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  1. Currently cinnabar is one of the non-realistic things of terrafirmacraft, basically is a excuse to add redstone in that (as dust of cinnabar). No, I don't suggest remove this, never. Redstone is important. I suggest add mercury, quicksilver or hydrargyrum(several names of the sameelement, Hg);reasoned by that cinnabar ismercury sulfide. Extraction of mercury or quicksilver: Although mercury is a liquid metal at room temperature, her ore, cinnabar, must be cooked at big temperature (at least, similar to lead fusion point) to be separated from sulphur. This metal would be extracted inceramicvessel and the crucible, the mainproblem is the storage. Mercury droplets may be would be stored in ceramic vessels. Obvious utility: almalgation and bigger extraction of gold-type metals. One of the first good uses of mercury was the almalgation and better extraction of metals like gold and silver. Others metals as copper, tin, lead, zincand platinum can be almalgated, but difficultly. So the first utility of this metal is the refining of ores to obtain more gold, copper, tin, zinc, leadand silver from these. This metal would be putin the crucible, after, when a ore is added to the mix, there is probabilities to obtain more metal than commonly or even extra metals. These are all the suggested cases: - Copper: 10% more copper, a 2,5~5% probability of obtain also a zinc,silver or gold unit. - Tin: 10% to 15% more tin. - Lead: 10% probability of obtain a tin unity, 2,5~5% probability of obtain a silver or gold unit. - Zinc: 5% probability of obtain a tin unit. In each smelt of ore, one ofthe used mercury unities has a probability of 15% of disappear, of evaporate. In the other hand, mercury could be mixed with gold, silver or copper to obtainmolded parts easily, ie, without use the crucible or ceramic vessel. Obviously, this does not work with iron and can not be used to obtain alloys. Thanks for read.
  2. I was reading about tungstene or wolframium. The wolframium, althought is a modern and chemic-metallurgic metal, sometimes does not requires strange or special extraction methodes for obtain it in some minerals. Some wolframium minerals can be smelted and oxidated with primitive methodes, when is oxidated, is mixed or cocked with coal in very high temperatures and without airto remove the oxygen form the wolframium compound, finally is obtained a fragile wolframium mass or even powder. The first problem of this is that requires very, very, very high temperatures, this mean that needs a new type of furnace. The second problem is that only can be forged form the powder and with highpressure mechanisms and machines, ie, are not hot-forged withclassical technics. Yes, a new type of forge. I suggest add two tungstene minerals: wolframite and schelite Minerals: Schelite and wolframite would be strange minerals, strangers as gold, platinum and silver (scheelite is the most strange). In the first moment, I thought add also native wolframium, that really exists, but isso scarce that was nonsense add it. In case of mining, it is obtained in mafic and ultramafic (basic) igneous rocks, rarely in acid igneous rocks andsedimentary rocks. New furnace: The new furnace must be made with a very high refractory material, for example graphite dopped bricks blocks, this block would be made of graphite dopped bricks, based inany clay and graphite powder. Also is needed a frame furnace machine, it would be made may bein the anvil, using a blast furnace frame and lots of graphite. When you have this, you only must create the structure, that is similar to the iron-specific blast furnace. Material transformations: Schelite would be the easier manageable material. You will put it in the "graphite furnace" (I do not thought a better name), her process is extremely slow, and will give wolframium oxide, that is a green powder (can be used as dye). After, you only have to reprocess the oxide and you will obtain wolframium powder. With the wolframite is harder, the first process will give iron impurities (that should be distillated in the furnace frame block) and lots of metal slag, that is useless. This first process would be 5 times slower than the schelite first process, and also will give wolframium oxide. Another important detail is that it would consume lots and lots of charcoal, more yet than steels manufacturing. New special forge or classical steel forge? About the forge, I am not very convinced about add a new forge, because would bring lotsof complex mechanism. I would prefer made use of the classical steel forge, but give more difficulty to forge wolframium, ie, add more slowness to her forging. Better, we will to discuss this down in the comments. Alloying: Pure tungsten is very strong, a little more hard and harmful than the better steel, but muchless durable. If you process again the wolframium in the "graphite furnace", you will obtain wolframium carbide, that is durable as the better steel (or even more)but stronger and harder. Anyway wolframium is a uncommon metal, is difficult to process and obtain, difficult as platinum or gold, why spend all in a one tool? I also suggest add an alloy of nickel, iron and a little of wolframium: the white steel (yes, I have to improve or change the name, this also must be discussed down, with the forge theme and the name of furnace). White steel is made of black steel (50-70%), steel (15-25%), wolframium powder (10-15%) and platinum (5%). As the others steel, it produces weak white steel, andcan be weld with the black steel and worked in the anvil for obtain the white steel. White steel wouldbe the hardestand strongeststeel, but would have a durability similar to black steel or minor. Thanks for read.
  3. Meteoric iron & materials

    Why not call the new natural alloy (meteoric iron) as simply "sacred iron" or "stellar/cosmic iron"?