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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. If carts and wagons ect are added, they could add an excellent new tech tree branch. I would suggest that if this was to be implemented, it should be done properly as it would add a new skill. A Wheelwright is a trade that sees the construction and repair of wheels. In the process, wood must be steamed in a steaming box so it can later be bent into a circular shape. Spokes would also then need to be crafted. Once the many spokes, and different sections of the inner wood wheel are joined together, a metal band would then need to be heated so it expands, and then placed around the outside of the wood wheel. As the metal band cools, it needs to be beaten so it is all even. This leaves the metal band being nice and tight around the wood, keeping it all together. Of course the metal band would need to be worked and shaped before it is to be used.


    My only issue with this is that i see it as fitting in with mechanical power......   


  2. I know that you're not really updating this anymore, but the food requirement pretty much kills off domesticated animals during the winter.  Any chance you could have them eat thatch?


    Check your inbox i'll send you a custom build for winter.


    Any possibility this being added to the official download? I wouldn't mind it either. Having feed troughs would also be cool.


  3. Is There a launcher for Tfc I know there was one before but now its gone so if the developers are reading this please bring back the launcher because I can not mod my Minecraft it just crashes and how much tutorials i watch It doesn't  work (probably outdated) But i would love a launcher and other people will too. 



    I would suggest not to advertise tekkid pack as they did not revieced any approval from the developpers.


    You should try Multi MC. The only need you need to play TFC is Forge and TFC, so there is no need for a "modpack"


    He wasn't actually referring to the technic pack, or the technic launcher. I think he was referring to the launcher that Forkk created, that has since been taken down as no one is able to keep it updated with all the new logins, and all. Any way, besides that, as you stated, Multi mc 5 would be the best way to go. It easily allows you to install TFC (you don't need WinRAR or anything.. good on a school laptop) and it's really easily to add on the add-ons created for TFC. I think I currently have 10 or so different versions of TFC that I play on Multi mc 5. 


  4. I just use multi mc to have multiple versions of TFC. It allows me to keep all my old worlds on previous versions (build 70, 74, 76, 77) and 78, so i dont have to restart my worlds all the time.


  5. wow, may be next time it would be a good idea to put large walls of text into a spoiler. You can make a spoiler like this


    this is what a spoiler looks like


    How to make a spoiler.. (check the spoiler)



    " [.spoiler] - Leave the dot out


    Type your text that you want in the spoiler


    -E.G "This is my crash report. Sorry it's a nano particle in size"


    Then to finish the spoiler you write again on the next line


    [./spoiler] - Again forget about the dot (full stop)



  6. Drill instructor hai?

    What service teaching drill?



    USMC, not many know the difference between a drill sgt. and a drill instructer


    Never had any expierience with merican drill (Aussie btw). I used to fill the role of drill SGT, but now with promotion i hardly teach any drill, just fault correct (unless my NCO's aren't filling their duties)


  7. --

    That is kinda inhumane... I mean that when you hunt rabbits, not when you farm them.

    Anyways keep commenting! Don't be as bad as with my organic fertilizer post.


    How is rabbit hunting any different from hunting any other animals, like cows etc? Where i come from we have hunting parties go out during the night just to cull the rabbits because they have become such a pest.

    Food would be great, but rabbits are hard to catch as they are quick, so it wouldn't be an easy food source.


    It's like i used to tell smaller recruits when i was a drill instructer " its's not the size of the warrior, its the size of the fight in the warrior"


    Drill instructor hai?

    What service teaching drill?


  8. With the cooking pot idea, why not have skill involved in cooking the ingredients. One way i thought skill could be implemented would be the control of heat.


    Lets say to cook a pot of bread stew, it took a maximum heat of very hot, but had to be cooked in 20 minutes. It could be a skill to be able to not over or under cook the item, but make sure that it reaches the maxiumum heat. To be able to archieve the best results, it would involve using the right fuel (one that burns quickly, slowly, high heat, low heat etc) and tending to the cooking at the correct time (a mechanic like stirring, flipping ect would need to be created)





    The preparation of the bread is similare to the one already implemented, except the dough that must be only prepared on the preparation table. 
    Then, your dough must be baked in a furnace (the vanilla one maybe) craftable with bricks or your own construction like the forge.



    Unless bread is cooked in a furnace, you wont get nice pretty bread, instead you will get campfire bread, also know as "Dampa" This would be made with flour and water, mixed in the hands, and then curled around a stick before it is held over the camp fire. As this is a rough version of bread, it wouldn't be as benifical.




    It's already been stated numerous times, but ill say it all again.

    Different types of cooking -

    -Furnace/ oven (simple, used for baking. Maybe 2 versions, a 1 block version that supports 1 person, or a multiblock structure that could be used by the baker for mass production)

    -Hot plate/stove (A furnace like contraption. Fire underneath, heats sheet of metal above fire. Food is placed on this hot sheet and cooked.)

    -Camp oven (pot placed in a hole, and covered with hot coals from the fire, before the hot coals are then covered with dirt. This allows food to bake inside)


    -Camp stove (already implemented)

    -grilling ( 2 versions, a simple inefficient version made out of sticks that can be used over a campfire. This version would have 4 uses for example. The onther version would be made by metal, and would be more efficient. The metal grilling rack would be interchangable with the hot plate for the stove, so either could be used.) 


    Each cooking method would have it's buffs and debuffs. For example, baking/roasting would benifit the most, but would take the most amount of time, while something like grilling is quick, but alot of the flavour, and benefits are lost.


    I will add more as i remember more


  9. As stated, people need to have a reason to stay in groups. Protection in numbers right? Why not have it that when you die, you get temp banned from the server for 1 hour or something. That will cause people to go out as a team, work as a team.


    Going back to the op, i think large kingdoms can work, but as stated particular things need to be in place.


     People also need a goal, and making that goal easier to reach as a team will cause people to work in teams.


    i will add more as i remember my ideas


  10. I suggested this in another topic, but ill go over it again. Why not have a team based holds system. Teams would work together to survive, and slowly build their hold from the ground up. They could forge alliences, or war with other holds, and there could be specific people in each team who are the "merchants". This would still have the survival aspect, but also the "battle" aspect. If you wanted to have one main battle where everyone had to fight, you could set a date time and place, and everyone would have up to then to prepare for the battle. When the time came, they would head to the spot, where teams would form up, and they would all fight till on team was the victor.




  11. Personally i think it could work well if correctly executed.


    I think a TFC server could be used as a way of getting people using TFC. IF the server is run correctly, and has specific things that no other servers have ( eg a team based survival scenario with holds) people will come.


    Things that do need to be worked out though is what type of "scenario" will it be. Is it going to be team based, indervidual, as a whole etc. What are the goals - to survive, conquar, eliminate, build contests etc.


    What mods will be used- this needs to be determinded with usefulness in mind, and the potential it has to add to the expierience.


    Who is going to pay for this server? I think having it "official" is the way to go, but if so, who is going to host the server (some one personally, hire out one etc) and if so, what compensation is going to be made to compensate for the costs.


    People- Will it be a freeroam, whitelisted etc. Personally, i think whitelisted is the way to go, and having expierienced people. We have to take in mind peoples time zones also, as that will help to spread the amount of players on at one time. If it's going to be a team based thing, having each team being able to communicate in one language would be a great thing 


  12. Sorry guys, this is a bit of a necro, but i havn't been lurking for a while so im only just starting to catch up on things.


    ALLEN, i can see where you are trying to come from with getting people to be specialists of their respective fields.

    This has been suggested multiple times, and i believe that it can effectivly work on multiplayer, increasing the skill, and the economic side. The problem that we have at the moment, is that it is too easy for people to enter that respective field, and become the best at that field with only a little bit of practice. This allows them to get the best out of what they produce. I think that making it harder to enter the trade will cause people to master that trade.

    You suggested having crops be harder to grow, requiring work etc. Lets use this as an example.


    1 way that we can make it harder for people to become the "master" of a field is to make the top tier item so expensive, so that it's only worth it if you need to supply multiple people. EG. If plowing came into play with crops, we could have normal plows and hoes, for the day to day jobs and casual people, but for those people who needed to produce large amounts of crops, in the least amount of area or time (efficiency) they could use a animal pulled plow. This would be produced out of an amazing amount of double ingots, so would be rather expensive. This would stop casual farmers from using the plow as for their small amount of production, the metal isn't worth it, however for a farmer who produces for a town, the positives would outway the negitives of the cost.




    Edit: I think i'm now finished, i hope i didn't ramble on to much. + the i think i read your name correctly this time.


  13. I'd like to make a more involved cooking and meal system, but I don't think we're planning on implementing anything in particular. We do want to change things, which is why the clay pot was added, but we really had no idea what to do with it when we added it.


    Need some ideas?


  14. Has great Potential as a Addon



    Get to work then....


    I wish i could make my own addons, as i have a number of things i would like to add myself, although i really don't have the time to learn.




    (NOTE: I consider myself to be a veteran, even though my post count is only around four hundred.)


     "...F^ck it." *lurk mode engaged* ????


  16. The days of the veterans' derailing fun and discussion topics is over...


    The Fourth Age is over... and now, the Fifth Age, known as "The Grim Times", has begun.


    Welcome to the Fifth Age, better known as "The Grim Times".


    Yeah, it's getting pretty boring on here now, as everyone is too scared to comment now.

    Please remind me of all the ages?