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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Just a few suggestions! (Goats! and canning/Jarring)

    Great idea, would love to see something like this implemented.
  2. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    Love this idea.
  3. Mobs for TFC2

    I have some suggestions for mobs for TFC2, if you are taking suggestions? [if not, perhaps some ideas for modders in the future] 1. Bison. Bigger than cows, gives Bison meat, hides and bones. Breedable? perhaps even milkable once familiarized? 2. Mountain Lion, or Cougar. semi-agressive mob. [similar AI to Bear]. perhaps gives Claws, Hide, tendons? 3. Hawk. flying mob. Perhaps can give poultry meat, feathers. Maybe has nests in the heights or on top of mountains where you can raid nests for eggs. Maybe tame-able and breedable? 4. Snakes, two varieties; Rattlesnake [aggressive mob that poisons you and deals damage] , Gardner snake [passive]. Both could give meat, bones and perhaps snakeskin. [imagine curing snakeskin like hide, to make a type of leather that could have unique items or be item ID'd to be leather...] Perhaps a 3rd variant, a watersnake? 5. Shark. Kind of self-explanatory. Maybe gives sharkskin? [see #4 for uses], Shark meat/Shark fin. Shark Teeth [maybe shark teeth could provide a "sharpness" attribute/enchant to swords knives? [in primitive cultures, some aquatic cultures used shark teeth for sword-like weapons]. Shark teeth possible use as arrowheads? 6. Turkey, poultry, feathers, maybe nests with turkey eggs, breedable? Thats about all the mobs I can think of, but I would really love to see more flight based and water based mobs, which is something sadly missing from Minecraft and most mobs. If you wanted to go more primitive with mobs, maybe such things as an Auroch, Dire Wolf, Mammoth, Smilodon, or terrorbird.
  4. My "Stranded" Roleplay screenshot journal.

    Some days went by, and taking a break from my building and farming duties, I decided to go hunting and gathering again since I felt much safer now with my new bow and leather armor. During my adventures, I came across the bear that attacked me before. Bear meat is inedible, but they give a lot of hide to make more leather from. And besides, I had a personal vendetta against this bear. My own grudge aside, it would be much less dangerous to travel this area without bears putting everyone in danger, and if my plans to settle this area were to come to fruition, the area must be tamer and much safer. Wild crops nearby were getting harder and harder to find, and summer was very nearly over. Marcus has had a great summer of fishing already, and has almost two full barrels of cured fish to take with him back to town. We were discussing if I was going to go back with him, but told him of my plans to stay here and set up a permanent home. Like I mentioned already, my long term goal was to settle this area, and perhaps entice other people to settle nearby and make their own homesteads. This area was so ripe for settling that I thought it was a waste being left as wilderness. Since I was pretty much pioneering the area, I was lucky enough to get pretty much first picking, if you will, of the natural resources. Animals, crops, and choice landscape are all prime opportunities for any new area. But first, I had a lot of work to do to make the area both safer than it is, and also more easy to travel around the area as well as to and from the area. Marcus told me that his home town wasn't really all that far from here, but the path back to his village led through thick wilderness that could be very dangerous and inhospitable. So, I started making plans for how I would want to settle the area. First, there would need to be permanent pathways set up, so I set about making bricks that would lead from where my house was going to be, to where I planned on eventually building Marcus and his wife's house. To make our lives a little easier, and to start making an income for myself, I started experimenting with crafting some different furniture designs for our campsites. As well as being useful for us, Marcus said that once he went back to town for the winter, I could send anything I wanted him to sell for me back with him, and when he returned for the next fishing season, he would bring me my profit. We made arrangements, and I agreed to give him a cut of my profits for going through the trouble of acting as my middleman and dealing with the vendors and transporting my goods. I also started to make barrels, and experiment with different grains in the area in the attempt to start home brewing some alcohol. A sip of whiskey when the late summer, early autumn chill was in the air would help warm the bones. I had also found enough pieces of gold to be able to melt it down in my crude pit kiln and pour out my very first gold ingot. I was sure that whether I decided to sell the ingot, or try my hand at crafting it into something else, I would be sure to get a nice return out of all my hard work. Now that I had a soft metal to work with, I was curious about what I would do with it to turn it into something both useful, as well as nice to look to at. I decided that I would attempt to make a variation of an oil lamp with it. Im sure that I have all the materials nearby to support such an undertaking. Jute fibers, soaked in tallow would make a fine wick for the lamp. Tallow I could easily obtain by melting down the raw suet I collected from hunting the deer and bear in the area. The only thing I was really lacking, was a more controlled way to melt down the gold ingot, and a more controlled way to shape it, other than pouring it into a crudely constructed baked clay mold. In order to do this, I soon discovered, was an undertaking a lot larger than I first anticipated, but my mind was set. Discussing it with Marcus, he gave me the idea that I needed an actual forge area. He described in great detail for me what the blacksmiths forge looked like back in his hometown, and described as best as his understanding let him of how it worked. So first, I needed a better heat source than a straw and fire fed pit kiln. To obtain this better heat source I decided I would make a charcoal pit. I was already clearing trees from the area I planned to build my house, so the raw limber for it wasn't an issue. While waiting for the charcoal to cook down, I started planning out a simple but more effective forging area for raw metals, ingots, and other materials I may need to smelt and pour into more precise configurations. I harvested some of the smooth rocks nearby, and set about building an actual forge, complete with chimney and an overhanging lip above the firing area, so that I could continue to work on the area even while it was raining. Once the charcoal was cooked down and cooled enough to handle, I loaded my forge and fired it up. I also came up with the idea to make some level, thin molds in the nearby sand that would, if I could perfect the technique, allow me to make some fairly serviceable glass, which would be a must for building permanent homes here. I also carved out a crude stone anvil that would allow me to shape the metal ingots. But before I could start work on making the lamp, which was the core plan which inspired me to make all of these improvements, I would have to work hard at creating a more stable, metal anvil to give myself better control over being able to work the metals. As much as I have improved upon the area, I realized that there was still much, much more to do and winter was forever creeping steadily upon us, and if I planned to winter here instead of in town, I would have to have more than a thatch and stone hut to call home, so I began to layout the house that would hopefully be done before snowfall, and allow me to stay warm and dry throughout the winter, since I would indeed be alone here for a few months, until it warmed up and Marcus came back to begin a new fishing season.
  5. Ideas for advanced cooking in TFC

    Dude, if you could disable the spice of life effect and the pickiness, I would SO totally add this to my modpack, if that would be ok. I'm planning a new TFC Lets Play series on my YouTube channel. If I add your mod, can I use it in my modpack? Also, If you could add my ideas to your mod I would definitely use it long term in my TFC lets play series as well as offline. Would you be interested in perhaps making a custom mod for me, for my series? I have an awesome idea for adding some more custom mobs to TFC, both hostile-ish and passive.
  6. Ideas for advanced cooking in TFC

    yeah it does, and I have that, but its not very easy to use. Although it is very handy and I like it. I was thinking with the slicer, it would do more than divide food, but would also be used to make new types of food as well.
  7. My "Stranded" Roleplay screenshot journal.

    It has been a busy few days. I discovered that with one of the large animal hides that I had, I could make a crude cot. It was too uncomfortable to really sleep well in, but it served well enough on those cold, rainy days. I at least had a shelter over my head and a cot I could lay back on and plan out what I was going to do, once the rain stopped anyway. And it rained a lot here. I mean, a lot! Some days it seemed it would never stop, and we would just be swept away in a huge flood. Despite the rain, I did manage to get a lot done. Between the frequent showers, I managed to light a rough pit kiln and make some pottery storage vessels. I also figured out how to smelt the copper nuggets down and pour them into a pottery mold and make a copper saw blade. All by myself, I figured out a way to make tools of slightly better quality than stone! It was a huge breakthrough in my survival situation, and I was eager to test out my new tool. I set to work immediately and decided, after some though prompted by Marcus and his grumbling about old bones and sitting on the uncomfortable ground, that I would do something to try and help make both our lives a little easier. Since our diets revolved around what fish we could catch, I figured a way to catch fish more comfortably would be in order. So, with my new tools in hand, I made a passable fishing dock for us. In thanks for all my hard work in making the dock, Marcus gave me an extra fishing rod that he had. Well, he had already letting me borrow it, but he clapped me on the shoulder and told me that he thought I had earned the right to keep the rod. "I'll make a fisherman out of you yet, my boy!" He said, and laughed. "Now all I have to do is teach you the difference between a minnow and a trout!" He was good company, despite his rough sense of humor at times. Although he was right. Even though I enjoyed fishing with Marcus, I wasn't very good at it. I was more likely to catch a twig than a fish, but at least I made the effort to contribute to both of our situations and he was grateful. Even though I was a bad fisherman, I soon discovered I seemed to have other talents. I was quite good at woodworking. With my new saw, even though it was copper and needed sharpening frequently, I could make some decent furniture. I soon had a table for each of our campsites, as well as some sturdy shelves to store our most important items on. Although the table and shelves were appreciated by Marcus, I really caught his attention when I made tool racks. He didnt have to prop his fishing rod in the corner of his tent any longer, he had a tool rack posted to a nearby tree. He was really glad he didnt have to bend over and pick it up off the ground any longer. With all the fish in our diet, our evening discussions tended to go to the "wish" variety. "I like fish, dont get me wrong my boy, but I wish I had a nice pot of potatos" Marcus would often tell me. If it wasnt potatos, it was carrots, or a head of cabbage, or something of that sort. So I decided one day I was going to explore the surroundings. I managed to find some wild crops nearby, and since it was still early in the summer, I saved some seeds and started planting them near the bank of the river. I knew that it wasnt suitable for a farm, but for our situation, I think it just might work. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have some variety to our diets. Marcus was right about those Jute plants. The fibers, once soaked and pliable, wound together very easily and indeed make a very sturdy rope. The next major project of mine came about quite accidentally, but was still quite fortunate for us. One night, while dozing on my hide and straw cot, I was jarred awake by quite the commotion in my little farm on the river bank. My garden! Something was in my garden! I leaped from my bed, grabbed a torch, and raced to see what was going on. Keep in mind I had nothing but sticks and stones to defend my patch of cabbages and peppers, but I would defend it none the less! Much to my surprise it was a wild pig, rooting in my garden and chewing on the bulbs and roots of my crops. I chased it away, heartbroken. All my hard work for nothing, it seemed. After chasing away the porcine plant predator, I slumped into my cot and sulked. The thought crossed my mind that pork chops and bacon would taste really good right now, and would be a welcome diversion from fish... So, I closed my eyes that night with a new plan for the new day. Once I awoke, I set about making some more of the javelins I made at the beginning of my adventure. The wild pig I chased away in the night was hovering around the edges of my campsite, bravely nosing about in the grass like he was completely innocent. That night, over a huge pork roast sizzling over my campfire, I had the last laugh. This pig did open my eyes to something else though. He wasn't the only sign of animals in the area either. I soon discovered a variety of animals. Marcus and I would eat well for a few days on this one pig, but perhaps, with a little hard work, we could eat well all season. So, with my copper saw in hand again, I set about making a fence. The rope Marcus taught me to make from jute fiber made a nice leash to capture the animals nearby and I set about making a fence to pen them in. I soon discovered that, as well as cows and pigs, the area had a lot of wild horse grazing on the wild rice that was literally everywhere nearby. With the thought of cows, came the thoughts of milk, and maybe even cheese! Once this breakthrough was made, Marcus gave me his blessing to focus on my new projects. "you're a bad fisherman anyway, maybe you can be more useful out of my way on the dock" He joked with me. But I saw the drool on his lips at the mention of cheese, and I could tell he was as eager for me to succeed than I was. But, as tempting as the thoughts of milk and cheese were, there was one thing I was missing in this plan at first. I had to get close enough to the cow to milk her in the first place. Even though the animals were in my pen, it didnt mean they were tame enough to let me near them without biting or kicking at me. So, I had to acclimate them to my presence first. So taking the rice and grinding it down with the stone handle of my rough stone knife, it allowed me to clear the stalks from the grain. I had watched the horses nearby eat it, so I thought the cows and pigs would like it too. They did, and I had to soon go and gather more of it. Once I was out looking for and gathering more rice, I made a couple more important discoveries, both good and bad. I was minding my own business picking rice, when I heard a grunt and a crash of branches behind me. Searing agony ripped through my shoulders from a mountain of brown fur and teeth and claws. This bear came out of no where! I sprang to my feet and ran, and ran. Luckily I had ran towards camp, without realizing it. I crashed into the river near Marcus' campsite, and he chased it away with branch from his campfire. I'm lucky he was nearby, because I lost a lot of blood and passed out. I awoke a couple days later, sore and weak and weary from the attack. However, as bad as that encounter was, I did make some other important discoveries in that adventure. The rock and soil of the area changed to limestone nearby, and with limestone came the ability to make a lot of other things. I could use limestone to make a sort of flux to mix with water to prepare the rough animal hides I had gathered from my hunts and start the long process of leather making. Once we had leather, our tool making ability would blossom into many new possibilities. But, with the thought of that bear attack forever lodged painfully in my mind, I had other plans. I discovered that animal tendons and sinew could be worked into a very taught bowstring. The Aspen branches of the Aspen trees nearby also made powerful bow limbs. Before long, I had a deadly accurate means to defend myself. Well, once I had some arrows anyway. For arrows I needed feathers, and the wild pheasants in the area soon came into focus for my javelins. Hunting pheasant to gather feathers, I came upon a couple beautiful black horses who had somehow gotten themselves trapped on a mountain ledge. I managed to save one. The other unfortunately fell to its death. Marcus, not one to waste any opportunity, soon took advantage of that scenario. Horses give a lot of meat, although stringy and tough. "At least its not fish," Marcus stated matter of factly. The horse I managed to save I decided to make a separate pen for, and named him Goliath because of his giant size. He was at least twenty two hands tall, and had a fiery spirit. The hides I had soaking make leather, and I planned to make a saddle so I could tame Goliath and ride him. Marcus also requested I try my hand at making a saddle for him as well, and wanted one of the buckskin horses I had found nearby. For all he had done for me, I told him as soon I could figure out how, he would have a horse. He loved Lazy, his donkey, very much, but horses would make our lives much, much easier. Our conversations changed from food to planning for the future. He loved his wife, and loved living in town, but he also loved his summers here fishing as well. One night he said that if he could live here permanently, he would, but he was too old to build another house. I, however, was still fairly young. This tipped my thoughts from staying here temporarily to perhaps setting up a more permanent base of operations; both for myself and for Marcus, but that would take some time. For now, there was still plenty of hard work to come and the area was still very wild and dangerous.
  8. My "Stranded" Roleplay screenshot journal.

    Thanks, Ill have a second entry later today. Going to work on it now.
  9. Ideas for advanced cooking in TFC

    yeah, I saw that but not interested at all in a spice of life varient for tfc. Besides, whats I was thinking was different, other than the presser.
  10. [This will be a story-ish, RP set of screenshots that, in time, I will be posting builds along with a, hopefully, entertaining little commentary.] EDIT: Just to clarify some thing. This is not "vanilla" TFC, I also have some TFC addon mods installed. I had no idea where I was, or what had happened to me. I woke up on this beach, cool wind blowing the sand in my face. I could remember nothing other than my name. How I had gotten to be here, or why, I had no idea. After sitting for a few minutes to gather my thoughts, I decided I would investigate my surroundings. It was quiet. All I could hear was birds and crickets. Wherever I was, it didnt appear to be inhabited. While exploring, I made a few discoveries; mainly some copper that would help me make a crude tool later, and also that I was on an island. Seeing another land mass just across the narrow waterway, I decided I would take the risk and make the swim. My rumbling stomach and parched lips told me I needed food and water soon, or I would be too weak to make the swim. Seaweed, although very bad tasting, is a good food source in an emergency situation. I made a crude stone knife from sharp rocks and driftwood and set about getting some seaweed, letting it dry in the sun as I worked on making some more crude stone tools. I fashioned a handful of javelin-like spears, a chopper, and another knife from the sharp stones in the area and driftwood, binding them with tough strands of straw that grew here. I saw some deer and a wild pig nearby, so I went off in a brief search for them. It wasn't long until I found them. The wildlife on this island had no natural fear of man. Tough luck for them, but I count myself lucky. Smiling and drooling, I could imagine the hot, buttery taste of a haunch of venison as I wrapped up the meat from my hunt in the deer hides I saved. The hides may come in handy later. It was then that I realized that leather making was a lot harder than I first thought, but worth it. Holding my prize above my head, I entered the chill seawater. Halfway there, I remembered I was carrying raw meat, and there may be sharks in this sea... I admit I may have panicked a bit during the swim, exhausting myself by swimming as fast as I could to get out of the potentially lethal waters, I stumbled, cold and wet, onto the shore of the next island. Laying there with the sun in my eyes, clutching my meager prizes tight in my fists, I heard a voice above me ask me if I was going to lay there all day, or go swimming again and scare off his fish. I made a hasty apology and introduced myself and told him my story, what I could remember of it anyhow. Come to find out, his name was Marcus and he was a kindly old fisherman. He invited me to his camp and shared his fire with me, and water! In thanks, we roasted a haunch of venison and had, to my starving stomach, a feast of venison stew flavored with wild red peppers that grew nearby, mushroom broth, and a hint of wild garlic. Marcus camped on this shore during the warm months, stocking up on fish that he dried and sold in his home town. He offered to give me what assistance he could, provided I made my own camp nearby and didn't interrupt his fishing again. The next morning, I thanked Marcus again, and made my way to the river he said was nearby. I filled up the water jug he had donated to me and followed the snake like waterway until I found a good clearing. It had a berry bush near a tree, so I started making preparations to set up a temporary camp here. Near enough where I could go visit Marcus, or he visit me anytime. Shoot, a good should from either of us would be heard by the other. I found some large stones that I stacked together an made a crude stone foundation. Next, a couple trees fell to my clumsy chopper along with some driftwood from the coast were added on top of the stone. The grass that grew here made excellent bundles to keep the wind and rain off of me. It was by far not the best thing I had ever built, but it would suffice until Marcus left at the end of his season. He said I could travel with him to his home town and seek work there if I wished. Having no better options, I agreed readily. After a long day of hard work, I settled near my campfire and sorted through my possessions. I had found some wild peppers, garlic, and some hardy vine-like grasses that Marcus called "jute." He said it made fine rope. I had some hides I would soon have to prepare. Enough copper nuggets to make a crude metal tool. A water jug, and some thick clay I found nearby to make into some storage vessels and bake in a rough pit kiln I would attempt to make tomorrow. But, I had fresh water nearby, food to last a few days provided it didnt spoil, shelter, and some companionship in the old fisherman. It may not sound like a lot to some, but to me it was home enough, for now.
  11. Ok, I cant mod, but I do have some ideas Id love to see made into an add-on mod for TFC, that I think could possibly work well with how TFCraft works. 1. Presser. Similar to the Pams Harvestcraft presser. soybeans to tofu [protein/meat substitute], soy milk [dairy supplement/substitute]. Eggs to Mayonaise? If peanuts could be added, could be used to make peanut butter. 2. Slicer. Slices meats, veg, fruits? a way to control how to divide your food items easier and with more accuracy and ease of use. 3. Canning station. Make "Mason Jars" and can your fruits and vegetables to drastically cut down on decay. Maybe the mason jars have a percentage to break when opened, and would need tin to make lids. Or could even add a recipe to the forge to make tin cans? 4. Sandwich station. A more advanced place to make sandwiches than a stone or wood block, would need prepared foods like cold cuts or sliced vegetables, etc? 5. Appliances? tables and chairs, counters, oven, range, refridgerator, sink? I dont know how some of these would work but TFC has a unique way to do things, Im sure someone clever could make some of these work. Some possible crops to add could be peanuts, lettuce, celery. Grapes could be added if someone could figure out how to make vines. Think Growthgraft. A cauldron could be added for a place to make Broth, Soup, Stew, Porridge, Stock... Edit 1: Maybe also add a Jam and Jelly station, to make jams, jellies, and preserves out of fruit. Also, an Apiary would be cool. Bees in TFC? Honey and toast... Perhaps some additional Egg recipes, like Egg Salad Sandwiches, Hard Boiled egg, Quiche from the oven, with tasty veggies mixed in? Yeah, a lot of this stuff could be end game, but imagine distracting that bear that always kills you with a bit of honey...