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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. ars magica and tfc

    magic doesnt really fit with TFC's mission statement, does it? not to say it wouldnt be fun or anything, but i personally think that magic is a sort of gameplay cop out. as in it doesnt actually change anything other than to give you a "woah that was cool!" for the first five times you use it, then you realize its just an add-on to make the game look fuller. just me though
  2. Archery and Weaponry

    Have disagree with you there, Bihlbo... I think the reason would be akin to "why add so many metals." Weapons in the game currently SUCK and are boring as hell, expanding them is totally justified. Also there are not 12 weapons, as the 12 weapons you mention are all the same weapon with the exact same functionality. Edit: i realize you agree that maces should be changed, so 6 weapons, not 12. What has been suggested here is an assortment of weapons that each have different traits and uses because circumstances change. (kinda like how we ended up with all these different weapons in real life.) people shouldnt fear change so much, change can be for better or worse, but stagnation topples empires. I WILL say however that the katana is a stretch. I personally hate this trend of video games feeling compelled to add in katanas. they are just swords! dont people get that? they are a sword design that was common in a particular culture. why is everyone so hung up on katanas!? yes they are sleek and elegant and very effective, but that has to do more with their forging and steel and training in use. so this whole katana thing needs to stop... please! i mean we dont add in flamberges or claymores, why dont we tip the hat to THOSE cultures as well? you think a claymore isnt worthy of respect? i am totally appreciative of the awesomeness of katanas... but it is a sword. totally NOT attacking you personally for the comment, Devlin... I am speaking to the masses on that one. OH and PS. i think swords should do no damage to players in heavy armour, and have maces do damage instead. Slashing someone in plate doesnt do anything except dull your sword, and poking them will bounce you off into the dirt.
  3. for starters i imagine you will need to invent and create a functioning time machine.
  4. Quantum computers

    quantum computers are really ineffective. like extremely ineffective. i do not know about the one google is invested into but the canadian one (D-Wave) isnt a "quantum computer" in a conventional sense and so is quite effective at what it does (which is boring analytical stuff). as for advancing beyond us, probably not, since at a level where its actually a concern (so very very far from now) we will in all likelihood already be merging with machines into a transhuman sort of state. so we'd advance together. besides, even if the AI DID take over, could they really do a worse job than we are doing already?
  5. To heck with the current communication!

    i think thats really cool and id be really down for that, but there is NO way in hell that anyone is going to get on board with this. its complicating a REALLY basic system (the chat system) prepare yourself for the; "its about believability not realism!!!" and "its a game and needs to stay a game" posts
  6. Early Game Overhaul

    lol the last part of bihlbo's comment seems messed up but its true actually. also if animals cant be made to flee from the player in a way that will mean that they successfully escaped, then hunting needs to go in a different direction i think. because food will never mean anything if i can just walk 5 minutes and find a pig and spam click it to death and grab a dozen pork chops. i would make animals much rarer and much more spread out. currently i can find all species of minecraft within 10 minutes. thats absurd and it completely devalues any of the animals or their products as tradeable goods. also a butchery mechanic to make meat collection SOMETHING. it currently is the exact same process as digging out a block of dirt and picking it up. maybe make it so a killed animal needs to be clicked with a knife in hand, and then some butchery UI to get the meat? it could be the same as the smithing just with different words so long as it limits the rapid pace one acquires food. i know food spoilage is a programming disaster/inventory clusterfuck, so i think instead the only option is to severely limit how much food is accessible to the player. OR make food stack to 1 and allow food storage to stack higher. ie. a hole in the ground holds 32 steaks but i need to take one at a time. this would only be ok though if meals had durability and became multi-use hunger solutions as opposed to the current 3 year supply of meat in one inventory slot. i like the idea of making prepared meals very important, and the mod is doing this well so far, just not in regards to hunger. who knows though, its very true that this game wasnt really meant for this stuff so i accept engine limitations and appreciate the effort of the mod devs regardless of the direction they take.

    i agree with OP that tiredness would be nice. its essentially a stamina meter yes, but i like how it directly reflects ones need to sleep, as opposed to ones need to sleep, eat, rest, regenerate, contemplate, etc, like stamina does since stamina pretty much describes your body's overall status. the sleeping thing is really iffy though because on one hand, you cant have it so that people need to lay in a bed or sit on a chair for 10 full minutes as it is too boring. Also you can't have it so that people need to lay in bed or sit on a chair for 5 seconds, as that is essentially just what hunger/thirst and eating/drinking is right now. i really like the idea, but i just cant see it being done without making it an immensely tedious and repetitive task. Hunger and thirst need to be worked on A LOT right now. as in completely redone. so adding new limitations when the existing ones are incomplete seems unwise.
  8. Early Game Overhaul

    Really good post. I agree with all of it. The hunting NEEDS to change. Hunting with a stick would be insanely difficult! and a melee weapon well would just be out of the question. These animals evolved with emphasis on the ability to evade and escape predators, and honestly humans are awful predators when you take technology away from them. Hunting should actually be unfeasible for awhile, or just REALLY difficult with a javelin. then have the early game rely on foraging mostly. Perhaps for SMP group hunting could be done, as really this was pretty much the only way to catch big game and not rely on a lot of luck. Also it depends on what the devs are going to add as far as game animals goes, but if rabbits and small game are added then i think trapping would be a logical step. as simple as crafting a snare and setting it on the ground, and if an animal steps on the block then bam it gets stuck. THEN you can club it to death or come harvest its corpse (i guess it depends on what snare or how its implemented). I think trapping would be cool, and it plays a HUGE role in hunting in general. My vision for it would be that food is NOT easy to come by, and it shouldnt be. its a valuable resource, and its availability is what determines how far you can go. you should get a lot of meat off an animal, but be REALLY glad or proud that you managed to get it because its so difficult and perhaps you've been hunting for days with no luck. Something akin to the search for particular ores at the moment. Hunting should be a big deal, because it is. My biggest gripe about minecraft survival mode has always been how meaningless hunger is. food is SO accessible that it makes it more of a tedious gimmick than an actual mechanic. so far TFC hasnt remedied this but I hope its on the docket. Some kind of stamina system yes. just something to reflect upon the fact that youve chopped 25 trees down in a day, or that youve smithed 50 picks overnight. hunger kind of does this to an extent but all it really does is force you to stop for 4 seconds and eat a steak out of your massive botulism-immune pile that you carry around on you.
  9. nice necro carson lol. check the dates maybe? now run before eternal or srgnoodles comes in here!
  10. Early power systems

    i feel as though steam engines are probably the only automation that should be added to the game at any rate. and to clarify, this is a steam turbine fueled by coal to heat water. (many make wise quips about the technical truth that most power sources are steam power and that steam power doesnt preclude the use of fission and such, which i dismiss as pointlessly argumentative) anyways i imagine steam being applied to this game mainly in the form of travel. like steam boats and trains. legit trains though that are enterable and not just vanilla minecarts. and also boats, like trains, large scale enterable boats. if its not possible to make the big contraptions to utilize the steam power, then i think its kind of a pointless direction to go really. since it shouldn't be a simple matter of putting furnace + boat together and then you have a steamboat. same goes for factorization, i guess a good example is a sawmill. where the machine takes logs and spits out planks. (obviously more per log than by hand.) or bricks and whatnot. anyways thats just me
  11. Advancing Ages : Making it Harder

    yeah the current state of food is a silly one. from day one you will have enough food to get you to the bronze age. i dont know what can or should be done to address this, but something needs to be done i think or the hunger mechanic may as well be removed. (always thought as much in vanilla as well)
  12. Crystals/Gemstones

    yeah, very simple yet elegant idea. i like it.
  13. lets fix a key issue that is currently plaguing the mod we all love so dearly.... why do we not have to knap the javelin heads...? are we attaching regular rocks to the ends of sticks and throwing them with the intention of bludgeoning our enemies to death!?
  14. ground-stacking bricks and buckets

    i had that same thought as well gatts, i just was also unsure of how to make it place the bricks when you right click with them. since one brick wouldnt be enough to justify a full block, and making the devs design a new system for laying bricks is presumptious, and i assume would break chisel functionality (which is too cool to mess with). the trowel thing is overkill and i realized that, i was just saying its a possibility for really fleshing out the stoneworking even further. but yeah that was all a tangent on my part. i actually started that post simply to suggest that bricks be stacked on the ground like ingots! lol its how suggestion posts go i suppose.
  15. simple chest suggestion

    yeah pegs are a good t1 option, making nails t2. that works nicely! also chests are being ushered into a higher tier anyways when clay takes on a larger role in the next update (clay jars/pots) so this ties in nicely with the current development. and csiler2 the point is that a bucket is more than just some planks in a circle, a chest is more than a hollow stack of planks, a door is more than tall planks in a row... there are mechanical necessities (metal/wood/fibre) that are omitted that are just as important as the planks are to the functionality!