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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Deadly weather

    Like for a sleep overhaul, I think a weather overhaul maybe need to be an entirely external mod (like Localized Weather & Stormfronts mod). BUT maybe choosing a particular one and making compatibilities when possible (biome localization, annual monsoon, volcanic weather, sandstorm, plant growth impacts, what kind of block can be carried into tornados...).
  2. More Flora

    Yeah it will be awesome to have more wild Flora for prettyness, but also with actual uses mainly for food sources / healing properties / poison uses : - Cattails (head to roots, good wild food source) - Stinging Nettle (good like spinach, cloth fiber & insect repulsive on plants when macerated) - Heracleum (Hogweed or Cow parsnip, phototoxic but food source when cooked) - Calendula / Marigold (to heal wounds) - Digitalis (pretty but deadly) - Wild nuts, roots, fruit... And the wild plants can be what you need to start farming and selecting : - Wild cereals becoming wheat or barley at some point, - Wild "Apiaceae / Umbelliferae" bush becoming carrots, parnships, hogweed (food) orhemlock (poison). For that the best could be to see Survivalist videos focus on plants around the world and historical uses (at least North America & Europe to begin)
  3. Flowers to mark the location of ores.

    The issue is MC, and so TFC, seems way more design for playgroup/private multiplayer, not public multiplayer with a continous player arrivals (like MMOG with a persistent but static world). I think a "Newcomer area" system needs to be design out of TFC itself (the mod, but with the community) to support the continous player arrivals, but not just for the copper issue in this case. Maybe you can have a "spawning temple", like a dolmen circle, with some information and guide for starting and good practises. And just after this, a large area, naturally closed like an island, with at least some copper deposits. Its delimited chunks can be regenerate regularly, and maybe have two areas to have a rotation if newcomers will stay too much time into one. Obviously, old players would not be allowed to exploit theses areas. I think it's needed to make a choice between a playgroup starting gameplay (in same time or old players helping newcomers) or parallel starting gameplay (different unexploited spawn areas or spawn area regeneration). But to return on the subject, i'm not really sure than flowers/nuggets "auto-tag" is the good solution, even i'm not really disturb by this.
  4. Saws & Sawmills

    I think if automation will not be selected, i would prefer a trading and transportation way to do instead have a "multiplier" tier mechanic. Maybe it will be interesting to split the needs between survivalist and building context : - I like the survivalist experience in TFC1 (timing to chop down, gatherer enough to make fire pits, make a shelter... doable in the next ingame hours as soon as I choose to set up a camp). In the survivalist context, charcoal become a bit tedious but it's well balanced to be used to quickly and it's the beginning for "static" things. Having a saw it's more like a start achievement, and having high tier axe or saw doesn't change a lot the process. For me the main improvement is the durability and the little speed updrage, enough to just avoid more easily a mob hit while finishing chopping or even counter strike (protection and speed), but not the impact on the encumbrance. And, if trading will exist, here i cannot spend time to find a village to trade few quantity of resources. - For medium building, developed mining area (lot of beams, with more sense in TFC2)... so a more "static" context, end of an exploration, i think players need to invest resources, by utility structures (containers, working structures...). I think metal tier changement is believable for little timing improvement but not for a large range "mutiplier" factor (so like x1 to x8 => ~ great timing improvement avoiding transportation). I would prefer a mechanical factor to just refine more quickly, by a better stability, moment arm, parallel blades... So it wouldn't be automatic, but it will require to invest into a static structure at least, a feeling close to make a forge (a thing like the Ye Gamol Chattels mod's Saw Bench). So high tier metal hand saw/axe just improve the speed a bit, but high tier metal is a thing to handle mechanical multiplier, so the refining speed, in a working structure (and protect yourself for the axe). In an working structure maybe you can fill with 3 log to gain 12 planks + 2, so have a +0.66 more than with a hand saw (if plank=logx4). The only way to have a decimal improvement based on few quantity is by a bonus based on probability otherwise, like when you saw by hand a single log if a saw bench is not selected. A high tier saw process (sawmill / high tier metal) can maybe at max make x3 improvement for production. In theses ways, you can have a feeling of less wasting but not have a too strong impact on encumbrance. - For definitive and large building (villages, main warehouse, developped main base...) i would like to see transportation like a main thing (not just chop down closest trees, and also to avoid chop down forests all around a base...). Here i think it will be good to have a trading support for industrial needs. You can have maybe villagers trading large quantities of woods and lumbers, but only once you tell them where you find a wood essence (giving a wood log) and after some time. So like that, if you want to building great things, you will need : to discover some resources, to have man power (multiplayers or villagers), to wait some days but you can begins pattern prototypes or some foundations yourself, and you will need to set up transportation (from mining area, villages or a forest chopping down in multi). The thing is if you are an adventurer/miner, you can find large quantity of precious ores and other resources more valuable and with more enjoyable ways than large quantity of stone, wood, lumber. I think trading is a great thing here, joining aslo the trade ship idea. Encumbrance and/or weight need to be a thing in a building and production processes i think, metal tools for mobility will be minecarts or maybe an animal powered metal cart before, no ? So i think saw and axe don't really need to impact that directly themself, but mainly basic production speed, a bit of protection for the axe, and their durability. A way to do, if possible, would be to "break" with a hand saw a wood pile, which transforms itself to a lumber pile with some bonus (decimal multiplier between x0 to x3) based on the saw tier, the resulting number of lumbers rounding down. Example : 8 logs x4 x1.0 (copper) = 32 // 8 logs x4 x1.2 (iron) = 38.4 ~ 38 => +~19%. With a speed upgrade, I think it's enough to want upgrade but keeping consistence on the encumbrance. It stays just my own thoughts about that.
  5. Flowers to mark the location of ores.

    I think it will be more interesting to make easier more appealing the deep underground mining process, without ore nuggets on the surface, but it seems difficult in TFC1 (rethink caves system and underground exploration, interesting mining efficiency in deeps...). With theses flowers, mining can become mainly a botanist work ! In this case, I would prefer to spawn some "impure *metal* nuggets" or something like that without metal quantity, instead of flowers, at the location of initial nuggets which have been picked. But technically, it will be a timing checking mechanic (maybe once you reload a chunk after a while) and you need memorize all nuggets locations and relaunch a ground checking mechanic... I don't know more but just to say that seems heavy just for a information issue, maybe i'm wrong. Still, it's a good idea for multiplayer, but i also think in TFC you need to avoid trying to collect everything : there are also plenty of other minerals without visible nuggets on the surface, copper has that and it's pretty common, [EDIT] plus propick is a good tool. You lost the location, ok, just try to scout another batch of land [EDIT], or try obviously to relocate yourself veins with the propick, or try new vertical shafts for deep exploration in 2-3 layers anywhere after a while. But if players don't mind at all about memorize and share locations, it's also true than the server map can expand like crazy, but some management is a bit of requirement in TFC. In this case, if players really don't like the propick way, maybe you can : - use a real ingame mining locations management, it could be to use signs, and if necessary, maybe tweak the crafting recipes to make more, - or place any unnatural and visible block (torch, cobble, thatch...) at least, - make a web deposit for waypoints files if players don't mind (secret locations ?), maybe directly save and find in the server files, - ultimately reload more or less "unused" or spawn chunks (don't know if it's possible in TFC. It seems more about multiplayer information management than an actual gameplay issue : there are tools, balanced, but players need to not be lazy also (share waypoints files and/or at least put a "tag" block/sign)
  6. Hi ! I just want to share my last creation, trying to design a fantasy windmill refuge, or "steampunkish" house (but i don't really like to use this term without steam and combustion machinery, more dirty than pretty as well for me). It's like an inhabited broken windmill (locked and cut shaft inside). I played few times TFC, but each time i was mainly focused on the forge building, stables... and i didn't take time to build my own house :/ (more than just the minimal vital stuff). So this time i open a Creative world, google this kind of MC building style and... tadaa ! It's not finished but i like the result for now. It's based on resources i have in my actual game : Hickory & Maple / Limestone & Marble (or Granite? i'm not sure) and TFC mods mentionned below. Yeah... a survival reproduction will be not for tomorrow but i will try slowly. You can see here TFC v0.79.25 with - TFC Additions by raymondbh, - Additional Block Variants by Therighthon, - Ropes+ by AtomicStryker. Thanks to them, and TFC creators and community here obviously !
  7. Handling your wood, Carpentry and logging.

    It seems difficult to believe that with some irregular planks made by stone tools, you can manage easily to get a waterlight barrel for example. I don't say that some people successed to make that, but maybe only few people with stone techs. And if barrel crafting is similar to TFC1, it can bypass some storage techs like said. So for a progressive gameplay, i think it's seems more practical to not merge "raw" planks from stone age with "refined" planks from some metal age. I see several possibilities : 1) So no planks available with stone tools, the most easy way to do that (but firewood is a good idea, and a raft made from logs, slower than the vanilla boat), 2) Stone tool can make "raw" planks, distinct to standard planks. Like that "raw" planks have some limitations in crafting recipes (chest or ladder, but no barrel), 3) Stone tool can make less standard planks, but you need something like generic "ironmongery" item for achieve some crafting available in metal age (chest with wooden pegs is ok, but a waterlight barrel requires metal banding), 4) Stone tool can make less standard planks, but some advanced crafting like for a barrel will not made inside the default crafting GUI, but with some action with a structure only available in metal age for some reason. I think mainly because you may need a great strenght multiplicator / mechanical strenght source, and also to make a visible use of ironmongery without spamming crafting recipes with that. Ironmongery can be implicit or a consumable like flux in the anvil. I like the 4) because in some point, you need to have some structures, plenty and heavy tools to craft complex or/and mass of things.
  8. Drinking from large vessels, barrels, buckets etc.

    It's not so annoying to make 2 jugs if in TFC the choice is that the drinkable water container item can break. Leather sac is a good addon to change that with some advanced crafting recipe, and i would add that you can also find the easy-way drinkable water bottle in Udary mod as well. But i'm agree on drinking from barrel and large vessel without a specific item, surely not a container. Sneak + Right click + empty hands seems for me to be the better way, because it's consistent with the existing interaction with water ponds, but unlike theses, it's obviously a secondary action. It's unfortunate if it's not easy/worth to implement, and add a button in the GUI just for that doesn't seem really worth too (overload a bit the GUI and inconsistent with water ponds interaction).
  9. Imrpoved Sleeping

    I'm agree, is for what i try to propose a mechanic which is not really based on the period of time to sleep, but a mechanic that mainly forces the player to find or build a kind of shelter. Do nothing is not a good gameplay for sure, but i would like to be more stress by the environment to protect myself by building, instead running at night. So set up a static thing like a bed (because stay close a campfire is not really often needed during exploration), with a very short immobilization to fear threats, can maybe make that (thinking also runningworsens tiredness status, to advantage of setting up a camp). Very short immobilization is also a common way in video games to be vulnerable (PvP or/and PvE) during strategic action, healing... (even here is more a passive thing, i agree). For me, it's not about doing nothing, but be more vulnerable, to have a need to manage more a exploration. I think sleeping need can be present in game, it's just a perfectible design. For players used to stay in a summit of a sharped mountain to wait until morning, it became the opposite : make something with a bit more sense than just staying up there. The only way to don't have to find a good shelter with that, is to explore in co-op to protect each other during the tiny sleeping time, like make some little watch. A creeper hiss can so quickly happen sometimes... And this can be less necessary than one sleep per night, maybe one each two or three nights, it's also a possibility. Yeah, my fault, i didn't use a good term. It's more "tiredness" than "sleep need". Open a widow for fresh air for some revigoration make only a temporarly and mainly "mental" perception. Here, i think about the physical status in the long term : stay outdoor in cold weather (rain and snowfall can be a little catalyzer factor of that) or heat make usually your metabolism works more than a moderate weather, so rising tiredness. Exactly, i'm okay with these three things, but what i'm saying it's with an add of sleeping requirement, than not here for now in TFC, it will be good to have a thing to rebalancing that a bit, large or medium hide can made the trick. I thought medium hide was close enough for believability with this rebalancing, but it was already borderline for me. Using two medium hides would be a better solution but it's not really doable like you said (for now, MineTweaker can mix hides in larger one, it's a simply but ugly way to do it). But here coding feasibility is a rightful opponent for me.
  10. World Generation controls.

    Same here, I find totally normal than generation configurations are difficult to implement, but i think that is a great thing for any "world generation" game : Minecraft, Don't Starve... there are plenty of games which allow that. Yes, maybe some kids would like to make the game easy, but it also allows to create a lot of interesting challenging gameplays, specific lanscapes, regional thematic modpacks, multiplayer regional based economics and so more... I would really enjoy to have some possibilities to tweak TFC world generation like many players i think.
  11. Imrpoved Sleeping

    Hi everyone ! I also think sleeping with a time jump is mainly a single player thing. But here my thoughts about this : 1) We can have instead in multiplayer a sleeping need which required to lay on a bed to replenish quickly the sleep amount, like a nap, similar to make a stop to drink from a pond to replenish water amount in fact (some seconds only). Debuff and maybe buff will be triggered by the sleep amount of course, but the thing could be that in night the rate of sleep gain is more high than in day, but you also need to be carefull of mobs wandering around, forcing a bit to find or build a shelter by night. The night bypassing can always be available for synchronized players, maybe the only way to fill totally the sleeping need for example. 2) I see in a dead topic someone prefers to fear weather elements instead night threats : a way to maybe do that is to link sleep loss with temperature and rain/snowfall. Sleeping in night is also because of the lack of light, but Harcore Darkness mod allows already that. Darkness + Mobs make multiplayer choices more easy to sleep in same time by the night . Alcohol, coffee/tea, etc... They can be add but maybe with low priorities and with parameters to disable that, everyone will find what he need, but it stays more work. 3) I recently ask about some possible idea of configs to the Better Sleeping mod (see suggestions in this GitHub project). I think maybe the best thing is to make a bit more compatibilties for sleeping mod(s) instead to implement that directly, and mainly for single player (...who i am). The creator of this mod makes a great work and configurable parameters are very usefull (debuffs / fall on the ground / sleeping calculations...). I ask her if it will be possible to know the "source" (falling on the ground, vanilla bed, TFC straw bed....) of sleep function call and if it will be possible to tweak parameters for each way. I don't know if it's possible, seems pretty hard, but if someone is interesting to make something similar, she will maybe try to work one day on that. Things which can be usefull to compatibily from TFC side would be : - to have at least a parameter to enable sleeping with the StrawHideBed, - to have a parameter to choose like Medium Hide to build the StrawHideBed allowing to balance that with this new sleeping need (generally a way to tweak any structures "recipes" but i think maybe it's inevitably too hardcoded to allow that), - and finally maybe link TFC player actions / environment to the sleeping mechanic of this mod, but it's a compatibility that seems extremely too deep to do. My idea here is to get a sleeping need, but which cannot be fully replenish in one sleep session when the player uses a "survivalist" way to do it, or worst, by falling on the ground (voluntarily falling is a great idea here). So, with a vanilla bed you can maybe bypass the night, but not totally with other ways, forcing to fall asleep 2-3 times with some minimum time between, and if you want to max as possible your sleeping need (just like if you have a bad night in a bad bed finally), just enough to spawn some mobs wandering by night, and here too, forcing to find/build a shelter. By day, you can repeat to sleep or continue to explore if you have enough sleep amount before a new nap, because you don't need to invest in a shelter thing. Like that, a good sleeping management can be tricky, so little buff(s) can be rewarding. That remains only ideas, but it is maybe interesting ?