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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Rotting Wood

    My sugestion is simply that if you don't cover your stacks of wood and it rains then they will begin to rot and either be destroyed or converted into compost. This would make the first night log roof less viable as it would need to be exchanged before it rains. This could be easily shown on the logs with a few specs of green on the texture. Another posiblity could be the requirement to dry wood before it is useable for fuel or perhaps just to make it more efficent as in reality this must be done to remove the moisture from the wood. Certain woods could perhaps dry faster or already be fairly dry to speed up the change.
  2. Monotone Food

    I like the idea as long as this corresponds to all foods not just pork but I will assume that was just an example.
  3. Landslides

    Hey I was thinking about cave ins and thought about how odd it is that you can make a tower of dirt. Maybe placing blocks could cause landslides when placed. eg when making dirt tower it’s not stable so some of the blocks get pushed out from the tower. This means to get to a significant height you would need a more pyramid shaped base. Also building on cliff sides or over cave systems would be hazardous (make sure you have good foundations). A concern I had with this is there could be problems with this causing cave ins as that could end up looping destruction possibly. But both effects make blocks tend down and one is caused by breaking blocks and the other by placing so hopefully that won’t be a problem.
  4. Random Durability

    The new addition to the anvils to make the crafted tools durability correspond to the quality of the craft was great but I would like to see some changes made to the durability regarding how it decreases so predictably. If the items degraded a little more randomly it would encourage the player to be more prepared as there tools durability would not be as indefinite as shown. This could be implemented by adding a random element to how tools are damaged rather than having a consistent value. This would more accurately represent the effect of a tool generally being totally fine for a long period of time and then suddenly breaking or becoming significantly damage.
  5. Tools Availability

    A decorative feature that think would be nice would be the ability to place tools on block or mount them on walls (possibly by shift clicking). This would allow you to have a pick over your mine entrance, decorative crossed swords on a wall that could be snatched up if needed desperately and also an anvil with a hammer lain across it would look awesome. The idea for this was initially started by the thought that carrying 5 to 20 tools does not make practical/physical sense and as normally you would leave tools near their operational area. This therefore could lead to restricting the player to a max number of tools or inventory weight.
  6. Fire Starting

    I like the concept of a mini game especially with fire starting as there is currently no feedback when you click if you fail(apart from durability loss on the fire starter). But the idea of spamming my mouse doesn't sound too appealing. Perhaps like in the anvil there could be the names of certain techniques eg (Spin sticks, rub, blow air, ect). And again the game could be based on getting the sticks hot enough but certain circumstances are good and others are bad eg: if you use blow to early you blow it out, if you spin for too long you could knock off the ember, if you rub for too long you suffocate the ember.
  7. Landslides

    Perhaps the biome could have an effect as the biomes are already distinctive enough for players to recognise or additional the idea of seasons has been kicked around quite a bit which I think would have more effect on the possibility of landslides in reality. Seasons could be determined by a sundial type device that shows the approximate month or perhaps a slight tint could be added to the sky when the sun is setting. eg keep red for summer, greenish for spring, blue for winter, brown for autumn.
  8. Astronomy/Calender!

    As far as I am aware a large part of the reason for this mod being crated was to add a challenge and more realism to what is currently a very easy game. I look forward to the challenge an so would have to disagree with you.
  9. Migration!

    Perhaps certain animals could pull wagons or become pack animals.
  10. Tools Availability

    I was thinking this could be extended to dropped tools when they are in there item form on the ground they could be change into this form. This would mean when you are killed then your tools will not de-spawn after ten minutes which makes no sense and would also add a bit of history to the game as when you walk past an old fight there would be your sword which on a multilayer server with many players would look pretty cool after a large war.
  11. Realistic Torches?

    There is already a topic on torches by the way:
  12. Unstable Metal's

    Is that just your idea or is it planed? just asking because that would be awesome.
  13. Landslides

    Yeah a large dust cloud would hide the fact that the blocks look a bit stiff when the slide(don't go at angles). But this may cause lag issues especially as the landslide for the other mod looked a bit resource hungry by itself.
  14. Landslides

    Good idea but possibly a bit overcomplicated. If this was implemented for cave ins and other ideas people have had like thirst ect then it would be worth making landslides effected by weather but otherwise I think its a little too complicated mostly because it would be difficult to tell what the humidity and other variables are without more equipment that may be too technologically advanced for the current mod as it stands.
  15. Mortar and pestle: uses for some materials

    Chemistry would be great. There is a couple of guys on YouTube that explain some experiments and the whole processes is pretty dam cool.
  16. Persistent block damage.

    As the title says I would like to see persistent damage to blocks as if you smash up a rock until just before its braking point in reality it wont heal back to a full strength.This has been done in other mods such as EvilMinecraft for example but obviously due to TFC having more blocks they would not be compatible.
  17. Agriculture and Livestock

    I like the sound of that, also as there are different types of dirt perhaps the different types could be made to be more or less suitable depending on there types. This could lead into the addition of prospecting potential farming plots. Not with the propick by the way but maybe some acidity tests ect.
  18. regrowing leaves

    As far as I am aware this mod is being designed to add a bit of realism to MC with influences coming from Dwarf Fortress. Therefore this idea makes sense regardless of whether or not you think its too easy.
  19. This is more of a bug I think maybe you should report it.
  20. Unstable Metal's

    Just so you know nuclear physics isn't that difficult to use it's just extremely difficult to do it on a large scale safely. Basically you need a radiation source (preferably one that can be controlled by the addition or removal of free neutrons) and then expose it to something that can convert heat into power aka steam engines. To prove my point there was an article on the news on how a guy in his garage made a small nuclear reactor. I don't know the full story but radio active sources are everywhere so can be obtained if you really wanted them, for example fire alarms. The major difficulty would be obtaining the source with primitive materials. I not necessarily supporting the idea as there would need to be a significant addition of pre processes to the mod to allow this and then also there would need to be a use other than something as simple as a bloomery as who would go out of there way to develop nuclear power when they can use coal.
  21. Landslides

    That is exactly what I was trying to suggest I didn't know that someone has done it already. But I would still like to see this in the mod and also function with dirt but maybe less severely than sand.
  22. tree chopping

    If you mean it would look bad falling on something because some would rest on top and make it look like the tree has been split I totally disagree as that's not too dissimilar to what would happen in reality and the current method is no where near. This would improve the immersion and also would not be to difficult to implement due to most of the difficult being in detecting which logs belong to which tree and that's already implemented.
  23. Mod compatibility wishlist

    Finite Liquid would fit this mod very well so I would like to see it in the mod by default.
  24. Super Hardcore, for real badass players.

    Someone on the MC forum posted about a really in depth metal simulation so here it is: This could be used to get more ideas for metallurgy to make it more "hardcore". This is extremely complicated simulation though so don't expect to be able to uses it without some research.
  25. Casting instead of Scribing

    Someone on the MC forum posted about a really in depth metal simulation so here it is: This could be used to get more ideas for metallurgy. This is extremely complicated simulation though so don't expect to be able to uses it without some research.