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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Deadly weather

    this could be tied in as part of a body temperature system-overheating and freezing. As well things like debris in very powerful storms might be a thing-although performance might be an issue there, and I have no idea how difficult it would be to code either, but i'm justthrowing out ideas. Idk if boats will be implemented, but ocean storms could be very deadly if they are
  2. realistic seasonal trees

    fruit trees in TFC1 actually already turn to the branch texture when the temperature is too low
  3. Tree Schematic Contributions

    oops, idk why that deleted my text... ok so what i said was basically that it wouldn't let me add multiple screenshots-if you want a better look at the trees, you could download the world, or i do have a link here with their pictures:TFC 2 Trees
  4. Tree Schematic Contributions

  5. Tree Schematic Contributions

    Well, this thread's been dormant for a while... so i thought i'd bring it back to life by submitting a few more tree schematics. Here's the ZIP file: Schematics apologies if the trees are a little disorganized-that was just me being kinda dumb lol, but i'm to lazy to change it i do ,however,believe that none of the schematicsshould overlap. included are: Ash-1 Small, 1 Normal, 1Large - might work for a different tree as well Aspen-1 Small, 1 Normal, 1Large Birch-2Small, 2Normal, 2Large-One of each type has a straight trunk, the other has a split trunk, both are seen in real birch trees often Pine-0Small, 4Normal, 2Large-Tried to replicate more of what i see normally in pine trees, especially the ones around here where i live (Wisconsin), but also all around the world. This also separates them in look from the other conifers, just as they look different IRL Sequoia-0Small, 0Normal, 1Large-Tried to replicate some of the really huge giant sequoias such as the General Sherman tree (the biggest in the world) by making the leaves begin higher off of the ground than the ones in the example world. This would probably also help give variety to sequoia forests without beingcrazy.
  6. What the Heck is Redstone Ore?

    As long as it has at least the same functionality of redstone (aka we can still do everything with mechanical power as we could with redstone)-as well as probably more things, I would love this idea. It certainly is much more believable than redstone. I think that eclectricity shouldn't be there in the form of modern machinery, but maybe some batteries for high-end chemistry/ alchemy might be cool. I just feel like electrical machinery though shouldn't be in "vanilla" TFC (tho an Addon/integration with something like immersive engineeringfor that would be great)
  7. Martial skills and you, Being a Soldier/Mercenary

    on top of this, you should not be able to hold a sword/any other item whilst using a bow an arrow (which you can in MC 1.9)-maybe even some other two-handed weapons such as longswords or battle-axes where they have some damage,reach or other advantage over something like a vanilla sword (which I would say is an arming sword or shortsword). I just think that this would make more sense, and add another way to open up opportunities for certain weapons that might be unbalanced otherwise
  8. Tameable, 'milkable' giant spiders.

    I would love riding into battle on the back of a giant spider :D-seriously this is an amazing idea
  9. What the Heck is Redstone Ore?

    yeah, I think that having it as some sort of piezoelectric crystal would be good (although i'm pretty sure that cinnabar is conductive at least-correct me if I'm wrong), also, as you said having uses for gems beyond just decorative (which ABSOLUTELY should be a thing if possible) would be pretty neat. (especially since tourmaline is already in TFC1-which btw i think that they should keep all of the gems from TFC1 in TFC2, if not even add more
  10. More Flora

    I love this idea so much- and yeah it would be awesome to have LOTS of more flora, as well as let the community help out with it. It would also be good to have things like epiphytes or bracket fungi (which you did kinda mention the epiphytic ferns, but more than just ferns (as much as i love ferns :P)). One mod that does this really well actually is Plant Mega pack, and although it uses the cross plant model, for things like vines, ground cover, bamboo, epiphytes, etc, it poses some model ideas that could work in TFC too.
  11. Volcanoes

    yes, i probably should've put that into my original post. Obsidian would of course have very low durability and only be able to make the tools that you can make stone out of. It would essentially work like stone tools, but have slightly lower durability and MUCH higher damage. It would be an early game item. Obsidian however could alsohave a much more important later game use using the magic system (or maybe in some sort of alloy, i don't really know at this point )
  12. Sounds

    here are a couple more sound suggestions: (many of these could also apply to vanilla minecraft too, i am aware of that) timbersound for cutting down trees (when the tree actually falls) sound for volcanic eruptions(if they (and them erupting)are added-volcanoes are suggested here: sound for crafting (maybe even depending on the item-although this might get complicated quickly) shell shock/ear ringing right after taking damage from an explosion sound for tool/weapon unsheathing (in matzos already, but would be cool in base TFC) sound for quenching hot metal item in a barrel sound for lighting torches damage sound based on armor type (might get a bit complex)- i.e. no armor could be normal sound, but leather could have a cutting sound as well, and metal would have a clanging sound-this would not replace normal damage sound, simple play on top of it
  13. Volcanoes

    how has nobody mentioned the idea of obsidian tools (unless i missed it oc :P). I mean the aztecs did actually make their tools of out the stuff, and it was quite effective due to it's hardness and sharpness. Could be a way to get good tools without doing much metallurgy if you spawn close enough to a volcano.
  14. Water Purification, Plumbing system and stuffs

    good idea, it is certainly something that mines irl have to deal with (flooding), although i am also sure that some players would just find it annoying (although i personally would like it)
  15. Meteoric iron & materials

    well because "meteorite" is the term for a meteor that hits the ground, so if it's a material that you get from a meteorite, and not the meteorite itself that you use, then it wouldn't make a whole ton of sense lol. Unless it's supposed to be using the whole meteorite in which, then that would make sense