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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    How can I help you as much as possible?
  2. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    The following mods can be updated:
  3. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I will leave a parameter equal to 100, since it happens that I do not have time to harvest. It was summer, the day did not come and it was winter.
  4. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    me on my server without players do not need an ordinary course of time, so I put the value of 100
  5. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    server { # For every X number of ticks provided here, when there are no players online the server will only progress by 1 tick. Time advances 100 times slower than normal. Setting this to 0 will turn this feature off. [range: 0 ~ 2147483647, default: 100] I:simSpeedNoPlayers=0 } The value of the parameter is 0 - is it normal? If I change to 100, the time back will not run, as in earlier assemblies?
  6. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    There really are logs of all the changes, but I think not everyone can understand what has changed. I do not insist, but the record of the form: replace the file in the mod's folder by ... looks more understandable for most users. In any case, the right of the last word remains for the author of this assembly)
  7. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Thank you! Could you, if possible, write in detail what has changed in the mod's folder. I update the config and the script folder without fail.
  8. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    just update the config folder and scripts?
  9. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I think, this modpack not PvP, although everything is possible
  10. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I think we do not need to change the recipes for this modification. we need to prepare "materials" for this modification. this will be the next step in the evolution of this assembly
  11. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Totally agree with you. Thank you so much! I added this recipe to my server's recipes. Created a file add.zs (specially for augmented recipes). If you include this recipe in your assembly, tell me to remove it from my file (in order to avoid repetition). There is still a very good mod with additions. Here is the list of mods, in my opinion, corresponding to the development in this modification (the rest are not in the subject): ( In my opinion, this may be the next round of development in your build.) I hope, in the future, you can include these modifications in your assembly
  12. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Tell me why this does not work: recipes.addShapeless(<minecraft:slime_ball>, [<terrafirmacraft:item.Wooden Bucket Water>.transformReplace(<terrafirmacraft:item.Wooden Bucket Empty>),<minecraft:skull:2>.noReturn()]);
  13. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Hello. I think it's worth adding a recipe for getting slimeball. I have never found any slime in the whole game. For example: a zombie's head + a bucket of water or a zombie's head + a bucket of milk. We get slimeball and empty bucket. I myself can add this recipe, but I would like it to be in your official assembly.
  14. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    My question is: how to get a glowistone?