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  1. 15 minutes ago, Diego il Catanico Jr said:

    Couldn't we render all the models from the textures like almost minecraft item does and then add the handle or the leather strips, instead of making a separate model for every shield?

    I think this is possible, since Spartan Shields mod use this technique.


    16 minutes ago, Diego il Catanico Jr said:

    This way we could also make 2 versions for every shield, one with the handle, one with the leather strips. The first would be faster to draw, the second will reduce knockback more than the first.

    This could work too.



  2. We should keep textures multiples of 16x to make models creation easier.

    What if we have x16 shields and bigger shields whit different defense levels?

    Or it  could be like:

    Copper and all bronze types using 16x16.

    Iron and all steels using 16x32.

    (remeber, this is all concept, not the final idea.)

    Ho, yes. I liked this shapes of shields. Can i work whit some of these?


  3. 20 hours ago, Diego il Catanico Jr said:

    I have been testing textures:

    Pretty good!

    10 hours ago, Bunsan said:

    I appreciate the effort being put in here. Just be aware implementing anything like this will be a little later. Just don’t want you discouraged by use not commenting or implemented. 

    Np, we are patients haha


  4. 21 hours ago, Diego il Catanico Jr said:

    know, but it is really complicated to make textures that don't look bad by doing that. With vanilla stone it's easy because it only uses 3 shades of gray. Thought you could try doing that, if you think you can.

    No, it is not. Here is a proof:






    Btw, any texture that you make will look grid-like, because the game is grid-like. The only solution is rotation or texture variants (or a combination of these two)

    Vanilla stone (that use 3 shades of gray as you said)


    whit rotation:

    stone r.png

    As you can see it is grid like and the rotated one doesn't look good (yours looks lot better for this porpuse).

    I like many of you textures, but some not (like the diorite one, it look like vanilla ice cream haha, sorry). Soo i think it will be cool to have some of your textures in the game (like the claystone, chalk and many others). If you are thinking to edit your textures have in mind that rotation is a feature and it can be used to remove this grid-like problem.



  5. I agree whit you, they are relly grid-like.

    But i think we can go i little further.

    The latest versions of minecraft add roation textures, this could solve the grid like partern. Btw we could add variants to the textures, or even a bigger pattern that is less visible than the 1x1 block pattern. (idk if this could be add to the core mod or you need a third party mod like optifine to do that, but it is an idea)


  6. That was pretty hard to do haha


    The white part of the shild will work like the white part of the MC original shield:


    The only difference is that it will use vertical wooden planks instead of banners.


  7. In my opinion the game should have custom looks for each shield type, but then a problem appear. How many layers we will need for each shield?


    Steel shield base:

    front base.png

    Wood layers:

    Spruce Plank.pngWhite Cedar Plank.pngSycamore Plank.png... (17 plank layers for THIS shield)

    So, imagine if we have another material:

    front base.png

    It would have another 17 plank layers for THIS shield.

    So, if i'm not wrong we will need 9 shield metal bases, and 17 plank layers for EACH shield.

    17x9: it is 153 wood layers for all shield (as @GooberGabe_ said before)

    (this account doesn't consider the metal layers and wood shield that would be in game)

    Finally, i have 3 solutions:


    Make every shield use only metal parts, like this one:



    Make some kind of layer system that uses this kind of texture as wood layers for every shield:

    Spruce Plank.pngWhite Cedar Plank.pngSycamore Plank.png... (just 17 wood layers)

    the problem is that someone would need to create a way to hide the wood in the red region like this:

    Spruce Plank 2.png


    And the final one, that i think is the best solution, is to add leather or wool cloth to the crafting, soo the copper shield and all the bronze shield types would have only metal parts and the metal tiers shields 3, 4, 5 and 6 would have wool cloth or leather on it, like this:

    a.png(texture need improvement)


    crafting example.png

    (you can use any wood plank in the crafting)







  8. I though the same, if you want we can work together in this. I help you and you help me, what do you think?

    I'm good working in groups hehe

    If you want just add me in Discord: Eagleyes005#0591

    We can talk better there about everything :)


  9. I have the same dream, TNFC and TFPP together, but it will need lot of work to make those modpacks work together.

    You would need to make the custom ores from TFPP generate whit TNFC ores (like Oil). Besides you would need to make the recipes compatible too, because if you put them together they would certainly have duplicated and even repited recipes.

    BTW, TFPP and TNFC changes mob spawns and behaviors, soo it will be a problem too.

    The best thing people should do is play one separated from another. (You can wait too, because we have a port to 1.12+ in progress, and it will certainly have many modpacks to it)


  10. Hi guys,

    I'm here to share a game that i found some months ago.

    The name is Vintage Story!

    Game link:

    Here is some game features that i think is important to mention:

    • Very active community.
    • Good dev's that hear you ideas (they talk whit you in the Discord and they are very nice)
    • x32 textures for everything (much more detailed world)
    • The game development progress very quick. (in my opinion :) )
    • YOU can help the dev's and modders.
    • High support for mods and easy scripting. (integrated whit the game)
    • The game runs very well in low end computers. (I have a GTX 1060 and my game runs like Barry Allen :P )
    • A model creator that you can use to make your custom shapes.

    There is much more positive things that i could tell here, but i want to be direct.

    i DON'T want to make any conflict whit this post, i just want to share the game and maybe connect the two communities!

    (I have edited this post because i thought i was a little rude in first time and i wanted to add more details to it)