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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Wayukian please!!!

    it has been a little over a month, not critisizing, but are you even still working on it or should i try my hand at making it compatible
  2. Wayukian please!!!

    so this is the first texture pack i ever used in minecraft and i realy love it, unfortunately my computer does not have anything but paint and my attempts to find a safe download have all failed, i will up load this texture pack and request some one take it and add tfc textures to it, i don't car if all you do is take current textures and re color them and put them in the right locations. or if you try to make new awesome texture that math the texture pack. i just want to be able to play witht his texture pack on tfc. please, someone make this compatible with tfc.
  3. Ships!!

    Ok so i was just reading a post about adding giant squids (awsome idea but not practicle) and about how bioxx hopes to change the terrain gen, and maybe making biomes bigger. then it hit me, if biomes are going to get bigger, the oceans are going to be huge and we are going to need a way to cross them. with the awsome new gen height i realized that oceans can get extremely deep so i also had the quick idea to add to the world gen that if a ravine spawns in under an ocean it should be full of water. but that is off topic. ships could actualy be easier to code then most realize. with terrafirmacraft awsome structure recogition prgraming, all one would have to do it build a structure, and use the proper materials, also ships would not have to be very big, a simple long boat like the viking used would be suitable for a several day voyage. it would be awsome to have massive ships like the spanish navy used or english galleons but those would be much harder to code, i believe that a long boat would be a suitable middle ground, they cound easily hold several chests and people, and with a little coding even have a sleep function to help skip nights (ie. sleeping on the hard floor of the ship) this would allow the player to not only have a swift means of transportation across seas but also have storage for food, and a platform that can be used to fight off any mobs that may attack your boat rather then having to either dive into the water after the monster or risk breaking your boat. things that could attack your ship would include sharks, whales, squids if they are added, and even mythilogical creatures if they are added (which would be awsome additions) such as sea dragons and mermaids, i could not think of another sea monster so i threw in mermaids as they were know to lead ships to rocks and capsize the boats to attack the crews of ships. ship sterring would be easy as well, as the ship would simply have a function that as long as it is not night, when you click on the ship you go into a driving mode, or for multiplayer convienience, paddles and a steerer. who ever it is codded or done, ships were and have always been a major part of human progression and should be included in this mod. also another idea to add is that maybe adding in a sea captain npc that can be found at village ports, if they are added, yeah i know this is reliant on unconfirmed additions and hopeful additions, that when hired you can set coordinates in his memoery storage and set up your own docks, and then all you have to do is have him steer the ship to your desired destination. this would not mean that you immidiately appear at the desired location, but that the captain gives the ship an AI that finds the most direct route across water to the desired coordinates, also if the desired destination is scaned and found to not be water of a cetain depth then the coordinates are regected and dissapear from the list.
  4. Ships

    already a post about this. it is in the thread directory. the very first post. you should read the rules. one of them says don't make repeat threads.
  5. Wayukian please!!!

    Hello? um... do you plan to update this? Not trying to be pushy but you said as soon as the mod updated you would update the "texture" pack. so im just wondering if you are working on it or if i should just try to update it myself?
  6. ok im am going to update this as time goes but here are some of my original ideas that i had posted in the old suggestions page of the old wiki. .people i am open to ideas. if you do not like something say so, if you think something should be added, write a comment, bioxx is saying he might use these ideas for the health system, if you guys do not want something, or do want something, please post comments before he uses any of these ideas, if you guys like these ideas, say so, so that i know what ideas to keep or expand upon. this is just my first crack at explaining a new health system. ideas are welcome. and please read the whole post before you post a comment as there is alot of information here and chances are that if you skip and find a easy exploit, i have talked about a way to overcome it at some point in this post. i agree this needs work, but do to some serious computer problems i am not going to be updating the suggestion anymore, i am merely going to let people post there ideas here and discuss until we can all come to an agreement, then i will probably hand over my account to some one so they can fix it up nice and pretty. i suck at presentation anyways. i will edit it a bit before i log off for a long time. probably will not be back for months seeing as how i need anew computer and have college to think about. any ways yes this idea needs work, but this is not purely about the post, but about the comments and suggestions from the community. instead of saying you think it needs work, tell us what exactly or generally needs work so we can focus and improve this topic. if you do not like something give you opinion on how it should be changed. first off starting with hunger, i believe that a person does not heal completely from an arrow wound or explosion just by eaitng some steak and bread. my idea is that having full hunger can only heal you up to 5 hearts and then the healing process slows down to a heart or half a heart a day. this allows the player to keep their life up but will make it so they still require they need to delve into more advanced ways of healing themselves. second, this is an idea and completely unnnecesary if it proves to difficult to code, but i beleive there should be diffrent types of injuries,like broken bones from being beaten by a zombie or falling off a cliff, gashes from arrowsand claws, i will be adding a second suggestions page about my ideas for new mobs and a hunting/ butchering system, so on so forth. having to many injuries lowers villager intrest and acceptance of you, again i will be adding a third suggestions page about my ideas for a villager trading system and interaction system. third, early game health tools, junngle leaves should have a chance to drop a jungle leaf item, other wise the player needs to find sheep and get wool, i also have a theory about wool blocks but i will delve into that later, using the wool from a sheep or a jungle leaf item, plus 2 sticks, the player will make them self a splint for broken bones, or if the player finds herbs, such as aleo vera or something, they can use them with the wool or leaf to make an stuffing clog, think of cotton balls, used to heal gashes, once used it removes the status ailgment and heals your character for a shot time, if the character has a status aligment only the type of health tool that fixes that injury will work, if they have more then one then both tool types will work, so if the player has a gash and broken bone then both cloggs and splints will work but if the player only has broken bones then only a splint will help, if the player has no injury type then the player just needs to use ointment, which i will explain in my next paragraph. these suggestions never came unfortunately, i ran into some trouble and have been very distracted. if i ever get my computer fixed or replaced i will be sure to try to remember to make these suggestions. forth, second teir heath tools, herbs and bed rest, if the player sleeps in bed it is capable of healing the player for a random amount as long as they have no injury types, the max bed rest can heal for is up to 10 hearts, splints and raggs heal the player up to 7, ointments can also heal the player up to 10, by using 3 pices of clay the player can make a moart and pedestle and after cooking it in a firepit or forge the player must craft it with 6 peices of wood 1 peice of paper and an herb, there should be multiple types but all will work to create a hebalism table, using this the player can create ointments that heal may status aligments, including gashes and frostbite, the player should also have a loom by now and can make cloth that takes the place of the cloggs from before fith, actual use for zombies and skeletons, killing a zombie will have a chanse that the zombie will drop one of three special items, an item called unrotted flesh, zombie organ and infected meat, skeletons drop 5 new items: rib, skull, pelvis, skeletal hand, and finaly a femur, now while it is unlikely that in real life you would be able to fix your own broken skull or shattered hand, this is a game and there is only so much you can do before the game becomes impossible by yourself. sixth, reasearch, the most important step, allows for the player to gain more then 10 hearts, and in its finla stages a max of 20, the player must get to the iron age to make the first stage of research tables, by using 3 peices of wood, 3 peices of smooth stone, a iron knife, peice of paper and glass bottle the player will craft a research table, and buy using each of the special items the player will be able to make "recipies that will be used in the alchemy system to allow for the cration of simple mediciens, and for those who want to use this sytem for evil purposes, simple poisins. seventh, advanced research, while the stage one research table allows for a max of 13 hearts the stage 2 table using a steel knife instead of iron, yse i belive it should be a simple as putting the table in the crafint table with a steel knife, stage 2 allows up to 16 hearts, the player can research more then one type of organ at once and can come up with even more advanced "recipies" that allow stronger medicies and poisions. eighth, third and final teir reasearch, the player must head to the nether, zombie pigmen drop mutated versions of the zombie organs, and a few mutated bones, skull and femur are the best in my opinion but what ever you feel comfortable with, this require that the player make a new bech with steel instead of wood and a 2x steel sheet to replace the center stone, plus either a red steel or blue steel knife, thus creating advanced teir fantasy reasearch table, name place holder call it what ever you like, you use the mutated organs to get even more powerful medicen that max you out at 20 hearts. Ninth, negative death effects, to prevent a player from just dieing to regain health and food, when a player spawn the player will start out with full health, 10 hearts, and full hunger, if the player dies, when they respawn they have only 5 hearts and 3 hunger, they have a reborn negative effect that prevents them from using any gui, feel free to add any other negative effects you feel the player should have for dying. if you guys have any other ideas then feel free to post them in the replies Additions: While reading another suggestion, unrelated but some how my twisted mind came up with this idea, Numbered health and food rather then icons. (icons can be placed next to the health and food numbers but will/may not be used to count) a cap for health should be rather low, if you start out with 100 health you should have a cap of 400 or 300 (i actualy think a starting health of 64 would be quite humorous and nastagic of minecraft itself) i will leave food up too the community and bioxx to decide the starting numbers and limit. While health will be a constant unless hurt or healed/increased, food will slowly drain over time, even while standing still. however, running jumping or fighting will increase the hunger decrease rate. this allows for bioxx to assign numbers to each pecie of food so each peice will increase the hunger counter a certain amount. i do have one suggestion for the hunger meter, there should be 2 limits, one limit that if passed cause you to get an over eating penalty, the effects are up too bioxx and the public, but slowness should be one of them, and a second limit where you can not eat anymore. also some foods should take longer to eat then others. someone suggested a paer doll idea, varying degrees of injuries, making medical items edible ( i like this idea, but items like badages should have a sligtly added animation were the player's arm goes across there body like they are wrapping themselves up rather then eating a bandagem and casts would require a medical table) or iff you add in a new invetory gui you could have items like bandages or casts equip in thos slots (also this guys suggestion not mine, but i do like the idea of a new inventory gui and i believe this would be feisable if it is thus implemented) afreind of mine posted a suggestion of his own like mine (not a comment) about a new inventory screen and new jewlery and the like, while his suggestion would be ok, simply adding a few slots to the current inventory menue, I believe that a new attire gui is in order (when i was saying inventory i ment a gui where you equip armour and jewlery, ring slots, sheilds, necklace, capes!, ext Community made images and mock=ups to explain some of my earlier statements, in real life you do not get an entire 1 meter by 1 meter block of wool in from a sheep you get multiple balls of wool, now to get a block of wool you could put either 4, 6 or 9 balls of wool in a crafting table to get a block of wool, i am unsure of this so you just decide which sounds better, but this is not how the player makes cloth or beds, the player must use a loom to spin balls of wool into cloth and cloths into sheets, you use 2 sheets to make a matress case, i do not have a name for it, then you fill it with balls of wool, 8 should do seeing as how the beds thin are to start out with, then you use either 2 cloth or 1 sheet, again you guys decide, with 8 feathers to make a pillow, use a few sheets to make a blanket, and make a bed frame with wood, up to bioxx how that is done, then you craft the matress on top of the frame, the blanket on top ot the matress and pillow off to the side of the blanket and then you get a bed, if i missed anything or forgot to explain and idea please tell me and i will fix it, i will also be putting up the other 3 pages in the next few days
  7. Why is this not getting any more love?
  8. New Health and Medicine System

    Wow, how long has it been since i posted this? i remember when i got all excited when Bioxx replied saying he loved this and was planning on using this post when implementing a health system. guess they went in a different direction but man does this bring back memories.
  9. Archery and Weaponry

    OK so just to clarify this is a thread about weapon ideas. Normally I, like everyone else, would sit here, write out some long explanation of what I am thinking and have about 7 different people show up to tear apart my ideas because of something i said. So instead of explaining why i think they should be added or anything like that i will just list a few ideas for anyone to add onto, they are not detailed or refined in anyway so feel free to add on or deconstruct as you see fit.. Archery: Slingshot: throws rocks, mostly just pisses off mobs Short bows: basic bow made for beginers Bow/ strong bow/ hard bow/ whatever: stronger bow made of better material then the short bow, longer range and more damage Composite bow: same range as the short bow but more damage then the long bow, fires faster. Crossbow: very very slow fire rate, massive damage, may be able to 2 shot kill a full health player in full iron or 3 shot steel (if you can reload fast enough to shoot them before they run up to you and start beating on you with their steel mace.) Combat: Knife should have increased speed. Maces should inflict a slight miner's fatigue and slow the player's swing. maces and swords should have a 2 block range, swords should have a chance to inflict a bleed effect that deals very minor damage while maces have a slight chance to knock back or stun the enemy slightly more then usual. Dagger: fast weapon, 1/2 or 1 block range block range Katana: faster sword that deals slightly less damage, same range as sword and mace Battleaxe: slower, like the mace but has am increased chance to inflict the bleed effect. Spear (not javelin): less damage but has increased reach. 4 blocks? Other: Throwing knifes/stars: do i really have to explain this one? Jacks: throw them on the ground. When a mob walks on them they hurt the mob and disappear/ break. Bleh... i can't really think of more for this but feel free to add Traps: Spikes Skyrim.... you guys can fill this one out.
  10. To heck with the current communication!

    bukkit does not work with forge, bukkit forge does not work with TFC, If someone could create a TFC exclusive version of this then great, but until bukkit and forge work on compatibility with each other then i don't see this happening anytime soon. unless a modder sees this and just to prove me wrong writes a plugin that works similar to the bukkit version. >.>
  11. Archery and Weaponry

    this is exactly what i was trying to say. just that we need more variety to make combat more interesting. i would also like a variety of archery equipment as i am an archer in most games (or a battlemage, but that is unfortunately not in this mod) so i was hoping for a bit of variety for us who prefer archery, 3 different types of bows and a crossbow. so yeah variety is all this topic is about, making combat more interesting. oh and to Roark92, i understand what you are getting at but i have pretty much every type of sword on the planet IRl and i can tell you a Katana is much different than a typical double sided sword. seeing as how we are limited to one handed i tried to refrain from listing two handed weapons. there are plenty of weapons that deserve as much respect as everything else but the Katana is easily implemented compared to them and is iconic, that is why i listed it, in the end it is up to you guys and Duncan to figure out what you want most. i just started the topic to get us thinking about it because Dunc is working on the new damage and armor systems.
  12. Wayukian please!!!

    What? i use this texture pack pretty much exclusively and it is working perfectly fine on 1.5.1. the basalt is a bit dark at times but other then that i have had no problems. perhaps you are not installing it correctly?
  13. Wayukian please!!!

    ok that's understandable. i was hoping to have the metals by then but i am perfectly fine waiting.
  14. Archery and Weaponry

    doesn't need to be but we want believable right? and having every single weapon be exactly the same is not very believable. plus it would make it that much harder if you had to actually way your options on what you want to do. if your thinking about zombies a sword or spear would be best. for a skeleton bleed would be pointless so the something like a stunning hammer would be best. fending off a creeper? get something with knock back or more reach. range is best for them,. really the only reason i started this was for archery but i had a few ideas for weapons so i thought i would throw them in as well. basically i just want to make it more immersive. if you have to really think about the weapon you want then it makes it so that the weapons you make have that much more meaning to you as they reflect your personal choice and preference if it is only based on visuals then really there is no attachment to your weapon, but if you have to think about the pros and cons of each weapon type and them make a choice it increase the sentimental value of each weapon you make. yes eventually you will have them all but until then you will really have to consider what you want to spend your hard earned ore an time on. oh and naming them would make this even better. many weapons throughout history have been given names. whether that weapon was lost and broken on a battlefield or preserved forever in a museum. naming a weapon gives it character ad sentimental value.
  15. Early power systems

    How about we keep it pretty much the same as it is now and instead of adding new teirs or whatever we simply add things like a windmill that you build and it helps you grind flour more swiftly. a pump made of steel and pipes for liquids made of glass and steel. you know believable medieval machines that don't seem like much now but would make the little things much easier to manage? imagine if you had the option to either move bucket after bucket of water to your ponds and wells or simply build a pump that you can either hand crank or something to move the water for you. obviously it would be much more expensive to make, like building a bunch of individual parts and putting them together in the crafting bench or setting it up piece by piece next to a water source, hooking up a pipe to the intake and one to the out take. regular steel for water but blue or red steel for lava. something like this. instead of adding in a whole new system, simply add in buildable and craftable medieval tech. only ones that come to mind are windmills, basic pumps, watermills, clockworks, crane, ext... i think I am starting to ramble so i will leave this here. no teirs, no having to build this before you can build that, just hard work and engineering, if you can make it then go a head and do, but having a systems where they eventually need maintenance would balance them out a bit, so it take a ton of materials to build and then depending on how well it was put together it may need more or less maintenance.
  16. Wayukian please!!!

    Hello? it has been a week since you last posted, if im being annoying just tell me, i get that way sometimes, i don't mean to be but it happens so just tell me if i do. now im just wondering if you could post an update? just say im working on it or im about halfway done anything to let me know you are still working on it. hope to hear back from you.
  17. Launcher.

    I really like how easy it is to use the launcher however it looks really ugly on my desktop. is there anyway to make it so that when it runs it creates a .exe that i can put an icon on so that it looks good? cause as far as i know that should not be too hard and would be a nice feature and look much more professional. just a thought. if not i will try and figure out how to make a .exe that launches the .jar.
  18. Can you upload the pipe and engine recipes? i mean i understand that they are probably very close to being the same but knowing what i can and can't use would be very helpful. also how did you implement new recipes if you can make a tutorial on how to add new recipes to tfc gui's i would really like to start porting other mods like thaumcraft and simply horses. also if anyone knows how to add ore gen to tfc that would be extremely helpful as well.
  19. Dreaming of FTB with this mod

    Umm.. has anyone ever thought that maybe A FTB TFC does not have to have such a huge progression? i mean FTB has many different pack all with different themes. heck they even have a voxel mod pack ment purely for building awesome stuff in near vanilla. whay not have a medieval time TFC modpack with simply horses or mo creatures? and perhaps a few other mods like buildcraft or thaumcraft? (with some of the features like oil and quarries removed) just adding new recipies for the mods by making them use TFC items and blocks. Just cause it is FTB does not mean you have to eventually reach the space age. i would love to see TFC with a bit of late game convenience and mystical elements added in.
  20. Simply Horses

    ok i just did that however for some reason i can;t seem to figure out what the recpies are for anything i mean the carts seem to work, but everything else does not as far as i can tell.
  21. Simply Horses

    ohh...... thanks!!!
  22. Simply Horses

    HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't find the config file anywhere. what am i supposed to do to find it? all i can find are .class files and textures.
  23. Simply Horses Help!!!!

    REcently i was attempting to make a mod pack for me and my freinds. i wanted to put simply horses into the modspack and was delited to see that simply horses added a tfc option. however when i went to find the simply horses config file i could not find it. am i missing something or is it just not in the current version of simply horses?
  24. Wayukian please!!!

    i made my own personal mob folder. has more variety and new enemies. i used the monsters from another texture pack and played around with the farm animals color schemes. if you want to take a look i can upload it. otherwise just letting you know so you don't think i was telling you to make new mobs. i tend to ramble when im tired and sick. so yeah. the only things that were bothering me was the faint metals, and identical shape of ingots and bricks, and the lack of diamond style tools.
  25. Wayukian please!!!

    one complaint on an otherwise amazing job well done. the colors on the tools and metals are really faint, even looking at them side by side it is hard to tell the difference between bronze and steel.I love the color of the rocks and bricks (although making them a bit different to the ingots would not hurt, maybe add writing to the ingots or make the bricks have softer edges?) but metal should be more vibrant. I know your not done but this is something I hope is fixed ASAP. just increase their saturation and make the colors a bit more vibrant and or deep so it is easy to tell them apart. also I do not see any diamond style tools, personally I loved the diamond tools and armor the best so I would love it if you used them for the red and blue steel tools and armor. anyways thanks again! this is awesome! hope you keep it up, cause this is without a doubt my favorite texture pack. although I would love to see more variety of the monsters or animals (would love a few more spiders, endermen, and farm animals, i doubt she will do it but i guess i will ask Wayuki on the forums)