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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. One layer of dirt?

    hmm, i did some research but thisonly seemed to happen in specific biomes, ,,edge,, ones being the most of all, i dont know ;_; Also, sorry for not participationg for so long, TFC just doesnt run all that good on my PC unfortunatelly :-( its a shame, cuz this is a great mod...
  2. One layer of dirt?

    So, i have just noticed that my world only has one layer of surface dirt, then its stone. Same goes for my other testing world. Has this always been like this? I dont remember it being! Ive also noticed that some clay deposits are made of multiple layers, which adds to the weirdness, so?
  3. [Solved] Fruit trees and /time set day

    i think leaves, trunks, and branches of fruit trees each take a certain amount of in game days to grow, leaves grow each like...2 days i think. Check the wiki on fruit trees
  4. So ive been hearing that using time set day buggs out the growth of trees, and i think it did for me, so if i replace them will the new ones grow?
  5. [Solved] Big Fat Male Pig!

    ok, i guess i was just misinformed. Where did i take that from tho? im confuzing myself at this point
  6. [Solved] Big Fat Male Pig!

    This post has been automatically generated from a form submission. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in the blue box at the top of this form?: Yes Topic Title: Big Fat Male Pig! TFC Version #: 79.29.922 Forge Version #: SSP/SMP: Single Player Have you deleted your config files or are using default configs and are still able to reproduce this bug?: Yes Changed Config Options: Do you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed?: Yes Other Mods Installed: MapWriter, TFC deco addon, TooManyItems, CodeChickenCore, FastCraft, Optifine If you have Optifine or a non-forge server plugin api (Examples: Bukkit, Cauldron, Thermos, etc) installed, can you still reproduce the bug after uninstalling them?: Yes Crash Report: Description: So the one male pig that i got at my place is most probably bugged, he left one of the pig ladies pregnant even tho he is not at 30% familiarity and he ate like...i dont know, 90 oz of food by himself, i can STILL feed em, i got 20 oz...lemme hop in game and try to feed em. Yup! GONE xD So one thing i remember is that back a long time ago when i found him with a bunch of other pigs i am 100% SURE that there was at least one lady in the pack too, but when i went back there to get them to my base not long ago, only MALES were there, thats all the info i got unfortunatelly, aside that i dont know. Also, the lady pigs that i have and my chickens are acting normally...and my sheep, only this one pig seems craizy, and btw, i only grabbed the one male from the big pack i was talking about, so maibe the whole pack was bugged??...dunno
  7. [Solved] Big Fat Male Pig!

    okay this is getting weirder and of them just died...what?? i heard a pig death noise, ran over to them, and there was skin and bones by my log pile...WHAT IS GOING ON??? Can they die from a 1 block drop??? there was no high ledge to climb on around there... screenshot with the spot of death...and i have just fed them...
  8. [Solved] Big Fat Male Pig!

    o, he didnt leave ONE pregnant..he left all of em holy cow! or pig! ;_; iiiimm gonna run outa food soon.... O wait! More news! I can shear my sheep Kitty! but again, they do not show they are at 30% familiarity! I think your display is broken! Ill try leaving the chunks and coming back. EDIT: nope, they are still nowhere near 30%, they barely habve 1-2 pixels in their hearths
  9. [Solved] Fruit trees and /time set day

    Hmm, probably, do some testing man, find out yourself, its fun! :-) Just have the /time add 48000 (to add 2 days to the time)and plant a fruit tree and a normal one, do the command and see how many times it takes for each one to grow, then do the same with the multiplier =10 or something :-) Gl HF man
  10. [Solved] Fruit trees and /time set day

    okay so i cranked up my butchering skill to expert and im now getting like 25 oz per chicken, but DAAMN am i gettin alot from pigs xD im getting like 9 stacks per pig its RIDICULOUS! nyway, we should stop this thread now, its done its job
  11. One layer of dirt?

    So i have been flying around trying to figure stuff out, and i have found out that high hills biomes and edge ones have one layer of dirt: wont let me upload more screenshots, but beaches and plains biomes have a bunch of layers of dirt, then gravel, then stone. Also, i found a ,,plains,, biome with, a BUNCH of trees almost to the point where its dark enough for mobs to spawn! in high plains there were kapok trees, is this normal?? Btw dont mind the 2 holes in the stone i misspunched
  12. [Solved] Fruit trees and /time set day

    Man, nevermind the world works, but are chickens supposed to drop like 4-5-6 oz of meat??? the trees ARE growing, it was just winter crops are good...all is good except chickens drop a very small amount of stuff, both the cheated in chickens that are new and my old chickens drop that amount i want to point out that i spawned a TFC pig and it dropped like 300 oz, is THAT right??? isnt it ALOT?
  13. where? i cant find such thing in the blast furni or crucible wiki sections
  14. Gotcha on the bellows I guess, I'll have to experiment If you gotta chop 2 you spend 2x the time with it, so yes it is a huge difference, but you know I just realized, with how many trees you chop for charcoal, only needing 4 logs might actually be nice Ow, I didn't know, but maibe its INTENDED to be that way then? Dunno why you shouldn't be able to irrigate crops with it tho....its water after all, its just hot ;_; But if it can create a source in front of it if there's a stream behind it, you could just keep going with it endlessly and get all the water your need which seems OP. Or does it only work if the water flow behind it is salty or hot? Then I guess its understandable.
  15. Electrical energy!

    Also, there already is a topic onmechanicalpower, just a heads up :-)
  16. Electrical energy!

    Will we get to see electricity in TFC? It would be an end game convenience that would serve for lighting places, irrigating farms with pumps and other things the community and I will definantelly come up with Uses for electricity One thing it will allow us to do is power electrical water pumps that could push water thru irrigation channels so we could build farms anywhere, and not only directly in rivers or ponds. We could hook up the irrigations to barrels and other water containers (even wells maibe?) And not only to water sources. This system could also allow us to have taps in our buildings! Another use would be lighting our areas with light bulbs or lamps. We could make electrical grinders to replace the generic, slow, primitive quern. Automated electrical bellows might become a thing, they would periodically blow depending on the setting you have them on (still have to think and experiment on this one) it was just suggested. Light bulb crafting We could build light bulbs and lamps to light up our places, light bulbs would be made by pouring molten glass into ceramic molds and the bulb's conductive bits would also be made by pouring molten iron into the right mold. We would also need a wolfram (a metal that melts at very high temperatures) as a filament, it would spawn in the ground as ore, as usual, and to make it into a filament you would have to hammer it on an anvil and respect the blueprint. (Maibe we would need a chisel to make it because its SOO small, the hammer would be hard to use?) Of course, you'd do it after making it an ingot and heating it. Wire usage Electricity would not travel thru the humongous, classic modded Minecraft wires, instead we would use copper wire on blocks and simply make them conduct electricity, they would have to touch a generator and the consumer (pump, light, etc) to power the consumer. Uninsulated wire could only be put in wood (cuz its an insulator) and insulated wire would go in anything, AND on top of blocks as a standalone blocock. Making copper / insulated wire Copper wire would be made by, again, pouring copper in the right mold. One mold could make 4 wire out of 1/4 of an ingot, so it would take 25 units of copper to make 4 wire, so out of one ingot you could make 16 wire, which considering wire is tiny, is reasonable IMHO. To insulate it, you would use rubber that you get from the occasional rubber tree patch you'll find by using a tap on its trunk above a bucket, the bucket would very slowly fill over time. One would have to put the raw rubber physicly into an ingot mold and melt the rubber, after, you would put the copper wire into a mold and pour the rubber in said mold with the 4(?) Copper wires to be insulated. Now you can place the insulated wire anywhere. Generators The generator would be made like this if: P - iron plate ; W - copper wire ; T - turbine ; M - magnetite (small) D - iron disc P W W T D M P P P Plates, cilinders, and the disc would be made of 1 iron ingot, 4 turbine blades would be combined with a cillinder to make the turbine. 1 ingot would equal 4 blades. It would need a steam boiler next to it to work, you have to fuel it with either wood or coal and water is also needed to make steam. If: P - iron plates ; B - Brick blocks (any kind) its crafted like this P P B P B B B Water pipes Irrigation pipes can be made of clay, you would simply use the clay forming to make them by making 2 straight lines in it (to not conflict with chisels) and firing it as usual. One pit could hold 4 molds, which would get you 8 clay pipes. These can be placed exactly like insulated wires. Water pumps Again, I'll look it up and come with a recipe I'll continue thinking to come up with more stuff in a bit
  17. Electrical energy!

    I didn't even think of windmills man! Yea! I was going straight for coal in my idea! Also, its not like I'm a genius for this idea, it was way more than obvious that this would come after the iron / steel age. Electrolisys would be fun I guess, but how could it be used in a productive way, or are you thinking I'd just be for fun? I was thinking of the motors too, but couldn't figure out a good recipe, it would be used to make gennys, water mills and the electrical grinder I have just thought of The Tesla coils seem very ridiculous for TFC to be honest man xD I think we should leave that to suggestions based on magic, cuz if the coils were a thing, they would use a lot of energy probably, so it wouldn't be viable. Especially with the chunk protection in TFC That's also an idea, maibe doing it like that would be slightly more efficient than just burning the wood on a campfire or coal on a forge too, so there would be a reason behind it. Oooorr it could just be a faster cooker. Bout the bellows, don't know how it would work, because something has already come up saying that automating it would be inefficient on coal
  18. Even kitty said it only takes 2-3 bellow blows to get enough heat, after that, it just wastes coal It is, but that doesn't mean we should be able to make everything at a quartered (even more that that) cost of materials, but I guess it works. True, but I thought a water ,,filter,, wasn't supposed to be used as a water ,,mover...,, there are buckets made for that, red and blue steel ones, but tbh they don't make sense. Am I the only one that thinks the filter shouldn't be exploited to create water sources wherever you want?? That's nice, I just want the wood one myself, I'm not much of a fighter :-P
  19. So, the bellows automator seems very much unnecessary and expensive, it pulls you down more than anything. The pottery kiln seems nice, but its really easy to craft for the amount of savings it offers, you basicly use 2 logs for 4 pottery items, which seems a tad OP, maibe have us need 4 logs to fire 4 items at max? It still saves us 4 logs and 8 straw, which again, dunno, I could do with even more balancing. I see the water filter really unnecessary as you could just make a bunch of barrels out in the open to collect water...I have 4 at the moment and I have no problems with it (and we are two players that constantly use them) Shields would be very nice! At the moment I just cannot fight skeletons at all man, even one kicks me butt! Only thing I want to say is couldn't we get bronze and copper variants too? They would block the same but would have less durability, kind of like all the rest of the tools in TFC
  20. That's why I experiment to all heck with every mechanic To figure out all its bits so I don't do unneeded stuff like that
  21. [Solved] Crash when generating a new world

    I think your world basicly can't generate chunks...and that your world name was ,,test,, and the world was in creative...your mods might have conflicts with each other, don't take me as an expert tho ;_;
  22. Questions and Suggestions for TFC2

    So I wrote a big giant comment and then my internet decided to totally ***** me over and reset everything and made me sign in.,.I'll rewrite later......
  23. Spawn Health Bar Issues

    fyi I think you can see the mod version in the .exe's name that you downloaded from the site
  24. Spawn Health Bar Issues

    Had that happen too when my server wasn't actually running TFC, so your client had the mod but the actual server in your PC doesn't, so what you got to do is download forge and tell it to install a SERVER, you run thru the steps of installing it and when finished you have to find said server's files location where you will find a ,,mods,, folder, put the TFC java .exe (or jar, dunno) in there and then start the server, if your world is still a default one, just go the the server files again and delete ,,world,, or if your world is named, delete that (ALWAYS keep backups tho!!!). If you want a specific TFC world to play on you'll have to probably rename the world save file you want to play on to ,,world,, and put it in the server folder (or file...w/e) You normally have 20 health right? That's what a vanilla server knows, but since you have TFC installed you see 20/1000 with the red bar with the special TFC layout because you have it installed to your CLIENT but having it on your client is irrelevant to the server. Also, the ,,TFC version,, is the version of the actual mod, which is like 79.xx.xx or something like that, not the version of mine raft you are running the mod on. And I know all the stuff above seems overly confusing but its farely simple. GL HF!
  25. My TFC Series

    Hey that's good man I can't quite check it out, but I can tell you one thing, and that's that you should literally practice commentary whenever you can, the personality of said youtuber that you are watching is his biggest tool for recording IMHO