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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. So, I've been away from TFC (and minecraft in general) for many months, and lots have changed. Playing a few other games (esp Neo Scavenger) got me into the mood for some hardcore survival minecraft with TFC, to make it into a real survival game, but I'm kinda stumped since I have no idea what to do whatsoever now. So much has changed since I last played I don't really know where to begin anymore - My first two tries I starved to death without having found any source of food at all, now on my third I spawned next to three cows so I think I'll have food fixed for a while... But with no source of fresh water. Since I can no longer make buckets without getting forging going, and since there's no food I can bring along, I really have no idea how to survive even the first few nights. Add to this that most info on the wiki seems to be out of date or highly technical, and I'm now in a situation where I really don't know what to do. So, is there any up to date guides, or lets plays, or anything similar that you recommend? Thanks for any answers!
  2. More Dairy Sources

    Disclaimer: I'm not a professional or formally educated in nutrition, but it's kind of a big hobby and as someone with mostly vegan diet, I've been forced to learn a lot about it So I have a better grasp than the average person, but not as good as a professional dietician or similar. The disagreements usually* stem from whether something has unhealthy components, not whether they have healthy components. Eggs and margarine are both prime examples of this; Eggs no doubt contain a decent amount of complete proteins, loads of calcium, some B12 and minerals (among other things), and the disagreement is on how large amount of eggs you have to eat for the quite high amount of cholesterol in eggs to be an issue. Margarine contains lot of solid fats and is in general about equal to butter in most regards; they can manage to have a lower amount of saturated fats and higher amount of unsaturated fats than butter, but not all do. The main disagreements are 1. on the various additives that are sometimes used in specific brands of margarine and 2. whether trace amounts of chemicals used in processing basically all margarine can be dangerous. There is quite general agreement (from a scientific viewpoint, rather than from a corporate viewpoint) on the benefits of various kinds of food, as we know what nutrients we need and it's easy to see what nutrients something contains; the disputes are generally on the bad parts and how relevant they are. That's why a good baseline is to have a varied diet; that way it's unlikely to get enough of the "bad stuff" to really affect anything. Though everyone should stay away from monosodium glutamate. That shit is nasty. *there are exceptions, such as those stating that the human body can't effectively process dairy proteins and vitamins, but they have very little research to back them up and usually claim it for political reasons (ideological veganism gone wrong; they are fringe even in the vegan community).
  3. How to solve the lose of crops in winter.

    I know about that config option, I was talking about crops dying of cold. Oh, sorry, haven't had my first winter since starting to play again; I remembered them as dropping as item entities that can despawn, and that's what the OP also hinted at (having to import new cabbage seeds). Then there's no main gameplay issue
  4. How to solve the lose of crops in winter.

    Want to throw in my support for the "dead crop" stage of growth, yielding the seeds, and in some cases (potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, rutabaga and perhaps soy beans) the crop. Seeds buried below snow will not become moldy or soggy and generally seeds can survive quite harsh conditions. Of course you shouldn't be able to harvest edible bell peppers from under a cubic metre of snow, but the seeds should still be there. That would solve the main gameplay issue - the long-term loss of seeds. EDIT: As someone who has done a little bit of year around gardening and a whole lot of dumpster diving, in my experience vegetables are quite tough in regards to temperatures, at least the more "hard" ones like root vegetables. But even tomatoes and bell pepper, while they become dull and not a pleasure to eat, are still edible. Perhaps dead crops could yield the seeds, and the crop with a random amount of spoilage? (5-25% for the roots and allium, 10-50% for the beans, squash and cabbage, 20-100% for the tomatoes and peppers)
  5. More Dairy Sources

    Of course, one could also ask what it is in diary products that make them so nutritiously (is that a word?) different from other food groups. Protein is an important nutrient of it own, vegetables are are generally shock full of vitamins and minerals, fruit is the main natural source of sugar (as well as certain vitamins) and grain is the main source of slower carbs (and a secondary source of protein). So it makes a lot of sense to separate those. Dairy, to me, feels a bit off in that it's so very very specific. The things that comes to mind that dairy products produce notably more than other things would be a select few vitamins (B12 and folic acid) and calcium, both of which are also common in eggs. So theoretically, at least to me it wouldn't feel that off to change "dairy" to "dairy and eggs".
  6. Simple Improvement to Winter's Appearance

    That would explain Gothenburg perfectly.
  7. Illness

    Possible, but from a game perspective I imagine it would be a lot more taxing on the system and a lot more complex to understand for the player. It can also be hard to make something common enough that it's relevant but still rare enough that it doesn't shape the entire game play.
  8. Illness

    Something that would be interesting would be to have at least some risk of illness in the game. I know Bioxx had said that there shouldn't be any visible icky things, so this wouldn't be visible except as a debuff. While there are a wide variety of illnesses IRL, the ways to present illness in the game is quite limited, as is a stone age person's ability to diagnose it. As such, I think having two distinct illnesses would be enough: Cold and food poisoning. These would have distinct causes and effects. Cold You could get a cold by being in cold weather, especially with improper clothing and far from a fireplace. Basically, it'd check once every RL minute, and there'd be say a 1% chance of catching a cold if you're in cold weather. The chance would be reduced by .2% for each piece of clothing, and by .6% if you're near a fire pit/forge/whatever. When a person has a cold, it also checks once every five seconds if there's any other player in the same or an adjacent block, if that's the case there's a 10% chance they catch it too. The effect of a cold would be a notable but not debilitating slow effect, as well as faster consumption of water, and also you would not heal any damage while sick.. The cold would last about three minecraft days, though drinking tea (a new object that is made on the fire pit by water jug + one of the various non-poison saplings or bushes or what have you) or eating raw garlic would reduce this by 4 minutes per time you drink or eat it (so an incessant consumption of those things might cure you in a day). Cold would never be lethal, as long as you drink water. Yes I know you don't get a cold simply from being out in the cold, you have to be exposed to the virus, but this is for simplicity's sake and there's plenty of ways to be exposed, as well as plenty of diseases with similar symptoms. Food Poisoning This would be a catch-all for various illnesses with similar symptoms that are usually gained by eating or drinking contaminated food. You'd gain it from eating raw meat or spoiled food (something like a chance equal to the spoilage percentage plus 10% if it's raw meat) or, rarely, from drinking water directly from a pond (something like .5% per sip). The symptoms would include a notable slow effect, a general faster consumption of water, and you would not heal any damage while sick. In addition, occacionally you might suffer bad liquid uptake, immediately losing about one tick on the water meter, or sudden hunger, losing about two ticks on the food meter (those are the things that could be described in icky ways, but that's not really needed for the game), and also a bad cough, a ten-second debuff dealing about 5 damage per second. This would happen randomly, with each happening perhaps an average of five times per illness period. Food poisoning would last about one full minecraft day. Food poisoning could be lethal, though it's unlikely unless you are suffering from severe malnutrition. This would allow a more continuous survival play, putting the point where you're beyond survivability issues further away as it increases chance/risk and thus you can't feel guaranteed to be able to do certain things at certain times as much, eg "oh no, I've gotten a cold, will I manage to harvest and pickle everything before winter now?"
  9. Illness

    No worries! spoiler that you already know but others might not: I already knew it was some kind of illness that everyone has and thus is probably airborne or waterborne, since I'm at season 3 or 4 (don't remember), but did not know it was rabies-related While zombies are no doubt the easiest mobs at this point, they have gotten far better senses in minecraft since just a few patches back. I mean, they're easy, but they also tend to come in far greater numbers than others. What would help zombies become real threats again would be a limited ability to climb, and/or increasing the rate at which they can break doors, and/or even other blocks. Though we're getting a bit off-topic now. Though of course, zombies could simply spread diseases in general, doesn't have to be zombification diseases!What if zombies afflicted you on a hit, and in addition any open water storage within a 1 block radius would be spoiled?
  10. More Dairy Sources

    I haven't, but sheep cheese is quite common in my country. And both feta and halloumi are sheep cheeses. I guess it would depend a lot on breeding, too. Perhaps if each female sheep had a "milking" stat, and the lower the milking stat the longer it takes to milk as well as the longer you have to wait between milking periods. So with a wild sheep you might have to half a minute IRL and once per minecraft month, but with sufficient breeding, you can get it down to 5 secs once per week. I mean, it might not be as easy as milking a cow, but neither is coal mining and steve & alex do a lot of that
  11. Slight fishing tweak

    That sounds really cool, and would probably also be very feasible. Simply use sections of about 5x5 chunks, and at first spawn they are given a time frame in daily hours, where they give the bonus. Preferably it wouldn't be like "each section has 2 hours when it's better", but rather "for each hour per section, there is a 5% chance that that it gets the bonus" (determined at first spawn). So some sections would never have the bonus, but if you find a really good section it can work for almost half the day. If there was a fishing skill, it would unlock an additional mode on the fishing rod at expert, allowing you to "see" the bonus the same way you see hydration on crop fields at any given time. Small sidetrack on how skills could be separated: Honestly, I think there could be three food-related skills instead of the two currently existing: Food Preparation - Would give a general bonus on the amounts of food gathered by butchery, fishing and agriculture, as well as reduce the amount of weight loss from cutting away decay (because you know exactly how much you need to cut away and don't need to cut extra just to be sure) Animal Husbandry - Would give a small bonus on butchered mammal and bird meat as well as more side products (bones and skin etc). Would also increase the amount of trust gained by an animal for feeding it. Fishing - Would give a bonus to food from cleaning fish as well as unlock seeing if a section is in "bonus mode" or not. Agriculture - Would give a bonus on seeds as wel as unlock seeing nutrients. This way it would work a lot like how the smithing skills work, and being a fisher would be a legitimate focus on a multiplayer server.
  12. Remain Cauldron compatible for Minecraft 1.7.10

    I don't get this... Like, at all. I you're happy playing 79.15 now, and think that's better than not playing, why would you stop playing 79.15 if a new non-compatible version was released?It's kinda like, I love playing diablo 2, and my computer can't handle diablo 3... But when diablo 3 was released, I didn't stop playng diablo 2 just because there existed a newer game.
  13. Simple Improvement to Winter's Appearance

    Reporting in from Gothenburg, Sweden. It's always overcast here. Season doesn't matter. Lol not really that bad, but yeah, during winters we have overcast at least 3/4 of days. Not on the very coldest days generally, but otherwise, yes. I assume the frequency of overcast weather is directly related to how close to the coast a region is.
  14. [Solved] Bizmuth Bronze Can't Be Made In Vessels?

    I don't know if I can help you, but I have specifically made 200 units of bismuth bronze from small ores in a vessel recently, and for me it worked fine (build 79.15 and java 7, though). Note though that the "middle" distribution for bismuth bronze is 15% bismuth, 60% copper, and 25% zinc. Your original ratio is 10/80/10, followed by 10/75/15. This means you had too little zinc and to much copper for it to be possible, even in the second setup. For 200 units, you can have 2-4 bismuth, 10-14 copper, and 4-6 zinc, and they need to add up to 20. Try again with the "middle" distribution of 3 bismuth, 12 copper, and 5 zinc.
  15. Flint changes

    While I agree to a large extent (we are nearing the first winter on our new server and the only metal we've used so far is a single saw), I do think that game design affects how people will play and appreciate a game. I mean, in vanilla minecraft you can say that it's believable too, it might not have gravity but if you don't break dirt you'll never notice I realize that's not to the extent you mean here, and as said I agree that you can affect it quite a lot deliberately, but mechanics inform play. I mean, we're four people nearing the first winter, we've deliberately chosen a seed that has a lack of metal, we've gone around quite far in search of crops etc and built up three decently sized buildings, collected fruit trees, herded pigs etc. We've really really tried to make the stone age last, and in addition all the other players are completely new to TFC so they have had to learn everything from scratch. But despite that, there just isn't much to do anymore besides advancing. The amount of things one can build from gravel and logs is limited, after all. The reason why people rush to the first copper is because it's generally really really easy to get, and it generally opens up an enormous amount of new options. You don't see people rushing from copper/bronze to steel to nearly the same extent, because it's more work and doesn't expand one's options as much (main difference would be movement of water). I do think there are a few simple (from a gameplay and design perspective; I have no idea about the coding) ways that could change how people feel about the stone age, and that would allow one to do a lot more while still encouraging progress, for example: - Splitting logs into 1/4th pieces (8x8x16 pixels) with axe+hammer would allow for stairs and basic furniture (right now the only way not to jump everywhere is using half-made pit kilns or piles of charcoal, which is... weird) - Being able to put down tools on the ground, or some other way of storing tools before the tool rack - Making support beams with the axe - Occacional (quite rare) boulders that are basically a standard stone block lying around on dirt (and thus you're able to take it with you)- Some way to fish proper fish during the stone age - Simple skin "drapery" or whatchamacallit that can be used as a door, that does not block movement but mobs won't pathfind through it (similar to how adjacent fences work. - Stone age access to ropeOn the long term there are several other things I'd love to see for the stone age:- Bone crafting, either similar to knapping or a new system - Sewing, using bone needles and string or jute - A travois to allow one to carry more stuff by dragging it after oneself.
  16. More Dairy Sources

    Being able to milk sheep would be kinda cool, though perhaps much less frequent like once per week instead of once per day.
  17. Slight fishing tweak

    Devs can probably give a more exact answer, but afaik it isn't really feasible. It would probably be quite easy to determine wether it's an ocean, a river or a lake (due to salt/fresh water and due to ocean and river being biomes) but not the exact size.
  18. combat tips in the stone age for new players

    Honestly, I find the difficulty of enemies is the reverse from vanilla; in stone age, I've found that zombies are pretty easy, even larger groups. They're easy to outmaneuver and run past they're easy to tower away from and they're easy to push into holes. I just use stone daggers or axes depending on what I have ready; five swings with an axe takes down a zombie, and it lasts for about seven or eight swings. Daggers last for more zombies, but you have to hit them like 8 or 9 times which makes daggers useless against groups. Skeletons are annoying, but can usually be either outrun or lured into a tree; running into a big tree also gives me enough time to knapp a hammer to kill them with. Creepers do huge damage if you're close, but usually are alone so it's quite easy to make sure they just blow up far enough away that you take tops 100 damage or so. Spiders are honestly the hardest IMO, and no other mob kills me as much. Can't outrun them very well (well, I have smart moving on hard so I guess I run a bit worse than in vanilla or regular TFC), can't climb out of their reach, they can survive a lot of damage from axes and knives, and they're just generally annoying. Though granted, if I'm at my base they're the easiest since I can just go in and they can't follow me In vanilla I consider the mobs difficulties reversed; Zombies>skeletons>creepers>spiders. Wither skeletons I've never engaged during the stone age except for when already dying, and then I've always died.EDIT; Though I should probably shut up, since a creeper just managed to kill _every single one of my pigs_. Well, it'll have to be potatoes and seaweed all winter then..
  19. [0.79.15] Queens of the Stone Age

    The player spawns in an open field surrounded by hills and broken here and there by small groves of sycamores and sequoia. The peninsula is incredibly rich in food, featuring plenty of wild onions and wheat, with some potatoes, cranberries, bell pepper and even plum trees in full bloom. Plenty of wild animals roam this area, including pigs, pheasants and more. There's a freshwater lake, and the field opens up to the ocean to the north and west, while to the east an unexplored island is connected by a shallow bank. To the south of the peninsula lies a great forest of proud douglas firs and elms and even more of nature's sweetness; tomatoes, sugar canes and even soy. Here whole herds of deer roam, but also monsters - both wolves and bears have been sighted. But what would life be without some risk, eh? Seed: 2 (Yes it's that simple) Note that this area seems to be utterly lacking in exposed ores, though small bits of cassiterite and sphalarite can be found in some places, as well as less-useful galena and native gold. So you're going to be at the stone age for a long time, but it'll be glorious. So, this is a seed that ought to be nice for people who want a really royal stone age, though advancing beyond that point might take a bit of work. I just found this while looking for interesting seeds and am going to start playing some single player on it right away. Thought I'd share. 1: The field in all it's glory, and the border to the forest. 2: The coastline with cranberries, onions and a freshwater pond. 3: The unexplored island is just beyond this bank, which also serves to provide seaweed for that salt in your salad.
  20. Config Option: Should Nutrition Levels Restore on Spawn?

    @Bunsan, the reason why I think a set limit of lives is a worse alternative for "hardcore light" is because this proposed change works well with multiplayer, while a limited number of lives do not. With this proposed change, the "unplayable world" situation would affect everyone in a given group about equally, assuming it's a cooperative server, so everyone can partake in playing and trying to find a solution to the problem until everyone is starving and decide to quit. A limited set of lives however, means often the clumsier players will die off early, and the ones who are left have to decide whether to continue playing without them or leave a setup that might be working fine in all other ways. I also like the focus on non-combat difficulty then, while a limited number of lives mainly affect combat scenarios.
  21. Illness

    Hey now you spoiled me I haven't gotten that far yet very well... But yeah I wasn't serious anyway, just think it's interesting how many typical zombie tropes also fits rabies.
  22. Config Option: Should Nutrition Levels Restore on Spawn?

    I guess different people have different expectations then. I'm an old-time roguelike fan, and so are most people I play with, so my general expectation is "if you screw up, you're dead. If you're unlucky, you better be goddamn good or you'll be dead too. Death is permanent or at least debilitating.". That works for single player (hardcore mode) but in multiplayer a set in stone hardcore mode takes away from the fun (because if one person dies they can't play anymore), so retaining nutrition would be like a multiplayer-functional "hardcore light", where continuous screwing up can lead to the whole group failing, but in general one person won't be out until everyone is nearly out. I'm probably in the minority on this, but I'm hardly the only one seeing as at least 17 people have said they would use the option if it existed. So we're a minority, but not a tiny part of the player base (of course I'm not saying "YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!!" or anything, just that _if_ you felt like doing it, we would be a bunch of people who would use and appreciate it).
  23. Config Option: Should Nutrition Levels Restore on Spawn?

    How so? I thought death only happened at 0% in each? So if you have any single kind of food source, you should be almost stable, especially if as you say you get more when you are malnourished. And if the system is set up so that you starve if you don't jump off a cliff, isn't the bigger issue with the system then? Or am I misunderstanding something? Perhaps if I make an example scenario you could answer because I think I'm missing something now... Say two people are on a server. They've eaten the same things, and are at 80% in each of the nutrients. Zombies attack. Player one survives, player two dies. No relevant items are lost. 1. Right now, is the player one (who survives) likely to starve, even if they dedicate to finding food?2. If player two respawns with the same amount as before, are they more likely to starve than the other player?The thing is I feel that if there's no mechanic that makes player two starve faster than player one, then I don't see the issue with retaining starvation level. If player one IS likely to starve, then there's a bigger issue with the food mechanic, wherein players are almost forced to off themselves to regain nutrition. Or what have I misunderstood? PS: Just to clarify, because English isn't my native language, I'm not out to be rethorical with my questions or anything, and I'm not out to be abrasive. Please tell me if I come across as "aggressive", it is the last thing I want, I just have a hard time with nuance in English.
  24. Something suggestions about balance

    It is an intentional feature to only be able to store 80 oz in one slot in small vessels. You can store the full 160 in a single slot in a large vessel though. Optimally, you can store 320 oz in a single small vessel, and nine small vessels in a large vessel. I don't know the exact maths, but some trees giving less saplings (or no saplings) is an intended feature. IIRC, Bioxx (the original developer) stated that they want to represent how deforestation is a real issue in real life too, and that not all resources last forever. However, if I remember correctly, you get the most saplings by removing the leaves by knife, and the least by removing them with a scythe. Removing by hand is either as good as knife or between knife and scythe, I can't remember.In my experience, most tree types tends to give around 1 sapling per tree average if cleaned completely, but 10 trees is a very small sample size and you might just have been unlucky.
  25. Prospecting Skill Tweak

    Good points.