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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. New stone tools!

    New stone tools, not really "new" tools, just specialized tools. Carving axes for making things like fences. It would work just like a knife for making seeds. The new recipes would just require the tool to be in the crafting window and would have many uses. Open for discussion for other tools such as a different knife needed for skinning or anything you can think of! I just want more tools TONS more! This is just a sidenote but they could also overlap, as in two different tools could be used to make a fence, or three, but would result in a different number of the crafted item. Maybe a knife would result in 2 fences, and a carving axe would give 4 or 6.
  2. My Build 77 Wishlist

    To lure an animal, do farmers use grains? I'm not a farmer and don't know anyone who is, but that seems pretty plausible as a good way to lure them. For some reason though, in TFC I picture some type of like, rope. That you could use to leash an animal and transport it. This wouldn't replace the luring mechanic unless some kind of lasso mechanic was built for TFC so you could catch a wild animal easily. This is aimed toward transportation after you have successfully caught an animal. So, say you lure a cow into a fenced area and shut the opening before he can escape, You can now leash the animal quite easily. As far as I know wild animals don't like being leashed so they should do their standard panic run anytime a player has a rope in their hand near the animal. So as you can imagine, it would still be pretty easy to catch him if hes fenced in. Now, for a little, domestication thing. Maybe a week after the initial leashing, the animal would change a bit, not visually or anything, but that animal would now not be afraid of leashes. So next time you wish to move him, he trusts you, because he's not dead. But then again, I know nothing about animals.
  3. Wool Clothes! / discussion about warmth.

    I've always thought about somehow, combing your armor in TFC. To be able to wear a woolen hood with a strong metal helmet over it would be amazing to provide both warmth and defense. But this is where I think we get to a completely unrealistic place. A normal human cant wear 3 layers on their head and full body and also armor on top. That's just, in my personal opinion, ridiculous. Combat would be nearly impossible as you would unlikely even be able to bend your arms. I love the realism of all of this stuff coming together, but I also love the idea of the complexity in simplicity, and also actually having this in the mod sometime this year. This is where i'd like to re-propose my original submission but with a bit of a twist. Wool clothes are still absolutely necessary in winter for warmth but maybe the armor combination thing could be used. Armor could be double layered, allowing for a maximum of 8 armor pieces. Now I do not at all want to scrap what callisto or turtletechy said with having many different armor types, but I dont see a need for having 3 layers for all armor types. For example, Having leather and woolen head armor would be very good for decent protection, but would also repel water and keep in your heat. Maybe even the same setup on the chest. Now, when you have all this stuff on, I cant see a reason to need more leather (Water protection) on the legs because, as previously mentioned, wool fares well even when wet. So this could allow for some strong metal leggings combined with wool. Now your character is resilient against coldness, rain, and still maintains decent protection rating and maneuverability. Now, should they add, 7000 different armors into the game? No. When i think about this all I imagine is 2x the armor slots in the inventory screen. 2 helmet slots side by side, two chest spots side by side. This would be so cool because, if in a safe area, You could essentially just go farming wearing a nice hat to avoid over heating and a light shirt and pants. Along with some leather shoes or something. Last but not least, The only precaution I can see that would need to added is an exception that metal armors could not be overlapped with other metal armor. No copper helmet with a bismuth helmet on top of it. Damn that was a lot of writing, I hope i remembered to write everything I had in my head.
  4. Additional structures

    You can already build a spike pit ? Just dig a 3x3 hole about 5 or 6 blocks deep and put a few fake spikes (tfc planks) in the bottom. Great for mobs, as theyll burn in the day and you can just collect the mobs. And just like real hunting, Build a long trap fence (just plain fence) and have the pits in the fence xxx -----------------------xxx----------------- xxx X's are pit area. You can place another at the edge then more fence, and so on. I also know this works as i've tested it catching skeletons and animals. Basically, i'm saying this because i like the idea of just, building this kind of stuff yourself. Maybe just add the ability to turn a tfc plank into a stake with a knife. Then you can place these stakes yourself in the bottom of a pit using the same place mechanics as a plank. Could even consider allowing them to be placed horizontally off of walls, maybe ? Im not sure, that would seem a bit overpowered
  5. A few suggestions on Stone Age Weapons

    I like the idea of throwing the rocks I pick up. Would I be able to collect them and throw them again, or would they be lost with one throw? Also, I absolutely love the "swaying". This would make hunting so fun with the javelin. I would hope that when/if more thrown weapons are added like allowing the knives to be thrown they would also have this same, swaying effect. Last thought, I wonder if it would be cool if the shakyness was based on your health, so if you were in combat and badly wounded, throwing steadily would be nearly impossible. But as an opposite, throwing an item with completely full health is not easy, but, manageable. This would avoid a "skill" system
  6. Quick and easy change.

    yes but i just meant like, maybe this could just be quickly added in the next build. Not like, a whole new system. Not saying I don't like your idea, I definitely do. anyways, just an idea for another small thing that will make the game tougher!
  7. Quick and easy change.

    Sugar requiring a knife and sugarcane like other crops!
  8. Torches burn out!

    No, i didn't see that at all. And im the type of person who skims through the modlist every couple of days. That is so awesome.
  9. Torches burn out!

    Why wait? Just a skeleton re textured could be a good bandit archer couldnt it? But you still wouldnt want mobs to spawn inside of your house. I think being able to designate an indoor area would fix that.
  10. Torches burn out!

    Ok, I've thought about this for a while, and the only thing i could come up with actually doesn't relate to light at all. first i went to complex things like some sort of code to check if its indoors, check for a door and a roof and all that. but that seemed confusing and probably quite impractical. But then i thought of flooring, a new block. This flooring block would be a half slab of any type of wood you make it. Made with the standard tfc planks. But would require the entire 3x3 of the planks for 1 sheet of flooring. This half slab could only be placed on the TOP half of the box area to avoid any conflicts with interior space. As in this wouldn't be like snow or anything like that, it would be flush with a full sized block next to it. This flooring block would never allow spawning of mobs. no matter of the light conditions. I don't know. I tried
  11. Wool Clothes! / discussion about warmth.

    I just feel the leather armor should be quite strong, and should be used mainly for combat, not for day to day terrafirmacraft living. Which is what i really love. These are all definitely just ideas though! I love where the mod has gone and I have faith that it will stay very true to the real survival experience.
  12. Torches burn out!

    or maybe both
  13. Torches burn out!

    Indoor fireplace could emit light for a long time, even after the fire has burned out, the embers could maybe still shine. That would be cool. Or! maybe allowing us to craft a lantern using animal fat. this animal fat could be obtained by crafting a peice of mutton with any knife. This lantern would burn significantly longer than torches but would still eventually burn out.
  14. Maybe adding wool clothes for warmth. These clothes would have pretty poor armor protection value but quite valuable for maintaining body temperature. During summer months though, it would be impossible to always have full cloth on as you would overheat, Spring and fall would be fine and keep you perfectly stable in full cloth. and winter you need full cloth or you will drop below the freezing value and die instantly. Hopefully getting close to this freezing point gives slowness and such, so you can notice you are about to freeze and can set up a campfire and rest. Also this is just a possibility, arrows shot from skeletons should be quite damaging, maybe inflict double the damage currently, then reduced to the default damage with full cloth armor. or maybe a little less than default. Then with metal armor arrow damage would be significantly reduced, like a huge very noticeable difference, with full metal armor allowing around 1/4 default damage. I love the realism of the fur/cloth armor protecting decent against zombies and melee, but being quite useless against arrows. I also love this application in PvP settings. Arrows would be deadly, and after reading the suggestion for the revamp of the bow, damn. Thats all i can say.
  15. Torches burn out!

    Torches burn out after random period of time, and all torches burn out during rain if outside. Torches could be re-lit with either another torch or flint and steel. I love the addition of warmth ! This mod is quickly becoming the phoenix rising from the ashes of unrealworld. Great work guys! Maybe an indoor fireplace in the near future ? I bet you already have that planned!