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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. Can't log in

    Yep, me too. No clue what's happening, I can get into other versions of Minecraft just fine, so it must be a problem with this mod. Mine's a "connection refused" message, though.
  2. Food Degradation and Preservation- Canning, Pickling, and Jerky

    Odd, my post about food stacking didn't take. Either way, I really like the barrel stacking idea Davoval made. The apples in the barrel would either average out their freshness value or maybe skew to the rotten side, along the lines of "one bad apple spoils the bunch". That would solve storage of unpreserved food and allow you to take out stacks that all have the same freshness. You could even put the barrel right next to your fields, so you wouldn't have to walk far to get stackable food.
  3. Food Degradation and Preservation- Canning, Pickling, and Jerky

    My bad. I looked through recent posts and didn't see anything about food preservation. It does seem odd that they couldn't add this, it's just like how things have heat values that degrade over time. Whatever, I'm not a modder.
  4. So one remaining unrealistic part of this game is that food doesn't degrade. It remains fresh forever! As convenient as this makes it to stockpile food, it seems a little out of place with the rest of the mod. I believe I have come up with a solution to this. It comes in the form of food degredation and counteracting it through pickling, canning, and making jerky. Here's how pickling works: First, you make a jar which is made the same way as a wood bucket, except it makes 4 jars and the recipe requires glass instead of planks. The jars would then be filled with vinegar (I'll get to that in a bit) and packed with 8 of the food. The jars would then be left to sit for a while and then put (four at a time?) into a pot(made with an iron sheet on an anvil with a plan) filled with water and warmed on a firepit. This would complete the process and then the jars could be stored by stacking on the ground, much like ingots. Now, I mentioned vinegar earlier. I think that cane vinegar should be used. (It's a thing!) Finally there would be a use for all that sugarcane. Cane vinegar is made by fermenting sugar water and yeast. Yeast water can be made by putting fruit into a jar with water and letting it sit for a few days, like how real yeast is made. The yeast water would then have sugar added to it and left to sit for about a week, and then warmed in the fire to stop fermentation, leaving you with a jar of vinegar. Yeast water could also be used to replace the water in the recipe for bread, making that a little more realistic. Here's how canning works: The same jars from the pickling process are used here, fruit would be put into the jars along with water and sugar, and then put through the same pot of water warming system as pickling. Pretty simple. Here's how making jerky works: first, cut the meat into strips with a knife and then put them into a dehydrator that's fueled with sticks. I say sticks because it seems like coal or logs would bee too much heat, and dehydration requires a slow burn with constant heat. Sticks would be able to stack up to 16 in the dehydrator and be consumed one at a time. I can't really think of a dehydrator recipe, maybe it could be a multiblock structure? Now for what food can be preserved with each method. Pickling: oilves, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cabbage, garlic, carrot, soybeans, green beans, squash, eggs, and all types of peppers. Canning: Lemons, oranges, peaches, plumbs, maize, and both types of apples. Jerky: fish, beef, pork, chicken, mutton, and, actually, bananas. Cutting bananas and putting them in the dehydrator would give you banana chips. After pickling, sealed jars could be carried around in stacks of 8, but once opened the jar would go back to being a food item that degrades over time, albeit more slowly. It would also contain 8 uses, reflecting the amount of food put into it. Jerky and banana chips can stack to 64.
  5. Fruit Tree Sapling Bug/Feature?

    So I'm chopping off branches of a Banana tree, trying to get saplings. I then chop off the second-from-the-top section of the tree, and it immediately regrows that section along with four branches. Is this a bug? Or is simply a feature that isn't talked about? I've gotten 25+ saplings from this one tree...
  6. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    I make it a point to always attempt to resist my urges to judge by first impressions because people are always more complex than they appear. A person's motives can very rarely be 100% judged by a couple of text posts because 1) text removes any emphasis that would be placed on words through tone of voice or body language, 2) a person's posting can be heavily influenced by their mood and end up being a poor reflection of their actual opinions, and 3) the text you read is filtered through your mind and preconceptions and takes on a shape that fits your expectations, often in contradiction to the original poster's intentions. On the other hand, sometimes people are exactly as they appear. (takes screenshots for personal vindication)
  7. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    Thanks for confirming what I feared, Kittychanley. Nice to see a civil person who gives a straight answer. Well, I guess I've said my piece. I'm out. To the rest of you, enjoy your days of mining in the dark praying for minerals. I'll hold out hope for an update that makes more sense.
  8. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    Yes, anger overload, because apart from like 4 helpful people all I've had to deal with are assholes and trolls. Like you, Krski. I don't even know how to respond. What you described is exactly what I tried. I tried it for days. You must think I have a learning disability or am missing a frontal lobe. You also didn't read any of the thread, as what you described is what I talked about doing in my third post. So in addition to talking to me like I've never touched minecraft before after I mentioned that I've dealt with Feed The Beast extensively and had moderate success with this mod up until iron tech, you've made yourself look like more of a fool than I could have if I tried. So congrats. If the only hint there is for finding iron and other metals is really to just dig in one direction until you hit it, then there is a serious flaw in this mod. I get difficulty. I get things being hard to find. But blind mining is NOT a selling point. The whole point of this mod from what I can discern is to make things more realistic and more engaging. The Prospector's Pick and Sluices are good examples of this, additions to make the game easier that are based on reality. They work fine for starter metals. Past that (and again, this is from my experience with the mod), they fail to aid in increasing tech level. More importantly, you would not, in the real world, find iron by digging into the earth randomly and just mining in a direction. There has to be SOME above ground method for finding the stuff, otherwise we would have never made it out of the bronze age. We'd still be down there, picking away at rock hoping to get lucky. If the only solution to finding tier 3 and above metals is to just mine in a line, then no, this mod is not for me. I sincerely hope that idiot mining isn't the only way, because I would hate to see a mod this refined and engaging fall flat on it's face like that.
  9. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    Gwtheyrn, are you being difficult intentionally? I've stated multiple times that I'm interested in playing by the rules of the mod, using the tools of the mod to progress. If I wanted to cheat, I'd use, oh I don't know, CREATIVE MODE? You're useless. PanRouge, you are the most helpful person I've run into. The little nugget of information that sluices won't find iron is a bit of a game changer, to say the least. The "just use your brain" comment wasn't necessary, though. The "just go look for it" phrase is similarly useless, as I've been looking for it for the last week. I didn't (until recently) know HOW. If this stuff is supposed to be common knowledge, why isn't it on the wiki? If you're supposed to be able to figure it out yourself, how? This is my point. The mod should either be able to teach you how to look for/do things, or there should be a centralized external location to find out how.
  10. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    No, it doesn't tell me EXACTLY how a sluice works, it tells me approximately how a sluice works. Here's what I want to know about sluices. Is the wiki correct? I heard somewhere else that it searches 100 deep and 60 around itself. Which is it? How does it find more advanced ores? Does it need to be running for a while before it finds something? Because I've been sluicing all over the place and I get nothing but worthless gems and surface ores. Either I have the WORST luck in placing sluices or the things need to run for a long ass time and consume a buttload of gravel before they find the iron below. If they do take a long time to find iron, how long do I have to wait? I don't want to spend a month of in-game time feeding gravel into a sluice when it's only going to give me tiny pieces of sphalerite and copper, both of which I have chests full of back at my base. Is iron spawning at all based on location from my spawn? If yes, how far away do I have to go? Also, at this point I'm not really asking for information, because I've learned a lot since I started asking, and I'm relatively sure I'm not going to be getting anything worthwhile out of this. I'm arguing that there needs to be a on-site resource for this kind of thing so other people don't have to go through what I'm going through. Either the wiki needs to be updated with a tutorial or there needs to be a guide dedicated to this on the forums. If I have to fight kicking and screaming to learn about something that's supposed to be a major part of the progression in the game, there's a problem. Some people aren't as dedicated as me, and might give up on an awesome mod because something's needlessly obtuse.
  11. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    You're right. There is a world of difference between joining a server to learn and demanding information on a forum. But I shouldn't have to do either, is my point. It should either be intuitive enough to learn by doing in the game, or the wiki should have hints. There's also a discrepancy between what is considered ok to share and what is verboten. Like the smithing system. The wiki gives you information on how it works without giving you the exact recipe of strikes to make it work. There's also information on the wiki that gives you all the information you would want on metal temp. That information coupled with basic logic makes smithing tools easy. But when it comes to finding below ground metals (read: not metals that can be found by breaking rocks on the surface) the wiki has nothing. Well, not really nothing. It tells you what rock they spawn in. But veins of rock can be massive and may not even contain the metal you're looking for, and are impossible to predict from the surface. And sluices lack any kind of significant description as to how they function. I was sluicing so much yesterday that I have a double chest full of gems and tiny pieces of metal in another, but it's all surface metals. So sluices, the main way to determine if there are metals below you, are useless at finding non-surface metals. At least as far as I know how to use them. And I dont know if I'm doing anything wrong because there's no good tutorials that I can find and the wiki isn't well maintained. Here's my main point. The consensus seems to be that it's fine if I get tips by asking somebody, but it's not ok to put it out in public. That's like saying it's fine to pass notes with the answers to a test in class but not to allow textbooks. I'm getting the information either way, it's just one way is communally available to all and the other means I have to join a club and be buddy buddy with other humans. This seems unnecessarily clique-ish and exclusionary to new people.
  12. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    One thing that REALLY bugs me is that people say that I shouldn't expect to be given information. They then, in the same post, suggest I go ask people to tell me what to do. I guess I'll ask a question. Who can legitimately say that they figured out how to find iron completely by themselves, no tutorial, no servers of people who already know what they're doing telling you how, just straight self taught searching and mining. If you haven't done that, you have no right to tell me not to ask for more information, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DID.
  13. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    So if information isn't going to be handed to me, why is there a wiki? Obviously information has to be handed out for some things, otherwise learning how knapping works would be an exercise in complete madness. The issue now is where to draw the line. There's information on the wiki about farming (what plants absorb what nutrients (and it's not entirely accurate, anyway)) there's information on when metals become workable and when they melt. Those who want information to be found by the players, why aren't you up in arms about that? I'm just LOOKING for the stuff. My point is, this game is so dense with new information that handing it out is a necessity. Where it breaks down is when things are nigh impossible to find without devoting your life to the game, and in my case, even if I have. I've been playing this game non-stop for the last week. I'm using sluices (perhaps incorrectly) now, I've tried relocating across an ocean (found that advice somewhere in the forums) and In the last week I've gone through 3 in game years of time. Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Respectfully, I'd like to know what. I don't fucking know what to DO. I'm sitting here tearing my hear out and all I get from forum members is "You just want it handed to you. You should join a server so other people can do the work for you." I want to do it myself, but I need to know HOW before I can. I love this mod. I like almost everything about it, and the thinks I don't love I understand the logic behind. I just can't find the stuff I need to do the stuff I love. I either need advice or the stuff needs to be easier to find. I'd prefer the advice.
  14. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    Thanks to Xechon for being a mediator. Very good points, and a pretty clear understanding of what I actually mean. To clarify my problems with finding Iron. I know what type of rock it spawns in and I know the Y value to search at. That, however, does not narrow it down much because it's not a guarantee of iron spawning. So I can search through an entire chunk of rock and find nothing, wasting days of time because the spawning is too random. Either the pro pick needs a boost of usefulness (maybe a second mode that extends the range in exchange for a LOT of durability) or Iron needs to be a little more common.
  15. Information embargo? Why? Also, "Hard" does not equal good.

    Gwtheyrn, I like how you can claim to know my exact motivations from a couple text posts. First, the randomness of smithing needs to be more intense, like Blaster said, so that it's impossible to make it route. Otherwise it's just delaying the inevitable monotony. Second, making multiple axes of the same type is very monotonus. Almost exactly as monotonous as vanilla, just more extended. That said, it's satisfying to execute. Also, you seem to think that my entire Minecraft experience consists of making axes. I find a lot of satisfaction in building, finding things, and progressing in tech level. Third. What I want "Spoon Fed" to me is INFORMATION. Knowledge. If I truly wanted things just handed to me, I'd play in creative. I only play on survival, and never on peaceful. I enjoy exploring and working hard, I don't enjoy pointless randomness or things being needlessly difficult to find. If you told me Iron was only located 20000 blocks away and that I had to make 14 types of picks to mine specific layers of rock to get to it, I would do it. Because I knew HOW and WHERE to look. So yes. CLEARLY I want things handed to me and you know exactly what I'm thinking at all times.