.
  17. I did know that players could do that. But I don't know why. Players don't have that permission, from forge essentials. So I don't know what allows them to do that.
  18. They have lots of health, and the gunmen can one shot you. And they have long aggro and sprint towards you.
  19. Server will be down a bit for some test.
  20. No factions. Town gaurds. And "NPC" faction at spawn to add new players to your "NPC" faction.
  21. I think this should be fun. I added that I would protect breaking blocks underneath a town/home. To prevent players from digging underneath. But will not protect your structures. Note: Even though your builds and valuables won't be protected. The guards will be extremely powerful. You would need a team of coordinated players to infiltrate. And it would be very difficult.
  22. I can't start minecraft with this. Say the mods and versions bellow can't be found MineTweaker3 I tried several versions of Minetweaker, and followed the README. Here is my log.
  23. Hello! Brief Overview: ~NPC shops take in-game physical coins.Natural economy based on coins, seeds, mob drops, gems, gold, and platinum. ~Quest at spawn. Collect orbs from quest and dailies too get extra mod items. ~Towny ~Buy vanilla items such as brewing stand. ~Request Quest ideas in forum. ~This server is all about the community being able to discuss and make changes to the server, such as monetary policy, quest ideas, and quest destinations. ~Creativity is encouraged and rewarded. Your structures can be approved to be used as a protected questing destination, or entitled to strong customized NPC guards! Rules: Respect all members, no griefing, stealing, spamming, server advertisement, no racist or sexist remarks. Custom NPC: Post and submit your creations in forum. Custom Recipes: Bookshelves craft Vanilla BookshelvesGrass crafts Dry GrassDirt crafts grassCircle of wool cloth gives you 8 wool blocks.Surround 1 redstone with 8 clay, gives you a clay block. To Play: Video Tutorial 1. Downloadmodpackage,with your permission. ORDownload each of the mods below and place them into your MC directory's Mods folder. your server list Alternate 1. Run the newerMinecraft Launcher 2. Select 'New Profile' → Change to 'use version: release 1.7.10' → Click Play 3. InstallForge v10.13.2.1236 4. Launch Minecraft → Select 'New Profile' → Change to 'use version: releaseForge v10.13.2.1236' 5. Downloadmodpackage,with your permission. ORDownload each of the mods below and place them into your MC directory's Mods folder. your server list Mods: Biblocraft 1.9Custom NPCs 1.6.4 Terrafirmacraft 79.12.472 Minepainter 2.6 Better Records 1.1.8​Optional: Smart Moving 15.2Player API(Required with Smart Moving) REI Minimap Bugs: Talking drunk kicks you out of serverCan't crawl through 1 blockCan't grab and climb at times . Server Updates: Bank pays more for gold and platinum. 12/11/14Added a few more toys to the orbs vendor. 12/11/14Fruit at bar cost more. 12/11/14Filled the sample racks at shops for music. 12/11/14 Added vendors for Customnps items 12/11/14Added vendors for Customnpcs armor 12/11/14Added typewriters to bibliocraft vendors. 12/02/14Plots no longs revert to wild after being unclaimed. 12/02/14Added Vanilla ink sacs to Bibliocraft vendors. 11/29/14Removed rare mobs until customncps update for fix 11/28/14Music in Bar Should now work. 11/28/14Updated TFC to 79.13 11/28/14Updated Bibliocraft to 1.9.1 11/28/14Minimum distance between towns is now 0 11/25/14Some items are more expensive from orb vendors. 11/24/14Added one rare boss. For groups to kill. 11/24/14Added one rare mob. 11/24/14You can craft vanilla ink sacs from TFC ones. 11/24/14You can craft vanilla bookshelves from TFC ones. 11/24/14You can craft grass from dirt, and dry grass from grass. 11/24/14You can now purchase a red steel bucket at Market Area 11/21/14Smart Moving difficulty is now medium. 11/21/14Blocked Access to enchanting table. 11/21/14New Free Multi Record, and 1 Radio Stations 11/21/14Records now work on Biblocraft Disk Rack 11/21/14Added vendor at bar for brewing potions. 11/21/14Craft Vanilla Bow to TFC Bow 11/20/14All quest are now "real life" weekly not MC weekly 11/20/14Added one more free record. 11/20/14Added Painting Caves to biblocraft vendor 11/20/14Library Enchanting table closed. 11/20/14Added a vendor for dyes. 11/18/14Added several custom paintings to biblocraft. 11/18/14Updated biblocraft to 1.9 11/18/14TFC RequiresForge v10.13.2.1236 11/18/14Updated to TFC 79.12.427 11/18/14Added tpa commands 11/16/14Towny teleport should now take 5 seconds 11/16/14Added all moded items to Towny's item ID list 11/16/14Fixed Quest not set up correctly 11/16/14Server Open 11/09/14
  24. [Rule #6] Players kicked when talking drunk.

    I'm running a server with Cauldron. With the latest TFC. Was curious if anyone has had this issue?...If its a TFC Cauldron thing. I'm going to run some trail and error test.