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  1. I have something to add to the original ideas. If salads and sandwiches are in TFC2, maybe the textures could be 'dynamically' generated based on the ingredients!
  2. Maybe water/food could restore slightly more thirst/hunger when purified/clean
  3. House tutorial - nice, easy, midgame

    what type of rocks did you use to make the bricks?
  4. Oops! Sorry! Caramel was in the plan for the post! And chocolate is in the poll. lol.
  5. This is where liquid chocolate, caramel, and fruit juices come in. Who wouldn't want chocolate marshmallows, caramel apples, or crapples. Edit: It's also good to wash off your meat(or any food) in some water!
  6. Yeah... I thought that was it. Combine the fruit texture with the liquid texture(+transparency) and you have a custom fruit texture!
  7. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. What would you think... if you could make crapplesapples dipped in some sort of liquid, or apple pie? This is what my idea suggests. Huge food variety through texture and taste variety and combinations. You can dip foods, well, probably fruits, in any liquid, provided the liquid can't kill you (I wouldn't want a lava coated apple!). And there wouldn't need to be a different texture for each. By using some sort of metadata/NBT/whatever, you could easily keep the same item, but with a different texture (I know it's probably possible! Meat in a campfire slowly changes texture!), and you could have many combinations. --- Oh yeah, pie. You could get dough by mixing flour(which you would grind wheat or something to get) in some sort of water barrel/bucket. You could make pie, cookies, pizza, dumplings, biscuits or whatever. Just use a knife on it, put fruit in it if it's a pie, and shove it in a brick oven and try not to burn it or your house! The dynamic texture could apply to these, too! Wait.... I just had an amazing idea... which will be explained in the next section! --- FRUIT JUICE! Why can't we drink lemonade or apple juice in MC? I've always wanted to! Don't forget dipping apples in cranberry juice, to make crapples, with my dynamic texture suggestion! Put an apple or lemon or something(just not a tomato or you'll get some messy results) on some sort of simple thing, and you get juice! Put it in a bottle or something, and you get that juice! --- Just a bonus - MARSHMALLOWS! Eh... use sugar for this. Dip em in everything! Edit: Caramel.
  8. Volcanoes

    11/10 Would want to spawn near volcano